Game of Thrones 8x06 - Jon Kills Daenerys, Drogon Destroys The Iron Throne

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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    Daenerys' death scene, Drogon melts the throne
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Comments • 18 092

  • Mateo12485
    Mateo12485  5 months ago +10281

    I guess it all wrapped up nicely after all?
    Edit: No. That’s not sarcasm. You people wouldn’t be happy no matter what they did because your expectations were so unrealistic. This was a good episode. Lets remember it wasn’t rushed. D&D slowed it down. They split up S7+S8. The last 13 episodes were supposed to be one, 10 episode season. Did you want Dany to sit at Dragonstone for 2 seasons doing absolutely nothing like she did in Mereen?

    • Dafuq ?
      Dafuq ? Month ago


    • No Plan
      No Plan Month ago

      500 Comment😁 (That have to be😂)

    • canadavatar
      canadavatar 2 months ago

      The worst season of Game Of Thrones had the most hearted moment of the entire show...

    • Tony H
      Tony H 3 months ago


    • genriquez0
      genriquez0 4 months ago

      @Mateo12485 I said the same thing. Expectations were too high and the show got overhyped that no matter what HBO gave us, people wouldn't like it. I enjoyed this whole last season. It was great!

  • Rizal Ginanjar Syaefudin

    3:37 raptor, 3:50 t-rex

  • Kasandra Fortier
    Kasandra Fortier 13 hours ago

    Drogon could have literally killed everyone lol what a dumb ending.

  • Flor Melendez
    Flor Melendez 14 hours ago

    Dumb and Dumber destroyed GoT as Daenerys destroyed King Landing 😂

  • Amy B.
    Amy B. 18 hours ago

    Poor Drogon

  • Umair Amir
    Umair Amir Day ago

    Desperately trying to justify Daenerys turning into a tyrant.Absolute Shit Writing
    From THE most beloved show of all time to THE most Hated show of all time in just a single season.
    Now that deserves an award for Writing

  • Basil Mattara
    Basil Mattara Day ago +2

    I don’t care how the show ended, I just wanna know what the hell Podrick did to those girls...

  • Tenisha
    Tenisha 2 days ago

    Now Drogon says to Danerys "We want to go home."

  • Jordy Murdoch
    Jordy Murdoch 2 days ago

    I haven’t seen a single GOT episodes and even I know this was a crappy ending

  • Team Shaboobalu
    Team Shaboobalu 2 days ago

    The Dragon would of killed Jon Snow.......

  • Whatcha Doin
    Whatcha Doin 2 days ago

    That's it that's the ending? I'm really glad I didnt waste my life watching that.

  • The Eastside
    The Eastside 2 days ago

    Why did he kill her? I thought she was good?

    • Celyna C
      Celyna C 2 days ago

      She snapped, basically. After a series of terrible losses, Dany burned down an entire city full of people that surrendered to her, massacring hundreds of thousands, and later declared she "liberated" these people. She then said the war was not over and she'd continue to "liberate" the entire world. Jon is horrified by her actions but because he already loves her (and she does love Jon), he didn't want to kill her and was hoping she'd stop at King's Landing, that she won't keep up the destruction. But yeah, Dany refuses mercy and believes that more destruction and killing is the only way to achieve a vision of her new world -- Dany had essentially become the very tyrant she sought to destroy and decided she was the sole voice of choice, killing anyone who opposed her or her idea of "good".
      I think Dany caught a case of very extreme extremist idealism with a side of delusion. She really believes she's doing good, which is what makes it so tragic (if it weren't so rushed imo!) -- but it's exactly what she sought to destroy, yet she herself can't see it.

  • Liriam Sudre
    Liriam Sudre 2 days ago

    Covarde! Não tem como perdoar esse anão de jardim

  • Avalon Johnson
    Avalon Johnson 2 days ago +1

    Not gonna lie, despite season 8 being absolute fucking trash, Drogon burning down the throne and having the main GoT theme play in the background is seriously epic as hell.

  • Smalldini
    Smalldini 3 days ago

    Can someone explain to me why he killed her please

    • Stephanie L
      Stephanie L 2 days ago

      Because, after years of purporting to be a champion of the people, she had just burned down an entire city full of hundreds and thousands of innocents, AND wasn't showing any signs of stopping even when he begged her to so that he wouldn't have to kill her. Oh, and although he would have done it for the sake of saving potentially millions more people anyway, it was very clear that she was going to target Sansa and possibly Arya too for going against him, and they were his closest family. So if the generally saving the world from a tyrant wasn't enough, he definitely would never allow his sisters to killed.

      So yeah, basically she gave him no other option, unfortunately.

  • Marnie Lacosáe
    Marnie Lacosáe 3 days ago +1

    She will always be my queen. Such a badass boss 🐲👸🏼

  • makiiolveram.
    makiiolveram. 3 days ago

    No sé si odio a Jon o me siento triste por el :((

  • Christopher Nguyen
    Christopher Nguyen 3 days ago

    Jon Snow the *Queenslayer*

  • Kursor
    Kursor 3 days ago

    What the fuck? They made A song of ice and fire into a show??? I can't believe they made my favourite book series into a show this is awesome.

  • MTX157
    MTX157 3 days ago

    Pause at 1:33

    Now I see why she is in a film called Last Christmas.

  • Louis FCNLUFC
    Louis FCNLUFC 4 days ago

    3:31 holy shit

  • Midnite St0rm
    Midnite St0rm 4 days ago +2

    Both of them acted so well in this scene. The look of hurt and betrayal on Emilia’s face combined with Kit’s crying is just perfect.

  • madison machen
    madison machen 4 days ago

    I don’t even watch this show and my heart is broken for the dragon

  • Sue Sadnyová
    Sue Sadnyová 4 days ago +1

    Unpopular opinion.. I wanted Drogon burn Jon to ashes. All of my favorite characters went from this👸🏻 to this💩 in last season. Such a shame for such a masterpiece show

  • Νίκος Μαυρίδης

    I am half-expecting this to be the outcome of Eren and Mikasa's relationship in Attack on Titan. With Mikasa being Jon of course.

  • F 4u
    F 4u 5 days ago

    Meanwhile cersi in hell:i told you no one walks away from me welcome sister

  • mukesh solanki
    mukesh solanki 5 days ago

    Why he killed her?

    • Nibba Nibba
      Nibba Nibba 3 days ago

      mukesh solanki because she had became mad and she wanted to conquer the world.

  • Lea Nadt
    Lea Nadt 5 days ago

    She killed thousands of innocent civilians, children, babies burned alive because she let her fear and anger invade her. In real life such an act would have been seen as what it is, a horrible and inhuman war crime. I don’t understand the pain of the fans for her death and the feeling that she should have had a better death. what she did is unforgivable, no matter how many slaves she free in the past..

    • Nibba Nibba
      Nibba Nibba 3 days ago +2

      We grieve because the writers fucked up, which resulted in Dany’s death, that is the real crime.

  • Elizabeth Alonso
    Elizabeth Alonso 6 days ago

    Putoooooo jonnn Nieves 💩💩🐀🐀

  • samal90
    samal90 6 days ago +2

    when you realize all of this has been caused by the three eyed raven for him to be the ruler of the 7 kingdoms.


    I wonder why Drogon did not just fry Jon when it was obvious that he was the murderer? Could Drogon smell a Targaeyen blood flowing throught Jon's veins?

  • Prithvi Gunashankaran

    dude it's actually a dumb ending

  • Ryan Najam
    Ryan Najam 7 days ago +2

    Most satisfying scene in the entiere show
    Fuck you Daenerys

  • anne barnett
    anne barnett 7 days ago +1

    Fuck fuck fuck I still not over how this show ended I did not wait 8 seasons to see Danny get killed by john

  • Trbcr Müzik
    Trbcr Müzik 7 days ago

    Hey look that

  • John Hales
    John Hales 8 days ago +1

    I will never forgive the writers for what they did to her character in this final season

  • vineet joshi
    vineet joshi 8 days ago +1

    The dragon should have done that much earlier , many lives could have been spared

  • Allenchengwow 1
    Allenchengwow 1 8 days ago +2

    Drogon: Destroys the iron throne in a beautiful and symbolic way

    Bran: Don’t worry I brought my own chair

  • Sottomany Nevko
    Sottomany Nevko 8 days ago +1

    So I guess the dragon gets symbolism huh, this scene is stupid and this season is a joke.

  • NaNdU KRIZ
    NaNdU KRIZ 9 days ago


  • Matt Andrews
    Matt Andrews 9 days ago

    Drogon has a better story than Bran. Drogon the lonely for King!

  • Swan City
    Swan City 9 days ago +1

    "What about everyone else? All the other people who think they know what is good?"
    "They do not get to choose"
    In this moment Jon knew that she's lost and there is no other way to protect his family and the rest of the world from her. He's a lot like his uncle/adoptive father - duty above love, always..

  • giraffegirl2016
    giraffegirl2016 9 days ago

    Mam poor danny amd jon just got jacked up the last 2 seasons.

  • Roxy Lipz
    Roxy Lipz 10 days ago


    • Analise
      Analise 9 days ago

      She wanted to keep burning the world and refused mercy to the current generation... (I wanted them together too but not like this...)

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil 10 days ago

    Seriously I believed that drogon thought its mother has been killed by the spokes of iron chair and hence burned it.

  • Stelios Koukourakis
    Stelios Koukourakis 11 days ago

    Drogon : Did you killed my mother ?
    John: No I didn't
    Drogon : You are
    right. The Iron Throne did.
    Drogon melts the throne
    Drogon : It's ok, now. I did it for vengeance and I don't want anyone else to get hurt anymore.

    • Swan City
      Swan City 9 days ago

      nope, it was just an act of rage

  • Old school
    Old school 11 days ago

    You will be missed !

  • Aymbot
    Aymbot 11 days ago +2


  • Tito Pabon Jr
    Tito Pabon Jr 13 days ago

    I saw GOT live with Ramin and let me tell U that 5 months later it still hurts 2 watch this act of treason. Ramin conveyed in music what Dumb and Dumber could not! My poor Mhysa they did U so dirty!

  • Daniel Forgesson
    Daniel Forgesson 13 days ago

    Last season is so trash 🗑️

  • DM_RATs
    DM_RATs 14 days ago +1

    I’m gonna get a lot of heat for this, but this was a good end for Daenerys. Throughout the whole series, her motto was to “Break The Wheel.” Even though she died, her actions led to the wheel being broken, and a bright future for Westeros. NONE of that would have happened without her. And just like in real life, people have to make hard sacrifices to achieve their biggest goals. Daenerys achieved her goal, but her death was necessary for that to happen.

  • Loathe Life
    Loathe Life 14 days ago

    Such an impressive series, but last season was dreadful thanks to dumb and dumber

  • Tanmey Saraiya
    Tanmey Saraiya 14 days ago +2

    I was happy with this scene, it brought Danny's character full circle. But making Bran the King and exiling John was BS.

  • dmrc43
    dmrc43 14 days ago

    Look at the comments ...avoiding the topic and focusing on a fake cgi cutaway shot.🙃
    I'm sure dnd liked that.

  • Vegetable Dragon The Second


  • GCruiser
    GCruiser 15 days ago

    lol the GOT fan base is even crazier than the Marvel one.

  • Kağan Sucu
    Kağan Sucu 16 days ago


  • Laurie Sirois
    Laurie Sirois 16 days ago +1

    The iron throne was the true evil

  • Lune DeFroid
    Lune DeFroid 18 days ago

    TFW people feel sorry for a dragon who killed more people than anyone else in the series =/

  • Universal Citizen
    Universal Citizen 19 days ago

    The more you think about the final season, plus the episode, the more you realize the genius behind it.