• Published on Jun 4, 2018
  • This is another Amazing Fan Game, demo 'thing' from the same person that brought us the raptor in the kitchen scene.
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  • Mary Havens
    Mary Havens Day ago



    Bro yoyr pc is slow..mines nt even dat fast and plays it smooth


    I jus got fukked by rexy

  • Sunny the Cat
    Sunny the Cat 2 days ago +1

    Beaver: Oh this is awesome!
    (T-Rex trying to kill him)
    (T-Rex kills him)
    Beaver: That was so fun!

  • Quiet Nite
    Quiet Nite 8 days ago

    He has me laughing so hard

  • Ashlyn Hilbelink
    Ashlyn Hilbelink 9 days ago

    T-rex's eye sight was just as good as a eagles is now and there sence of smell was 10 times 5 times better than a bloodhound.

  • Cj Plays Games
    Cj Plays Games 17 days ago

    "Turn the light off.. turn the light off."

  • Fam. Koningen
    Fam. Koningen 18 days ago

    A T.Rex ”Mostley” doesn’t eat veggies so hide in the bush

  • Bridget Crochet
    Bridget Crochet 19 days ago

    I think this game is bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crazee G Life
    Crazee G Life 19 days ago

    Just so you know if you’re in the car and click F you can use the flashlight

  • DIO
    DIO 20 days ago

    6:56 A real T-Rex's eyesight is amazing. As good as a hawks eyesight. Their sense of smell wouldn't be good when it's raining.

  • Verniece Criddell
    Verniece Criddell 23 days ago

    run to other car

  • Carnage Chaos
    Carnage Chaos 23 days ago +1

    T Rex had eye sight better than humans

  • Andrew Bortnik
    Andrew Bortnik 24 days ago

    Vr? YES

    xXALJOFEEXx X 25 days ago


  • Jason Tachin
    Jason Tachin 25 days ago

    RW:AT 0:01 😧 ! HOLY SHIT! 😨😱😫

  • Hardi Sihotang
    Hardi Sihotang Month ago

    ini yg main auto 02n

  • Jose Requena
    Jose Requena Month ago +3

    imagine this in vr

  • Foxina
    Foxina Month ago

    0:08 rexy looks like a fucking puppy it so cute

  • Not_DeadYetLOL 10
    Not_DeadYetLOL 10 Month ago

    I found himm againnnnn

  • Tisi _
    Tisi _ Month ago

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  • Riley Bevins
    Riley Bevins Month ago +4

    No t rex actually had binocular vision which is the same as eagles this was found out by some very well preserved t rex fossils

  • Ima Gonadye
    Ima Gonadye Month ago

    If the T-Rex is staring at you stop moving

  • Austin Carr
    Austin Carr Month ago


  • Neurotic Arts
    Neurotic Arts Month ago

    This is what Jurassic World Evolution should have been :p- this entire thing is freaking gorgious.

  • Blinky the Ghost
    Blinky the Ghost Month ago +1

    She will attack you

  • Autism Family Support Group

    I am a super villain 😁😈👿 I like pinkamena Diane pie she my girlfriend of evil

  • Armando Yupe
    Armando Yupe Month ago


  • Hamza Entertainment

    This is not for android

  • みきさゆ
    みきさゆ Month ago +1

    It has the same reproducibility as the movie😳😳
    Your reaction seemed so much fun that I lost my watch😂

  • XLZ Ice Orange
    XLZ Ice Orange Month ago +3

    imagine this in vr...

  • tris russ
    tris russ Month ago

    I just noticed it’s a scene from the real movie

  • Lachlan Morris
    Lachlan Morris Month ago +1

    Holly fuck were can I get it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sachin Mungal
    Sachin Mungal Month ago +1

    Hey can you do dino hunter deadly shores

  • Tru Story
    Tru Story Month ago

    They need something way better than ark evolved. Ark is trash. They can do better now

  • Simon astron
    Simon astron Month ago

    just drive you idiot

  • JuZe Benny
    JuZe Benny Month ago

    In real life it did not roer and their eyes were not based on movement

  • Md Oomar
    Md Oomar Month ago

    Does this game get in redmi note6 pro

  • funniest Cats channel

    4:20 save

  • Weverton 1991fw
    Weverton 1991fw Month ago

    Nunca vi ninguém vencendo esse jogo

  • David DJ lopez
    David DJ lopez Month ago

    this is LOL for u

  • Chuan Zhang
    Chuan Zhang Month ago

    I just hate this idiot scaring like a whore. Would u pls stfu.

  • Alifan Sejati
    Alifan Sejati Month ago

    You are to much speaking...!!!!

  • Veeti Virta
    Veeti Virta Month ago


  • Asap Roland
    Asap Roland Month ago

    Gaming Beaver you worst then then hardy

  • Imperfect Channel
    Imperfect Channel Month ago

    this guy is an over-actor. smh

  • Jurassic Planet
    Jurassic Planet Month ago

    Bes so cool to have a JP game like Alien Isolation

  • Asylum117
    Asylum117 Month ago

    That beginning though. XD
    TheGamingBeaver: "Let's go outside."
    T-Rex: "Suprise mother !@#%$"
    TheGamingBeaver: "Aaahhh. Let's get back in!"

  • nagsen ukey
    nagsen ukey Month ago

    Game kese davanlod kare

  • Cole Davis
    Cole Davis Month ago

    In reality the T.Rex's sight is better than a hawk's

  • Maddie Wiedenhoeft
    Maddie Wiedenhoeft Month ago

    It's so real!!!

  • Crafts Man
    Crafts Man Month ago

    A little past 10:57 look at REXYS legs

  • creator Space
    creator Space Month ago
    That looks pretty.

  • Archil Pandey
    Archil Pandey Month ago

    Graphics is amazing

  • Sagar Patel
    Sagar Patel 2 months ago


  • Vegito946 The Dragon Slayer

    In Jurassic Park, all the Dinosaurs are female

  • no hassle
    no hassle 2 months ago

    Hire the fans that made this and get a new game ASAP.

  • PrehistoricFanBoy 101
    PrehistoricFanBoy 101 2 months ago +1

    True Facts about T-Rex:
    Name Meaning: Tyrant lizard king (from those of who thought T-Rex’s name means “King lizard” or “Lizard king”.)
    Appearance: Had feathers and banana shaped teeth
    Type of Eyesight: Binocular vision
    Sound Effect: A lot like the JAWS theme
    Jaw Strength: 12800 pounds

  • Arturo Mendoza
    Arturo Mendoza 2 months ago


  • Arturo Mendoza
    Arturo Mendoza 2 months ago