Adrien Rabiot makes his move to Juventus ►Daily News

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • On Today's Daily News - Rabiot arrives in Turin, Man City seek Kompany replacement, Conte has his first Inter Milan signing, Roma get involved in the swap season, and there’s transfer talk from around Europe!
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    Photo credits: Getty
    Audio Credit: Ryan Little Music
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Comments • 203

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  5 months ago +84

    Is Adrien Rabiot a good signing or do Juventus have enough midfielders?

    • Arcanum Concept
      Arcanum Concept 5 months ago

      Replacement for khaderia.

    • Cisko_PlayZ
      Cisko_PlayZ 5 months ago

      They have can khedira dybala matuidi Pjanic and now they have rabiot

    • abdulmalik alshiekh 2006
      abdulmalik alshiekh 2006 5 months ago

      Just imagine it pogba rabiot and pjanic or Matuidi cdm

    • Dargon Dude
      Dargon Dude 5 months ago

      From PSG to Juve it'll be like he never moved

    • Tiago da Silva
      Tiago da Silva 5 months ago

      A good signing because sami is getting old

  • Anonymously Yours
    Anonymously Yours 5 months ago

    I don't blame Rabiot for not signing new contract at an extremely below average club keeping in mind their roster they have been below average despite of such an expensive squad, that said Rabiot is hugely overrated as well but Juve at this moment would take anything even average they can get because they don't have the budgets of some other big clubs

  • Dari Salmeen
    Dari Salmeen 5 months ago

    Mat, Luca not Lorenzo. Luca is 20 and way more potential

  • SCP 0369
    SCP 0369 5 months ago

    Godin to Inter?
    "I'll wait you my old Rival"

    ~Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Cartman Bruhh
    Cartman Bruhh 5 months ago

    Rabiot, like many others, has wasted his time at PSG. Great to see him at Juve.

  • Daniel Boreland
    Daniel Boreland 5 months ago

    Head shape hole😂😂

  • Arcanum Concept
    Arcanum Concept 5 months ago

    Massive odd shaped head. Lolz

  • Nitesh Sancheti
    Nitesh Sancheti 5 months ago

    Can you make video for a possible line for Juventus next season with all the possible new signing

  • Geilie Reagiert
    Geilie Reagiert 5 months ago +1

    The mane rumor is bullshit

  • Rogarcai
    Rogarcai 5 months ago

    It wasn’t Tuchel who dropped Rabiot, you shouldn’t misinform people like that, it was the previous sporting director (not Leonardo) who did that. Then Tuchel ended up doing weird things like playing Marquinhos on midfield out of necessity.

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman 5 months ago

    Juventus is just buying now lol

  • iii SCOOP iii
    iii SCOOP iii 5 months ago


  • J B
    J B 5 months ago +1

    I absolutely agree with Rabiot, he shouldn't have accepted a standby spot at the World Cup, considering players who had much worse seasons than he did got picked over him - Pogba definitely comes to mind, he's over-hyped and didn't deserve to be there, he did nothing for Man United or France, Kante covered for all of his mistakes at the World Cup. The PSG manager not picking in to play for the first team all because he wouldn't sign a new contract just goes to show the childish nature of PSG, not Rabiot's attitute, he was completely in the right, he knew they were petty and he made the right choice, he doesn't deserve to be criticised for that. I hope he does well at Juventus, he's a top class player with a bright furture.

  • Mohammad Abumaali
    Mohammad Abumaali 5 months ago +1

    Serie A daily news😂

  • 24
    24 5 months ago +2

    Bonucci will go to Stamford bridge and it will feel like home

  • squirrel man
    squirrel man 5 months ago

    I wouldn't sell asensio cause hazard is near his thirties and asensio has mad potential I would let Eden hazard have his years till he runs out of contract or goes to China or mls and asensio would improve by then

  • ATS
    ATS 5 months ago

    Juventus are king of free contracts

  • ATS
    ATS 5 months ago

    Arsenal Agree tierny

  • racso nation
    racso nation 5 months ago

    i love how this faggot talks as if he knew shit go suck messis dick u fucking mat faggot bitch

  • Charly Omega992
    Charly Omega992 5 months ago

    Adrien Rabiot-*From One Famers League To Another*

  • Sukhendu Das
    Sukhendu Das 5 months ago

    The entire video was great until you mentioned Mane asensio swap!😂 LMFAOO

  • Mr. AntMan
    Mr. AntMan 5 months ago

    The thing is, not even Liverpool sources know what is happening with Liv'pool transfer party of chess until deal is done...

  • JOJODPROz lolz
    JOJODPROz lolz 5 months ago

    Where is the Ben yedder to man u rumour

  • K M D 123
    K M D 123 5 months ago

    Premier league teams have improved a lot in Europe over the last three years. I think another premier league team could win it next year

  • K M D 123
    K M D 123 5 months ago

    Thought the entire premier league season not a single player has managed to get past him. I think this is more impressive then scoring (in my opinion) 38 goals in a weaker league. He completely transformed the Liverpool dafance from conceding the most goals out of the top six to the least, while leading them to compete with Man City in the title race and possibly got them a Champions League win. Don’t get me wrong I still think Messi is the Goat but this season Van Dajk has been the best playe and deserves the Ballondor

  • Norman Fernèe
    Norman Fernèe 5 months ago

    Liverpool were linked with rabiot many times and rabiot is a Liverpool fan but based off a transfer to Juventus we will see if Liverpool made the right decision to pass on him

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage 5 months ago

    Juve get everyone on a free it’s good business

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 5 months ago

    Galácticos is coming home

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko 5 months ago

    MAN CITY are really going to miss VINCENT KOMPANY in there defence .He was the glue that kept CITY'S defense together.Who do you think DE LIGT play for if he only had MAN UTD and LIVERPOOL to choose from chap's????

  • Mohau Mokhethi
    Mohau Mokhethi 5 months ago +3

    The owner of PSG suspended Rabiiot, touchel asked Nasir to let Adrien play but he didn’t want to

  • Android 17
    Android 17 5 months ago +1

    Godin is 33 not 36
    Spinazolla is 26 and Luca is 20
    and diawara never played centre back

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  5 months ago

      I said he WILL be 36 at the end of his 3 year contract
      That was my mix up
      He has played there a while ago, although it isnt his preffered position ;)

  • csgo chiken
    csgo chiken 5 months ago

    I know you Europeans may not know what this is, but happy Bobby Bonilla Day.

    MARC RODERICK 5 months ago

    bcoz Juventus are called the old lady

  • Big D
    Big D 5 months ago

    Yooh Luca is 20 🤷

  • RAK
    RAK 5 months ago +3

    Pellegrini is 20 and one of the most promising fullbacks in italy. lol

  • Dr Shabbir
    Dr Shabbir 5 months ago +1

    really are you nuts about sadio mane to madrid

  • Collin Bain
    Collin Bain 5 months ago +3

    Rabiot is so overrated. Dude has NO exceptional qualities.

  • Frank Fish
    Frank Fish 5 months ago +2

    Pellegrini is 6 years younger than Spinazzola...

  • Nina
    Nina 5 months ago +3

    Now they just need to Sell Pjanic and get Pogba

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 5 months ago +1

    Ron will put down raboits ego

  • Stone X Class
    Stone X Class 5 months ago +1

    Pellegrini is 20 years old🙃

  • Ramesh Prashanth
    Ramesh Prashanth 5 months ago

    What was that about Spinazzola and Luca Pellegrini?? Juve have struck a goldmine here

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos 5 months ago

      Getting a top prospect and also getting cash... Spinazzola is a good player and I'm grateful for that amazing game against Atletico but it was a smart approach for Juve, Pellegrini has a lot of potential

  • mirk
    mirk 5 months ago +2

    Forza Inter ⚫️🔵🖤💙

  • Mohit Dey
    Mohit Dey 5 months ago +1

    Mark my word.. Rabiot will win ballen dior in future

  • Tru3Straya
    Tru3Straya 5 months ago +1

    Mane won’t leave.

  • James Teasdale
    James Teasdale 5 months ago +7

    Peleegrini is 7 years younger. Also played more games last season. They have the same injury.

  • Isa Yousaf
    Isa Yousaf 5 months ago +2

    Manolas to Napoli so chance of koulibaly to Man U?

    • Isa Yousaf
      Isa Yousaf 5 months ago +1

      Sreekala Nair at Man U he has a rebuild challenge and will get paid lots of money

    • Not Leco
      Not Leco 5 months ago

      @Isa Yousaf koulibaly will have ucl football with Napoli. Wan bissaka and Daniel James has no European football at all.

    • Sreekala Nair
      Sreekala Nair 5 months ago

      @Isa Yousaf
      Why would he play Europa League

    • Isa Yousaf
      Isa Yousaf 5 months ago +1

      Finn _ explain wan-bissaka then

    • Finn _
      Finn _ 5 months ago

      Isa Yousaf i dont think anyone wants to go to man united now

  • Jefferson Ochoa
    Jefferson Ochoa 5 months ago +13

    I can't wait for the Classicos in the Copa America semi-finals...
    Atlantic ocean's side:
    Argentina🇦🇷 vs. 🇧🇷Brazil
    (I have a strong feeling Brazil is gonna win. Sorry Messi. Alisson is the best GK in one of my future best XI 2019 predictions)
    Pacific ocean's side:
    Chile🇨🇱 vs. 🇵🇪Peru
    (This gonna be a tough one. I have strong feeling that this is gonna be a full boring match until we wait for the fun part, aka penalties)

  • Thomas
    Thomas 5 months ago +4

    Rabiot is one of the BEST midfielders in the world PSG have made a HUGEEEE mistake by letting him go, we really don't know how to keep our star youngsters it's embarrassing i mean that's NOT how we're gonna win the Champions League.. 😂😂🙄🤦🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂

  • Saud Masood
    Saud Masood 5 months ago +1

    Bonnucci can be a big successor

  • Player Nou
    Player Nou 5 months ago +3

    More like Rabiots mother agrees to Juve transfer.

  • Ved Prakash Sahu
    Ved Prakash Sahu 5 months ago +2

    Why doesn't De Ligt sign for City? He will get a permanent place in starting line as Vincent Company left and he would get a chance to play under the current best Manager, Guardiola himself.

  • Taha Saeed
    Taha Saeed 5 months ago

    Where tf did Juve get the money to pay thier players?

  • earlwin teul
    earlwin teul 5 months ago +16

    I hope inter know what they are doing.... CR7 vs Godin... lol

  • MR BS
    MR BS 5 months ago +1

    Why would mane ever move?

  • Ozan Kabak
    Ozan Kabak 5 months ago

    Bonucci should better move to PSG or dortmund not man city.

  • savyasachi 23
    savyasachi 23 5 months ago

    R u sick Matt? U sound very different today...

  • Utsav Basu
    Utsav Basu 5 months ago

    Asensio for mane wth where will mane play or is real going to play with 15 players per game with 5 lwf hazard mane rodrygo vinicius and they were also trying to bring mbappe wth

  • Shanno B11
    Shanno B11 5 months ago +1

    Mané to madrid😍😍😍

  • Hazim Mohamed
    Hazim Mohamed 5 months ago +2

    Pellegrini is younger than spinazzola. What are you on about matt?