• Published on Feb 19, 2017
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    Music video by J.I.D performing Never. (C) 2017 Spillage Village
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  • yasbbb
    yasbbb 2 years ago +4958

    He has literally no haters

    • Teroa Kia
      Teroa Kia 3 days ago

      @Az cardinalds23 bro jid voice unmatched unique like bonethugs

    • Kyle Stilley
      Kyle Stilley 5 days ago

      I’d be a hater too but plus for me I have good taste 😅

    • Kyle Stilley
      Kyle Stilley 5 days ago

      He does but still... raps shit like he wants and spits fire

    • Kadir arda
      Kadir arda Month ago

      im hater,

    • Joel Bailes
      Joel Bailes Month ago

      Cuz he’ll merk em all!

  • Felix Moreau
    Felix Moreau 2 years ago +4148

    That beat switch made me believe in god

  • Lil Lamborghini Buyer
    Lil Lamborghini Buyer Year ago +705

    Finally a rapper with a high pitched voice that is good.

    • Psuanich 499
      Psuanich 499 5 days ago +1

      everyone sayin kendrick, what about eazy.. like the original

    • sinz
      sinz 19 days ago +1

      QTip is nice too bro

      ILIEKSLOTH :D Month ago

      you should try listening to K.A.A.N, guy is a God

    • Myles M
      Myles M Month ago +2

      @Impacc Ψ I was gon argue with you but after looking at your channel it makes sense 😭

  • Bacon Bandit
    Bacon Bandit 2 years ago +719

    I've never really listened to rap before. This is incredible. There's layers of incredible. Every time I hear it, I feel it more.

    • bruce wayne
      bruce wayne Month ago

      @Patrik Gajcevic you dislike one song and all the sudden hes bad lol

    • Uhuru warrior
      Uhuru warrior 2 months ago

      Welcome to real hip hop try out coast contra

    • evoke
      evoke 2 months ago

      @Aiden McCurdy lmao aiden bro stop reccomending trash rappers like joyner lucas

    • 2loose X
      2loose X 2 months ago

      MF DOOM. do it right

    • 2loose X
      2loose X 2 months ago

      MF DOOM

  • Asa
    Asa 4 years ago +2834

    This is how modern day rap should be. Dope ass lyrics and flows over dope ass beats. Respect brother.

    • Cassidy Cutright
      Cassidy Cutright 20 days ago

      @CoolTraderNick I

    • Vortex Pickle
      Vortex Pickle 2 months ago

      @Cheekers Witherbottom he fucking blew up in 2022

    • Aadarsh Pooran
      Aadarsh Pooran 3 years ago

      Asa Jake Fire lyrics over a dope beat, Denzel Curry in a nutshell

    • Jonny Trinidad
      Jonny Trinidad 3 years ago +2

      Asa Jake it is but most of the lyrical rappers are being slept on because they’re “boring”.

  • Jono Britz
    Jono Britz 3 years ago +332

    J.I.D has the potential to actually be one of the best, I have a feeling that J.I.D hasn't gone completely all out on a track yet. He just has it bro!

    • Praoh Radebe
      Praoh Radebe 2 months ago +1

      Prolly has, just underrated.

    • U name it
      U name it 4 months ago

      You're God bro 😉

    • Kevin Coggins
      Kevin Coggins Year ago +1

      Someone else said it better than me- I'm completely comfortable with him taking the torch and carrying it for a while

    • Stephen Guy
      Stephen Guy Year ago +2

      The song Jiddeth shows more of his versatility with schemes

    • AK- JXRDY-7
      AK- JXRDY-7 Year ago +2

      @Peter Phelan He means that he hasn't shown his true potential yet.

  • macdabluepanther
    macdabluepanther 2 years ago +234

    As a black cop, this breaks my heart! Sadly it's real though. Shit happens a lot more than ppl wanna acknowledge.

    • carmen claudia
      carmen claudia 3 months ago

      In my country cops are more corrupt then anyone else. People don't to call them for problems. If they commit incidents, or crimes, the law doesn't apply to them cause they have political higher-ups who protect them. And they talk to all civilians like to trash, without discrimination. But they talk nicely to the rich folk,the based folk, as we call them in my native language.
      Just picture this in your minds!
      Doesn't matter where I'm from......just saying there is bad shit going on in other countries.

    • William Wasik
      William Wasik 3 months ago

      @Максим Фокин Black people arent the only people that get arrested lmao.

    • Dylan Murphy
      Dylan Murphy 4 months ago +1

      @Максим Фокин own kind? It’s not a different species lmao

    • Paul johnson
      Paul johnson Year ago +2

      @Максим Фокин he's right though.

  • It's Yankee
    It's Yankee 2 years ago +807

    How tf can someone call J I.D a mumble rapper I had to argue with stupid people who were claiming J.I.D is a mumble rapper

    • Erick Herrera
      Erick Herrera 28 days ago

      Like through a music theory lense, people are likely comparing the flow to mumble rap flow and not understanding that words are more enunciated through dudes like this guy. Because it is the same flow. It just appears to have more nuance and complexity

    • Savage Wolverine
      Savage Wolverine Month ago

      @Yung Bob how?

    • Andrey Panarin
      Andrey Panarin 3 months ago

      Never seen anyone calling JID a mumble rapper tho

    • bill cosby
      bill cosby 6 months ago

      It's probably based off a few select verses. He has a few verses her and there that are mumbly and his flow/cadence takes a trained ear to hear to begin with, he does that near rhyme, pseudorhyming, and all those type of things like eminem does that makes word rhyme that don't actually rhyme and that's odd to hear for a lot of people who aren't used to it. Also he's stylistically one of the few who can rap really fast and switch flows, and that takes a trained ear to catch for a lot but honestly for someone who raps that fast, he's got fantastic elocution.

    • the1minsoldier
      the1minsoldier 7 months ago

      @Jalen A how is he?

  • Matthew Robertson
    Matthew Robertson 3 years ago +3649

    Hes the new wave. J Cole signed someone that could be better than him 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nick Nicknick
    Nick Nicknick 3 years ago +1652

    Am I the only one that thinks this dude is the only xxl freshman that actually deserves that title?

  • Kenny Schulz
    Kenny Schulz 4 months ago +31

    4 years old and still hits hard as the day it came out , jid to good

    • amo
      amo Month ago

      @abrahamkaas 🤣🤣🤣

    • abrahamkaas
      abrahamkaas Month ago +1

      wow.. rap listeners are getting younger man

    • einar 999
      einar 999 3 months ago +1

      almost 5

  • Melvin Gitau
    Melvin Gitau 3 years ago +300

    This beat is diabolical!! Damn JID 🔥

  • Daze
    Daze Year ago +108

    Had a homie that love listening to this song, sadly he passed away, thank you for one of the best moments Jake, gonna miss your chef skills

      VEGETA ZENKAI 6 months ago +2

      I’m sorry…

    • Jay The king
      Jay The king 10 months ago +6

      Sorry for your loss

    • Buuda
      Buuda Year ago +20

      Hope homie cookin up in heaven rn, stay strong brother

  • mastod0n1
    mastod0n1 Year ago +6

    I'm years late to this song but goddamn that beat switch and that 2nd verse go soooo hard. I've been listening to it on repeat all day. Songs like this make me wish I stayed a little more current on hip-hop but I just have a hard time finding stuff that I'm into nowadays. I know it's out there but in this soundcloud/home studio generation there is just way more stuff to sift through.

  • Rogue Nerd
    Rogue Nerd 5 months ago +13

    3:00 this beat lives rent free in my head now

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      let Biscuit Jars by Steven Re live in your head too 😵‍💫

  • Shaun
    Shaun 2 years ago +1864

    other rappers: jewelry, smoking, drugs, alcohol, murder
    J.I.D: *breaking police officers ankles*

  • Maeks mille
    Maeks mille 2 months ago +3


    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      check out Biscuit Jars by Steven Re 🏜

  • Tim J
    Tim J 3 months ago +4

    This album is a masterpiece

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      Biscuit Jars by Steven Re. check it out 😵‍💫

  • KING ᴶᶜ
    KING ᴶᶜ 4 years ago +8557

    Xxl did something right, they added a guy with actual potential that didn’t blow up yet but enough people know who he is. I think thats what a “freshmen” should be tbh.

    • Wikipedia Beats 2k
      Wikipedia Beats 2k Year ago

      @Uniween or a joey badass

    • king zod
      king zod Year ago

      @Caydin Sensor he can but he can also sing, so he just mixes it to create his own style.

    • DGlasco
      DGlasco 2 years ago

      XXXTentacion had potential

    • Zakiah Ruto
      Zakiah Ruto 2 years ago

      He hasnt blown up yet 😭😭😭

    • Niccoló Spadano
      Niccoló Spadano 2 years ago

      I don't know how tf made skimask and JID fire duo and then the shitty trio with lil pump, blocboy JB and Smokepurpp

  • YungCash
    YungCash Month ago +2

    That second Beat and flow my gwaddd 👁️👁️💨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago

      Biscuit Jars by Steven Re. check it out. 😵‍💫

  • ralnyx
    ralnyx 7 months ago +6

    The setting, the lyrics, the beat, all so beautiful.

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      cruise to Biscuit Jars by Steven Re 🚗

    WONDERER 2 months ago +6

    This the kinda music that’s playing in the background while I’m doing graffiti, skateboarding, or driving my JDM Car straight street feeling!!!

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      play Biscuit Jars by Steven Re in your JDM too 😎

    HAPPY 3 years ago +5952

    like for a J.I.D and Kendrick collab

    • Def Force1
      Def Force1 Year ago

      Tde doesn't let kendrick have fun. They holding him to this god tier he can't make rap records with rappers who aren't in his league. Otherwise why is this collabs waiting for so long?

    • Nikos YBB
      Nikos YBB Year ago

      Kendrick dont want that

    • Uchawi Beatz
      Uchawi Beatz Year ago

      Man i have been saying this for years. Those two on a collab, would literally kill people of excitement

    • JHX
      JHX Year ago

      That would be godly

    • prod. Young Wonder
      prod. Young Wonder Year ago

      @Jerome Lubezky uncle and nephew

  • Karan Verma
    Karan Verma 7 months ago +5

    This track deserves every award n title that this music industry got .... staight up 🔥♨️ #🐐discoveredLate

  • Andrew Boyce
    Andrew Boyce Year ago +6

    I don’t get how someone could dislike this masterpiece

  • jr senor
    jr senor 2 years ago +7

    This guy is so underrated I listen to him all the time

  • BronzDano
    BronzDano Year ago +8

    11 million views, this should have 11 million “likes”...this is pure ART.

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      maybe you'll like Biscuit Jars by Steven Re 👍

  • Magento
    Magento 3 years ago +2729

    Yea he's a skilled rapper, but everyone's ignoring that HE JUKED THOSE COPS OUT THEY SHOES BRUHHHH

    • Frank Vibes
      Frank Vibes 19 days ago

      I was looking for this comment I finally found it I’m saying bro mad them boys damn near collide. People forget that man played college ball.

    • Smoke Ridge
      Smoke Ridge 3 years ago +1

      The guy had skillz in football before he got kicked out of college

    • teriiyaki_god
      teriiyaki_god 3 years ago

      @Daniel Jean-Louis you think that would stop them

    • lil ek
      lil ek 3 years ago

      YaBoiLunchTrae * I didn’t ignore that part I had to take it back like “dammmmnn” homie lookin like Reggie bush at usc

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 2 years ago +13

    So I discovered this song on Spotify a year a long time ago...would listen to it on a playlist almost daily but never looked up JID. Fast forward a year and some months I'm listening to Joe Budden podcast and they bring him up. Finally looked him up and liked another one of is song then realized it was the same person. After that I knew I was a fan of JID. Keep putting out these fire songs king.

    • Carlos Garcia
      Carlos Garcia 2 years ago

      Give him 1-2 more years and everyone will front saying they knew about him for awhile....he's too damn good not to blow up. He still has one of XXL's best freshman cyphers.

  • Sleazyp31 Hernandez
    Sleazyp31 Hernandez 2 years ago +5

    Dope! This track is sick. This beat is 🔥!

  • Camden Reid
    Camden Reid 3 years ago +6

    This beat lifts my soul!

  • Stuntman Dev
    Stuntman Dev 3 months ago +3

    This is one of the last songs i remember hearing at department store on edgewood in Atlanta and i miss that time the more i hear it

  • I'm Jeffy
    I'm Jeffy 3 years ago +1325

    I'm officially a J.I.D bandwagon

  • Fresh Haus
    Fresh Haus 3 years ago +1

    What an amazing debut. He’s gonna go far.

  • Høvel
    Høvel 2 years ago +2

    I swear, this song gives me unlimited stamina when I do road work. That beat change is magical and hits so fucking hard

  • Zillch
    Zillch 3 years ago +3

    Bro your flow is unique! Keep that shit up!

  • Arkini Spenelli
    Arkini Spenelli 8 days ago

    “Make the crowd jump like Zoboomafoo” I about died the first time I heard that line. 😂

  • NPC #0999
    NPC #0999 3 years ago +1211

    J.I.D was light years away from the other group with his cypher on XXL

    • MCBYT
      MCBYT 2 years ago

      @Logan Byrom You gotta check out some of his more underrated songs. The entire Book of Eli/LIKE A DOCCER MOM album's would be a good start

    • Nuvo Astro
      Nuvo Astro 2 years ago

      Memetastic Bot don’t do ski like that

    • Stephen Wilds
      Stephen Wilds 2 years ago +1

      I think Jid just stole every word in the English dictionary

    • dewayne brooks
      dewayne brooks 2 years ago

      @Izzy_Bee the only reason ski didnt rap to the beat is because he was paying respects to x ,since x didnt rap over a beat when he did his XXL that's why ski didnt rap over the beat

    • Drew H
      Drew H 3 years ago

      I was your 1,000th like, your welcome😂

  • digitalgoodtime
    digitalgoodtime 2 years ago +2

    2 brilliant songs on the same track. I want more of this.

  • AceCrypto
    AceCrypto 11 months ago +2

    Still bumping this classic in 2021 🔥💯

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      check out Biscuit Jars by Steven Re too

  • Scrambles The Death Dealer

    Still love this jam to this day

  • Eoin O'Brien
    Eoin O'Brien Month ago

    That beat is ridiculous 🔥

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 2 years ago +115

    *jid has the best xxl cypher of all time still*

    • Jamaul Ortiz
      Jamaul Ortiz Year ago +1

      @DJ ALBO but jids verse still one of the best him logic and mac miller

    • DJ ALBO
      DJ ALBO Year ago

      Bro you tripping you obv haven’t heard the cypher that got action Bronson and Travis Scott in it

    • JHX
      JHX 2 years ago +1

      1% Milk I prefer 2% milk

    • 1% Milk
      1% Milk 2 years ago

      @prod. ilyxjd haha

    • prod. ilyxjd
      prod. ilyxjd 2 years ago +2

      @1% Milk lmaoo

  • Leon
    Leon Year ago

    J.I.D killing it as usual

  • Morgan DeMone
    Morgan DeMone 3 months ago +1

    still holds up strong af

  • TyTy
    TyTy 2 years ago +411

    It’s like J Cole signed a darker younger version of himself

    • Blake Basic
      Blake Basic 9 months ago +4

      JID is like Cole & Kendrick mixed but I actually like him more

    • yaboi
      yaboi 11 months ago +2

      Bro jid is short

    • Tefenii
      Tefenii Year ago +8

      @Isaiah Brown well said, cole meant lyrically

    • Isaiah Brown
      Isaiah Brown Year ago +31

      @Jamal S in terms of skill. But they have 2 completely different styles. Foh

    • Jamal S
      Jamal S Year ago +9

      BrazzE tf is u talking about j cole said it himself

  • Ricky G
    Ricky G 2 years ago +1

    2 years later that hook still motivates me idk why but those lyrics hit home

  • Larry Hawkins
    Larry Hawkins Year ago +4

    The most incredible beat change I've ever heard

  • Schmidty 54
    Schmidty 54 Year ago +5

    It’s 2020 and I still vibe with this song

  • sweatergame
    sweatergame 5 months ago +3

    4 years ago? Fuck me im getting old. Still an absolutely banger and I’m glad it was my introduction to jid

    • Keith Lee
      Keith Lee 2 days ago +1

      let me introduce you to Biscuit Jars by Steven Re

  • KillerSaiyan
    KillerSaiyan 3 years ago +2032

    JID sounds like anderson.paak and raps like kendrick's love child. This shit is beautiful i tell you.

    • Gh05t NOH
      Gh05t NOH  Year ago

      @KiDDAnt22 Just cuz we can see his influences doesn't mean thats bad. He takes aspects from these artists and makes his own shit with it. He makes JID with aspects from these artists, like every artists should.

    • Tlangie Makhubela
      Tlangie Makhubela Year ago

      Anderson Paak,JID and j cole are the best in the game

    • SUBSCRIBE or DIE eventually
      SUBSCRIBE or DIE eventually 2 years ago +1

      @Josh guess what. He from my planet. Since a planet is bigger so i win

    • Green Taigo
      Green Taigo 2 years ago +2

      And with a small 3K vibe to his flow and rhyme schemes

    THE DÉMꕔN MUSIC 11 months ago +3

    This Shit Hits Hard Bro🔥

  • Young Curvy Beast
    Young Curvy Beast 7 months ago +1

    One of the best songs ever

  • StaticLocs
    StaticLocs 2 years ago

    i saw him live at MoPop...it was incredible, this dude is VERY underrated

  • September Ali
    September Ali 2 years ago +9

    The beat is amazing

  • MoodyTracks
    MoodyTracks 5 years ago +4518

    *DREAMVILLE* X *TDE* are best in the Game

  • Forgotten King
    Forgotten King 3 years ago

    Just discovered him a few days ago. Definitely my favorite song by him

  • JHX
    JHX 2 years ago +3

    J.I.D Has One of the Best Flow Switches I love it

  • Piotr Pacewicz
    Piotr Pacewicz 2 years ago +3

    If JID wont blow the game up, then i give up on people listening to rap

  • ItsVinnyBoy
    ItsVinnyBoy 3 years ago

    Jid’s storytelling and flow is what’s gonna make him the best rapper

  • Young Ambitious
    Young Ambitious 3 years ago +1786

    Him and Kendrick Lamar would be a god combination

    • Troppzi
      Troppzi 2 months ago

      @Saint blade that’s a great comparison ngl

    • Keith Clark
      Keith Clark 3 months ago

      I'd like to see him with Eminem's artist Boogie

    • Victoria Martin
      Victoria Martin 4 months ago


    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W 4 months ago

      @IceKing try both have very different rhyme schemese

    • beastydude123
      beastydude123 5 months ago +1

      I disagree. I think his high pitch voice would pair better with someone at a deeper tone and go off of the bass of the song.

  • Jonathan Phillips
    Jonathan Phillips Year ago +2

    Damn I’m proud to be in my 30’s and hear this young man spit 🔥🔥🔥

  • RoarshakTCG
    RoarshakTCG Month ago

    Probably my favorite beat right now

  • Wikipedia Beats 2k
    Wikipedia Beats 2k Year ago +5

    Someday when he blows up even more, we will be the OG's.

  • DC R
    DC R 2 years ago +1


  • 10k -
    10k - 3 years ago +38

    J.I.D will be one of the first rappers of the new wave to pull us out of the trap era and move us into music with meaning and story telling

    • Vain jumper
      Vain jumper 3 years ago +1

      Xen but hes still just coming up age doesn’t matter

    • King
      King 3 years ago +1

      It still trap, but it the hardcore trap

    • Charlie Traplin
      Charlie Traplin 3 years ago +7

      Not just JID. The whole spillage village

  • trieslatter morningstar

    i always come back to this amazing song

  • Michael Muma
    Michael Muma 2 years ago +45

    Idk what hole I've been living in... Just discovered him today and this shit is fire man🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • item
      item 2 years ago

      Welcome guys, enjoy the heat

    • s a
      s a 2 years ago

      Literally just discovered him now jhezz

    • TJ G
      TJ G 2 years ago


    • Jacob Lopez
      Jacob Lopez 2 years ago +2

      Michael Muma daaaamm ma dude u late

    • D H
      D H 2 years ago +1

      Damn that's tough, better late than never!

  • Kate Wormwood
    Kate Wormwood 2 years ago +3

    Hold it for 3:17 that line caught me off so good I love jid

  • Prxjek333
    Prxjek333 2 years ago

    Dude best flow ever chills on that drop

  • Philippe Martin
    Philippe Martin 4 years ago +1775

    That’s just fire 🔥🔥🔥

    • Zeus
      Zeus 3 years ago

      Jacky- Jacky Q

    • Shumunya Cho
      Shumunya Cho 3 years ago

      Nolan Dyer & Apple Ben You both know damn well this slaps. Quit trippin

    • S Ro
      S Ro 3 years ago +1

      kendrick better watch out..

    • rodrigo vicente
      rodrigo vicente 3 years ago

      Fogo nas quecas do diogo

    • J3
      J3 3 years ago +1

      Apple Ban can you tap better

  • Igor Campos
    Igor Campos 3 years ago

    Muito bom

  • Wrld On Thin Ice
    Wrld On Thin Ice 4 months ago

    love this man...in 5 more years it'll be a decade since its release.

  • ALUCVRD MUSIC: Beats and Remixes

    JID has been killing it lately.
    He is up next

  • Umair Khan
    Umair Khan Year ago

    Who else thinks this guy has the sickest fire beats 🔥

  • Randy B
    Randy B 5 years ago +140

    Just heard about dude and this is crazy!!
    Dope to see his progression.

    • CagetheKyle
      CagetheKyle 4 years ago +3

      Randy B right? finally someone talking about JID and not "peaches" lmfao

  • S Horn
    S Horn 2 years ago +2

    no matter how big he gets jid still underrated

  • j32 1
    j32 1 3 years ago

    Still one of the best songs ever❤️

  • 3V3
    3V3 2 years ago


  • Historry
    Historry 2 months ago +1

    This probably some of the hardest shit from this era

  • DonniePynnTV
    DonniePynnTV 3 years ago +796

    Jid going down as a modern rap legend

    • Bruh......
      Bruh...... Year ago

      Joey Badass also

    • Pelon P
      Pelon P 2 years ago

      Almighty Nick he’s a rapper, all rappers want to be the best

    • ACEY
      ACEY 2 years ago +1

      @JID -Topic naw in a couple more years he gonna be passin cole and gonna be a 2020s legend.

    • Almighty Nick
      Almighty Nick 2 years ago

      Wutang 4Eva cole said jid the closest thing to him but he’s signed with dreamville ion think he wants to pass up cole

  • Prophet Riyy
    Prophet Riyy Year ago +1

    this shit is certified gold now !!!🔥🔥🔥🐻

  • louqinn
    louqinn Year ago

    this flow damn it goes hard

  • PoRk Fried Rice
    PoRk Fried Rice 2 years ago

    loveeeee the flow. killer. wait for the wisdom to kick in and game over

  • e
    e 2 years ago

    This is so 🔥 it has to go on my playlist

  • TLDandi
    TLDandi 4 years ago +420

    Ayyyyyyeeee J.I.D fans stand up!!!!! Our boy made it to the XXL.

  • Nathaniel Bolden
    Nathaniel Bolden 3 months ago

    That breakdown so hard even method man gave JID props

  • Em Sauce
    Em Sauce 5 months ago

    This song regularly thumps in my ride. Well done, sir.

  • @geraldocostanunes
    @geraldocostanunes 4 months ago +1

    Até hoje eu lembro dessa música eu tinha apenas 18 anos

  • Universe Trip
    Universe Trip 2 years ago +1

    JID get's got at the end of every video with a storyline. A true underdog, he is.

  • PMSC Records
    PMSC Records 5 years ago +499

    Seeing J.I.D. getting signed to DreamVille really means some shit. Congrats on all that. Back to work. #XXXX17

  • Dood Monkey
    Dood Monkey 3 months ago

    That bassline tickles the right spots

  • Taylor Ray
    Taylor Ray Year ago

    JID doin the damn thing. Kudos & Thanks.

  • RIRI Herron
    RIRI Herron 2 years ago

    This beat is so cold, I can't. I need to go grab my jacket. This dudes flow is sick, it has consistency, but its spontaneous at the same time

  • BlackMageMarc
    BlackMageMarc Month ago

    This song hit hard when i was long boarding

  • KH1
    KH1 2 years ago

    He really is a mixture of Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar. You can't help draw comparisons to him with them when it comes to his delivery. The guy is a straight up BEAST & is a wonderful edition to the game.

  • Yiğit B.
    Yiğit B. 3 years ago +40

    Dopest thing ı heard in a while 🔥🔥🔥

    • Dreapzz
      Dreapzz 3 years ago +1

      I thought I was the only may 2019 person

  • The Eerie Faerie
    The Eerie Faerie 2 months ago +1

    NEVER heard a J.I.D song that I didn't like 🔥

  • 808Goblin
    808Goblin Year ago +2

    The beats and his flow omg

  • Tyler Hougas
    Tyler Hougas 3 months ago +2