Buddy System Behind the Scenes: Week 5

  • Published on Jul 15, 2017
  • It's a scorcher this week behind the scenes on the set of Rhett & Link's Buddy System Season 2! TIM #40
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    Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
    Managing Producer: Cody D'Ambrosio
    Camera & Editor: Kiko Suura
    Graphics: Matthew Dwyer
    Content Manager: Becca Canote
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Comments • 233

  • ashlyn marshall
    ashlyn marshall Month ago

    I want to know the music

  • uberllolloll
    uberllolloll 10 months ago

    wow i feel like you guys use alot of people to do your shows in comparison to other popular tubers who have become multimillionaires by simply filming on their Iphones.....what a difference.

  • Riley Ann
    Riley Ann Year ago +1

    Buddy system season 2 was amazing!!!!!

  • Riley Ann
    Riley Ann Year ago +2

    Loved the intro rhett😂

  • JBlack
    JBlack Year ago

    Is his shirt not velvet?

  • Luvabird8978
    Luvabird8978 Year ago

    Every time he says BTS, I think of BTS.

  • Alli Bargelski
    Alli Bargelski Year ago

    I want to be Stevie. Or at least be told what to do by Stevie. Please. I have an education :/

  • Bryndiss
    Bryndiss Year ago

    Rhett should keep his hair like that, it looks really good on him!

  • Kara Biel
    Kara Biel Year ago

    Rhett is sexy as all hell with that hair, I

  • call me daddy
    call me daddy Year ago

    Link looks like your creepy perverted neighbor and Rhett looks like a sexy lumberjack hipster

  • Joshua Albaladejo


  • Katie Friesner
    Katie Friesner Year ago

    i want this so bad tokyo

  • Grace w
    Grace w Year ago

    I think Rhett should keep the man bun.

  • ki ki
    ki ki Year ago

    I'm wearing the same pajama that link was wearing,
    did not expect that.

  • Catastr0phic Disaster

    I love Rhett and Link.. Wish I was able to meet these guys. No idea what would be the subject matter but they look awesome to hang out with.

  • Ameera Lol
    Ameera Lol Year ago

    I wonder if this season Rhett and Link are like time traveling because every week it seems like they are in a different time period

  • Ameera Lol
    Ameera Lol Year ago

    Ugh... why am I watching these. I'm just making myself more sad I can't pay for TheXvid red and watch these

  • Serena boo
    Serena boo Year ago


  • Hattie Born
    Hattie Born Year ago

    man bun alert!!!!!!

  • Heather Jensen
    Heather Jensen Year ago

    My grandma has that exercise bike along with one of those mini trampolines XD

  • •Koemi-Chanღ
    •Koemi-Chanღ Year ago

    I love rhett's hair in a manbun

  • Panda X
    Panda X Year ago

    2:31 Onions or pillow stuffing? 😂

  • Your local police officer

    ._. is rhett and link wearing wigs and a fake mustache or is it real

  • iea96
    iea96 Year ago

    I'm so lost in the plot. Really curious to see how's this season even gonna make sense

  • Taranjot P
    Taranjot P Year ago

    Link looks so cute in the thumbnail

  • Cha'lie Joy
    Cha'lie Joy Year ago

    Anyone have TheXvid red and... Looking for a girlfriend?

  • fugithegreat
    fugithegreat Year ago

    this is probably the closest I will ever come to watching Buddy System, since TheXvid Red isn't even available where I live. 😢

  • _ emarr
    _ emarr Year ago

    Rhett rock that man bun

  • FatBoy Paul
    FatBoy Paul Year ago

    The Mythtical fans of GMM coulnt support the videos so google offers them a big lumpsome to yourube red. So in return The mythicalfans instead pay google to pay GMM. ?? theyve just created a middle man that eats your pointless money that is google. If GMM could not get the support to make the series in the first place. How does it make sense now all the supports of GMM are willing to pay google? you see the scam? GMM need to be independent and not be with google.

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      Which means a scamming people

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      And most of the time that means its becoming more about money

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      Its called selling out

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      But now people think they gota give google money? Its just all dumb

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      Sam Stanfield ye cause they got like 10 million fans. If 10% of there fans donate 1 dollar theyed have 1million ez.

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas Year ago

    1:56 when there is no TOKYO mentioned.

  • Austin McDuffee
    Austin McDuffee Year ago

    Come on mythical beasts. Google 'RULU' Buddy system. The whole thing is there for free. if you have been watching gmm for this long, the 20 min long episodes will not hurt their income.

    • Indico Lite
      Indico Lite Year ago

      You could not be more wrong. Buddy System costs a lot more to produce than GMM and as such can't be free. You can't justify watching/downloading your favorite actor's new movies illegally just because you watched their old ones.

  • Austin McDuffee
    Austin McDuffee Year ago

    If any of you are 'internet savy' ,just Google buddy system via rulu. You have all of season one right there.
    Stay mythical friends. The power of the Internet is great.

  • FridayFootLong
    FridayFootLong Year ago +1

    It will be out in the daily motion

  • Geico Lizard
    Geico Lizard Year ago

    "nooooooo" why not "Tokyooooo"

  • Kayla Blair
    Kayla Blair Year ago

    Does anyone know when it's coming out?

  • Kaylie Ruck
    Kaylie Ruck Year ago

    i miss gmm so much the crew is keeping me sane

  • Kaylie Ruck
    Kaylie Ruck Year ago

    i miss gmm so much the crew is keeping me sane

  • Kaylie Ruck
    Kaylie Ruck Year ago

    i miss gmm so much the crew is keeping me sane

  • Dustin Dawind
    Dustin Dawind Year ago

    You know you've made it when you get one of those fancy chairs with your name on it.

  • Mgy
    Mgy Year ago

    At 2:43 tattoo says music ❤️❤️

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark Year ago

    Link now lives in a couch cushion... This explaines so much.

  • Leah
    Leah Year ago


  • Raven Winchester
    Raven Winchester Year ago

    Hoorah for Buddy System!!

  • Kasper Stenbom
    Kasper Stenbom Year ago

    Looking forward to see this season. seem to have potential whilst the first one didn't tickle me fancy.

  • Gracie Brock
    Gracie Brock Year ago

    t h i s i s m y e x e r c i s e b i k e

  • Jake Cooper
    Jake Cooper Year ago

    Eww Rhett has a man bun

  • Jain Tech
    Jain Tech Year ago

    Link became my dad when he shaved.

  • rel
    rel Year ago

    links fluffy hair tho

  • Adelaide
    Adelaide Year ago

    Every time I watch these, I get more and more confused and curious on what is going on. The one thing I know for sure is that this is going to be awesome.

  • Lauren Hisey
    Lauren Hisey Year ago

    All this stuff they've been doing in the BTS videos makes me wonder just how crazy and amazing Buddy System S2 is gonna be.

  • Jillian M
    Jillian M Year ago

    I can't wait

  • Shane Bryant
    Shane Bryant Year ago

    how is rhetts hair already long enough for man bun mines been growing for like a year and i still have strands of hair on the sides of head not long enough to go into but nvm i see he does too its just gelled back

    • Indico Lite
      Indico Lite Year ago

      But his own hair isn't long enough - he's wearing extensions.

  • kudo shinchi
    kudo shinchi Year ago +8

    Link:"thanks for joining us for week five of body system bts" (while trying to get out)
    Rhett:" no no link get back in there"
    (Link's expression was priceless)😂💔

  • Ashley IDon'tWantStrangersToKnowMyLastName

    I don't have Red ;-;

  • Emerald Kelsi
    Emerald Kelsi Year ago

    1:34 Lily, Lincoln, Lando, and Christy!

  • Emerald Kelsi
    Emerald Kelsi Year ago


  • Weeve
    Weeve Year ago +2


  • JacksBaconShop
    JacksBaconShop Year ago

    Whenever I watch these I get very very confused

  • Jamie
    Jamie Year ago +2

    Stevie's style is GOALS ✌️

  • MsKpuff
    MsKpuff Year ago

    XD I'm so excited!!!!!!

  • Martin Simeonov
    Martin Simeonov Year ago +3

    Rhett's hair is glorious!

  • MaximusK9
    MaximusK9 Year ago

    Put buddy system on Netflix PLEASE

  • Mininessie
    Mininessie Year ago

    That's not fake mail that's real mail it's the mail they get for gmm

  • Daniel Gebert
    Daniel Gebert Year ago

    Stevie getting a more directoral role. great to see.

  • Lizzi Peters
    Lizzi Peters Year ago +1

    2:28 Link looks like Charlie Chaplin. 😂

  • Spawn of Kermit
    Spawn of Kermit Year ago

    Was that Owen Wilson at 0:40 ?!

  • Trainable
    Trainable Year ago

    Thanks for posting this on my birthday, guys :)

  • Octavianist
    Octavianist Year ago +2

    Yassss Rhett. Serve that velour!

  • Maribel Reg
    Maribel Reg Year ago

    I spot links wife at 1:27 !!!

  • Don
    Don Year ago

    That hair, Rhett, is beyond awesome. You look like a hero!

  • Mo O'Rourke
    Mo O'Rourke Year ago +19

    His "Noooooooooooooooooo" when he was explaining it sounded like when he says, "Tokyoooooooooooooooooo".

    • Zoe's Zoo
      Zoe's Zoo Year ago +4

      Mo O'Rourke He never says "Tokyo", he says "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"

  • Sharmeen
    Sharmeen Year ago

    no yt red in my country.... atleast make them free eventually!

  • T. L. Bainter
    T. L. Bainter Year ago

    I have zero idea where any of this is going

  • Heather S
    Heather S Year ago +2

    Ah, Link's family! Oh, man. You guys are working so hard on this and I'm happy and excited for you. Thanks again for making these and sharing them! I really how you did that this year. Can't wait, but I know it's worth the wait!

  • Beth Buell
    Beth Buell Year ago +6

    Every BTS has me more stoked for the new season (and how sweet was that clip of the Neal family?)!

  • foxyiebot
    foxyiebot Year ago

    this looks SO good

  • sonali s
    sonali s Year ago +1

    Every time I watch the bts videos I'm more confused than before😅

  • Lorna Gomez Ponce
    Lorna Gomez Ponce Year ago +2

    I hope this season gets released this year... Not knowing WTH is going on... uploading this BTS videos ignite a slow burning sensation, it really makes me wanna get TheXvid Red when it comes out.

  • BranAndPaula
    BranAndPaula Year ago

    Okay Stevie is awesome.

  • Closet Nerd Gaming

    I think that every time someone hits the dislike button on a video, they should be banned from said channel for life. That would make the internet a better place.

  • L -
    L - Year ago +6

    that little neal family shot was a very nice touch guys

  • WorldCatlas
    WorldCatlas Year ago +1

    Thanks for making these BTS videos, guys! It's (just) enough to tide me over until GMM returns.

  • Ayase Yukiya
    Ayase Yukiya Year ago +1

    Why are you a piece of heaven?

  • Val Playz
    Val Playz Year ago +1

    I miss you guys 😭 I don't TheXvid RED. #lifeproblems

  • Xtina C
    Xtina C Year ago

    Rhett is giving me some Big Lebowski vibes with that manbun

  • Ryan Price
    Ryan Price Year ago

    This plot has so many holes!

  • This username is unavailable

    Honestly that hair on Rhett is banging. I love it for some reason. It suits him.

  • Adley Fry
    Adley Fry Year ago

    Stayed up very late. Started to regret it. Saw this. Worth it!

  • Cainnetre
    Cainnetre Year ago

  • The Nerdy Dolphin
    The Nerdy Dolphin Year ago +1

    Spoilers! I'm a full season behind!

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      The Nerdy Dolphin lol do you actuay have youtube red?

  • No zuo No die
    No zuo No die Year ago +2

    I see you guys are Looking good

  • FatBoy Paul
    FatBoy Paul Year ago +1

    do people actually have youtube red? like wtf who gets youtube red?

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      MamaPlusOne the ads are telling you this. marketing is getting to your brain

    • MamaPlusOne
      MamaPlusOne Year ago

      FatBoyPaul It's no different than any other entertainment one would spend money on.
      No one is saying you have to do it... but I have valid reasons for choosing to.

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      MamaPlusOne what a waste of money

    • MamaPlusOne
      MamaPlusOne Year ago

      FatBoyPaul fan funding isn't enough to make Buddy System. Fans may say they're willing to pay, but this requires a huge hollywood budget. there is absolutely no way that fan funding alone would be enough for buddy system, especially in the new 22 minute format, to exist. would i fund it if they went that route? totally. but they didn't/can't. so i support them how I can, by getting Red.

    • FatBoy Paul
      FatBoy Paul Year ago

      MamaPlusOne they could do it without youtube red if people actually supported them

  • Estelle Hope
    Estelle Hope Year ago +25

    Christy, Jade, Lincoln and Lily on set😊

  • James Trotman
    James Trotman Year ago

    When your late but waiting on a late lift and you try relax with a video but no matter the oh shi his com3nt has been writing for 2hrs in my pocket

  • Gay Noodles
    Gay Noodles Year ago +11

    " this is the house link and I LIVE in." LIVE?!? #Rhink-i-guess?

  • Camille Santos
    Camille Santos Year ago

    When is it showingggg i can't waittt

  • kikirockslikecrazy


  • Asha’z life
    Asha’z life Year ago


  • Royal Meowveon
    Royal Meowveon Year ago

    The thumbnail looks like I'm witnessing a murder.

  • Heidi Mahmoud
    Heidi Mahmoud Year ago

    why didnt they put a long hair wig on rhett then made the man bun! it would have looked more natural! tsk!