Have Renault Been Caught Cheating In Formula 1?

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • One of the big surprises of the Japanese grand prix weekend was the allegations made by Racing Point insinuating Renault have illegal electronics in their car affecting the brake bias. Now these allegations have been taken by the FIA and an investigation is underway, but if true how costly could this be?
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    Renault facing a ‘big suspension’ if found guilty
    Renault are facing the possibility of a ‘big suspension’ if found guilty of running a pre-set brake bias adjustment system.
    Hours after the Japanese Grand Prix concluded, Racing Point handed a 12-page document to the FIA in which they claimed Renault are an illegal system.
    It is Racing Point’s belief that the RS19 has a system that regulates the brake balance automatically depending on where the car is on the track.
    As F1 drivers have to adjust their own brake balance, the alleged Renault system would be illegal.
    Article 27.1 of the sport’s Sporting Regulations states drivers must “drive the car alone and unaided”.
    The FIA deemed Racing Point’s protest to be admissible and Renault’s electronic control units as well as the steering wheels.
    Motorsport’s governing body is conducting a “detailed analysis” of the components with Renault saying they will “rigorously defend” themselves.
    Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher has called the Renault system a big advantage.
    “The driver is normally responsible for adjusting the brake balance, so if it is happening automatically you could brake later and take more speed into each corner,” Schumacher told Sky F1.
    “It would be a big advantage … an automatic system controlled electronically could do it much better and faster than the driver can manually.”
    He added: “The suspicion must be reasonable, because it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t accuse another team of something like that unless you’re 100 per cent sure.
    “If they’re right, it’s a catastrophe for Renault.
    “The FIA already seems overwhelmed with the simplest decisions, and this is definitely a mammoth task.
    “They need to be completely sure, because it would be a huge setback for Renault.”
    If found guilty, they could be thrown out of this year’s championship.
    According to the Italian media, Renault could be disqualified from a handful races or, if they’ve had the system for a long time, they could face a ‘big suspension’.
    ‘What are the possible scenarios?’ reads the f1sport.it.
    ‘If the FIA agrees with the Racing Point it will depend a great deal on when Renault adopted this mechanism.
    ‘In the event that this had happened only in recent times, the Federation could decide to disqualify the cars from those GPs.
    ‘If, on the other hand, this system had been in use for much longer it seems difficult to think but drastic decisions will need to be made.
    ‘We just have to wait and see what Tombazis, FIA technical director, decides.’
    The last time the FIA handed down punishment for a team caught cheating was back in 2007 with McLaren and spygate.
    In that instance they were disqualified from the championship and fined $100 million.
    ‘Drivers had to know of Renault brake bias system’
    Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg had to know about Renault’s brake bias system, if it proves to be true, says former driver Ralf Schumacher.
    Renault are facing a huge penalty if found guilty of running a pre-set brake bias system that automatically adjusts the balance depending on where the car is on the track.
    The matter was brought to the FIA’s attention at Suzuka when Racing Point lodged a 12-page protest.
    Motorsport’s governing body seized Renault’s control electronics and the drivers’ steering wheels in order to investigate.
    Should Renault be found guilty the French manufacturer could be disqualified from either a handful of races or the entire championship, costing them millions.
    A hefty fine could also be on the cards.
    However, worryingly Schumacher, a former F1 driver, says if the team was running such a system, the drivers had to known.
    “Such a thing cannot happen without the knowledge of the drivers,” he told Sky Germany.
    “Otherwise you had to do it manually - and if you do not have to do it all at once, you will notice that”
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  • College Richards
    College Richards 19 days ago

    You do know they found out about the system on TheXvid...

  • Jessie Colt
    Jessie Colt 23 days ago

    They have been disqualified: thexvid.com/video/LsSX7e7W_8g/video.html

  • John Paul Quevedo
    John Paul Quevedo 25 days ago

    Renault have been caught cheating on the past and they removed Briatore to prevent another case
    Turns out Renault have been cheating for years post-Briatore under our noses

    • Tom Kao
      Tom Kao 24 days ago

      John Paul Quevedo Could you elaborating? I’d like to understand more.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 25 days ago

    Well, if they are cheating it does not seem to be working!

  • Jacky Fan
    Jacky Fan 26 days ago

    Racing Point is a snitch lol

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker 26 days ago

    Cheating has been part of F1 since day one, just like every other sport. Nothing to see here folks. .

  • NotMarkKnopfler
    NotMarkKnopfler 26 days ago

    So how come Ferrari are allowed to get away with oil burning?

  • NotMarkKnopfler
    NotMarkKnopfler 26 days ago +1

    They've just been disqualified from the race - both drivers.

  • Egy Bolhácska
    Egy Bolhácska 26 days ago

    "I suggest you to go and check out Magsap pristigesksks's video..."
    sorry i couldn't find the guy. what kind of shout-out this is with absolutely no links? idk if I should be angry at you or this stupid name other person for making such unmarketable name.

  • Keven Nielsen
    Keven Nielsen 26 days ago

    They can "suck my ball's mate" 😂😂

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  • Julien James
    Julien James 26 days ago

    and Ferrari????

  • Richard McCaig
    Richard McCaig 26 days ago

    What the hell is racing point, & how are they relevant being able to make the allegation? Sounds like f1 has rules, but don't enforce them unless somebody screams foul. Maybe f1 should be inspecting the dam cars every race to make sure the cars are legal.

  • jason kent
    jason kent 26 days ago

    Renault have been a strong engine supplier for many many years now. They have never had the success as a complete racing team.

  • Wellington's Boot
    Wellington's Boot 26 days ago

    The ghost of Flavio Briatore... Ooooh, scaarry...

  • mebeingU2
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    Renault, “We’ll put a brake to cheating!”

  • Jafmasterflash 7
    Jafmasterflash 7 26 days ago

    This could have serious implications for Renault as a team in the sport, especially with them being suspended from Suzuka
    Loving the content man awesome 👏🏻

  • fetuso fetuso
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    sure, the only ones not cheating are Mercs

  • Rob Johnston
    Rob Johnston 27 days ago

    Yes they were cheating their Suzuka result was taken away from them

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    The 2nd to last still shot with both cars in the shot has some real bad deg on Hulks front right. Eek

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    Ur better a rapper than a reporter hehe ✌️

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  • Cadre Entertainment RSA

    Lol. Do u knw the definition of cheating? If whatever they're doing is cheating, then they r just as bad at cheating as they are at racing

  • Grosse H.
    Grosse H. 27 days ago

    Disqualified from luckily Japanese GP only

    OLD SCHOOL 27 days ago +2

    Could you talk a little faster please, I am actually hearing some of the words.

  • The Electrical Engineer
    The Electrical Engineer 27 days ago +1

    Lol thay have been disqualifed from the race of the Japanese Grand Prix becayse of this...

  • Robbie Moon
    Robbie Moon 27 days ago +1

    Wont it be a dog turd if racing point was actually found to be cheating

  • péter horváth
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    Whos here after they announced it?

  • Ors180717
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    They just got disqualified haha

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    what is BBW on steering wheel?

  • Lexikz
    Lexikz 27 days ago

    Renault got disqualified!

  • ScarSouls
    ScarSouls 27 days ago +1

    Confirmed Renault is disqualified from the Japanese GP

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  • dayne moodley
    dayne moodley 27 days ago

    Make sense since Renault accused nico hulkenberg of riding the brakes

  • Nouskey Carki
    Nouskey Carki 27 days ago

    Danny Rics braking so good he went video game mode

  • 1908Rick
    1908Rick 27 days ago

    With the exception of the ignition, take ALL the electronics out of the race cars. Make the drivers drive.

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern 27 days ago

    You forgot the word "again" in the title

  • Hawk
    Hawk 27 days ago

    I mean... a 12 page document. Maybe?

  • Dan
    Dan 27 days ago

    Honestly, I don't think its anything aside from a system for practice to change the bias external in practice and testing

  • CrowKYS
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    drive to survive is going to be interesting this year isnt it?

  • Ewok FromEndor
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    Ferrari cheating again

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  • Alexis Heude
    Alexis Heude 27 days ago

    Formula 1 is dying anyway...

  • Gaman M
    Gaman M 27 days ago

    Esteban ocon might be whistleblower

  • Stjepan Đogolović
    Stjepan Đogolović 27 days ago

    They should leave it's Renault's fault that we have 1,6 litter engines in F1 today. Useless French donkey's

  • Stevie Hind
    Stevie Hind 27 days ago

    Renault, cheating!?!? I can’t believe it!

  • RelaX
    RelaX 27 days ago +1

    The most likely thing is that Racing Point have developped such a system and are suing Renault to get an indirect confirmation from the FIA wether this system is legal or not

  • Mohammad Ali Ashraf
    Mohammad Ali Ashraf 27 days ago

    It was Christian Horner who was a whistle blower

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir 28 days ago

    McLaren was caught cheating in the past... who's to say they just haven't been found yet?
    I mean they do have the same engine and if McLaren are doing better than Renault who may well be cheating, could it suggest McLaren is just cheating better? Thoughts and comments?

  • James Gowan
    James Gowan 28 days ago

    Renault won't get a 100 million dollar fine as McLaren's fine was 1 million for the crime and 99 million for Ron Dennis

  • Pjmperez01
    Pjmperez01 28 days ago

    Renault cheating again? Hmmmm 🤔

  • 43labontepetty
    43labontepetty 28 days ago

    If they are they’re not doing it very well.

    SSXM VVF 28 days ago

    yeah, the nazi spies from mercedes coudn't resist to fuck up mercedes again. but they deserves, those arrogant and without charisma french

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  • Jordan Stanhope Dean
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    If Renault have been cheating AGAIN, they should shut up shop and leave the sport.