Welcome To My Crib! Simplicity Is Key ~ Anthony Joshua

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Camp life! 2 bed, 1 bathroom, kitchen plus some vintage seating #AJBXNG ~ Anthony Joshua
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  • Loula H
    Loula H 2 hours ago


  • Sinead M
    Sinead M 6 hours ago

    I call fraud, it’s obviously his mates yard!

  • jade simmonds
    jade simmonds 11 hours ago

    He looks like a giant in that tiny kitchen! Stay humble AJ 👌

  • Bb370
    Bb370 Day ago

    Your team definitely copied my one of these

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo Day ago

    Who is here after this dude got MANHANDLED

  • ImKiceLee
    ImKiceLee 2 days ago

    He’ll save a lot of millions from this....

  • Kevin Deegan
    Kevin Deegan 2 days ago +1

    Lmao I'd hate to try sell anything to him, he just be like
    "But my old one... it works"

  • F L E X
    F L E X 2 days ago

    Wtf How u got all that money and live like this

  • Alisson Luciana Gomez

    I love you with all my heart ❤

  • Amar Kh
    Amar Kh 3 days ago

    It definitely works!...

  • omar
    omar 3 days ago

    Humble guy he is good thing he’s not like other famous people who show off !

  • Tyler Elliott
    Tyler Elliott 3 days ago

    Nigga living in a crackden

  • Tyquan Palmer
    Tyquan Palmer 3 days ago

    Can never forget where you came from 💯

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck 3 days ago

    Team no money team

  • Phoebe P.
    Phoebe P. 3 days ago

    This man is fine.

  • Mofa Gaming
    Mofa Gaming 3 days ago

    You don t need a big house this is good

  • Wild Warrior
    Wild Warrior 4 days ago

    He will never be able to install ceiling fan in that house

  • Fyth 201
    Fyth 201 4 days ago

    Interviewer: are you sure there aren’t any demons under your bed?
    Aj: **pulls out the cross** “bitch please igot protection “

  • Ehab Ali
    Ehab Ali 4 days ago

    I earn 400£ a week and my flat is 10 times better than his!! Wtf!

    FROGPUZZ 4 days ago

    This is his garage

  • dnice.the.gamer
    dnice.the.gamer 4 days ago

    I respect it🤙🏾

  • Paul Staples
    Paul Staples 4 days ago

    Fuck off no way this is his place

  • Romel Gonzales
    Romel Gonzales 4 days ago

    I dont think this is where he acually lives i bet he has a bigger house somewhere

  • joshx413
    joshx413 4 days ago

    This is literally just his side piece house.

  • Grasham Gwengwere
    Grasham Gwengwere 4 days ago

    Pls dont believe that, it's a pad for his training camps.

  • Thuglife Thuglife
    Thuglife Thuglife 4 days ago


  • Rekha Yadav
    Rekha Yadav 4 days ago

    He is A man

  • Rekha Yadav
    Rekha Yadav 4 days ago

    If you could possibly email me your exact location Mr AJ I will be more than happy to help you with Anything I live in quiet place too 😍😀

  • MrAdam2k11
    MrAdam2k11 4 days ago

    Why you still wearin that t shirt from last week?
    Aj: it works

  • Nenad Kordic
    Nenad Kordic 4 days ago +1

    Snickers is the key😂 Anybody here after Andy knocked him out

  • Mudia Collins
    Mudia Collins 4 days ago +1

    New Catch Phrase ; it works 🙂

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 4 days ago

    This dude will likely run an empire one day. Kind of like Michael Jordan.

  • Aran Basra
    Aran Basra 5 days ago

    He is by far the most humble sportsman I have ever seen 👌👊

  • No_one Nos
    No_one Nos 5 days ago

    I'm such a big fan. You are very humble and fine as hell..... fan for life.

  • John Mick
    John Mick 5 days ago

    I live next door.

  • serban Turbinca
    serban Turbinca 5 days ago

    Very nice and humble guy

  • It’s James YT
    It’s James YT 5 days ago

    Everyone in the comments be roasting him but personally I got respect for him. He’s not just going out wasting millions on stuff he doesn’t need he takes pride in the little things of life

  • Samina Rasib
    Samina Rasib 5 days ago

    Is this his house or where his training team stay?

  • Zahir Mahmood
    Zahir Mahmood 5 days ago

    I saw a video of Anthony living it big for free in a massive mansion and free everything so guess that was BS 🤔

  • Chas Turner
    Chas Turner 5 days ago +1

    Floyd mayweather watching this saying to himself damnnnnn aj getting payed or not 😂

  • assasinny ninja47
    assasinny ninja47 5 days ago

    that definitely helped you to fight with ruiz hahahahahaha stinky ulgy crib good bye joshua the end of two years liers fckers and thieves you and ur daddy eddie whose protecting you from fury and wildr fck you coward that he ll never be the champ

  • Darling C.
    Darling C. 5 days ago

    Love it! Balance is key, simplicity is a dream! 🥰

  • Beaullah Lothbrok
    Beaullah Lothbrok 5 days ago

    So he's not materialistic

  • Ashura Paths
    Ashura Paths 5 days ago +1

    When you Understand the meaning of your Want and Need

  • Peezy Mac
    Peezy Mac 5 days ago

    No lie, this made me a bigger fan of AJ...Simplicity IS key

  • M V
    M V 5 days ago +1

    This...had me tearing up...just reflecting on life...the calm music...you don’t need it all just be yourself..be comfortable 🙌🏽🙏🏽🖖🏽

  • Biz Benoit
    Biz Benoit 5 days ago

    This is his hideout spot

  • ukranjah
    ukranjah 5 days ago +5

    The richest man in the world.
    Is da man, that doesn’t want anything.

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 5 days ago

    To each his own

  • Johnny Flores
    Johnny Flores 5 days ago

    Stay humble champ I believe you will come back and KO ruiz into next year because he is getting too used to his new found fame

  • guillermo herrera
    guillermo herrera 5 days ago

    He rents the living room

  • AJ _
    AJ _ 6 days ago

    The definition of a tightwad 😂😂

  • Aury Concepcion
    Aury Concepcion 6 days ago

    Come on STOP the BS and show UR your real home

  • luren Lessie
    luren Lessie 6 days ago

    Very humbling, I like that.

  • Sara Sez
    Sara Sez 6 days ago

    At first I was pretty shocked because it’s very simple. Theres no bed head on the beds... But then I remembered all the people I know who try to show off and live in luxury places just for the status but they aren’t anywhere near as successful as AJ. I’m sure he has some other cribs we don’t know about and this is his old school crib next to where he trains..

  • Roberto Blandon
    Roberto Blandon 6 days ago +1

    U see the kind of man he is when he lost the last fight ,AJ posing for pics with Ruiz. Respect ✊

  • Alex
    Alex 6 days ago

    Ruiz must have really knocked his ass silly

  • J B
    J B 6 days ago

    Refreshing to see from a big money athlete! Head on the ground not in the clouds!

  • Mark Kolk
    Mark Kolk 6 days ago

    he is so sexy

  • Jennifer Cynthia
    Jennifer Cynthia 6 days ago

    This is what you call a smart man

  • Goddammit
    Goddammit 6 days ago +1

    It works

  • Carlos Villarreal
    Carlos Villarreal 6 days ago +1

    If kawhi Leonard was a boxer

  • ironmike955
    ironmike955 6 days ago +48

    Shorty: “You’re going to reuse that condom?”
    Anothny Joshua: “It works.”

    • ARS
      ARS 5 days ago +1

      Everything works for Anothny Joshua

  • intajake
    intajake 6 days ago

    Much as it may surprise everyone in the comments. This is a normal even decent largish flat for the UK-especially in the south.

  • Kissmybeats Custom
    Kissmybeats Custom 6 days ago

    The grinning makes me think this is definitely not your crib lol

  • RBHD
    RBHD 6 days ago

    What a humble guy, no flashy house and just a standard apartment. You can tell he doest have a big ego which is why I think hes great

  • Fabian Cotogno
    Fabian Cotogno 6 days ago

    I definetly not living like a champ

  • Lisa Owens
    Lisa Owens 6 days ago

    He grew up on a council estate and just cos he's got money he ain't forgetting where he came from or is roots.
    Money ain't everything and he's happy.
    Good on you aj

  • Sean Sartor
    Sean Sartor 6 days ago

    Very Spartan. That's the training house

  • Darryl Arriesgado
    Darryl Arriesgado 6 days ago

    This is who you want to strive to be

  • Kenneth Graham
    Kenneth Graham 6 days ago

    iont trust niggas that wear wavecaps like that

  • perrorito92
    perrorito92 6 days ago

    Sit down, be humble 👍

  • David T
    David T 6 days ago

    He fought Ruiz from this camp? 😬
    Better get himself on ZOOPLA - PRONTO! 🧐

  • 2 SUSS
    2 SUSS 6 days ago

    I thought he lived in a big ass home

  • Auston Tangi
    Auston Tangi 6 days ago

    "it works"

  • Yonko. Ichigo
    Yonko. Ichigo 6 days ago

    But it works

  • avatarmoney01
    avatarmoney01 6 days ago

    Simplicity is the key....until you get the knocked the fucc out by a fat dude.

  • Rich Well
    Rich Well 6 days ago

    A pretty unimpressive house considering he and his team do all they can to take the lions share of the fight profits. Ie not wanting to pay Deontay Wilder (but really they just don’t want to fight wilder because they know Anthony Joshua will be demolished)

  • Jay Khan
    Jay Khan 6 days ago +1

    There’s being humble and then there’s just being tight

  • Haise
    Haise 6 days ago

    Damn.. I was expecting alcohol and like 10 bitches but ight man... Do you

  • Mario Bellante
    Mario Bellante 6 days ago

    Lol his crib is humble for how much he make

  • Gaucho M
    Gaucho M 6 days ago +2


  • Collen Mleya
    Collen Mleya 6 days ago

    You Humble bro,🙏🏿

  • Nwo Shorty
    Nwo Shorty 6 days ago

    Is this real.

  • Knight Rydah
    Knight Rydah 6 days ago +1

    Imagine ur at a dealership and u have AJ at the next table negotiating for a better deal on a used Toyota Corolla.

  • luattlebaum
    luattlebaum 6 days ago

    Show us your hoe’s

  • Player 1
    Player 1 6 days ago

    I like Joshua....he's smart.....but a cornball.... Too many hoes tellin him he's cute.....too many rich ppl dick riding him........ "Saying your humble isn't humble"

  • C A
    C A 6 days ago

    This what I call keeping it real.
    I love his sofa philosophy too. Lovely guy.

  • Harry D
    Harry D 6 days ago +4

    Bro We’re not that stupid wer is really house hhhh good try

  • r navy
    r navy 6 days ago +1

    I just love this man
    He is so different

  • x dro
    x dro 6 days ago +1

    When your playing minecraft survival mode and you have everything in the game but you still live in that shitty underground shelter you dug into the ground when you started

  • Joshua Daniels
    Joshua Daniels 6 days ago

    Yet he has 30million plus in the bank but it works

  • sinchman1
    sinchman1 6 days ago

    Your worth $60M and this is your apartment

  • ErA Harrison Jones
    ErA Harrison Jones 6 days ago

    Joshua advert before watching this

  • Random Charging Plug

    *Ok, but the couches are ridiculous though.*

  • Flow
    Flow 7 days ago

    This man gets millions a fight...

    But lives like hes on benefits

  • Jonathan Roderick
    Jonathan Roderick 7 days ago +7

    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." ~ Leonardo da Vinci

  • Alvin Lopez
    Alvin Lopez 7 days ago

    This guy is so humble!!!

  • Bobby Sayasane
    Bobby Sayasane 7 days ago

    Joshua "It workz" Anthony

  • carguy 35
    carguy 35 7 days ago +1

    AJ a giant happy kid seems more genuine then clout chaser mayweather