Priti Patel: New Brexit deal is 'best way forward' - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • The home secretary talks to Kirsty Wark about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal.
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    Priti Patel spoke to Kirsty Wark the night before MPs were due to vote on Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal.
    For the first time this century, MPs have been called to Parliament for a special Saturday sitting in a decisive day for the future of Brexit.
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Comments • 400

  • Solomon Gad
    Solomon Gad Month ago

    priti patel FTW

  • Diarmuid Cunningham

    Delusional thinking.

  • keegan773
    keegan773 Month ago +2

    Boris's deal is a Luke warm rehash of May's crap deal with a little smoke and mirrors over the Irish border.

  • NumbLeaf
    NumbLeaf Month ago +2

    I love her twisted smug smile.

  • Thomas Bonner
    Thomas Bonner Month ago +1

    I can’t see us as being close mates but she sure is cute. 😊

  • Mrfairchap
    Mrfairchap Month ago

    “We can deliver Brexit and unite the country”(!); surely a contradiction in terms? Does she not realise that over 16 million people voted to remain in the EU, and still want to do so? How then is it possible to “unite the country? LOL!

  • Andy Gumb
    Andy Gumb Month ago +3

    The hottest politician going around 😍

    • Thomas Bonner
      Thomas Bonner Month ago

      With the sorry tale of the inflatable boy, in my top 3 of all time.

    • Thomas Bonner
      Thomas Bonner Month ago

      Andy Gumb Quality chief, pure quality. 👍💪😂😂

    • Andy Gumb
      Andy Gumb Month ago +1

      @Thomas Bonner What's the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi? People in Dubai don't like the Flintstones, but those in Abu Dhabi doooo

    • Thomas Bonner
      Thomas Bonner Month ago

      Andy Gumb Fixing an Abu Dhabi roof in July hot. 🔥

    • Andy Gumb
      Andy Gumb Month ago +1

      @Thomas Bonner Dubai is hell so probably no wonder!

  • Mojo
    Mojo Month ago +3

    Absolute Lunatic but Jesus she's good looking for an MP.

    • Mojo
      Mojo Month ago +1

      @Roy Williams Sure buddy nothing she said was nutty at all.

      You tit.

    • Roy Williams
      Roy Williams Month ago

      She's not a lunatic she's a true patriot unlike you

  • Tessa Smith
    Tessa Smith Month ago


  • Łukasz Gąsiorowski

    you don't like it in the Union, fuck off goodbye ... And here you still date them and make it easier for them to leave ... Won ... Pale groans ...

  • Jack W
    Jack W Month ago +1

    Priti Patel - bought and paid for.

  • Unelected Bureaucrat
    Unelected Bureaucrat Month ago +1

    Pretty indeed!

  • Unelected Bureaucrat

    I'd like to have sex with her

  • allan powell
    allan powell Month ago +2

    cliche, cliche, cliche.evasive,evasive,evasive.move on, move on,move on.

  • nikon12x42
    nikon12x42 Month ago

    all female politicians and bbc presenters look like transsexuals. not typing that to hate on people for being trans just saying that they all look like transvestites.
    try and name one that doesnt look they were born a man

  • 80thiconoclast
    80thiconoclast Month ago +3

    This is all a farce, but I do like the way she carries herself.

    • Joe Kelsall
      Joe Kelsall Month ago +1

      Oh, aye, she can talk the talk alright. It is her clandestine unilateral foreign policy with Israel that worries me. She cannot be trusted!

  • susan ferrie
    susan ferrie Month ago

    Omg if they tories get in at a general election. We are in trouble

  • mark kendrick
    mark kendrick Month ago +6

    Phillip Hammond has a personal agenda, he hates BoJo with a passion.

  • O O
    O O Month ago +5

    She is an Israeli agent.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Month ago

      they are all trans. thats why trans is promoted these days.
      name a bbc presenter or prominent female politician and they look liek they were born a man

    • 80thiconoclast
      80thiconoclast Month ago

      @J. Harris. Yes.

    • J. Harris.
      J. Harris. Month ago

      Aren't they all?

  • Bloodshot Eyes
    Bloodshot Eyes Month ago +5

    She's deformed!, she suffers from a reverse overjet!.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Month ago

      its all reverse mode in teh entertainment industry
      all female politicians and bbc presenters look like transsexuals. not typing that to hate on people for being trans just saying that they all look like transvestites.
      try and name one that doesnt look they were born a man

  • Neil_AC
    Neil_AC Month ago +3


    • ‌
       Month ago

      Because we voted for these representatives for our behalf in parliament in 2017.
      They are not gonna let us have an election until 2022.
      They abstain from a no confidence.

  • twothirty
    twothirty Month ago

    This woman was kicked out of politics , that is where she should of remained , smarmy sycophantic idiot

  • Dean Hoare
    Dean Hoare Month ago +3

    proof that beauty is only skin deep

  • SingHouse
    SingHouse Month ago

    Such a QT

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Month ago

      do you think they were born female

  • Steve Day
    Steve Day Month ago

    Says the serial liar!

  • spik pootarb
    spik pootarb Month ago

    Anyone notice how many africans have been rammed into this country since bitch May signed Marrakesh? brexit was to stop modern slavery via indifferent shifting of people to keep wage down and non employment status disguised by zero hours contract. they intend to keep turning this place into a slave shit-hole through alternate means. schools are under educating the kids with fake rewards and filling their heads with lgbt commie bullshit while other messages preach white hate and pro race mixing to destroy indigenous ties to the past and re-write history and erase national identity. No offence but in most crowds i see one white dude in every ten and sometimes every hundred! We are getting wiped out via racial flooding and dis-opportunity pushing people into the streets to starve in plain sight! Climate change is bullshit and only made to cripple the economy- even the repeat pattern of hundred year old businesses taking unpayable loans instead of shrinking to match size-cost with available market share, only to embezzle the money and declare bankruptcy is intentional sabotage for NWO. if our government is serious about a true recovery it will ban lgbt from schools, throw company crashers in jail for fraud, reinstate mock exams and pull up the standard than humor lower performance with fake reward. promote same race relations in tv (as oppose the opposite) and reverse the immigration to get non europeans out where possible- start with the criminals and a default rejection of anyone smuggle in on a bout. get this country self sufficient and eat meat and support your farmers- buy british only. the fact this country is a mollok damned island and still got invaded is only evidence of traitors in our midst, while they seem perfectly able to capture Iranian tankers it seems...

  • aoy1967
    aoy1967 Month ago

    BBC why don't you like democracy?

  • Accelerationist
    Accelerationist Month ago

    This woman is so attractive. Her voice, her smirk, her ruthlessness. She makes my dick hard.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Month ago

      @Accelerationist these people are transvestites, and you have been mind controled into being attracted to men by a mk ultra system
      you can learn more by watching a film called 'bbc mind control total transsexual system in place' or you can keep jacking off to men

    • Peter Dixon
      Peter Dixon Month ago

      @Accelerationist Cockney rhyming slang.

    • Accelerationist
      Accelerationist Month ago

      @Peter Dixon Lol! What?

    • Peter Dixon
      Peter Dixon Month ago

      Have a J. Arthur Rank, mate. It's safer.

  • tommy t
    tommy t Month ago

    Pritii pethetic prITTIIIII fucking pig

  • susan ferrie
    susan ferrie Month ago

    The woman who got sacked from her party mind you boris will always bring the scum back in to the cabinet

  • Justin Last
    Justin Last Month ago +1

    Hey Britain, we'll trade you LeBron James for Priti.
    We'll throw in a couple expiring contracts and a conditional draft pick.

  • larryorzepa
    larryorzepa Month ago

    she is full of shit

  • Byron JONES
    Byron JONES Month ago

    Fuck this lady drives me nuts. Fuck off

  • Sir Amic Varze
    Sir Amic Varze Month ago +3

    Wonder if she's taken any more secret trips to Israel and get their backing for Brexit or not.

  • linda green
    linda green Month ago +6

    This traitor was dealing with Netanyahu in Israel, behind British backs! She is disgusting, only interested in herself! The worst kind of human being let alone politician.

    • Accelerationist
      Accelerationist Month ago

      Like all the remoaners dealing with EU politicians?

  • JJ sassey
    JJ sassey Month ago

    Is that why you are looking at prison sentencing because when you take us out of the EU with a deal we do not want. When the riots start . You can then arrest the protesters because the Toxic Tories are playing a dangerous game with the people of this country and it does not have to be Riots we could just Strike for six or seven months. I mean why work for a country that does not listen to the people.

  • oldcemeterian
    oldcemeterian Month ago

    I thought that she was the type of person the Brexiteers are hoping will feel uncomfortable enough to leave.

  • Razil 1
    Razil 1 Month ago

    WTO Article 24 a Real Brexit!!

  • Steven K Harrison
    Steven K Harrison Month ago

    I am an American living in Europe.
    I watch with horror and exasperation what is happening with our buffoon of a President and I fear for the worst.
    I also have friends from the UK, England and Ireland and I see the same emotions in their faces, hear it in their words.
    I have many friends in Brazil where another right wing villain has seized control of the government and is watching (gleefully, rubbing his hands in delight) as the country burns and the poor get poorer.
    We are the people, the true power of the world. We need to inform ourselves and carefully deliberate a course of action. Then we must fetch our pitchforks and torches and march to the manor house, drag the old lord on to the town commons and have a nice little chat with him.

    • Steven K Harrison
      Steven K Harrison Month ago

      @J and M No, I will not help you oppose the unification of the world and its peoples. I will support you if wish to get rid of the parasitic royals. They are symbols of a time long past, of oppression. Raise your eyes beyond the horizon and look the future in the eyes, before it is too late.

    • J and M
      J and M Month ago

      That's nice. We are the people who voted for independence from the undemocratic and failing EU. Will you join us (with your "pitchforks and torches") as we march on the Palace o Westminster ?

  • Will Scarlett
    Will Scarlett Month ago +3

    How to get promoted in the Tory party: collude with a foreign power (Israel) and then deny everything, even though there's full evidence of the 'deed'. The Tories are vile scum.

    • Bloodshot Eyes
      Bloodshot Eyes Month ago +1

      @J and M Our tory government who have admitted hiding information from the family who's son was killed by a diplomats wife, tories are the scummy ones.

    • Bloodshot Eyes
      Bloodshot Eyes Month ago +1

      The tories always have been & always will be.

    • J and M
      J and M Month ago +1

      …...but not as scummy as our "guests" in Rotherham.
      Or the Labour Party who told the Police not to investigate on the grounds of "community cohesion"

  • Richard Phillips
    Richard Phillips Month ago

    Brexit has shown that there's enough ignorant English people who are suspicious of anyone who speaks another language to theirs. It's also shown that there's enough ignorant, poorly educated Welsh people whose lives are going nowhere, who are either stupid enough to believe the shit they are fed by their Tory masters, or are happy enough to vote for self harm as a fuck you to the country. Either way, the UK will get the future it deserves. A future advocated by Francois, Farage, Neil Warnock and Ian Holloway.

    • J and M
      J and M Month ago

      "enough ignorant English people ...…..enough ignorant, poorly educated Welsh people ......….either stupid enough to believe ......…"
      Do you know what a bigot is ?

      Hint: look in a mirror.

  • alqamarAynaka
    alqamarAynaka Month ago +4

    When a man is self-confident, it is called leadership. When a lady is self-confident, some people call it arrogance. I like her very very much, she is a great leader for "womanship". Priti✨💝

    • alqamarAynaka
      alqamarAynaka Month ago

      @TBLN01 Where I see an Angel...You see Evil. Where You see skin "type"...I see a person.
      I prefer what I see in her, Boris, and...💝

    • TBLN01
      TBLN01 Month ago +2

      I would usually agree, especially being a black women. But this women is evil, the same can be said about JRM, BJ and Cummings.

    • John D. Ingleson
      John D. Ingleson Month ago +2

      @J and M "... _Very capable_ ..." of LYING in office having learnt the art as a PR whore for tobacco and alcohol for a few years!

    • J and M
      J and M Month ago +2

      Very capable
      ………...and rather easy on the eye.

  • Awesome Avenger
    Awesome Avenger Month ago +3

    I don't think she, the conservatives, labour, or any party can unite the country. Remainers in parliament have trashed the democratic process in favour of the EU. This is not a Brexit crises. It's a crises of democracy. And it can only be solved by carrying out the result of the 2016 referendum.

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones Month ago

    Ringa ringa roses

  • Harry Lime
    Harry Lime Month ago

    That is one smug cow 🐮

  • Hot Rockin'
    Hot Rockin' Month ago +2

    What a beautiful lady♥️🙂👯‍♀️

    • John D. Ingleson
      John D. Ingleson Month ago +1

      @bye girl And just in case you're wondering, I love muslims - I married one!

    • John D. Ingleson
      John D. Ingleson Month ago

      @bye girl " ... _no different to any other politcan_ ... (sic)". Uncle Corby's not a LIAR!

    • bye girl
      bye girl Month ago

      @John D. Ingleson yes and hate crimes towards ethic minorities have ALSO increased especially towards muslims and asians... why is this? because whtie society has yet to discuss racism towards asians... if priti patel had the same outlook but a white man/woman or even mixed one here would be calling her cockroaches

  • incorrigible delinquent

    From .gov/legislation;
    An act of parliament is not law, anyone claiming an act or statute is law is committing gross negligence and the equivalent to fraud under common law.
    "Common law is the law of this land people, legalese is nothing more than fraudulent conveyance of language which needs your consent before being given the force of law". "I do not consent".

  • T
    T Month ago +19

    She got fired for corruption and now she is home secretary, you could not make this up. She even looks like she is lying now.

    • T
      T Month ago

      @ThePierre58 yes it is true

    • ThePierre58
      ThePierre58 Month ago

      Not true..check your facts...remember, this the Eu funded bbc

    • Joe Kelsall
      Joe Kelsall Month ago +2

      She is a loose cannon with delusions of grandeur. Too right wing for Home Secretary.

    • Bengun67
      Bengun67 Month ago +1

      Hmmm, there might be a sleepless night or two over the profound consequences of the Brexit in regards to Northern - Ireland .

    • 80thiconoclast
      80thiconoclast Month ago +2

      She does have a sly smile, but I think that's just an affectation born out an insecurity.

  • incorrigible delinquent

    Unite the country, the country is talking about taking up arms against all parliamentarians. This is not a deal, it is a surrender treaty just like the surrender act you and your treasonous colleagues unlawfully passed against the people without our consent. We the men and woman of this nation do not consent to you sitting any longer. This is the worst parliament since Oliver Cromwell. We are also onto the statutory slave system you run.

  • Katrina Davies
    Katrina Davies Month ago

    Oh no....check out the astrology guys

  • SamWeller
    SamWeller Month ago +1

    Great Home Secretary, fighting the good fight against the Remoaniac BBC.

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang Month ago +4

    Anymore trips to Israel?

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Month ago

      theyre all "zionists" thats standard.
      also all female politicians and bbc presenters look like transsexuals. not typing that to hate on people for being trans just saying that they all look like transvestites.
      try and name one that doesnt look they were born a man

  • Rachel White
    Rachel White Month ago +1


  • Wolf Slayer
    Wolf Slayer Month ago

    Check it .

  • Wolf Slayer
    Wolf Slayer Month ago

    Why attend an interview when it's plainly obvious that both parties look like stunned rabbits under the headlights.....bummer.

  • Chris Wheatley
    Chris Wheatley Month ago +1


    • K. C.
      K. C. Month ago

      @Chris Wheatley Northern Ireland has not been "sold off to EU" that's simply nonsense. Which laws are going to stop us competing exactly and with whom?

    • Chris Wheatley
      Chris Wheatley Month ago

      @K. C. Boris, her and others have sabotaged what we voted for - still ruled by the ECJ, billions to the EU, Northern Ireland sold off to the EU, EU laws stop us from competing

    • K. C.
      K. C. Month ago

      What planet are you living on?

  • X G
    X G Month ago

    House nigga

  • WaaGriever
    WaaGriever Month ago +3

    Smirking 9 to 5.

  • Wolf Slayer
    Wolf Slayer Month ago ain't rocket science folks.....this bleached teeth thingy is the northern hemispheric equivalent of the mexican kid with the bubble eyes and red lippy etc etc trying to piss off Donald on the other side....

  • Wolf Slayer
    Wolf Slayer Month ago

    BBC . you have no credibility whatsoever to even dare report about this important were caught with your panties around your ankles supporting the Jimmy the Savile guy....several times are cooked.