My body Before, During and After Pregnancy!

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 16 014

  • Smantha Benedek
    Smantha Benedek 10 hours ago

    You filmed the beginning of this video the day I turned 9 so can I please have a shout out and I hope Phlin is okay

  • Faith Haupt
    Faith Haupt 15 hours ago +1

    You should do another of before pregnancy then pregnant and after pregnant a few days. Then now 2019 August

  • Ella Hobkiss
    Ella Hobkiss 21 hour ago

    I am currently 13 weeks and these videos of you and Flynn have been helping me so much, honestly you can't even understand.

  • Reece Schurger
    Reece Schurger Day ago

    Shes such a great singer i love flynn

  • J V
    J V 3 days ago

    You can sing so beautiful

  • J V
    J V 3 days ago

    You are a cute couple toghere

  • OneGirlWithBigDreams 9

    Colleen, at least Flynn was facing the right way! My sister wasn’t so my mom had to get a c-section. And even though I faced the correct way, I still had to get it.

  • Hope Mackenzie Frey
    Hope Mackenzie Frey 4 days ago

    I’ve decided I need a partner that will play the guitar for me while I sing, it’s now a prerequisite to date me

  • Ry Mae
    Ry Mae 8 days ago

    She’s so overdramatic stfu

  • Flor Rosales
    Flor Rosales 8 days ago

    Too much talking less actions 😫🙄

  • Ariana's Moonlight
    Ariana's Moonlight 11 days ago +1

    flynn is so lucky xD
    he is cute so i’m sure he’s gunna get loads of girls when he is older😂
    he can say his mom is colleen / miranda sings
    he can say one of his first kisses was Ariana Grande!❤️not exactly first cuz probably erik kissed him first lol BUT STILL ARI KISSED HIM

  • Avery Morrison
    Avery Morrison 12 days ago

    How come I can remember her intro for vlogmas in August but not a math formula that I studied for a whole week

  • Fiona Gollub
    Fiona Gollub 12 days ago +1

    How come when Colleen doesn’t sleep for over a week after birthing a human she still sings like an angel?! Also why is Erik still able to play guitar whilst sleep deprived?! ❤️🤤

  • Tina Squish
    Tina Squish 13 days ago

    8:40 is where y’all were looking for. Ur welcome

  • Leela Laver
    Leela Laver 13 days ago

    Your so good at singing 🎤 Colleen. By the way ilysm

  • Whitney French
    Whitney French 13 days ago

    Textbook Body dysmorphia- I’m praying for you.

  • Caleb Edits
    Caleb Edits 13 days ago +1

    Omg I’m about to cry Colleen just highlighted my comment!!!

    • Sloth Power
      Sloth Power 13 days ago

      Caleb Edits that’s not a thing it’s what happens when you go back to look at a comment😂don’t worry I’ve done it too

  • Rosalana Kelly
    Rosalana Kelly 14 days ago

    You have perfect life and family

  • Nevaeh McGuinness
    Nevaeh McGuinness 14 days ago

    In December

  • Nevaeh McGuinness
    Nevaeh McGuinness 14 days ago

    It’s my birthday

  • melinda duncker
    melinda duncker 15 days ago

    U on broadway now

  • Passion Fruit
    Passion Fruit 16 days ago


  • The Arc Family
    The Arc Family 16 days ago

    Colleen: 0:58

  • Caleb Edits
    Caleb Edits 17 days ago +3

    People used to get jealous of my mum cause she has no stretch marks. All she did was apply moisture every day since she was little

  • Lilyana Hope McCann
    Lilyana Hope McCann 20 days ago


  • Jayvion S
    Jayvion S 24 days ago

    You look like Miranda sings

  • The wander girl
    The wander girl 25 days ago

    Her voice is amazing

  • Grace Elmasry
    Grace Elmasry 25 days ago

    You are the best singer

  • Judalon Thelma
    Judalon Thelma 26 days ago

    All the extra weight you let yourself gain during pregnancy probably contributed to the pain you felt while pregnant.

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie Month ago

    U should make a distract or u singing ur amazing

  • Michael Montoya
    Michael Montoya Month ago

    Colleen / Miranda you sing 🎤 Beautiful

  • Nadav Ab
    Nadav Ab Month ago +1

    My wife had to be 4 months straight in e.r so we could save our son. She did not seen home just after the birth. So.... i feel you.

  • Someone In this world

    The singing was so cute I can't😍

  • Karson Davenport
    Karson Davenport Month ago

    Colleen you need to face the fact that your beautiful you are the best mom ever love yourself and your awesome love you 😍

  • Haley Cleghorn
    Haley Cleghorn Month ago

    I have the same birthday

  • Bouazzaoui Mohammed


  • Genesis Aida Emilia Jimenez

    Esta bien la pro

  • Sandra Hammell
    Sandra Hammell Month ago

    My mom gave birth to four children

  • Elena Bethany
    Elena Bethany Month ago


  • Nine Tails Seal
    Nine Tails Seal Month ago +1

    What will dem kids think when Flynn goes to school ;-;

  • Star Rae
    Star Rae Month ago +2

    Wait... I didn’t know Coleen was becoming a mom... YAY

  • Leanne Ryall
    Leanne Ryall Month ago


  • Josh Stead
    Josh Stead Month ago


  • dan kara
    dan kara Month ago

    You are miranda

  • dan kara
    dan kara Month ago

    Εσυ είσαι σαν την miranda

  • Bianca Valdez
    Bianca Valdez Month ago

    you can sing

  • Tyanna Trotter
    Tyanna Trotter Month ago

    Your an awesome singer i wish i can meet you in person on my Birthday and sing with you.

  • nichola parker
    nichola parker Month ago +1

    You two are so cute😍

  • jekamiah del toro
    jekamiah del toro Month ago

    My mom was 15 when she gave my brother life and she has 4 kids

  • Milena Plavsic
    Milena Plavsic Month ago

    ,REAL MOM BODY!!!!!!!

  • Atiaf Hamud
    Atiaf Hamud Month ago +1

    Your voice is so amazing

  • Gen Jakosalem
    Gen Jakosalem Month ago


  • Eva Huang
    Eva Huang Month ago

    Are you marnda?

  • Emily Baldwin123
    Emily Baldwin123 Month ago +1

    She's Miranda sings, I just realised

  • player a
    player a Month ago

    Intro was everything

  • Christian Mamac
    Christian Mamac Month ago

    Your face just like miranda

    FATIMAH DEDEK Month ago

    Wow yu in melahirkan byby omaigat

  • Alice Carr
    Alice Carr Month ago

    Green couple favor mahhogb fully terrorist homeless fund director.

  • Jason Biggs
    Jason Biggs Month ago


  • laras channel
    laras channel Month ago

    So you are Miranda?

  • nurul fadilla
    nurul fadilla Month ago

    dsr miranda

  • Camila Barros
    Camila Barros Month ago

    Love your hair

  • Gabby Barr-Jeffrey
    Gabby Barr-Jeffrey Month ago


  • Liliana Jacobo
    Liliana Jacobo Month ago

    Colleen I think you are beautiful just the way are

  • yaimett hernandez
    yaimett hernandez Month ago

    Amy. 😮🙂👍🏻

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can Month ago

    My mom I don’t even know how didn’t tear with 7 kids

  • Telvi Reynoso
    Telvi Reynoso Month ago

    Are you mranda ??

  • TheJenn2426
    TheJenn2426 Month ago

    I'm sorry I missed you

  • Austin Swade
    Austin Swade Month ago

    as you even w

  • Monica Grant
    Monica Grant Month ago

    I'm whith you

  • Let’s Get 100 Subscibers With No Video

    I kind of think she sounds better than Ariana Grande...❤️❤️

  • Dina Duron
    Dina Duron Month ago

    Are you Miranda

  • Mia’s Life
    Mia’s Life Month ago +1

    U have a wonderful body and you should not make up mean comments you beautiful for who you are. You did go through pregnancy so you look beautiful you made a human being for your beautiful body you are always beautiful no matter who you are Colleen

  • Melissa Gagnon
    Melissa Gagnon Month ago

    Colleen:OMG Peewee

  • call I rae Hamilton

    Flin is so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤