Ruby Rose to Play Batwoman - Orbit Report

  • Published on Aug 13, 2018
  • Heather talks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character announcement, the Oscars "Best Popular Film" category, Ruby Rose to play Batwoman, and more on a new Orbit Report.
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Comments • 372

  • Ruby RedPanda
    Ruby RedPanda 6 months ago

    0:10 *отчет об орбите*
    0:16 Всем привет, добро пожаловать на канал Awesome "Отчет об орбите". Ваш источник всего происходящего в Мире поп культуры.
    0:25 Я Хизер Рюз и это новости на понедельник 13-го августа. Во первых "Ральф" снова сделал это! На этой неделе они опять опубликовали кадр из мультика. Это снова принцессы, но в этот раз все принцессы в домашней одежде. Может, им просто понравилась невероятно удобная толстовка Венилопы и они решили тоже приодется.
    0:50 Они выглядят потрясающе. Вся одежда просто идеально им подходит. Мне нравится...эм... прикид Тианы, где мы видим ее волосы. Она сидит и попевает напиток из старбакса*also...trees , let it go*. В общем, у них просто идеальная одежда, которая соответствует их личностям. Из этих всех принцесс мне больше всего нравится "Мулан"(це хто). Она выглядит потрясающе в своем желете и джинсах.
    1:13 Если вы являетесь большим фанатом диснеевских принцесс, то вам следует пойти и заценить этот мулт. И дайте мне знать в коментариях ниже, какая принцесса вам больше понравилась и во что она была одета. Моя- Мулан. Она выглядит великолепно. и, честно говоря, здесь есть хорошие возможности для кросс-маркетинга...
    1:43 И "Ральф" против интернета выйдет 21-го ноября, так что нам не придется ждать так долго.
    Также на этой неделе некоторые игровые новости сообщили нам, что в игре "Supper smash bros" будет немного больше персонажей, чем мы ожидали. Эта игра будет прооосто безумной, потому что в ней уже есть очень много персонажей. А еще эта игра специально сфокусирован на Castlevania, поэтому в ней есть Саймон и Рихтер........Но, самое главное, что мы взяли во внимание из этого промо... Луиджи рипнулся. Луиджи сдохся. Вообще весь интернет долго думал умер ли Луиджи. Я имею в виду, что промо конечно-же показывает Жнеца, или кого-то, кто рубит его.2:38

  • NinjaKIngAce
    NinjaKIngAce 8 months ago

    Wow, Lindsay Jones playing batgirl!? That's amazing- Oh... Wrong Ruby...

  • The One And Only PixelBanana

    RWBY?! **hisses violently at the mere mention of that cancer ridden hellhole** Oh...wrong Ruby Rose.

  • Jason
    Jason 9 months ago

    WTF with her hair!? I can't stop looking at her Grey hair, please say it's dye.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 9 months ago +1

    Calm down everyone why can't we have a species fluid character in the CW DC universe? One moment she think she's a bat then another moment a woman. What's so wrong with that? We already have gay and lesbian characters. Why not a trans species character? Maybe we'll get a good story arc out of it.

  • Stop Watching-Me
    Stop Watching-Me 9 months ago

    Oh, that Ruby Rose
    *closes video*

  • TheLadySilverMoon
    TheLadySilverMoon 10 months ago

    Toy Story 3 got nominated for best movie of the year (lost to the King's Speech).

  • WraithKing
    WraithKing 10 months ago

    Live action Sonic movie sounds like the worst idea ever. for a second there I thought it was going to be fully animated, and the thought of Jim Carey voicing dr. Robotnik didn't sound like a bad idea. but just imagining Jim Carrey talking to a CGI mess.. makes me believe this might be the final nail in the coffin for the Sonic franchise.

  • weird bruise
    weird bruise 10 months ago

    Black panther was a shit flick. Worst marvel movie so far. I dont understand why everyone likes it. I saw all of it. I was really hyped. Huge dissapointment.
    And yes casting ruby rose is AWESOME.

  • Selim Tuncel
    Selim Tuncel 10 months ago

    Ruby Rose as an actual name... awesome.

  • UncleFriis
    UncleFriis 10 months ago

    Considering the Academy consists primarily of crusty old white people, their decisions alienating people comes to no surprise.

    ADAM OF GREYSKULL 10 months ago

    I've never heard of her before

  • Tank
    Tank 10 months ago

    Not Jewish enough..not gay enough.

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune 10 months ago

    Couldn't have picked someone a bit buffer than this chick?

  • Heber Baray
    Heber Baray 10 months ago

    Makes sense this pick Ruby Rose, she can be physical and Batwoman is a lesbian.

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 10 months ago

    look out, the reusz is loose!

  • Wolf Rider
    Wolf Rider 10 months ago

    The sonic movie is already a train wreck

  • DMCEagles05
    DMCEagles05 10 months ago

    THANK GOD she said "Dr. Robotnik"!!!

  • Lord Bootyquake
    Lord Bootyquake 10 months ago

    I can't believe the ruby rose busted out of the digital world to act in ours

  • Poison Damage
    Poison Damage 10 months ago +1

    its a CW show, so who gives a shit?

  • Star Wars Talk
    Star Wars Talk 10 months ago

    Lesbian batwoman? Never liked the CW universe, but now I hate it

  • Destro WOD
    Destro WOD 10 months ago

    Ruby Rose can be either a Gal Gaddot (what seem to be a miscast turning great) or a Jesse Heisenberg (what look like a miscast turning exactly like one). Im leaning for the later.

  • Destro WOD
    Destro WOD 10 months ago

    Avengers Infinity War -> Black Panther ... easily

  • Intellecter 818
    Intellecter 818 10 months ago

    how tf is jim carrey a bad choice or cause for concern smh

  • Pille22
    Pille22 10 months ago

    WoW's new expansion is out! :D

  • Trillo 333
    Trillo 333 10 months ago

    ... where's Aiyanna?

  • Bradley
    Bradley 10 months ago


  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen 10 months ago

    I love that Ruby Rose is cast as Batwoman. Now all she needs to do is going to the gym and getting in shape

  • Conner Rock
    Conner Rock 10 months ago

    Personally I thought wreck it Ralph 2 looks really bad
    The princess's look really werid

  • REETV Films
    REETV Films 10 months ago

    batman v superman was better than black panther. But I genuinely enjoyed BvS so fuck whoever didn’t

  • Dwight Gibson
    Dwight Gibson 10 months ago

    So, no RWBY? Okay.

  • It's Jake
    It's Jake 10 months ago

    The academy should've gone with either best cast ensemble. That way you include the popular movies while not alienating them entirely. Of course, I would've gone with achievement in voice acting, but that's just me

  • Piano Gamer
    Piano Gamer 10 months ago

    I’m hoping for a nightwing series. But it doesn’t seem likely.

  • Yeezy Morgan
    Yeezy Morgan 10 months ago

    Black panther is not good

  • Yeezy Morgan
    Yeezy Morgan 10 months ago

    Black panther is not good

  • Johannes Mäkilä
    Johannes Mäkilä 10 months ago

    Ruby Rose is interesting choice for Arrowverse Batwoman. Personally I am excited to see how she will play the role in TV and how character is written. I don't see why people are hating her being chosen but that's internet idiots for you. Hating before they have even seen end result for sake of being hateful assholes.

  • Agent Orange116
    Agent Orange116 10 months ago

    But she’s such an awful actress. I mean look at John wick 2, they didn’t even let her talk all movie lol.

  • TheGame2224
    TheGame2224 10 months ago +1

    Why do people hate her being picked?

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens 10 months ago

    Who da f is ruby rose?

  • Kassie Greene
    Kassie Greene 10 months ago

    Do a review about Anastasia and what's your opinion on Tim Burton directing a live-action Dumbo?

  • Gareth Trevor
    Gareth Trevor 10 months ago

    Bat woman come to arrow verse does Batman come as well ?

  • Rad Golab
    Rad Golab 10 months ago

    Have anybody else seen the obvious bias here? ... she mentioned Ruby Rose with excitement like it's a second coming of (insert deity here) and than completely shat on Jim Carey in sonic ... none of those things are out yet ... they're announcements! Get that bias out of here, they can both flop they can both be great or any combination in between but if you call yourself a report than report facts and leave the rest to he judged by your audience! You obviously can ask for participation i.e. what do you guys think. Not she's perfect won't be watching him. 🙈

  • Dr. Horrifier
    Dr. Horrifier 10 months ago

    She’s not a very good actress, so I’m not real happy about this, but there’s always a small chance to surprise us all.😕

  • Jackal Reviews
    Jackal Reviews 10 months ago

    The reason that the oscars viewings sre declining is because they keep talking left-wing politics. Its bloody ridiculous.

  • TheLazysketcher
    TheLazysketcher 10 months ago

    Jim Carrey, as Dr Robotnik... WHY!? I, i just dont see that happening. Although, i overall dont see the actual movie happening either.

  • Monster Lab
    Monster Lab 10 months ago

    Never heard of bat woman.Heard of Batgirl though

  • vVheris "No Name"
    vVheris "No Name" 10 months ago

    500 mil PlayStation consoles in all, not 500 mil PS4's. :)

  • Phoba Fett
    Phoba Fett 10 months ago

    They really could have gotten someone better for Batwoman :/.

    • странная чайка
      странная чайка 10 months ago

      you cant judge before you see it. btw bad movies/tvshow is good for better remakes, so just think about that. (sorry english is not my mother tongue sooo i hope you understand me)

  • Olivia Williams
    Olivia Williams 10 months ago

    Have zero interest in anything Sonic, but to defend Jim Carrey, he did okey as Colonel Stars and Stripes in kick ass 2

  • Serprizebuttsecks
    Serprizebuttsecks 10 months ago

    All honesty this I the WORST casting of a character I have seen in my life so far! She 100% got the role cos she's a lesbian... that's it! No one else has the balls to say it so I will the only reason she has this is for being gay (I have no problem with gays I'm bi) but she can't act to save her life and plays the same character everywhere she goes (herself) she's always the least memorable part of everything she's involved in, and you just KNOW they aren't gonna be true to the characters look! She won't have the long red hair or clear white skin and eyes it'll be short hair, tats out and 150% In your face WERE GAY WERE SO PROGRESSIVE OOO LOOK AT US! This show will be the nail in the cwverses coffin!

  • 94unclechuck
    94unclechuck 10 months ago

    500 million PS4s? Already?

  • Saul
    Saul 10 months ago

    stop fucking posting this horse shit on this channel go make another channel for this bullshit

  • Ferhog
    Ferhog 10 months ago +1

    I guess they both have predominantly red and black colour schemes.

  • Default Name
    Default Name 10 months ago

    DO FAT ALBERT HEY HEY HEY you got mail

  • Leon lionhart
    Leon lionhart 10 months ago

    Im sceptical about ruby, i dont know much about her but she doesnt look like batwoman to me. And no idc that shes gay or that batwoman is, i dont think you need someone whos gay to play a gay character but it can only help so i dont care. I will say though i dont think batwoman would make a great cw show. The cw has a pattern when it comes to these shows case in point it being a team of people. I dont know batwoman, i dont know if she has a big team behind her, but if she doesnt adding one in would just be annoying

  • 1987Liono
    1987Liono 10 months ago

    No. She can't act.

  • Jon Mitchell
    Jon Mitchell 10 months ago

    It's going to suck, not because of the actress, but because it's DCU.
    Yes wonder woman was great, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

  • Mattias Karlsson
    Mattias Karlsson 10 months ago

    The CW? The people who turned Arrow and Supergirl from compelling adult narratives into hokey kid's shows are the first to realise the red-suited Batwoman? They're doing Batwoman before they've even brought in Batman? And you're excited about it?
    Go stand in the corner!

  • X_Zaga
    X_Zaga 10 months ago

    I liked anna’s outfit cause plaid

  • eonay Towa
    eonay Towa 10 months ago

    I am so excited for Ruby Rose playing Batwoman. I never knew that Ruby Rose grew up liking bats. That's a great new info to learn.

  • hungry joker
    hungry joker 10 months ago

    i was surprisingly ok with luigi being dead. they could try and do new stories

  • Luke Not Skywalker
    Luke Not Skywalker 10 months ago +2

    She must be a Lesbian and Disabled to play this fictional character!!!! This is ableist and homophobia at its worst!! Reeeeeeeeeeeee
    SJWs = Cancer
    Like vampires.. Don’t let them in.. And don’t let them near your kids.

    • Luke Not Skywalker
      Luke Not Skywalker 10 months ago +1

      Poison Damage It’s not about wanting to.. If that’s the job, and your an actor you’ll do what’s required for the role.. Brokeback Mountain... Neither of the leads are gay.. They are both in Heaths case was.. Great actors and where picked because of their acting ability and range not because they actually take cock up the ass...

    • Poison Damage
      Poison Damage 10 months ago +1

      @Luke Not Skywalker i dunno, the CW is a pretty romance-heavy network. if you're a straight dude would you want to kiss a dude, even if it was just for a movie/show?

    • Luke Not Skywalker
      Luke Not Skywalker 10 months ago +1

      Johannes Mäkilä Then I can only recommend you improve on your reading skills because what I’ve written across 2 comments is remarkably clear. They should have cast the best actor for the job.. Not just ticked the lesbo box. Sexual orientation should be irrelevant to a persons casting.. If they are the best for the role cast them.. If they aren’t but are a Lesbian you are cheapening the character and the delivery of that character... It’s also confusing why they are going with this version of Batwomen when she wasn’t created as a Lesbian and wasn’t one for decades.. This SJW stuff is shit.. Nobody wants to watch it.. And I can assure you the viewing numbers will be low for the rest of the Arrowverse the more they put in it.

    • Johannes Mäkilä
      Johannes Mäkilä 10 months ago +1

      Luke Not Skywalker What you wrote doesn't make any sense. So they shouldn't had picked her to role because she isn't straight? Not everyone has to be narrow minded bigot like you an thankfully people in charge aren't. You are just as much cancer as you claim others to be while un-ironically using term that's use only makes you seem even more stupid than you already are. You idiots tend to use that term un-ironically as replacement for actual arguments and what you wrote is no different.

  • Lord Drakkon
    Lord Drakkon 10 months ago

    Oscars are slowly dying. Maybe they should try to make better movies than push their agenda.

  • Habadashery Jones
    Habadashery Jones 10 months ago

    To all the retards calling for a recast: You'll never get your wish. Make as many online shitposts you call petitions you want and promptly shove them. You all look like spoiled children wishing for someone gayer to come along and play your fictional superhero. That feel when the LGBT community would rather tear down of their own then build them up, you foolish regressive cunts. I hope Ruby plays this role for a good long time just to watch all of you cry into your keyboards.

  • FintanMajora
    FintanMajora 10 months ago

    Like this comment if you thought Ruby from RWBY was gonna be mentioned

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro 10 months ago

    my favorite princess in the shot is moana smash was cool and all but not sure why Richter is playable and Alucard is the trophy I feel like it should be the other way around, fuck the Oscars nobody should waste their time watching that dumpster fire, and I didn't know about Ruby Rose till now so yeah that is cool but why announce her if she doesn't have her own show? that just seems weird to me I do hope she gets one

  • dakota Cinosfan
    dakota Cinosfan 10 months ago

    Why didn't you mention king k rool being in smash

  • Cosmic Castaway
    Cosmic Castaway 10 months ago +1


  • Jay Toonz
    Jay Toonz 10 months ago +2

    Sorry but I love Jim Carrey so I don't mind lol

  • Nick Allison
    Nick Allison 10 months ago

    Waluigi is already in the game has an assist trophy he is not going to be a playable character

  • Summer Flores
    Summer Flores 10 months ago

    I want to see the sonic movie just because it sounds like a cinematic trainwreck. Here is to hoping that if its bad its a funny kind of bad.

  • Michael Hansen
    Michael Hansen 10 months ago

    Ruby rose is barly announced and 2 secs later she is chased off twitter by angry sjw's

  • billy ryan
    billy ryan 10 months ago

    Wait, so Batwoman's going to be wielding a gunscythe now?

  • BloodyDIMISIS55
    BloodyDIMISIS55 10 months ago

    Suprised about how many RWBY fans are here

  • Braden Twidwell
    Braden Twidwell 10 months ago +1

    I honestly think Ruby Rose is not the best choice. Nothing against her at all but when i hear batwoman i think matured yet confident person playing her. I don't think tattoed up girl whos barely looked badass in movies with a smug smile on her face a good chunk of the time. She hasn't done much acting that i can believe her to be Batwoman (ik she's been in oistnb but thats not helping her much). She's been in John Wick Chapter 2 (as a mute and deaf assassin), xXx return of xander cage (as a sniper girl operative), a shark movie (The Meg) and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter where she gets killed off pretty quick, none of those honestly really showed her as being a badass as she claims to look. Thats honestly why people bitched about her being Batwoman. When u look at Stephen Amell (who was in blue mountain state and several other drama based appearances), nobody could've believed him to be Green Arrow, then you saw him actually be it and it surprised you, same thing with Grant Gustin and the actress who played Supergirl. They make u believe in them with how powerful of a performance they give, Ruby Rose hardly shows that.

  • Bella D Copular
    Bella D Copular 10 months ago

    Just gave in and give us waluigi

  • Moonbeam 87
    Moonbeam 87 10 months ago +1

    Who's Batwoman, the only I know of Who dresses as a Bat is Batman, and He's Been on Screen Starting with Lewis Wilson in1943, Robert Lowery in 1949, Adam West, And this is where Batgirl Originated with Yvonne Craig1966-1968, Olan Soule 1973-1983, Newton da Matta 1984, Back to Adam West 1985, Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney from 1989-1997 Rino Romano 2004-2008 Diedrich Bader 2008-2011Christain Bale 2005-2008 and now we have BatFleck So other than Batman and Batgirl Who's Batwoman.

  • Clay Williams
    Clay Williams 10 months ago

    I hate to say it, but this is more fun with just you

  • DatSpiderFox//DSF
    DatSpiderFox//DSF 10 months ago

    Just hope that Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik doesn’t look like the Sonic ‘06 version.

  • Javier Larreynaga
    Javier Larreynaga 10 months ago

    Wait I thought it was RWBY

  • PowWow Ken
    PowWow Ken 10 months ago +9

    Black Panther for an Oscar? Not that the Oscars mean a damn thing anymore, but that movie wasn't even very good :/ you want a good black super hero movie go back and watch the Blade movies again

    • Luke Not Skywalker
      Luke Not Skywalker 10 months ago +3

      PowWow Ken Blade 1 and 2 are awesome.. Let’s forever forget the 3rd.

  • impact zone
    impact zone 10 months ago

    too many LAME ASS unfunny "RWBY" jokes in this comment section

  • Yuki Terumi
    Yuki Terumi 10 months ago

    ....wait the Voice of ruby? Huh alright I guess maybe it's just bad direction that makes her ruby sound awkward not meant to he written awkward just freaking awkward period.

  • Sparten 117
    Sparten 117 10 months ago


  • Sires Orb
    Sires Orb 10 months ago

    All I ask is that she has blood red hair. I feel like her iconic identity is her black and red attire!

  • Casca52
    Casca52 10 months ago

    The Oscars always seemed pretentious to me, Movies are still just a product and the consumers will pick and choose what suites their preference.

  • Aaron McKenzie Powell
    Aaron McKenzie Powell 10 months ago

    It’s 2006 Sonic all over again

  • Aaron McKenzie Powell
    Aaron McKenzie Powell 10 months ago

    I do miss Jim being funny

  • Antonis Goumas
    Antonis Goumas 10 months ago


    #JEZTYR 10 months ago

    Other online commenters addressed the criticisms that Rose was “not gay enough” because she has identified as gender-fluid, as well as the fact that Rose is not Jewish. In 2006, DC Comics canonically reintroduced Batwoman (a.k.a. Kate Kane) to its modern universe as a character who is lesbian and of Jewish descent.

    • Sires Orb
      Sires Orb 10 months ago

      Am I the only one who thinks that in a multiverse where anybody can and has become a god, that we're spending a little to much time on Moses and his crew...

  • Aaron McKenzie Powell
    Aaron McKenzie Powell 10 months ago

    We got a Super but we need a Bat

  • Jake Heldt
    Jake Heldt 10 months ago

    But why? Ruby Rose is terrible in every movie she's in

  • Aaron McKenzie Powell
    Aaron McKenzie Powell 10 months ago

    Or cosplay

  • Happy oranges
    Happy oranges 10 months ago

    The CW superhero shows never interested me so i rather see Ruby Rose in a movie

  • Ae7herium
    Ae7herium 10 months ago

    But can she act? Based on her few movie roles... not really.

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 10 months ago

    Let Luigi die, so as to reduce the surplus population

  • Tyler Knowles
    Tyler Knowles 10 months ago

    Black panther was not that good of a movie it was okay it was not great

  • SengirShowsU
    SengirShowsU 10 months ago

    Why does she have so much red? Not really "hiding in the shadows". Is it because she is a Woman and Woman dress nice?

  • Tyler Knowles
    Tyler Knowles 10 months ago

    Ruby Rose seems like a cool person but as an actress she's kind of horrible at it so hopefully she can prove me wrong or else this is going to suck bad

  • Ready Player SMASH
    Ready Player SMASH 10 months ago

    Hi nostalgia critic can you review the Donkey Kong Country Show Pls: If so here’s the link