• Published on May 13, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 8 944

  • Aaron Archer
    Aaron Archer Year ago +6867

    3:25 something gets thrown in the bottom right corner

    • Kim Peters
      Kim Peters 2 months ago

      I looked over and over again and I saw it, it’s like a rock

    • Cody 26
      Cody 26 2 months ago

      I think it’s a bug flying by

    • Aoife McConnell
      Aoife McConnell 2 months ago

      It 1000% is not a bug, it is green but it makes a noise when landing therefor not a bug

    • Andrew Rouse
      Andrew Rouse 4 months ago

      thats just a bug

    • Your_Local_Potato
      Your_Local_Potato 4 months ago

      Aaron Archer I don’t see anything

  • Jack murphy
    Jack murphy Month ago

    You should sleep in there

  • Corey Ward
    Corey Ward Month ago

    Is this real

  • Dixie Normousツ
    Dixie Normousツ Month ago

    It’s 11 o clock at night it’s 2019 I had to turn my light on at 11 o’clock and yea thanks

  • bendy hi
    bendy hi Month ago

    Im tinier and skinnier so I can probably get down in the caves a lot easier for you

  • Gayle Joyce
    Gayle Joyce Month ago

    Where is it?

  • Kacper Olczyk
    Kacper Olczyk Month ago


  • Rylan Andrews
    Rylan Andrews Month ago

    Bhys just stop killing cereal u are mean if u kill cereal

  • Grim Reaper gaming1

    9:37 if you want to skip waiting

  • Amber Clarke
    Amber Clarke Month ago

    What is in the clouds?

  • bnha _3itds
    bnha _3itds Month ago

    Well I know they survived this cause I just watched ur new vid and it's 2019 xD

  • SofieForLife
    SofieForLife Month ago

    It's almost been a year since i started watching sam and colby and this was the first video i watched

  • DirtDevil Inthemud19
    DirtDevil Inthemud19 Month ago +1

    11:41 phone wallpaper

  • CoolSkeleton91 Ouo
    CoolSkeleton91 Ouo Month ago

    *charles manson has a nazi sign...N A N I ?*

  • Kristin McNeill
    Kristin McNeill Month ago +1

    Charles manson

  • Boris van Hout
    Boris van Hout Month ago

    you are sooooo dead

  • Dr.AsianRice
    Dr.AsianRice Month ago

    that was some loud ass grasshopper while doing your intro

  • from saturn
    from saturn Month ago

    How are you not scared the rocks could just collapse at any time and squish or trap you. I wouldn't be able to do any of this cave stuff I'd be too scared D:

  • Shaunda harlow
    Shaunda harlow Month ago

    Pretty cool!!
    I'm kin to Charles Manson
    So this is awesome..

  • Xhevat Osmani
    Xhevat Osmani Month ago

    Do you know how to pitbox

  • Skits&vids 1.0
    Skits&vids 1.0 Month ago

    I swear I saw a shadow of a person i the FRICKIN WOODS!!!

  • my name is jeff entertainment

    I went there and got the backpack but did not go inside the cave

  • Bernette Wiegle
    Bernette Wiegle Month ago

    My 👴 partyed with Carl's madson but he didn't know it was Carl's madsons place

  • Bernette Wiegle
    Bernette Wiegle Month ago

    My grandpa

  • Leighton Daugherty
    Leighton Daugherty Month ago

    You mom gayyyyyyyyy

  • Leighton Daugherty
    Leighton Daugherty Month ago


  • Brandon Shirley
    Brandon Shirley Month ago +1

    Hi Sam ands Colby I love your guises videos

  • Finn Jack
    Finn Jack Month ago

    On Charlie mansons face is nazi symbol

  • Xd_daddy Yt223
    Xd_daddy Yt223 Month ago +1

    Add my on instagram - michael_4897
    Add me on snap - ptballday😂😭

  • [Mikayla_is_Lonely] :o


  • boxer boy vittorio
    boxer boy vittorio Month ago

    Do awiji bourd in that cave

  • Rustybullet 1889
    Rustybullet 1889 Month ago

    I subed to them a year ago I loved to watch there vids but I watched one yesterday and now I am addicted to watching them

  • Danny08330
    Danny08330 Month ago

    Wall: *Socal stoners*
    Sam: DuDe ThAtS tRuE

  • Gajin138
    Gajin138 Month ago

    Was he a natse

  • Ema Gregory
    Ema Gregory Month ago

    Yes boiz!

  • ScoPezLeGeNG123
    ScoPezLeGeNG123 Month ago +1

    3:25 something gets thrown in the bottom right corner

  • ScoPezLeGeNG123
    ScoPezLeGeNG123 Month ago +1

    Me at 15% ok

    Me at 1% s*it gotta goooo

  • Charlotte Hadfield
    Charlotte Hadfield Month ago

    Ur on Google when you look up Charles manson pictures

  • rainy fur
    rainy fur Month ago

    thats not CHARLES MANSON thats someone else

  • Eman Hijazin
    Eman Hijazin Month ago +1


  • Ashleigh Mckinney
    Ashleigh Mckinney Month ago

    sam: if anything moves up there we are dead
    colby: yeah true
    sam: thats cool!

  • Brandon Webb
    Brandon Webb Month ago


  • Xdarkstar Black
    Xdarkstar Black Month ago

    Can I have a GoPro

  • Xdarkstar Black
    Xdarkstar Black Month ago

    You are finally here again keep up the good work

  • Kochanski Lori
    Kochanski Lori Month ago

    You two are hard core explorers!

  • ElectricBro 1
    ElectricBro 1 Month ago

    14:42 Anyone Else hear the breathing?????????

  • Carol Howell
    Carol Howell Month ago


  • Jasmine Hill
    Jasmine Hill Month ago

    I have a crush on Colby

  • Chloe Jordan
    Chloe Jordan Month ago

    I wonder what people think when they drive by you guys while talking ti a camera 🎥

  • Demon Pickle
    Demon Pickle Month ago

    I would honestly die of claustrophobia in that cave

  • itz fuuse
    itz fuuse Month ago

    Another head hangs lowly heart is slowly taken

  • Matte Gaming
    Matte Gaming Month ago

    the skery

  • Glen Stevens
    Glen Stevens Month ago

    Couple of facts, this is stoners den. Had nothing to do with the Mansons. And you guys didnt even make it half way through the tunnel! There are 2 entrances to the den, and you missed both...

  • Andrea Cerda
    Andrea Cerda Month ago

    I live in a town that is 30 mins away for the Corcoran State Prison where Charles Manson was kept at one point.

  • Arianna Scott
    Arianna Scott Month ago

    2:47 why there a frkn nazi symbol???

  • JN
    JN Month ago

    Go 0:06 three times dare ya

  • Stephanie Thomas
    Stephanie Thomas Month ago

    I've been in there and at the very end 😃😃😃

  • Derpy Kxng
    Derpy Kxng Month ago

    I've noticed in every haunting video that I'd ever seen is that (how you know this video is real with ghosts)the camera does this 15:15

  • adam anweiler
    adam anweiler Month ago

    I know u guys will never see this but I'm related to Charles Manson 🙃

  • konor miller
    konor miller Month ago

    please help me my dad is starving me