Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)


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    DALLMYD  7 days ago +3086

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on TheXvid. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

    • Juul van de Sande
      Juul van de Sande 10 hours ago

      DALLMYD iii

    • Ekaterina Durasova
      Ekaterina Durasova 10 hours ago

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    • Tony Ingurgio
      Tony Ingurgio 13 hours ago

      DALLMYD just now realizing that you are talking about Columbus GA, not Ohio. I probably live withing half an hour from you

    • Louis Alder
      Louis Alder 15 hours ago

      Police have scuba team why did they get you to do it. Not trained officer who are trained in scuba gear

    • Young Boii
      Young Boii Day ago

      DALLMYD this was cool bro

  • mendeeezy
    mendeeezy 9 minutes ago

    Oddly satisfying the way the dirt comes off the objects underwater

  • Mina El Nemr
    Mina El Nemr 26 minutes ago +1

    It's a Boombox man 9:48 :D Cassette ,,back in the days "Dangerous" xD , Rest in peace King of pop.

  • Eric Padilla
    Eric Padilla 52 minutes ago


  • Holle _dk
    Holle _dk 59 minutes ago

    Thats an air riffld

    JOSEPH BUSSELL Hour ago +1

    Show the gun at 9:20


    Vid starts at 0:01

    • x_Swrv
      x_Swrv 14 minutes ago

      JOSEPH BUSSELL thanks bro, you’re a life saver

  • Gamerul Mihai
    Gamerul Mihai Hour ago


  • straightgoons
    straightgoons Hour ago +1

    video starts at 0:01

  • Bastian Schoonover
    Bastian Schoonover 2 hours ago

    You guys are awesome, especially how you guys care about the environment and clean up along the way. Mad respect for y'all.

  • Cody dillon
    Cody dillon 2 hours ago

    Before u picked up the stapler it looked like an upgraded clip

  • ani i
    ani i 2 hours ago

    You guys are cute 3 of you i dont know your names sorry

  • Matt
    Matt 3 hours ago +1

    2.2K potential suspects & counting

  • Preston the Stormtrooper

    I would have taken the gun apart

  • king Savage
    king Savage 4 hours ago +3

    Did they find it

    • Jackie #4
      Jackie #4 4 hours ago

      No but they said that the detectives are going to give them a call about a smaller area to search

  • Just_Die
    Just_Die 4 hours ago

    I put my best like ! 👌

  • Eric Keister
    Eric Keister 5 hours ago +8

    I was lowkey straining my eyes to find other weapons they missed 😂😂💀

  • mike plumley
    mike plumley 5 hours ago +3

    I believe that black plastic backing was from a magnavox boombox just like the on in link posted below. I actually had one. Lol

  • Austin Ateek
    Austin Ateek 5 hours ago +1

    nice video

  • SurgeTheUrge
    SurgeTheUrge 5 hours ago +3

    You know these guys are trust fund babies because they have nothing better to do with their time than to beat you over the head repeatedly with virtual signalling. Look I brought a trash bag, i'm a good person, did I tell you about my trash can? I found a beer can, please watch me put this beer can in my trash bag for 12 seconds. I'm a good person. Don't you think I'm a good person? We're here helping the police here. We're good people. Please look at my trash bag. Look at all the trash I removed from the water that no one will ever swim in.

    • Gru
      Gru 2 hours ago

      even if that's true they're still helping

    • james77
      james77 3 hours ago

      What are you doing superman

    • Evan Mangona
      Evan Mangona 4 hours ago

      I like how this kid spent the time to talk about trash

    • Zachary mccleary
      Zachary mccleary 4 hours ago


    • SurgeTheUrge
      SurgeTheUrge 4 hours ago +1

      yeah. But they are beating you over the head with virtue signaling while they are doing it. Imagine if someone gave a homeless man $1 but then continued to tell everyone about it all day. They didn't have to mention they are bringing trash bags multiple times. People aren't that retarded, people would see him putting the trash into the trash bag in those 12 second trash bag clips. Those 12 second trash bag clips where the camera completely focuses on his crotch and his trash bags shouldn't exist. It could have just been 2 seconds, just to keep things moving and keeping everyone informed that they are collecting trash. Instead a quarter of the video is dedicated entirely to them collecting trash. What a waste of the viewer's time, and what cancerous virtue signaling.

  • Grace Kinzer
    Grace Kinzer 5 hours ago +2

    Hello people.

  • Carter Olson
    Carter Olson 6 hours ago +15

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    • Kameron Foster
      Kameron Foster 3 hours ago

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    • Reyli Zarate
      Reyli Zarate 5 hours ago +1


    • Carter Olson
      Carter Olson 5 hours ago +1

      Wow I never had likes on comments thx

      TONY WHELAN SLIDES ! 6 hours ago

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  • coondogtheman1234
    coondogtheman1234 6 hours ago

    That large black plastic thing looks like the back of a boombox. See the battery compartment?

  • Danzspdref
    Danzspdref 6 hours ago +1

    Any update on this yet? Parts 2, 3, 4?

  • Čhêłšêå Vłøgš
    Čhêłšêå Vłøgš 6 hours ago +1

    Top of a fish tank

    • Lana Cabus
      Lana Cabus 6 hours ago

      Čhêłšêå Vłøgš yo no it's not

  • Fruzzy
    Fruzzy 6 hours ago

    I have followed you for so long but how can you help the POLICE?! NO RESPECT, goodbye RAT

    • db4ks
      db4ks 4 hours ago +3

      You're a complete idiot I bet you would say the same thing if your love one was killed huh?

    • Brandon Bryant
      Brandon Bryant 6 hours ago +4

      This is your typical person who is uneducated and just takes advantage of what they have here by thinking he can survive without police. Most likely he’s never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, or Somalia where the police are radical or almost nonexistent. Most likely he Is a black lives matter person who is under the illusion that law enforcement don’t have the right to protect themselves.
      Usually these bitches are the first ones to call 911 if there daughter is raped. Or if there in trouble. Yet with there testicle flapping vagina mouth they come to the internet to talk shit about law enforcement.
      Just a typical cancerous left nut that this TheXvid channel won’t miss. Bye bitch 💯

    • Phone Cat
      Phone Cat 6 hours ago +3

      How you have no respect for someone's trying to help out a serious case where someone could have been killed

    • Čhêłšêå Vłøgš
      Čhêłšêå Vłøgš 6 hours ago

      Fruzzy whag do you mean! That's so good of him! He is helping the police find a person thaf doesn't deserve to be alove

  • monk b
    monk b 6 hours ago

    Back to a radio

  • Adolf Kitler
    Adolf Kitler 7 hours ago +2


  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 7 hours ago

    its a back of a boonbox

  • Alice Fukamaru
    Alice Fukamaru 7 hours ago +2


  • Pablo Cruise
    Pablo Cruise 7 hours ago

    Littering should be as a heavy crime as a DUI... or more..

  • it's ya boi Mozart
    it's ya boi Mozart 7 hours ago +2

    That was an air rifle

  • Lieutenant Awesome
    Lieutenant Awesome 7 hours ago +6

    Weeeelll... You found a gun... A stapler gun! Bud dum chhh! 😂

  • Soccer Guy
    Soccer Guy 7 hours ago +1

    That's a nice vulpix

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 7 hours ago +12

    6:18 that looks like a slide of a handgun, please like and get put as much attention as you can on this so we can help out with this

  • Tanner McLean
    Tanner McLean 7 hours ago

    It looks lie a lot of tools from the construction/maintenance of the bridge got thrown/dropped in the water.

  • Dragilav1
    Dragilav1 8 hours ago +1

    12:37 haha ^^

  • Eduardo Gomes Motta
    Eduardo Gomes Motta 8 hours ago +1

    Quem é brasileiro e assistir ele

  • English Muffin
    English Muffin 9 hours ago +4

    Could of killed someone with a stapler gun 😄

  • Joseph Grondin
    Joseph Grondin 9 hours ago +2

    So much dang pollution

  • JosephTG
    JosephTG 9 hours ago +1

    I remember when he had 200K Subs

  • Little Swifter
    Little Swifter 9 hours ago +1

    What if Turns out to be in the woods

  • KnightHawk
    KnightHawk 9 hours ago

    Back of a boom box

  • beastly people
    beastly people 9 hours ago


  • what a dank guy
    what a dank guy 9 hours ago +5

    6.17 looks to be a slide off a hand gun

    • it's ya boi Mozart
      it's ya boi Mozart 7 hours ago

      Austin Marsden before you call someone stupid, make sure you are correct. It was neither a slide or a mag. It was part of a staple gun.. watch at 10:11

    • kacer18
      kacer18 7 hours ago

      Austin Marsden no it’s not there’s is a big difference between a slide and a mag and that isn’t either of those

    • Austin Marsden
      Austin Marsden 8 hours ago

      Your stupid it is called a mag

    • HyperPixel10
      HyperPixel10 9 hours ago

      U mean 6:17

  • You Tube
    You Tube 9 hours ago +3

    That gun is a pellet gun, i have similar at home myself

  • Mark Njombo
    Mark Njombo 10 hours ago +5

    Dis boring as hell

  • _STR_-I-_KER _
    _STR_-I-_KER _ 11 hours ago +6


  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen 11 hours ago +1

    i want to do that

  • Musawar21 sameer21
    Musawar21 sameer21 11 hours ago +2

    U need to stop diving look at ur face pimples everywhere

    • Emily B
      Emily B 10 hours ago +1

      Musawar21 sameer21 what does that have to do with anything?

  • I thought you knew
    I thought you knew 11 hours ago +1

    Little toy cow was an awesome find.

  • Cameron Mtchell
    Cameron Mtchell 11 hours ago

    Looks like a break-barrel pellet gun

  • Super Slem
    Super Slem 12 hours ago +2

    Cool your THE coolest youtubers evver.

  • Jeremy Laplante
    Jeremy Laplante 12 hours ago +9

    This gun look like a gas pump

  • pixelqgaming
    pixelqgaming 12 hours ago +1

    That looks like a kar or a world war 1 pump shotgun

    • it's ya boi Mozart
      it's ya boi Mozart 7 hours ago

      pixelqgaming wtf.. a Kar98???! No way.. a kar shoots 7.62 the barrel was no way near big enough to fit that bullet in and it doesn't look anything like it

    • PAul Schalkham
      PAul Schalkham 11 hours ago

      pixelqgaming or a shotgun

    • Fighterswiththiemo!
      Fighterswiththiemo! 11 hours ago +1

      pixelqgaming A kar, you serious😂 I think you have never seen a Mauser before.

  • Isaac Aiman Gaming999
    Isaac Aiman Gaming999 13 hours ago +4

    I like turtles

  • Bunny Films
    Bunny Films 13 hours ago +8

    The turtle at 12:35 convinced me to subscribe.

    • james cummings
      james cummings 9 hours ago

      Bunny Films we should play lt2 togther or something

    • Om Bhakta
      Om Bhakta 12 hours ago

      Bunny Films Ii

  • richard kemner
    richard kemner 13 hours ago +2

    Wow actually just thinking about doing that looks awesome

    • richard kemner
      richard kemner 13 hours ago

      I would love to meet you so you could tell me what it’s like

  • Kilga Gargari
    Kilga Gargari 13 hours ago +1

    I *L* *O* *V* *E* YOU FOR REALS

  • Marlyn Segundo
    Marlyn Segundo 13 hours ago

    did you find the gun

    INFERNO OF ICE ?? 13 hours ago

    Snub nose rev nice

  • TealDoesnt Looklikepeels

    Ik where that is I live in GA

  • JakyTheGaming 12
    JakyTheGaming 12 14 hours ago

    Aye come back and try to find it.

  • issa b
    issa b 14 hours ago +8

    “Ay I think I found a pipe” LMAO

  • jimmy tillery
    jimmy tillery 14 hours ago +2

    That’s the back of a boombox

  • Milk Clan
    Milk Clan 14 hours ago +5

    The BB gun is actually a Sten from ww2, it is a German weapon

    • it's ya boi Mozart
      it's ya boi Mozart 7 hours ago

      Milk Clan No.. it's an air rifle. The sten is a British weapon.

    • Slavic Pepe
      Slavic Pepe 13 hours ago

      it isn't the hole is way to small to fit a 9mm bullet. and Sten is British. don't talk guns if you don;t know anything about it

    • damnedlazern
      damnedlazern 13 hours ago +3

      sten is british man

    • Marius Pedersen
      Marius Pedersen 14 hours ago


    • JakyTheGaming 12
      JakyTheGaming 12 14 hours ago

      Yes it is.

  • CSmith_Games_06
    CSmith_Games_06 15 hours ago +1

    I live in culumbus

  • spythefox
    spythefox 15 hours ago +1

    I live in ga

  • DaveK2162
    DaveK2162 15 hours ago +4

    There was a Pokémon

  • IceyDemon123 Gaming
    IceyDemon123 Gaming 15 hours ago +10

    I still remember your braces

  • Luke Genotte
    Luke Genotte 15 hours ago +1


  • Scott Sears
    Scott Sears 16 hours ago

    That's from the computer👻

  • Gerard Halloy
    Gerard Halloy 16 hours ago +3

    it's the back of a boombox........battery compartment is in the middle.........

  • Midnight919motorsportS
    Midnight919motorsportS 16 hours ago +4

    Wow, detective Kelly is kinda hot!

  • Roberto rockz
    Roberto rockz 16 hours ago +2

    That is an actual bb gun

  • Niels Cremer
    Niels Cremer 17 hours ago

    He legit said the same fkn shit twice in his intro

  • Felipe Sabalza
    Felipe Sabalza 17 hours ago +33

    Imagine the person who threw it is watching this😂 and they're closer n closer to it nd hes just biting his nails😂😂😂🤣 idk thought that would be funny😂

    • Felipe Sabalza
      Felipe Sabalza 14 hours ago

      Taya it was just a thoughttttttt😑 sheeshh🙄😂 but hmmm🤔 ur right

    • Taya
      Taya 14 hours ago

      How tho? In jail? LoL

    • johnny radeff
      johnny radeff 16 hours ago

      Lmao yea

    • Fish Cool
      Fish Cool 17 hours ago

      Hhahahahaha yeah

  • Kelly Chen
    Kelly Chen 17 hours ago +3

    My name is Kelly

  • Mark Weeks
    Mark Weeks 17 hours ago +1

    .22 air rifle

  • chewbacca awsome
    chewbacca awsome 18 hours ago +1

    S stapler?

  • Andy Op
    Andy Op 18 hours ago +3

    People luttering

  • Jym Vitug
    Jym Vitug 18 hours ago +5

    Did any body realized that he got a vulpix figure BTW its pokemon (not like anybody cares)

  • Andy Moto
    Andy Moto 18 hours ago +6

    6:10 isn’t that the slide from a glock or am I seeing things?
    Edit: nevermind it’s part of the stapler

  • Adrian Nicolo Mejia
    Adrian Nicolo Mejia 19 hours ago +3

    wow ur so nice helping the police

    • Respect Jr.
      Respect Jr. 16 hours ago

      Adrian Nicolo Mejia they prob didn't have a choice xD

  • 1joshuawilson
    1joshuawilson 19 hours ago +5

    anyone that helps the police deserves a bullet between the eyes

    • Jason Malkamaki
      Jason Malkamaki 16 hours ago +1

      Daniel Merrick that's not what I see I see a retard who was raised in a terrible neighborhood and his or her parents were against the police maybe even criminals

    • Mark Weeks
      Mark Weeks 17 hours ago +4

      Your mum should have taken it up the arse ..... best part of you dribnled down your mum's leg

    • Frosty_Minecraft_XD
      Frosty_Minecraft_XD 18 hours ago

      1joshuawilson what

    • TheSinfulcola
      TheSinfulcola 18 hours ago

      Nice music playlist, grandpa

    • deizel1027
      deizel1027 18 hours ago +11

      1joshuawilson ur a criminal I guess

  • Ethan the gamer And emergency vehicles filmer

    Was in the vid

  • Ethan the gamer And emergency vehicles filmer

    Jordan from Jiggin’ With Jordan

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 20 hours ago +2

    It is the back of an 80's boom box

  • Vernz M.
    Vernz M. 20 hours ago

    Your a GREAT helper wow

    • Kk
      Kk 20 hours ago +3


  • Nub
    Nub 22 hours ago +1

    2 musch gun

  • Michelle van der Merwe
    Michelle van der Merwe 22 hours ago +1

    Ek is by die huis en jy and the people who have been

      CROISSANT 15 hours ago

      CS:GO Frags/clips hahaha julie kunnen goed praten

    • CS:GO Frags/clips
      CS:GO Frags/clips 16 hours ago

      Michelle van der Merwe jou afrikaans is kak.

  • Eliisthebestyoutuber
    Eliisthebestyoutuber 22 hours ago

    Yes that was a bb gun

  • Orri
    Orri 22 hours ago +5

    you gun' get killed

  • Orri
    Orri 22 hours ago +5

    you gon' get killed jake. Now the killer knows you gonna go look for the weapon and he gon' kill ya

    • Orri
      Orri 17 hours ago

      JetTunic0857935 2nd time’s gonna get em killed

    • JetTunic0857935
      JetTunic0857935 17 hours ago

      Orri second times the charm?

  • The epix chicken Is gone
    The epix chicken Is gone 23 hours ago +1

    Thanks for helping America

  • Jb Steyn
    Jb Steyn Day ago +1

    Solve a criminal?

  • uganda knuckles
    uganda knuckles Day ago +3

    Spit on the haters

  • sneakerhead925
    sneakerhead925 Day ago


  • Salvador Saenz
    Salvador Saenz Day ago

    10:45 it looks like radio song

  • WHM Connell
    WHM Connell Day ago +7

    what’s he’s calling a bb gun is the piston and barrel of a break action air rifle