Data Recovery On A 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive

  • Published on Apr 15, 2015
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    In this video we demonstrate an actual recovery on a customer's hard drive. It is a 1TB Western Digital drive with failed heads. The sliders at the end of the head assembly were sheared off. We were able to successfully swap out the heads, regain the head alignment, and get a complete image of the drive.
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  • sean maryat
    sean maryat Month ago

    Hi i am in the Caribbean. I have a Toshiba laptop hard drive MK7575GSX. 8 GB i think. It just stopped working and makes no sound when connected to a data transfer cable. i need to retrieve my data. how can i get it to you guys?

  • Jaakko Oksa
    Jaakko Oksa Month ago

    29:30 Jpeg files can also have extension "*.jpeg".

    TAMAL DEBBARMA Month ago


  • Oriental Trading Hub

    Thank You for you video.helpful our field

  • Markus Rother
    Markus Rother Month ago +1

    Great video.
    Consider obfuscating/blurring the filenames of your customer's data, though.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Month ago +1

      I addressed that with the customer prior to release and they had no issues at all. Thanks for watching!

  • Coty Riddle
    Coty Riddle 3 months ago +2

    Ahh a EADS green drive. this is literally casued by the agressive power saving management. the head load and unload non stop. I am surprised mine is still running to this very day with only 3 reallocated sectors lol.

  • Paul Chang
    Paul Chang 4 months ago


  • Robin Gilliver
    Robin Gilliver 4 months ago

    How do you fix a normal harddrive that is boken?

  • Nael R.
    Nael R. 5 months ago

    what is the name of the Imager-Software you are using ?

  • Generate Joy
    Generate Joy 5 months ago +1

    Thanks for nothing

  • Sherry Burgin
    Sherry Burgin 5 months ago +1

    I have a Western Digital where the port has gone bad. It shows in the device area but not in the file explorer area. I can hear it spinning. Its one of the older ones that cant be hooked to another case or in computer. Its made different. My husband has tried a recovery soft ware but that didn't work. I have lots of photos and videos that is heart breaking to lose. Can you help me?

    • Sherry Burgin
      Sherry Burgin 4 months ago

      @ACS Data Recovery I have no idea.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  5 months ago

      Hmmmm...can you post the model number of the hard drive please?

  • Metal Mutant
    Metal Mutant 6 months ago +1

    Wd Green < Wd Blue or Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm < Wd Black

  • supriadi kartadarma
    supriadi kartadarma 6 months ago

    What's this software?i hope it's not pc3000...

  • muhamad hannaoui
    muhamad hannaoui 7 months ago

    Very informative. thanks a zillion

  • Thene brosity
    Thene brosity 7 months ago

    Software is DeepSpar Disk Imager™ 4 incase you're wondering..

  • Dave Brewer
    Dave Brewer 8 months ago

    Had 2 WD 1 TB Drives both failed slowly . Have no idea why ? Wouldn't have another one .

    LA PRODUCTIONS 8 months ago

    Can you fix data from the hard drive due to a crash?

  • Sobhan Modirus
    Sobhan Modirus 9 months ago

    I think this is a fraud. He opens the hard drive and removes the broken pieces of the head, and then sealed the disk. What!!? What about the damn broken head!? If it's broken then he must change that before sealing the drive! Which he didn't. Fraud.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  9 months ago

      I think you missed the 16:00 mark in this video. We use a different set of head combs than what are typically available, and we prefer to keep that information to ourselves.

    SVETOGOR Year ago

    hey, what the main requirements swapping Platters? Does the hard drive must be with the same capacity, model, version? or just the same make and similar look?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      @SVETOGOR No, it won't work.

      SVETOGOR Year ago

      @ACS Data Recovery my head is damaged, cannot find replacement! Do you think the head from 60GB hard drive will be able to read 1TB platter? Assuming they are the same speed.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      It would need to match the case. That doesn't necessarily mean the same model or capacity. You would want the case to be the same design and preferably utilizing the same type of PCB as well.

  • RLS0812
    RLS0812 Year ago

    These are $95 on Amazon - apparently no one wants to buy 'em anymore.

  • greasemonkeypol
    greasemonkeypol Year ago +1

    wuut? WD do not break down!

  • Munt Munt
    Munt Munt Year ago

    if the computer does not see my hard disc even through USB connect what this mean
    note their is a rotation in its motor

  • tpmbe
    tpmbe Year ago +1

    very interesting , thank you for explaining the process

  • KayKay PayPay
    KayKay PayPay Year ago +1

    I have a my passport external hard drive that I was saving all my photos connected to my windows laptop. We connected it to a Mac and I think accidentally pressed format. So now there is nothing available to view, can you fix this problem? Best buy geek squad cannot. The family photos on the drive are priceless. Please help

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      Definitely try R-Studio for that, just to see. You can get a demo of the software to scan with and see if it detects anything. If it does, just buy the full version so you can pull the recovered files.

    • Rejwan Hammerburst Miah
      Rejwan Hammerburst Miah Year ago

      buy R Studio

  • Scott C
    Scott C Year ago +1

    I enjoyed this video!!!

  • Steven Stirling
    Steven Stirling Year ago +1

    As a HND Computing student I feel kinda dumb asking this; but will this work to recover deleted files?

    • Andrew Messer
      Andrew Messer Year ago +1

      He only opened the drive to replace the damaged heads. Recovering deleted files is purely software-based. It's essentially trying to find the specific track that the magnetic signature of the data was saved on. There's around 300K tracks per 4 cubic inches, so there's a lot of ground to cover so to speak.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      Disassembling a drive is not needed for recovering deleted files. You could simply use a software solution like R-Studio for that.

  • Snuze
    Snuze Year ago

    jpeg should be included as well

  • Rad Reeling Fishing

    I'm using Windows 7. My passport external hard drive wouldn't open recently, the monitor screen just kept showing a circle spinning around...Dummy me, instead of just unplugging the external drive I did a ctrl alt delete to shut the drive down. Now when I plug the drive in Windows says it doesn't recognize the drive and wants to reformat it. Did I just erase all of the date from the drive?

  • essombe olivier
    essombe olivier Year ago +1

    Great video!

  • Tomasz Zaleski
    Tomasz Zaleski Year ago +2

    oh mann!!!, thats way too hard core for me...

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Year ago +4

    From all the info I've seen , it looks like WESTERN DIGITAL drives are garbage.

  • Pacha Tipatri
    Pacha Tipatri Year ago +1

    Excellent video thanks you so much

  • Ritu Mittal
    Ritu Mittal Year ago

    I have seagate 1TB hard disk . There is some very important data in it. Just 150 GB . But it’s not working. Even I show it to seagate they checked it nd said they can’t recover my data. Is it still possible to get my data. They said it’s head jam . Plz tell me what to do? Plz reply me . The data is very important.

  • sleetskate
    sleetskate Year ago

    so uhh, was the recovery successful?

  • Damilare Bakare
    Damilare Bakare Year ago

    Hello.Please can you contact me.My WD drive dropped on the floor and i have not been able to access anything inside of it.It shows LED light when connected.It doesnt show in "My Computer" but it makes clicking sounds for about 5seconds and in Computer Management it shows as Disk1 and says "Disk not Initialized". When i try to initialize it with the Masters Boot Record Option ,i get " The system cannot find the file specified". I need you to help with a solution to my problem.

    Please you can contact me on skype so i can share my screen with you to see the behaviour of the 2TB WD External Harddrive.My Skype ID is dami_b and my whatsapp gsmno is 2348032307740.

  • CineRaphael
    CineRaphael Year ago

    Can you guy get rid of a scratched platter and recover the data?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      Depending on the location of the scratch and how severe it is will determine if the data can still be recovered. Sometimes even microscopic scratches can prevent data from being recoverable.

  • Lightwolf of God
    Lightwolf of God Year ago +1

    Sad thing is you guys only offer your service in the US. Don't you have affiliates outside US?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      No I'm afraid we don't. We stay so busy with US based jobs, that we just keep our focus here.

  • Ed McKinney
    Ed McKinney Year ago

    I saw where julio emerson gonçalves2 years ago - what software are you using to recover data?
    However, I did not see a direct answer. Looks like the old PCTools from the late 80s!
    Send answer here as well to kb8qeu AT gmail DOT com.
    Thanks in nadvance
    Ed - KB8QEU

  • siedzinadrzewie
    siedzinadrzewie Year ago

    I still have a questio.. How the hell we did this electronics, who had brain for that? :)

  • Abhiram K
    Abhiram K Year ago

    Is this a surgery or something?

  • KubiiikK 24
    KubiiikK 24 Year ago

    me: harddisc stops working
    takes a hammer
    fuck whole hard drive
    customer said it felt on the floor and stopped working

  • steven
    steven Year ago

    Interesting. Do drives have a specific torque setting for the lid fastners?

    • steven
      steven Year ago

      ACS Data Recovery thanks, interesting. I guess the way the heads are secured is the reason. Thanks

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago +1

      Not really a specified setting. But on some Western Digital drives, the case cover alignment can affect the head alignment.

  • Hiren Patel
    Hiren Patel Year ago

    just leave out the purpose of the video...thanks

  • Benedikt Frasch
    Benedikt Frasch Year ago

    do you think there is any way to replace the metal top of a hard drive and replace it with a glass pane?
    and does ist still can work?

  • lastorderfan
    lastorderfan Year ago

    What is the name of the software he is using? Might be interested in buying. If theres a web link to it, that would help.

    • S M R Miah
      S M R Miah Year ago

      lastorderfan yeh its Deepspar, costs a couple of thousand dollars

  • keith chua
    keith chua Year ago

    may i knw if the inside disk scratch still can recover the data?

  • Centaur
    Centaur Year ago

    How about software or something to recover data from an SSD drive that was wiped accidentally using the Clean command in DiskPart?

  • Primetime94
    Primetime94 Year ago

    I would have also searched for files with the extension of jpeg and jpe. Both are valid extensions for JPEG files.

    • Primetime94
      Primetime94 Year ago

      They asked for all files with an extension of jpg? Or did they just ask for JPEG images? If they asked for JPEG images, then I would have included jpeg as an extension.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      The customer specified exactly what they needed, so we focused on those first and then went back and imaged all remaining data.

  • Lionel Wagner
    Lionel Wagner Year ago

    Bad camera work! Should be zoomed in on the drive!

  • PaPiRiCoSuAvE
    PaPiRiCoSuAvE Year ago

    how much do they charge to fix HDD or SSD?

  • PBMS123
    PBMS123 Year ago

    what about the fact some files are saved as .jpeg rather than just jpg?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      We go back afterwards and get everything else so nothing is missed. The customer was very specific with what they needed, so we focused on those extensions first and foremost.

  • Alex PR
    Alex PR Year ago

    I need to know what would be a good software choice to try recover data from WD green 2TB drive. The drive is detected in BIOS, but not recognized in Windows. The board has been swapped out with original EEPROM and is working correctly, as much as I can tell. Would this be a good idea to image the entire drive onto a new drive? I have Acronis software for this task.

    • S M R Miah
      S M R Miah Year ago

      wont work like that, you can send it to me for data recovery

  • Berny M
    Berny M Year ago +1

    Interesting insight into drive anatomy and data recovery. Thanks.

  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf Year ago +1

    Hey man nice job I have a hard drive that got suddenly undetected what can I do to fix this problem please help me

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      Just depends on what the problem is. If it's not detected at all, then your options are going to be very limited.

  • benudhar sahoo
    benudhar sahoo Year ago +1

    Great Video

  • Carlo Gremar Jimenez

    How can I download the DeepSpar Disk Imager?

  • Carlo Gremar Jimenez

    What is the BLUE SCREEN? is that the BIOS?

  • K S
    K S Year ago

    I've never had anything but problems with WD drives

  • gile
    gile Year ago +4

    Recuva is beter. Your software its too old. Im just kidding. Nice job!

    • fsmoura
      fsmoura Year ago

      shout out to Recuva

  • Dave M
    Dave M Year ago

    What software is this @ 23:48 ?