• Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Welcome to EVERY BURGER KING EVER, where you can have it your way- but only if it’s on the menu.
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    Ian Hecox (@smoshian)
    Shayne Topp (@supershayne)
    Courtney Miller (@co_mill)
    Damien Haas (@damienhaas)
    Olivia Sui (@oliviasui)
    Keith Leak Jr. (@keithleakjr)
    Noah Grossman (@noahgrossman214)
    Director: Ryan Todd
    Writers: Monica Vasandani, Ryan Finnerty
    Production Manager: Margo McHugh
    DIT: Matt Duran
    GFX: Brittany Metz
    Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
    It/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
    Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
    Smosh Sketch Editor: Mike Small
    Art Director: Steven Cirocco
    Props/Stage Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
    DP: Mitch Anderson
    Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
    Gaffer: Billy Yates
    Key Grip: Justin Thatcher
    Sound Op: Greg Jones
    1st AD: David Gutel
    2nd AD: Marcella Gersh
    Make-up: Rachel Jenkins
    Costumer: Jennifer Newman
    Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
    Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel
    Carpenter: Phil Huertas
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  • Ashley Lopez
    Ashley Lopez 3 hours ago +1

    They should a “Every elementary birthday party ever” like if u agree 👍🏼

  • fire games
    fire games 6 hours ago

    These people make this up bk is the best

  • Tyteyonna Fleming
    Tyteyonna Fleming 9 hours ago

    Frrrr.burger king tables be sticky and the whole place be dirty

  • Epic gamer Pie
    Epic gamer Pie 14 hours ago


  • Epic gamer Pie
    Epic gamer Pie 14 hours ago


  • William Andrews
    William Andrews 17 hours ago

    The Big King is the slightly worse version from the big mc. The whopper is actually a lot better than most stuff at mcdonalds. At least it tastes like a burger and not like a mountain of sugar.

  • Helen Jennings
    Helen Jennings Day ago

    0:25 why is he always disguised as a girl when he is a boy

  • Marshal B
    Marshal B Day ago

    0:29 when I went to burger king I was a guy he pretended like a lady

  • rayquaza_ gamer123

    I got a Burger King ad before this

  • cryo genic
    cryo genic Day ago

    in my country burger king is called hungry jacks

  • Wenjing Zhang
    Wenjing Zhang 2 days ago

    0:49 *me when school starts*

  • Dana Saleh
    Dana Saleh 2 days ago

    They be bashing bk so MUCH

  • whaddyamean99
    whaddyamean99 3 days ago

    As a Burger King employee, I take some offence to this XD

  • HamzaGaming TheHamza
    HamzaGaming TheHamza 3 days ago +1

    How’s king in jail

  • Sora64444
    Sora64444 3 days ago

    I like burguer King

  • Rob Plant
    Rob Plant 3 days ago

    honestly tho....Burger king is much better than McDonald's and in the UK Burger king is basically the only fast food place that has play areas for kids lol

  • Brayden Wert
    Brayden Wert 4 days ago +4

    I love Keith as a girl it’s so funny not in a wierd way it’s just hilarious

  • Bian Chang
    Bian Chang 4 days ago

    Burger King is not that bad. I go there if I want to have fast food that actually tastes good and fills me up. Like idk if it’s an American thing but where I’m from, Burger King is very good.

  • Arnaud Langenais-desmarais

    so are breaking up with me?... I guess.. XD

  • Noah _08
    Noah _08 5 days ago

    May I have an explanation on how the gift card is breaking up with her

  • Ghoulish Grin Films
    Ghoulish Grin Films 5 days ago

    C’mon, the floors aren’t THAT sticky...

  • Y A
    Y A 5 days ago

    Lol got a wendies ad on yhis

  • Supreme Bacon
    Supreme Bacon 5 days ago

    do every jack in the box ever

    The restraunt

  •  5 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • /\ hour_light760 /\
    /\ hour_light760 /\ 5 days ago

    I saw an adv of Lonnie (I love him)

  • Hippobatgriff
    Hippobatgriff 6 days ago

    I don't get the breakup joke someone help

  • Wenjing Zhang
    Wenjing Zhang 6 days ago +6

    Like = McDonald’s

    Comment= Burger King
    *let the battle begin*

  • Hannah Loves Gaming
    Hannah Loves Gaming 6 days ago

    idk what's so bad about burger king its freakin good

  • Amy Gates
    Amy Gates 6 days ago

    3:40 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Violet Rocks
    Violet Rocks 7 days ago

    Wendy’s add: BURGER KING? HAHA

  • Tiffany Nguyen
    Tiffany Nguyen 7 days ago

    How about every anime ever

  • maria elena mattine
    maria elena mattine 8 days ago

    Happy Ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha hahahaII

  • Blue Monster
    Blue Monster 8 days ago +3

    4:11 when my mom makes me eat broccoli and carrots for dinner

  • Nicholas Lees
    Nicholas Lees 9 days ago


  • Vallevaldemar2
    Vallevaldemar2 9 days ago

    I got a KFC comarcial on this video

  • AlphaWolf Z
    AlphaWolf Z 10 days ago

    Do you like Burger King
    Like - yes
    Comment - no

  • Liam Watson
    Liam Watson 10 days ago

    Smosh is scared of making an every Wendy's ever video because they know Wendy's will roast them

  • jack men
    jack men 10 days ago

    Did they make this video just roast burger king

  • Ma5cu5
    Ma5cu5 10 days ago

    It came a ad of burgerking when your vid was about burgerking😂😂

  • ella
    ella 10 days ago +3

    In New Zealand they have basket ball courts by Burger King

  • LukaMcGowan007
    LukaMcGowan007 11 days ago

    Is it bad that I actually like whoppers

  • james kap
    james kap 11 days ago +1

    The best part is the part where Noah says what are you looking at

  • Battle Royale Gaming
    Battle Royale Gaming 11 days ago +1

    Can you make Every Every blank Ever Ever

  • Drago knight
    Drago knight 12 days ago

    Why you distribute against my favorite oh no my fries from McDonald's

    RJZII 12 days ago

    Burger king Sues MCDONALD'S because he didnt enjoy his happy meal.

  • Quantum
    Quantum 12 days ago

    apparently I started watching This and Can’t Remember.

    But Now i do Lol

  • cyclone shock
    cyclone shock 13 days ago

    Burger King in Australia is way better than McDonalds

  • eiruni
    eiruni 13 days ago

    "the only thing worse than one whopper... is two whoopers."
    my senior quote

  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez 13 days ago


    RED STYLES 13 days ago

    A quien chucha le hablai

  • Junior Zambrano
    Junior Zambrano 14 days ago

    When people beg from likes

  • Star_ CrEaTiOn
    Star_ CrEaTiOn 14 days ago

    I miss the shut up intro to

  • Matias Cubillos
    Matias Cubillos 14 days ago

    0:22 lonzo ball

  • Lililo Bebibo
    Lililo Bebibo 14 days ago

    I like haw the same people are alway the workers

  • Austin Blankenship
    Austin Blankenship 14 days ago

    What if the burger KING divorced the dairy QUEEN?????

  • sasssf1 _
    sasssf1 _ 14 days ago


  • hashimon bc
    hashimon bc 15 days ago

    I really feel bad for Noah even though this is just like jokes lol

  • Aleggbry '-'
    Aleggbry '-' 15 days ago

    so accurate

  • Jasper cd
    Jasper cd 16 days ago

    3:42 when you wake up and realize it's Monday