Ben Shapiro: US commentator clashes with BBC's Andrew Neil - BBC News

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • He has more than 2 million followers on Twitter, 600,000 TheXvid subscribers and his videos on the Daily Wire channel rack up millions of views.
    Ben Shapiro is a controversial figure but one of the US' leading conservative political commentators. His book, The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great, is a New York Times bestseller.
    In a spiky Politics Live interview with Andrew Neil, Mr Shapiro refers to an incident which took place between Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields in 2016.
    Although a charge was brought at the time against Mr Lewandowski, Florida prosecutors dropped the case.
    This is an unedited version of their interview, which was terminated by Mr Shapiro.
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  • Bro Broman
    Bro Broman 2 years ago +60277

    Imagine losing a debate to someone who is not even trying to debate you.

    • Rhonda Clark
      Rhonda Clark 4 months ago


    • Ben Smith
      Ben Smith 6 months ago

      @Larry Tierce But Ben's famous comment was stupid for a multitude of reasons.

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato Month ago +772

    An absolute classic, trying to win a debate and losing even though it was never a debate in the first place

    • Jerry Vandevort
      Jerry Vandevort 21 hour ago

      @Loki we're still waiting for the explanation.

    • transwoman undefeated against daily wire fans
      transwoman undefeated against daily wire fans 4 days ago

      I love that my man got the last word in

    • JP
      JP 5 days ago +2

      The funniest part is Andrew Neil is perhaps the most prominent conservative voice in the UK. Ben accusing him of being a 'leftist' was hilarious.

    • Spud65
      Spud65 12 days ago

      @Loki Negative

  • demonhoopa
    demonhoopa 2 months ago +984

    This never stops being hilarious.

    • Tooo EZ
      Tooo EZ Day ago

      your as a person will never stop being hilarious

    • Alison Meldrum
      Alison Meldrum 20 days ago

      Absolute class. 😂😂😂

    • p. chuck morales, esquire
      p. chuck morales, esquire 22 days ago +10

      that bbc host had me cracking up "there's hardly any bucks to be made working for the BBC" that was masterful LOL

    • demonhoopa
      demonhoopa 25 days ago +2

      @Joe Cherry What a great point

  • Robin Morales
    Robin Morales 2 months ago +1885

    This is what happens when you forget that you’re no longer debating a random kid at a college campus.

    • Jerry Vandevort
      Jerry Vandevort 21 hour ago

      @MP the old man was taking it out of context.

    • Jerry Vandevort
      Jerry Vandevort 21 hour ago

      @marcus 90 the old man read off a script and was stopped in his tracks everytime.

    • phil Pants
      phil Pants 3 days ago

      @marcus 90 "beats up on" not sure when or where he's done that...

    • Javier Omar Morales Luna
      Javier Omar Morales Luna 9 days ago +1

      @Winston Oatsvall what lies specifically? He's reporting, Neil isn't an expert on the subject, his job here is to simply bring up all the arguments to cover all sides of the argument. Ben cherry picks everything he does which is just as bad as lying and Neil simply brings up the oppositions argument even if you think it doesn't make sense. In some ways this makes Ben's job easier cause all Ben has to do is debunk the so called lies. even if you think the opposition is lying that's not the point of the interview. Ben isn't having a debate with an "expert" in the field here. Andrew is simply moderating the position between Ben and the opposition. And even if we want to pretend like Neil is being a "bad journalist", you would think it would be incredibly easy for Ben to DEFEND HIS POSITION if all Andrew was doing was lying. Ben crumbled cause he didn't get easy Fox news questions. And again, even if it was bad journalism you'd think Ben would be able to easily destroy Andrew if Ben is so obviously correct.

  • Godwin's Playlists
    Godwin's Playlists Day ago +9

    His laughter when Ben suggested he was leftist😂

    • Richard Pierpoint
      Richard Pierpoint 54 minutes ago

      It was entirely justified, too - I mean Andrew Neil edited newspapers for Rupert Murdoch for over twenty years...

  • Die Manner
    Die Manner Year ago +34634

    I've seen many people lose debates. This is the first time I watched someone lose an interview.

    • shjakes
      shjakes Day ago

      BWUAAAAHAHAHAH!!! 😅 😂 🤣
      (Nice One!!)

    • Michael Grogan
      Michael Grogan 7 days ago

      @BlackKnightJack 😊😎 Mission Successful! 😂😂😂

    • BlackKnightJack
      BlackKnightJack 7 days ago

      @Michael Grogan What relevance does this have to you irrationally simping for Ben Shapiro the pseudointellectual?

    • S.I.V.
      S.I.V. 7 days ago

      @Michael Grogan , Have we met before? I feel like I seen your name somewhere else. Or maybe I'm just remembering wrong. Nevermind.
      I got bored of this stuff. Way too much effort to argue on Internet over pointless stuff when you could read a good book or see a good movie or play a good game. I'm not bothering to take any sides anymore.
      I'm not American by the way.

    • Michael Grogan
      Michael Grogan 7 days ago

      The “dumb” in these comments is laughable. And before you make a dumb statement about me calling people dumb…know this. 1. I don’t care. 2. There ARE dumb people and 3. If it’s ok for you to be/act(if even acting) dumb, then it’s ok for my to simply point it out.

  • Tyler Moc
    Tyler Moc Day ago +7

    Funniest part is, if you explained the back story on how this is a more conservative reporter, and then showed this to a so-called "trumper", they would still think ben shapiro won. Also, how do you continue to a be a public figure who is perceived as smarter influencer if you have a "list of dumb things I have said that is located on my website"?

    • Functional Human
      Functional Human 8 hours ago +2

      Ah, let them. You know fully well you won't get a reasonable response to this.
      What kind of special do you have to be to actually watch this interview, hear Shapiro say egotistical and childish stuff like "you're trying to make an easy buck off my fame," and STILL defend Shapiro by saying he won and only spat facts while attacking Neil's age. Sad!

  • cat -.-
    cat -.- Month ago +774

    “Why don’t you just say you’re on the left?”
    “Mr Shapiro if you only knew how ridiculous that statement is you wouldn’t have said it”
    This is public execution

    • SnugLife
      SnugLife 4 days ago

      @_me_is_not_9_year_old_ yea me 8 do you mean that my statement isn’t genuine or the first comment wasn’t because I meant what I wrote…

    • _me_is_not_9_year_old_ yea me 8
      _me_is_not_9_year_old_ yea me 8 5 days ago +1

      @SnugLife this must be bait

      ELITE MUSIC 6 days ago +1

      @Loki Nice Bait

  • James Martin
    James Martin 4 hours ago +2

    It's amusing that Shapiro keeps describing media as a leftist monolith, even though right-wing media is huge--and his employer. Also funny that he doesn't know that Neil is a conservative. He assumes that anyone who disagrees with him is a leftist. He also seems to think that this is a PR event, not an interview. Props on calling Biden as a real threat to Trump in 2020.

  • marcus 90
    marcus 90 Month ago +81

    The interviewer didn’t actually say anti-abortion laws are barbaric, he presented that as a position (which most people probably hold) to give Ben the occasion for explaining why that position is incorrect. Ben “facts dont care about your feelings” Shapiro starts crying because the interviewer asked him a tough question.

    • NathanM4A1
      NathanM4A1 Day ago +1

      The interviewer did say that such policies "would seem to take us back to the dark ages". That is him, the supposed neutral interviewer, taking a side. As Ben said, if he was interviewing a pro-abortion person, he wouldn't say "why do you support such murderous policies". He made his opinion quite clear. He could easily have given Ben the opportunity to explain why pro-abortion views are wrong, without wording it like that. Presenting it as a position would be, "some people believe such polices would take us back to the dark ages", or "the counter view is that this would take us back to the dark ages", or "what would you say to the idea that this would take us back to the dark ages". All of those a neutral. But the phrase, "would seem to take us back to the dark ages", is an observation. And the fact that he has observed it in such a negative light, shows his bias against the pro-life position. The fact that people don't have enough of a grasp of the English language to see that such a statement is biased, shows how much society has fallen.

    • ThetaVibes
      ThetaVibes 9 days ago +1

      @king tut He asked on the basis of Ben being the opposition to popular belief, because it's BBC...

    • king tut
      king tut 9 days ago +1

      @ThetaVibes That's the point. Andrew Niall was asking questions from Ben's opposition so Ben could elaborate on his views. He asked a loaded straw-man question that could've been easily spun by Ben and instead of taking the bone and doing that he started seething.

    • ThetaVibes
      ThetaVibes 10 days ago +1

      He insinuated it.

  • Stuart Bartley
    Stuart Bartley Year ago +4443

    Imagine accusing one of the most right wing journalists in the UK of being “on the left” 😂

    • M Chrysogelos
      M Chrysogelos 13 hours ago +1

      I guess you don't seem to understand that "Left" and "Right" don't necessarily mean the same things in US vs UK!!!!

    • Jerry Vandevort
      Jerry Vandevort 21 hour ago

      @Ema Crz Ben did answer the questions off that old man's script. Ben answered them all off hand. One after the other.

    • Second Form Paul
      Second Form Paul Month ago +1

      Andrews expression said it all "I'm about to destroy this whole mans career"

    • Liz Macleod
      Liz Macleod Month ago

      @Jacob Johnson You really haven't got over it have you ! The UK were not interested in you, we had enough Empire and sugar for our rum and Tea. Now run along 😊

  • utility account
    utility account 4 hours ago +1

    Shapiro could have prepped better for this interview. It's literally his job to ask questions that are as difficult as possible

  • NS 2411
    NS 2411 Month ago +191

    "There are not many bucks to be made on BBC unlike American media houses"💀💀

    • M Chrysogelos
      M Chrysogelos 13 hours ago

      and it is evident by the (lack of) caliber of this so-called 'reporter'.

    • Danny Ray
      Danny Ray Day ago

      @Liam Dineen yeah but top Americans usually have a little talent…

    • Jeremy Medrano
      Jeremy Medrano Day ago

      That was cold lol

    • Dog boy
      Dog boy 12 days ago +1

      @Liam Dineen I wouldn’t give that guy minimum wage.

    • Liam Dineen
      Liam Dineen 12 days ago +2

      @Dog boy 1 million is hardly anything when top Americans get 20 million plus.

  • Tim Cooney
    Tim Cooney 9 days ago +45

    Lol! I feel so bad for Benny. “Mr Shapiro, thank you for showing us that anger has no place in American political discussion.“. Shade!!

  • Hisham Alaker
    Hisham Alaker Month ago +369

    ''When they ask you a Question that makes you anxious, just call them leftists''
    -Ben Shapiro

    • Tooo EZ
      Tooo EZ Day ago

      you are wrong…kids thesedays

    • Random User
      Random User 9 days ago +2

      If he can't control your thinking, he'll control how people think of you. It's toxic behavior that comes from narcissism.

  • BruBish
    BruBish Year ago +2055

    Imagine having a discourse so distasteful that someone reading those things back to you offends you

    • ScottieBarnes
      ScottieBarnes Month ago

      @Shadow Waffle332 you forgot to add: despite me also condemning all of these public messages many times in the past.

    • Shadow Waffle332
      Shadow Waffle332 Month ago

      @ScottieBarnes let’s rephrase that : I (A public political figure) would be upset of someone brought to me things I publicly stated 5+ years ago and asked me to justify my reasoning for what I said

    • Fatima Nabat
      Fatima Nabat Month ago


  • Gus Jackson
    Gus Jackson Month ago +158

    Ben could have easily laughed those quotes off and moved on. And taken the audience along with him. Who knew that his ego was always so very near the surface?

    • Adam A.
      Adam A. 8 days ago

      @Alex It would’ve been hypocritical, but it would’ve been less embarrassing, and people would’ve quickly forgotten about it.

    • Cat Gamer
      Cat Gamer 8 days ago

      He could have. But instead he got made at the goading, petulant host. It is what it is

    • Alex
      Alex 13 days ago +1

      It's pretty hard to laugh them off when it proves his book is from a position of not just hypocrisy but a major embarrassing blind spot on shapiro's end

    • A Jae
      A Jae 15 days ago

      Me. I did.

    • s v
      s v 16 days ago +2

      @TornadoChaser72 Agreed. He doesn't understand that sometimes you need to choose between satisfying your need to win vs actually changing minds. He also doesn't understand that getting more intense when someone doesn't agree with him will only serve to make them that much more stubborn.

  • Dean Fowles
    Dean Fowles 28 days ago +197

    "im popular and nobody's even heard of you!" said the 36 year old man to the 60+ year old man

    • Joyce Ruiz
      Joyce Ruiz 3 days ago

      @Mousam Dutta what? Your reply is so out of context lol

    • Dean Fowles
      Dean Fowles 4 days ago

      ​@Jack cleary pfff yea this is going nowhere, i tried. bubye

    • Jack cleary
      Jack cleary 4 days ago

      @Dean Fowles sticks and stones lol. Like i said move on. You're not too bright yourself

  • emily
    emily 25 days ago +114

    dude went on tv to be interviewed about things hes said and was mad when they asked about things he's said

    • Ondo Lite
      Ondo Lite 3 hours ago

      @Jerry Vandevort I asked you to identify the post.

    • Ondo Lite
      Ondo Lite 4 hours ago

      @Jerry Vandevort Can you identify the post where I said I was having fun??!
      Just seen that post.
      You are a sad, cold (definitely not hot) mess.
      Hopefully you and Ben will learn from this.

    • Ondo Lite
      Ondo Lite 4 hours ago

      @Jerry Vandevort 😃

    • Ondo Lite
      Ondo Lite 4 hours ago

      @Jerry Vandevort Yes I have. I feel a bit sorry for you now.
      The difference between a prick and a real prick is that the latter is to be pitied rather than hated.
      I am praying for you 🙏🏾.

    • Jerry Vandevort
      Jerry Vandevort 6 hours ago

      @Ondo Lite wow looks like you've had a change of heart.

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +386

    The fact Andrew Neil had to explain what devils advocate is to Ben Shapiro, who is apparently an adult. Is an indictment of Benny's entire career.

    • Cat Gamer
      Cat Gamer 27 days ago +2

      @S No side has had new ideas for the last 100 years.

    • S
      S 27 days ago +5

      “The right has ideas too! For example, what global warming? What?”

    • Padlocke
      Padlocke 29 days ago +2

      His whole career is a self-indictment.

  • iiFridgeii
    iiFridgeii 4 months ago +2933

    "Thank you for assuring us that anger is not part of American political discourse". Can't remember the last time I laughed that hard at a news broadcast.

    • Transitory Simpflation
      Transitory Simpflation 26 days ago

      @Jenifer R. That assumes that the pro-life position is a problem. It's a fundamental assumption that sounds more like an accusation to a pro-lifer.
      Shapiro tried to make the point that liberals have argued for post-birth abortions (literally) but that doesn't register with Neil.
      He's got it in his head that the conservatives are wrong and that's that.
      The reality is that while libs and conservatives argue over abortion, the law will inevitably fall in the middle and allow abortions up to a certain time period, except in a few instances.
      You can certainly argue against pro-life, I myself happen to be pro-choice when it comes to abortion. But what Neil does here is assume that his own position is the moral, correct and only position one could hold... and if you disagree with him he feels comfortable slandering your good name on other matters.
      Surely you sensed the poison in his question about whether Ben "sided" with the Orange Man.
      Once you have dehumanized a person, in your mind it then becomes okay to justify anything you do to them.
      Basically, it's a classic case of, "if you don't agree with me, you must be evil and everything is permissible in order to eliminate evil."
      So slander, defamation and misrepresentation ensue. This type of thing is the bread and butter of other news outlets like CNN, and that's the reason they're going out of business.

    • Jenifer R.
      Jenifer R. 26 days ago

      @Transitory Simpflation This would be fine if Ben wanted to actually have a conversation. The one question Neil kept trying, and failing, to get an answer to is "Are you part of the problem?"

    • Thomas Vincennie
      Thomas Vincennie Month ago +1

      @the truth hurts We're all human.

  • Peter England
    Peter England 7 days ago +11

    Context is a wonderful thing. Thank you for the full interview.

  • David Welsh
    David Welsh 7 days ago +58

    This is what happens when an american opinion "journalist" used only to interviews he controls with compliment interviewees comes up against a real journalist who actually researches his subject. The fact that Andrew is right wing and personally may agree with Ben's position is irrelevant. Andrew is a real journalist and as he says his job is to question the views of the person he is interviewing and offer alternative points of view for the person he is interviewing. If only American journalists could do this instead of only pushing their own view/opinions.
    Would love to see Andrew interview Tucket Carlson and get him to try and explain the mutually exclusive views he seems to hold and call out his blatantbuse of misinformation and baseless conspiracy theories. Would guess Tucker would be in a rage after 3 mins and not make it to 5 mins without walking out. Pity as we miss out on the real fun, as Andrew's early questions are usually just a set up for the later tough wuestions

    • Ondo Lite
      Ondo Lite 10 hours ago

      @Jerry Vandevort Is it wrong to not want kids??!!
      What are you talking about.

    • Ondo Lite
      Ondo Lite 10 hours ago

      @joseph blanco If something is barbaric then it is barbaric.
      Nothing to do with neutrality.

    GAMEBOIMARCUS Month ago +94

    "I'm happy to answer your questions, but answer mine." But you're the one being interviewed.
    "You haven't answered a single one of my questions." Because you're the one being interviewed.
    "You're bringing up stuff I said in the past." yea, kinda how it works. He cried because the edge lord things that he said on Twitter came back to bite him. 😂

    • M Chrysogelos
      M Chrysogelos 13 hours ago


    • Adam A.
      Adam A. 8 days ago +3

      @Tony Asti The interviewee is supposed to refuse to answer any questions until their questions are answered first?

    • Sirus
      Sirus 9 days ago

      @Mythical Moon If it was 10 years ago I would probably try to see what he views now. As it is unfair as shit to use something someone has said 10 plus years ago. As for instance Biden was a insanely hard racist 20 years ago voting for a bill to restrict Black Kids but no one talks about that because they pick and choose.

    • Mythical Moon
      Mythical Moon 10 days ago +2

      @Sirus So I am guessing you also agree that Linda Sarsour’s tweet about cutting someone’s v*gina 10 years ago is also to be forgiven and forgotten since it’s been too long ago. Please.

  • Jagdeep Kaul
    Jagdeep Kaul Month ago +59

    Am i the only one that laughed throughout this entire interview? LOL

  • The Intrigued
    The Intrigued 3 years ago +45682

    Ben Shapiro DESTROYS The BBC’s schedule by LEAVING The Interview Early.

    • Gay Ema
      Gay Ema Month ago

      Destroys? More like threw and left

    • DnB and Psy Production
      DnB and Psy Production 3 months ago

      Yeah that was a bit lame. I expect it of OWEN JONES but not of Ben.

    • Niko
      Niko 3 months ago

      He had the last laugh

    • Tony Oliver
      Tony Oliver 9 months ago

      @Goop Guy I don't want to pay the BBC anything if I'm not watching the BBC.

    • Tony Oliver
      Tony Oliver 9 months ago

      @Goop Guy Lol! Real news...from the BBC.

  • GammΩ
    GammΩ 2 months ago +26

    If you would have read 1 article about Andrew Neil you would never even think about calling him „on the left“

  • Jamie Hughes
    Jamie Hughes Month ago +8

    Sadly this is what happens when you don't do your homework. Any assistant or researcher worth their salt could have told Shapiro all about Andrew Neil. He is a Conservative by preference. but his job is to hold the person being interviewed to account by asking hard questions from the other side of the argument. it's called objective journalism. 2 things to always remember in an interview with Andrew Neill 1 he has a strong economic background and 2 he is always well reaearched. so if your going to be interviewed by him you'd better have your numbers memorised and if you've said something that undermines your current position be prepared to have it brought up in depth. what you cannot do is simply try to wing it or you get humiliated like poor Ben here. At least later he took it in good humour and admitted he messed up.

    • Cryptic II
      Cryptic II 6 hours ago

      @M Chrysogelos Most people have never heard of Ben Shapiro and rightfully so. Hell, I only know BS because of a debate club in high school but outside of that and Snapchat, I would have no clue who the hell he is.

    • M Chrysogelos
      M Chrysogelos 13 hours ago

      ugh, never heard of "Andrew Neil" and from the sound of it, that makes me very happy.

    • re3z0r
      re3z0r Month ago +1

      ​@Jamie Hughes Hi Jamie, thank you for the response again!
      Yeah maybe he could underestimated who he was up against? It was early in his career.
      But this Neil had an onslaught of questions. And again I think the only answer he slipped on was ''Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage'.
      And he admitted this mistake on his website, like I mentioned before.
      Ben clearly defines a question to Neil that he never answered in the interview -
      'Would you suggest that a late term abortion is brutal'
      So why is it that Ben slips up on one question, then admits to it on his website. Yet there is no commentary on why Neil just refuses to answer Ben's direct question?
      So it is OK for an interviewer to not answer an interviewees question? all the while the interviewer is asking anything and everything to try to discredit the interviewee?
      Neil states he is an objective journalist. But he can't answer one direct question while he has prepared an onslaught of questions towards Ben.
      How 'objective' is that really ?
      All is love here and I appreciate the argument!

    • Jamie Hughes
      Jamie Hughes Month ago

      @re3z0r no issue with anything there, my point is that Ben failed to prepare for the person he was being interviewed by and that's on him, no one said he had to do the interview blind. My point was that if he had looked into Andrew Neill he would know that he is meticulous in his research and always interviews from a contrary perspective. If he'd known this he wouldn't have looked silly by walking off and alleging bias to the left. His answers to the questions asked were not too bad up to that point. But he did seriously under estimate who he was up against which caused him to get irritated and lash out verbally. To be fair to Ben he said that himself in later interviews.

    • re3z0r
      re3z0r Month ago

      ​@Jamie Hughes Hi Jamie! thank you for the reply!
      What's nice about this is our 'argument'.. if we are having an argument lol?.. It's not really based on politics of the views of the two parties of the interview. How refreshing right?
      My point is Andrew combed through 10 years worth of social media and publication produced by Ben to try find something he may stumble with.
      Ben stumbled when Andrew stated Ben said in a tweet 'Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage'.
      And Ben stated he was wrong to this on his website.
      So as you state 'what's wrong with being prepared he's the interviewer he's had to research this stuff. The questions he's asking are about things Ben Shapiro has said and done so why would he need a prompter for that'
      There is nothing wrong with that. However Andrew is definitely reading off a pre prepared script that he constantly looks down at in the video. Do you agree with that?
      Before the interview Andrew and his staff had all the resources to dig through Ben's career. And Ben went into the interview blind trying to address things that he had said years ago.
      I don't think I would want to be put in an interview blind, and have to go up against an interviewer that has countless resources to dig up dirt on me from the present to 10 years ago.
      Would you want to be in an interview situation where your interviewer has dug up dirt on you from the present to the last 10 years ?
      all is love here. Thanks again.

  • Gomez Duo
    Gomez Duo 2 days ago +4

    "These are extreme hard policies."
    "I'm objective."

    • Colo_Seth
      Colo_Seth Day ago +4

      Women being jailed for 30 years I suppose doesn't sound extreme to you

  • John Moor
    John Moor Hour ago +1

    This is so funny: if you slow the speed down to 0.75, Ben Shapiro sounds much more rational and Andrew Neil drunk. Try it!

  • Not quite a Tory
    Not quite a Tory 2 years ago +21153

    Shapiro: you’re clearly left wing
    Andrew Neil: *laughs in conservative*

    • Joshua Hawkins
      Joshua Hawkins 5 days ago

      what you think neil is right ! haha , he's on th eBBC, fak

    • Adam A-K
      Adam A-K Month ago

      @Daniel D nice one

  • Larry Berry
    Larry Berry 2 months ago +70

    After watching this again, it occurs to me that Shapiro should have simply answered the questions. He seemed to be put off by Neil asking his opinion on things, and supposedly 'opinion' is Shapiro's strong suit.

    • A Jae
      A Jae 15 days ago +1

      It occurs to you? After all these people saying so for the last three years and it being extremely obvious? Yes, interview subjects should answer questions asked of them and elaborate when more information could provide clarity. The incessant, juvenile need to own everyone who speaks to him is tiresome and makes him look like a fool. It also forces him to degrade the conversations and stifle thinking. There's absolutely nothing intellectual about it.

    • Sandman 23
      Sandman 23 16 days ago +1

      @L R U seem lost. Screaming? Strange observation 😂

    • L R
      L R 16 days ago +2

      @Sandman 23 okay, what ever floats your boat.
      See what I did ...
      Interesting how little you know and care about communication outside your tense battlefields ...
      No wonder you're more busy screaming and attacking, than reaching common good. Not loosing is your goal. Instead of winning for common people interests..

    • Sandman 23
      Sandman 23 18 days ago +1

      @L R Free speech also means ignoring the topic and just saying what you want. Thats what neil does

  • Mason Bernheim
    Mason Bernheim 29 days ago +9

    Imagine coming out of an altercation with a British person looking like the the bad guy

  • D P
    D P 2 months ago +94

    If Shapiro just answered the questions without getting emotional, it would have been a lot better for him

    • Liam Dineen
      Liam Dineen 13 days ago

      @Walter Russell it’s the truth. Ben even said so himself. Stop being ignorant.

    • Walter Russell
      Walter Russell 13 days ago

      @Liam Dineen no that is false

    • Liam Dineen
      Liam Dineen 13 days ago

      @Walter Russell because it’s an interview, not a debate. Ben was presented hardline questions and took it as an attack on himself when in reality the interviewer was doing his job.

    • Walter Russell
      Walter Russell 13 days ago

      @A Jae he was asked if he'd call tge left's belief system "barbaric" and he refused to answer. You're wrong.

  • Auryn Westwield
    Auryn Westwield 2 months ago +49

    Can't stand Andrew Neil or the BBC but well played, you can see the little expressions of irritation when he realizes he can't pull Andrew in for a tribalist left vs right debate then Ben rage quits after total ownage. 🤣

    • Colloquial Soliloquy
      Colloquial Soliloquy Day ago +1

      @Lila Feldman
      The right (Tories) in the U.K are just to the right of corporate Democrats in the U.S but much worse at hiding their failings.
      The left's biggest party in the U.K (Labour) ,are just a lighter shade of the Tories ,but are much more boring,safe and slow moving.
      The small right party's (UKIP ) in the U.K are just to the left of the KKK ,but are much cleverer at camouflaging their racism, within ultra polite, passive aggressive poshness.
      The small left (Lib Dems) in the U.K ,are to the hard left of Bernie Sanders ,they mean well ,but are usually led badly ,or expect too much for their size.
      So usually ,the extremely corrupt Tories get into power ,as the English prefer funny torture ,to boring progress.

    • Daniel Moorefield
      Daniel Moorefield 11 days ago +3

      American Politics in a nutshell.
      I’m too old for this shit surrounded by it at my Alma Mater for ten years.
      Well not exactly American Politics but that environment I just mentioned in a nutshell.

    • james mcallister
      james mcallister 13 days ago

      @Lila Feldman I like the kid,Ben Shapiro,and can not really stand Andrew Marr,we know what is left of centre of politics and what is right and it is pretty much the same here as over the pond in the US you could safely bet a year's salary Andrew Marr does as well,Shap lost this as well as his cool,and he should chalk it up experience.

    • Lila Feldman
      Lila Feldman 16 days ago +1

      I kind of struggle to understand what right and left might mean over in Great Britain. probably means different things there than it does here.

  • Vanilla Batcave
    Vanilla Batcave 19 days ago +34

    This was so weird, like Ben was trying to win a fight that wasn't real

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis Month ago +17

    A reminder that Andrew Neill gave the best speech ever against the French terror attacks. Incredibly powerful.

  • Ben Halsey
    Ben Halsey Month ago +50

    Seeing Shapiro give an even worse interview performance than Prince Andrew, publicly admit he messed up and yet still see his fanbois doggedly defend his performance is an interesting insight into how pathological an attachment people can form towards their political priests. It's like an abusive relationship for the ego.

    • Richard Pierpoint
      Richard Pierpoint Month ago

      @HobbsO Not to mention that its' views on abortion render it a, now, what's the term?
      Ah yes - JINO: seriously, in Judaism a foetus isn't even considered a person until it has been delivered, while abortion is legal and even STATE-FUNDED in Israel.
      Just saying...

    • DBoot 888
      DBoot 888 Month ago

      "If it ain't toxic, it ain't real"
      - Sun Tzu I guess

    • HobbsO
      HobbsO Month ago +9

      @Knowledgeequalspower That's the issue with Shapiro. He IS well informed, but the positions he holds are poisonous, and the way he argues is dishonest.

    • Ben Halsey
      Ben Halsey Month ago +7

      @Knowledgeequalspower I'm no Swede but their national anthem is pretty good.

    • Knowledgeequalspower
      Knowledgeequalspower Month ago +3

      I’m no Shapiro fan but on some topics he’s well informed

  • ll mm
    ll mm 2 months ago +10

    He's right about everything at least in his head and just ends up ranting. Very unlikeable person.

  • snidelywhiplash
    snidelywhiplash 3 years ago +10424

    The thing I absolutely love about Ben Shapiro is that his voice sounds *EXACTLY* like he looks.

    • Graylyn Christopher
      Graylyn Christopher 21 day ago

      Good One

    • Doctor Panigrahi
      Doctor Panigrahi 3 months ago

      @Ni Chi Kari Your defination of journalism is spewing garbage and speaking fast !

    • Shahzad
      Shahzad 4 months ago

      I don't know why it sound so funny in my head 😂😂

    • James Crozier
      James Crozier 5 months ago +1


    • Sosa Q
      Sosa Q 6 months ago

      A slithering joke

  • JA rule
    JA rule Month ago +25

    Ben sounds like he hasn't finished going through puberty 🤷

  • Stu Bonner
    Stu Bonner 2 months ago +29

    if doesn't like the question he avoids it by answering with a question.

  • boomer39399
    boomer39399 24 days ago +8

    “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face..” Mike Tyson

  • chris bennett
    chris bennett 2 months ago +2

    This never gets old

  • Dawood Sulaiman
    Dawood Sulaiman 2 years ago +6514

    "Thank you for showing that anger is not part of American political discourse" LOL.

    • fastfoxblox
      fastfoxblox 20 days ago

      It's pretty much a part of all countries' political discourse. Not much of a burn tbh

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago

      Says the guy who fired hostile questions for 15 minutes straight #facepalm

    • darren watt
      darren watt Year ago


    • Jolly Swagman
      Jolly Swagman Year ago

      @Syed Ali lol

    • Lyuba Dashinova
      Lyuba Dashinova Year ago

      apply cold water to the burn*

  • Niall McMahon
    Niall McMahon 8 days ago +16

    He accuses the interviewer as saying things that are badly motivated. The interviewer is quoting his book

    • S B
      S B 5 days ago

      Mostly tweets. Only the last quote was from the book

  • zen Doggo
    zen Doggo Month ago +11

    The ending is priceless 😂😂😂

  • Some Person
    Some Person 15 days ago +10

    Love Ben Shapiro but he was grossly out of line here.

  • Aquafish Cspeia
    Aquafish Cspeia 2 months ago +4

    If Shapiro has since renounced some of his former beliefs, he should just say so, on a case by case basis as the questions proceed. If he retains the same opinions he'd voiced in an earlier time, he should explain what he bases those beliefs on. Why the need to get so worked up over things you've written and said yourself? It's a publicity thing for his book, no? It's up to the viewer to decide whether he presents a convincing argument or not, and I'm sure he isn't going to change his mind if someone disagrees with him.
    I'm going to guess his former career at Breitbart has something to do with the desperation he feels in attempting to appear justified in his own beliefs. Someone like Marjorie Greene has no qualms about her beliefs. I suppose that means Shapiro at least tries to retain a semblance of rationality.

  • John Quimby
    John Quimby 2 years ago +6281

    The beautiful thing is that this interview is never going to go away.

    • Cat Gamer
      Cat Gamer Month ago

      @Jakob Wachter Yes. And shocking, I never got a response from anyone else who is on the side of Neill that said he would...

    • Jakob Wachter
      Jakob Wachter Month ago +1

      @Cat Gamer I honestly couldn't answer with respect to the BBC, but I feel like they would avoid such strong rhetoric as a liberal institution. I would also respect the interviewer if he had the balls to say that on air.

    • Grey guy.
      Grey guy. Month ago

      @HobbsO Nonsense the of com reports are very clear and BBC director-general statements promising to listen and obey to said reports is even more clear.
      Seems you are the one making things up by ignoring the truth of the matter.
      Btw this isn't " people " as you say meaning viewers these are official reports with lengthy studies.
      It's all on Ofcom clear to see .

    • HobbsO
      HobbsO Month ago

      @Grey guy. Just not true. Ofcom found that the BBC is actually very good at staying non-biased, but the audience perception of bias is the problem, which makes sense when you think about it. People on the left thing the BBC is right wing, and people on the right think it is left wing. The truth is, quite literally, somewhere in the middle. The issue is also compounded by the idea that the "middle" is a moving target, as general views of the whole country shift over time. regardless, calling the BBC left wing is a joke, especially when it comes to Andrew Neil. In fact, your use of Naga Munchetty as an example, when her case has been put in direct contrast to Neil, who has publicly not just expressed political stances, but also personal attacks on social media, only to be defended by the Beeb.
      The stats show they have been in the centre for years, so stop making things up.

  • George Rolls
    George Rolls 2 months ago +141

    Some of these comment threads arewild. I feel some Americans are so used to biased reporting they can't get their heads around the idea of Neil's form of interviewing. He's particularly good when it comes to grilling party leaders in the lead up to election. He gives everyone, regardless of their position, a fair go to explain their policies. Shapiro had the same fair chance to respond, but instead took it personally

    • Jeff Neet
      Jeff Neet 5 days ago +2

      This really is an interesting point. If an American journalist spoke the same words he did, they would 100% be virtue signaling to the viewers which side they were on which presidential candidate their news outlet was backing, the set of policies they would promote and others they would attempt to denigrate. You would know their entire playbook based on that single question and could shut off the channel knowing the way the rest of the conversation was going to go.
      That is why Ben was furious here. He was hoping for a discussion, and was met with the signals of a predetermined biased verdict no matter what he said.
      In the heat of the moment his frustration blinded him to the fact that he was speaking to an interviewer that (I suppose quite refreshingly) was stating the most extreme point of the opposing view in order to provide a clear target for the following response from Shapiro.

    • Daniel Moorefield
      Daniel Moorefield 11 days ago +1

      This is refreshing to me.
      They have a outside perspective of nut house here.
      They see it better than those in here.

    • HobbsO
      HobbsO 16 days ago

      @Eric Johnson
      He isn't using a shock jock approach as he is not presenting opinions in an attempt to be shocking or provocative, he is doing it to stimulate meaningful answers.
      It's not just professional, it gets great results.
      Stop acting like journalists have to bend over so far that interviewees can use their back as a podium while they ram them from behind. Journalists are allowed to ask tough questions.

  • EmeraldHawkGames
    EmeraldHawkGames Month ago +54

    I'm not gonna lie I have almost no idea what's going on, but this is absolutely hilarious. Just watching Ben goes absolutely crazy on the guy on the left of the screen

    • Cat Gamer
      Cat Gamer Month ago +3

      Like when Ben threatened his family? Lol. Oh wait that never happened. Or like when ben cussed him…oh wait…I just have missed the crazy part…

  • ratman
    ratman Month ago +31

    Hilarious watching all the right wingers in denial white-knighting Shapiro's lack of composure here lol. Shapiro goes to his usual fall back; ignore difficult questions and talk over the top of people.

  • Lola S
    Lola S 18 days ago +65

    This will always be entertaining. Andrew did nothing but throw Shapiro's words back at him and Ben couldn't handle it. This is why Shapiro is such a hero for the right. They all say things they think are clever in the heat of the moment, but they always lack substance.

    • Lola S
      Lola S 22 hours ago

      @I am you are I There's no "less than poor journalist" in this interview. Shapiro simply doesn't like getting caught being a flaming hypocrite. Shapiro has contempt for being held responsible for his foolish words. Again, he apologized and admitted he was wrong.

    • I am you are I
      I am you are I Day ago

      The people misunderstanding this exchange are numerous it seems. Usually Shapiro just leaves them in the dust, but this is a different and interesting result of his understandable contempt for a less than poor journalist

    • Sirus
      Sirus 14 days ago +1

      @Lola S My guy he did not run away lmao. Also yeah dude. Reading out of context tweets from 7 years ago is. And obviously again Shapiro is gonna be caught off guard to be in a way this hard pressed for what was supposed to be an interview.

  • dragontyron
    dragontyron Year ago +5507

    "Thank you for showing that anger is _not_ part of American political discourse"
    the _absolute_ level-headed snark with which that was delivered lmaoooo

    • Daniel Moorefield
      Daniel Moorefield 11 days ago

      I want that kind of level of snark to those at my Alma Mater in future.
      I need to watch more Neil interviews now.

    • Thomas Bjerregaard
      Thomas Bjerregaard 3 months ago +2

      @Darth Vader Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I sat and read through this entire dumpster fire of a thread, and holy shit.. You are an absolute champ for staying with it for so long. I was laughing out loud at several points just from the sheer absurdity of it. Thank you for staying on point throughout.

    • Gabriel George
      Gabriel George 6 months ago


    • RNVRDThomas
      RNVRDThomas 6 months ago

      British humour at its finest.

    • Jon Bausch
      Jon Bausch 6 months ago

      Ben called out the real meaning behind the interview which was to smear him. Such a gentle well thought out Englishman who says mothers who can't be allowed to kill their babies is barbaric.

  • Alexandros A Lavdas
    Alexandros A Lavdas Month ago +37

    I just saw this - it's embarrassing to watch. The point where he says "I am popular and no one has ever heard of you" to Andrew Neil, is really the crème de la crème of cringe. Neil has been known by millions since Shapiro was in diapers. He is reacting like a spoiled child, and eventually towards the end he is just being rude. If he wants to be a serious conservative commentator, he should watch some of Douglas Murray's excellent interviews and see how a serious, confident and polite commentator behaves, handles questions and does not embarrass himself in front of millions. I do agree with some of the points Shapiro makes in some of his interviews and presentations, but he always comes across as having a chip on his shoulder. This particular interview is revealing but, sadly, hardly surprising.

    • Gay Ema
      Gay Ema Month ago +4

      Yeah Shapiro was a spoiled child who continued to interrupt him in an interview to ask him redundant questions that is not a debate.

  • Ed Welthrope
    Ed Welthrope 2 days ago +1

    Shapiro will sound great when his voice breaks

  • Ian Jordan
    Ian Jordan 4 days ago +18

    "Why don't you quote my book"
    *Quotes his book*
    "This is badly motivated, I'm done with this interview"

  • Mitchell Graham
    Mitchell Graham 17 days ago +9

    I like how he slams his pen down at the end, as if in a fit of rage

  • Demetris Soteriou
    Demetris Soteriou 2 years ago +22746

    Looks like this guy wakes up every morning and immediately starts debating with the alarm clock.

    • Dath Bully Maguire
      Dath Bully Maguire 2 months ago

      @Hannah Slabodnik Prolly not as bad as being acquaintances with you

    • Hannah Slabodnik
      Hannah Slabodnik 2 months ago

      Actually though. Imagine being friends or even married to that guy 😭

    • legenden kjær YT
      legenden kjær YT 3 months ago

      "well lets just say (While the alarm is constantly beeping) that hypothetically, purely theoretically, you want me to wake Up. Now, if i were to wake Up, that wouldnt really be logical. Im asleep, and im always gonna be asleep. It would be ilogical for me to suddenly be awake, yet you think anyone can just change between that"

    • Poly Grip
      Poly Grip 3 months ago

      @Dath Bully Maguire watching other vids from these two, id say ben is right, here, to call out neil on biased question base, and fragmenting quotes to paint literally a different picture of a person's character sub consciously.

    • Dath Bully Maguire
      Dath Bully Maguire 3 months ago +1

      @Poly Grip both

    JEFF DEITERING Month ago +16

    This was beautiful. I almost started crying, I was laughing so hard

  • badeboom
    badeboom 2 months ago +11

    03:44 This is the exact moment Neil triggers Shapiro with that little pause between "your... side of politics". Genius if intended so.

  • AJ Qu
    AJ Qu Month ago +7

    I missed the part where Andrew Neil used the word "barbaric"

    • Georg Anderson
      Georg Anderson Month ago +4

      I missed the part, too. Things only need to be repeated often enough and they become truth. Look at this comment section. Even Shapiro's supporters fall for this sleight of hand.

  • Philip Weinshtein
    Philip Weinshtein 27 days ago +40

    All you had to do Benny baby was answer the questions and not get too emotionally attached to your perception of the interviewer's moral stance and morality as a person.

  • Bre ME
    Bre ME Year ago +3820

    This isn't even political it's straight entertainment.

    • Luksed
      Luksed Month ago +3

      @BESTOFTHEWES Interview works in a way where one person asks questions and the other one answers them. It isn't a debate. Interviewers aren't meant to be answering questions lmao

    • Sea of Flower's
      Sea of Flower's 4 months ago +1

      Without knowing the politics it's just confusing

    • Rodney Milner
      Rodney Milner 6 months ago

      Very true.

    • Nobody
      Nobody 7 months ago

      Ben gets pwned! LOL

  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett 7 days ago +4

    What's funny is that they're actually quite similar. In another setting I think there's actually a lot they would agree on

  • MbTGtC
    MbTGtC Month ago +33

    An example of what happens when you only study debate and argument tactics to win. Side note: Ben leans too hard on the Jim Jordan fast talk method.

  • Alex
    Alex 13 days ago +6

    Three years to the day when this gem was dropped

  • Javier Omar Morales Luna
    Javier Omar Morales Luna 2 months ago +21

    Loved that Ben not only crumbled at the questions he also failed to realize the subtle British wit that buried him further.

  • Vocaloid Thalia
    Vocaloid Thalia Month ago +17

    "I asked you a question"
    Bro you're being interviewed

  • Rodney West
    Rodney West 2 months ago +14

    Andrew Neil brilliantly exposed the hypocrisy of Shapiro. Shapiro writes a book bemoaning in others the very thing he does himself.

  • Robert Rixey
    Robert Rixey Month ago +3


  • Pete Howlett
    Pete Howlett 2 months ago +5

    Never answer a question with a question - Spencer Tracy! Ben Shapiro exposes himself as weak and immature here. He disavows his past so disingenuously as to expose himself clearly as a bigot. Boy, am I glad that the IS in the US rejected my work visa application....

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. 2 years ago +6010

    Andrew Neil: "I am a climate change denier and neoconservative."
    Ben Shapiro: "Nice try, leftist."

    • Simply Rin
      Simply Rin Month ago

      Facts over feelings

    • just a normal guy
      just a normal guy 10 months ago

      @Jantheking Also, as a leftist, I tend to use these labels commonly because the beliefs conservatives have commonly hurts these minorities and it is better to call them out for it. and just so you know, if you are not a Xenophobe, Homophobe, Islamophobe Sexist, Racist etc. you won't hear those labels being used on you so maybe you should just improve yourself a little too?

    • just a normal guy
      just a normal guy 10 months ago

      @Jantheking wait, then what does? climate change denialism is literally the most conservative position there is. you'll have a hard time finding any leftist or even liberal believing the stuff your average anti-science conservative believes in(like "climate change is a hoax brothar").

  • Mark C
    Mark C 2 months ago +6

    why is it that extremists always try to interrupt their interviewers....

  • Tara Begley
    Tara Begley 2 months ago +23

    Wow. Even then he was such an idiot. When you need to be that defensive... you're clearly in the wrong. He must have some understanding of that.

  • nnguy039
    nnguy039 26 days ago +13

    Watching this as he gets owned again by some random adult and not debating kids

  • Stumc46
    Stumc46 29 days ago +2

    Ben comes over as a fool in this interview. He thinks it's a debate and he also thinks Andrew neil has the intellect of an American.

  • Thog
    Thog 2 years ago +29037

    This isn’t what I meant when I looked up “Ben Shapiro destroyed by BBC”

  • Just__Ollie
    Just__Ollie 2 days ago +8

    Ben Shapiro trying to turn an interview and questioning into a debate. ITS THE MANS JOB BEN. Get a grip. He was told to question you on these things.

  • Samuel Ferreira
    Samuel Ferreira 11 days ago +6

    Andrew Neil, one word, LEGEND!

  • Adam Siddique
    Adam Siddique 26 days ago +11

    Mr Ben 'facts over feelings' Shapiro seems a little flustered here

  • Chunkboi
    Chunkboi 26 days ago +11

    5:32 “My answer is something called ‘science.’”
    Proceeds to spout anti-scientific and anti-intellectual claptrap

  • Phil Williams
    Phil Williams Year ago +1558

    I think this shows the difference between US and UK interview bias. When Neil challenges him, Shapiro assumes he's from the left. In the UK Neil is considered to be right of centre. No interviewer worth his or her name should 'go soft' on anyone, even if they hold the same opinion.

    • Guitardudeftw
      Guitardudeftw 6 months ago

      @Swanson well it’s not just the uk, most of Europe and many other countries would see Andrew as a hard right leaning conservative, it’s America that’s insanely right biased

    • Charles Island
      Charles Island 11 months ago

      "In the UK Neil is considered to be right of centre."
      The whole political spectrum of the UK is to the left of center in the US. Andrew missed that.

    • Sam Loo
      Sam Loo 11 months ago

      @Swanson do you mean Andrew should not ask 'leftish' questions? Playing devil's advocate? I agree with Ben a lot on American politics, but his jumping to conclusions on Andrew's leanings and assuming that Andrew has set him up befuddled me. Imagine going to a job interview and telling the interviewer he's not asking the right questions? It's not the answers they are looking for, it's how you address them that interests the interviewer. Of course, there are clueless interviewers, but Andrew is no such thing.

    • Emily
      Emily Year ago

      Yes, he probably would have asked a leftist if it isn't barbaric to kill children fetuses. He was not calling him barbaric, he wanted him to defend his position, which makes sense in an interview.

    • Dan O Maran
      Dan O Maran Year ago

      "In the UK Neil is considered to be right of centre."
      In western europe, everything slightly right of Stalin is considered nazi. hahahaha

  • Henckques
    Henckques Month ago +16

    When asked if Ben is part of "that anger" (9:59), he just answers that he doesn't mind charged language nor a robust and loud public debate.
    That's not a good answer, because some DO mind that, perceiving Ben as angry. Him saying "But I'm not angry" wouldn't solve it: he is clearly in combat mode, trying to overwhelm others with his fast speech, arguments and counter-questions - far from peaceful.
    I think Jordan Peterson's style works better.

    • Richard Pierpoint
      Richard Pierpoint 26 days ago

      Yeah, but Professor Peterson ISN'T a JINO-Nazi wee sophist - just saying!

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson Month ago +5

    Andrew Neil Destroys Ben Shapiro 😂

  • Bob Gilbody
    Bob Gilbody 2 months ago +4

    Debate? No this was an interview. Ben got this opportunity to promote his thought wrong. Then again never argue with cut snakes. [ Aussie advice ]

  • Solomon Platt
    Solomon Platt 2 months ago +9

    “You’re here to make a quick buck on the BBC”
    “There aren’t many bucks to be made on the BBC unlike American media” cold blooded kill.

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy 2 years ago +2856

    This was worth all those years of paying for a television licence.

    • DCmastermind First
      DCmastermind First 4 days ago


    • Dog boy
      Dog boy Month ago

      Really wasn’t.

    • Steve Hamilton
      Steve Hamilton 4 months ago

      @Rouge A license to watch TV.

    • Rouge
      Rouge 5 months ago

      What is a television license

    • Lucky Cloud Co
      Lucky Cloud Co 5 months ago

      I have moved and lived in Canada for over ten years now and this brought a tear to my eye and made me want to pay council tax and look back on paying it in a fond and warm glow.

  • Alan Brados
    Alan Brados 6 days ago +4

    Andrew Neil you are the best! Thank you for showing us how immature and childish Ben is and that is why he only debates with kids and teens!

  • d h
    d h 2 days ago +12

    I'm unsure why Shapiro is so worked up with his questions? I don't think the interviewer was being disrespectful

    • Martin Winlow
      Martin Winlow Day ago

      @Przemyslaw Szymczak It’s the interviewer’s job to ask pointed questions - very pointed in the case of someone like Mr Shapiro who makes a living from holding very strong political and social stances in a very public way. Because of this, questions put to him must be robust and all of them in this interview were so and were simply testing Shapiros views - nothing Neil asked made it obvious if Neil either agreed with Shapiro or not … but I can see that a Shapiro supporter may feel differently.
      As it is, I had respect for Shapiro for the conviction of his views and his brilliant ability to promote them verbally despite the fact that I certainly 100% disagree with some of them. That respect has been very seriously dented by watching this interview. He came across as petulant and very rude. Neil, in contrast, was consistently polite and professional (but I do suspect his personal views are probably pretty left-leaning).
      As others have commented, Shapiro is clearly not used to being questioned on his past by a professional interviewer and someone intellectually his equal.

    • James mihalka
      James mihalka Day ago

      Not by taking small parts and framing in a context of negativity, the interviewer didn’t push the question as a whole, but small snips of words said without the entirety of the comedy to which is was spoken to.

    • Cr33p3r HD
      Cr33p3r HD Day ago +1

      @Przemyslaw Szymczak he offered a counterposition. This makes sense for an interview, since the person being interviewed can explain his own position better by responding to the opposite one

    • Przemyslaw Szymczak
      Przemyslaw Szymczak 2 days ago +3

      No, but interviewer showed his biased stand point and unprofessionalism.

  • Samuel Awe
    Samuel Awe 2 months ago +31

    this is why he only talks to college kids, instead of adults.

  • Karl Schmied
    Karl Schmied Month ago +13

    "should global warming be considered a real threat or should global warming be considered something that technology will solve." I see some progress here because the conservative "movement" used to deny global warming.

    • Alex
      Alex 13 days ago +2

      @Bill From the 442nd trans company no one is going to read your diatribe

    • Bill From the 442nd trans company
      Bill From the 442nd trans company Month ago

      I’m a conservative and I’ll ask you, if we can clean the air we all breathe while we generate 150 megawatts of renewable green energy, per hour, per plants built, would you be for it? If this same plant can help end the spread of COVID 19, as they say, the smoke from these wildfires is helping to spread it, as infected people breathe in semi clean air and infect the smoke particles. When they exhale infected smoke, others breathing this in, get infected. So, if this can help that way, are they worth building? If this same plant can remove the carbons made by 100,000 car exhausts per hour, per plants built, would you, be for them? Now, if these can make huge amounts of renewable green energy like this, as they make it extremely cheaper than either wind or solar, is that good? Since both wind and solar have to use huge battery arrays, that will all die in about ten years, creating a massive amount of hazardous waste, because the materials they are made of, is hazardous materials, should we keep building them? Still not convinced, then consider, solar energy is a heat trap, that generates just a little energy, and helps hold heat here on earth, why should we then have to pay Trillion of taxpayer dollars to build something, that fights against us, while we’re trying to cool our planet? OK, if wind and solar are to blame for raising everyone’s electric bills, wouldn’t air scrubbers like I am talking about, help us more? Seeings how, they give us so much more, while costing less than 10% of what solar and wind cost to build, shouldn’t they at least be allowed to be heard about? Now, I know as a Christian conservative, “they say” isn’t as smart as a liberal college professor, so, why are college professors backing wind and solar, which I believe, I just gave you good reason to doubt, their ability to do anything for us? In fact, the liberal left has been screaming for about 52 plus years, the earth as we know it, is going to be destroyed in ten years time, unless, we let them fix the problem building wind and solar! It’s always the same old lie, told again and again for 52 years, but never coming to pass! Well I for one, say, it’s time for them to put up or shut up! When they have never once tried to address rising seas, no, not once, but keep screaming about them, is that the definition of insanity? I mean, if they were pushing seawater desalination plants that can not only lower sea levels by 300,000,000 gallons of water per day, per plants built, but the new ones can give us, the renewable green energy of 12.5 nuclear power plants, while actually lowering sea levels! Now, considering I am an ignorant conservative, shouldn’t we at least, let these be heard about? Go ahead, tell me again, how you would fix it, as I want to hear the liberal side of how to fix our nation’s air problems and end rising sea problems, just building Trillion of hard earned tax dollars, while never once in 52 plus years, actually lowering them by one cup of water period!?!?!?! Love in Christ Jesus; William

  • Connor Jensen
    Connor Jensen Year ago +3766

    "you've failed to answer a single one of my questions"
    said the interviewee to the interviewer.

    • TheEvilDrR
      TheEvilDrR 23 days ago +1

      @Fred Freddy He had to rush off like that as he'd soiled his armor. Again.

    • Cybernaut13
      Cybernaut13 Month ago +1

      I love a good interview.

    • Connor Jensen
      Connor Jensen Year ago +2

      @Marco Grewe
      You ask that like those are mutually exclusive. They are not.
      It's their job to be neutral and ask the questions the public would want answered. Its also often their job to write op eds and similar. Despite being a notable conservative figure in europe, and in fact being given his original big break by Rupert Murdoch (and continuing to work closely with him), one of the most far right leaning figures in European news & politics (and a fair bit in the US too) I feel like Andrew was able to ask normal interview questions rather than just throwing softballs as one would expect based on his and Ben's highly compatible political alignment and bias.
      I hadn't heard he was much of an activist before, unless you mean activist in the sense that he is politically active, in which case most big news figures are.

    • Connor Jensen
      Connor Jensen Year ago

      @Marco Grewe good for him I guess

    • Marc Hess
      Marc Hess Year ago

      Aww. Ben refused to play along with the snarky interrogation format and the effeminate types are in a snit.

  • XxZomBiE_SlaYa115xX
    XxZomBiE_SlaYa115xX Month ago +1

    Absolutely lost it at 14:53 🤣

  • Myriaddsystems
    Myriaddsystems Day ago +1

    Old Brillo Pad has just gone up in my estimations. Good for him!

  • Daniel Clement
    Daniel Clement 25 days ago +5

    Amazing that anyone takes Benny boy seriously after this disaster of an interview.

    • Tony M
      Tony M 22 days ago +1

      Tbf he's actually an intelligent guy with a lot of interesting views. Andrew Neil beat him up pretty bad here but he does that to everyone because he's an absolute pro. Sturgeon, Corbyn and farage all got the same treatment.

  • landmark
    landmark 2 months ago +8

    Ben sounds like a robot in self-destruct mode

  • ProgPro96
    ProgPro96 2 years ago +5247

    Ben Shapiro, the guy being interviewed: "You've failed to answer a single one of my questions"

    • Gay Ema
      Gay Ema 20 days ago

      @fastfoxblox no but he slide off topic too much and acted rude and inappropriate. He confirmed this and apologized.

    • fastfoxblox
      fastfoxblox 20 days ago

      Are you trying to say that someone being interviewed can't ask questions?

    • Gay Ema
      Gay Ema Month ago

      The interviewer:I'm the one asking questions not you

    • Moikle
      Moikle 3 months ago

      @Rafi Stefansky uh, this wasn't a debate, it was an interview. you know, where one person is there to answer questions that the other asks them?

  • Kumo 雲
    Kumo 雲 3 days ago +2

    he likes hearing himself speak