RPG MAKER MZ FIRST LOOK Part 3 (feat.SaliaNifo)

  • Published on Aug 23, 2020
  • HEY GAME MAKERS OMGSDFKDSJFKLSDJFKSDLJFDKSLJF MZ IS OUT r u wowed im .... actually wowed. but you probably won't get that vibe from my initial tampering with the program.
    If you're new to RM, and want some examples of what can be done with it, I have maaaaaany tutorials, game demos, and other such things (including a first look on ye olde MV!).I also have 3 full-length compelted RPGs made with rmXP and MV available on my website, as well as a short visual novel test (MV), a small tech demo game (MV), and am currently working on a game (Gaia's Melody 2 EM), which you can find devlog videos somewhere on this channel.
    For this first look, I thought I'd switch things up and have my co-collaberator on the tiny human project, SaliaNifo join me for some fun (because babysitters are awesome).Salia uses godot. He doesn't do the utubes tho. He made me a catgame. he's cool people.
    That's all. Love you guys.
    Music used is RMMZ's default soundtrack, by Kadokawa.

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  • Iavasechui
    Iavasechui Year ago +4

    Omg I love the layer system so much!!! I was able to make beds with covers just by a simple edit to separate the covers and put them one level higher with a star while the top of the bed had a circle and the bottom remains an x

  • Riku Masamune
    Riku Masamune Year ago +5


  • Joshua
    Joshua Year ago +3

    Not sure if you know, but "Get Location Info..." has a new option. You can now select from an event or player as a source to get Location Information.

  • Gawkers
    Gawkers Year ago +1

    Completely unrelated question but, what’s your favorite Final Fantasy? I’m guessing it’s IX.

  • John Jobs
    John Jobs Year ago

    You can use the spin to make a make shoft custscene of a charecter going insane.

  • mbncd
    mbncd Year ago +3

    I don't think this is worth it if you have MV already. I tried asking on the forum and the most convincing idea is "being first" to make plugins, etc, for it. For lay people like myself who rely on what others make, I really think it's better to stick with the program that has plenty of plugin support and other resources already and wait for this to come out in a super sale or Humble Bundle for like AU$10 once people have made stuff for it.

  • Emerald Animations
    Emerald Animations Year ago +1

    Love your vids (also thank for the help) have a nice day

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray Year ago

    Yay put 3!

  • MrGaleon11
    MrGaleon11 Year ago

    Hello! Anybody can help me? I looking, how make rear-view battle for rpgmaker mz.Plz help...

  • nido_ri
    nido_ri Year ago

    I have a question about you first games, I downloaded both of them but the text don't show up?

  • Chippu Doodles
    Chippu Doodles Year ago

    Dude, it's so epic I've been spamming games lol-

  • RedBlack Impulse
    RedBlack Impulse Year ago +1

    Is this better than vx ace?