PIZZA CHALLENGE!!! (Gross Toppings) | College Kids Vs. Food

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017
  • Gross Pizza toppings tried by College Kids!
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    College kids try gross pizza toppings! What will their reaction be?! Stay tuned for more People vs. Food, here on the REACT channel.
    This episode features the following Kids:
    Ethan James
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    People vs Food #81 - PIZZA CHALLENGE!!! (Gross Toppings) | College Kids Vs. Food
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    REACT  Year ago +1014

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  • Raed alexander bou orm bou aram

    Best video everrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Just Doge
    Just Doge Year ago +2

    PB+Marshmallows=Good Pizza

  • AestheticallyKawaii
    AestheticallyKawaii Year ago +1


  • vanilla_cat923
    vanilla_cat923 Year ago +287

    REACT : You only have to eat one slice
    Me : Ok they should just put it on one slice and enjoy the rest of the pizza.
    People : *put it on all pizza*
    Me : One job........

  • D4ny
    D4ny Year ago +3

    I really like mayo. :D

  • Edison Galarza Ordonez

    Michelle and Brandon would make a good couple
    who agrees?

  • Josue Rubio
    Josue Rubio Year ago +2

    Ham is pretty much my argentinians stepdad side of the family's fav topping sometimes

  • ry
    ry Year ago +8

    mayo is actually nice

    • Lloyd Duff
      Lloyd Duff Year ago +1

      I agree I have it on just about everything savory

  • ry
    ry Year ago +2

    teens react to both crying in the club and down

  • ry
    ry Year ago +5

    teens react to simplynaillogical

  • jtomally9681
    jtomally9681 Year ago +16

    This should be called the Michelangelo Pizza Toppings Challenge.

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young Year ago +2


  • Artyom Timofeev
    Artyom Timofeev Year ago +50

    At least it's...

    🅱️ O N E L E S S

    • Andrew Neal
      Andrew Neal Year ago

      Just don't put them turds in my pizza

  • Ian Fortuna
    Ian Fortuna Year ago +2

    Brandon puts that on his pizza all the time I'm sure

  • Ni Jao
    Ni Jao Year ago +4

    dem basic american kids

  • Rachel Yay
    Rachel Yay Year ago +71

    Pineapples belong on pizza

    • SPAZz CR1P
      SPAZz CR1P Year ago +2

      Artyom Timofeev you right

    • SPAZz CR1P
      SPAZz CR1P Year ago +6

      Artyom Timofeev Gordon Ramsey "you don't put f*cking pineapple on pizza!"😂😂😂

    • Artyom Timofeev
      Artyom Timofeev Year ago +7


  • Benjamin Turner
    Benjamin Turner Year ago +4

    Lol I love this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mr ZerØ
    Mr ZerØ Year ago +4

    Goldfish was an actual pizza topping...

  • Cesar Angel Benitez
    Cesar Angel Benitez Year ago +2

    ¿No comen atún en Estados Unidos?

    • Andrew Neal
      Andrew Neal Year ago +1

      Muchos de nosotros no nos gusta. Por cierto, he utilizado Google translate para su facilidad de lectura. De nada. Jajaja

  • Huskki
    Huskki Year ago +1

    I just ate 4 slices of pizza I feel so sick watching this 😂🍕

  • ethan craggs
    ethan craggs Year ago +6

    At first I thought the gold fish was the actual fish and not a bagged snack.

  • Hold this please. L
    Hold this please. L Year ago +2

    I like Brandon and Dionte the best

  • Annie Gurung
    Annie Gurung Year ago

    Brandon is so cute. 😍😍😍😍

  • Jainam Shah - Beryl Ford PS (1415)

    Do The sweetest soda in the world challenge

  • Daisy Doodles
    Daisy Doodles Year ago +5

    Am I like the only one who loves mayonnaise!!!!

    • Daisy Doodles
      Daisy Doodles Year ago +1

      Necromonger92 my favourite pizza is Hawaiian and Im sorry but I love mayo

    • Necromonger92
      Necromonger92 Year ago +1

      IT'S A SIN ON PIZZA !!

  • mitä äijä
    mitä äijä Year ago +3

    Wtf I always take onion in my pizza

  • Thattso Rosa
    Thattso Rosa Year ago +2


  • carlos colon
    carlos colon Year ago

    do the face swap challenge

  • Dustin Morgan
    Dustin Morgan Year ago +3

    Morgan looks like Robin from How I Met Your Mother and I wish we were friends. I loved how those two liked their pizzas, like how perfect

  • Robert Pw
    Robert Pw Year ago +1

    Try Adam Lz peanut butter and jelly pizza you buy dough then put peanut butter then jelly on it and then cook it

  • phizy
    phizy Year ago +1


  • JFKquickscope
    JFKquickscope Year ago +6

    Hamberger challenge. it's just the same as the pizza challenge but with hamburgers

  • OfficerPaulWalk
    OfficerPaulWalk Year ago

    Sub challenge with gross toppings

  • Preston Mcpherson
    Preston Mcpherson Year ago +2

    Ahhhhhhh I would have a blast on this part I'm soooo jealous 😂😃😁😊😀😄

  • Ly The Strange
    Ly The Strange Year ago +3

    ice cream toppings challenge!!!!

  • Bowzsosexiilover07
    Bowzsosexiilover07 Year ago +1

    hey just subscribed can you check out our pizza Challenge and subscribe back?

  • Larisa Bjelevac
    Larisa Bjelevac Year ago +2

    I could eat Morgans pizza❤ IT LOOKS DILICIOUS!

  • Laura Heybyrne
    Laura Heybyrne Year ago +9

    I find it funny how Ethan was bragging how he got the best toppings and loved them all while he was the only one who lost😂

  • Galaxy Daniella
    Galaxy Daniella Year ago +2

    I freaking LOVE hot Tabasco on pizza😍

  • Poewalski
    Poewalski Year ago +68

    was the pizza boneless tho

    • sea gull
      sea gull Year ago +2

      Zakir Khan No. He saw sethical's boneless pizza video that went viral on social media then on youtube. It just blew up out of nowhere.

    • Zakir Khan
      Zakir Khan Year ago

      haha u saw Gordon Ramsay's video of him with the chicken that is harder than a bone!

  • Bryan Lujano
    Bryan Lujano Year ago +2

    you should do kids react hot wing challenge

  • Karsten Johansson
    Karsten Johansson Year ago +4

    Peanut Butter and Onion ..... you've just started a great Thai dish. Don't discount man!

  • Red Venom
    Red Venom Year ago +2

    I love morgans shirt.. GUNS N ROSES

  • malia greene
    malia greene Year ago +3

    I eat mayonnaise with pizza all the time

  • Bianca Nasution
    Bianca Nasution Year ago +1

    Do a big bowl of ice cream 🍦 lol

  • sailure1
    sailure1 Year ago +1

    thats NOT hot sauce... thats Tabasco...its not the same thing... FRANKS is hot sauce...

  • Bali Singh
    Bali Singh Year ago +5

    Madison is so pretty

  • Thiago de Bronze
    Thiago de Bronze Year ago


  • IzCreamy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Me: oh I don't need the toppings. I just want to pizza

  • Josimar Silos
    Josimar Silos Year ago

    try not to sing/rap challange

  • Yesenia Guadalupe
    Yesenia Guadalupe Year ago +4

    4:41 that's my Boi in the house

  • Gothic Gamer
    Gothic Gamer Year ago +4

    I always I eat my pizza with marshmallows and rasberries

  • some body
    some body Year ago +1

    Maybe You Could do a Sims 4 Random Genetics Challenge?

  • 99 WayPoint
    99 WayPoint Year ago +3

    Morgan looks like Shuan the sheep

  • Valnain
    Valnain Year ago

    Man aise.

  • Shrooms
    Shrooms Year ago +15


    • H H
      H H Year ago +3

      Mystery Mushrooms bc even that doesnt belong on pizza

    • The Real River
      The Real River Year ago +10

      Mystery Mushrooms Pineapple is amazing on pizza 🍍👌🏼

  • Keanu Regohos
    Keanu Regohos Year ago +79

    Dude Michelle And Brandon Are Hella Funny 😂😂

  • Zenses
    Zenses Year ago +13

    Where the "🅱o n e l e s s" pizza at?

  • Gaming Damage
    Gaming Damage Year ago +3

    What are their problems, like I would totally eat all of these and have no issues.

  • Hazel chavez
    Hazel chavez Year ago +7

    Ethan James is Daddy 😍

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof Year ago

    At 0:15 it showed my boy name and yes I'm a boy

    COURO’S WORLD Year ago +4

    Tabasco is normally what i put on my chipotle bowl its not that spicy really xd

  • Isaí Hernández Ontiveros

    tabasco isn't hot sauce XD

  • Christopher Burke
    Christopher Burke Year ago +1

    I would go for the peanut butter though

  • Christopher Burke
    Christopher Burke Year ago +3

    Man that pizza took a heavy punishment on some of them

  • amelia eyres
    amelia eyres Year ago


  • Masami Tsubaki
    Masami Tsubaki Year ago +1

    Out of all of them, I could eat Ethan's pizza.

  • Alli Beasley
    Alli Beasley Year ago +6

    I feel like the blonde girl wears the same off the shoulder shirt almost every episode she's on lol. It's cute though.

  • Matthew
    Matthew Year ago +6

    Pizza better be B O N E L E S S

  • starboy_135 _246
    starboy_135 _246 Year ago +1

    PLEASE DO THE 3am change 👏

  • Hayleigh Vuong
    Hayleigh Vuong Year ago

    Why is morgan so transparent ???

  • Gabriel Alvarez
    Gabriel Alvarez Year ago

    Chocolate and Pizza do mix

  • Aesthrix XCA
    Aesthrix XCA Year ago +2

    Guys, give them level 2 pizza topping challenge. This time, usual toppings, BUT role a dice (or what so ever) to determine the quantity of ingredients!

  • BossKarp
    BossKarp Year ago +4

    in high school, I coated my pizza with mustard or mayonnaise to fend off my friends from my pizza. Ever since, I've had a taste for mayo and mustard on my pizza.

  • ShadowCheeseGaming
    ShadowCheeseGaming Year ago +4

    Lol only ninja turtles like this sort of pizza

  • Arturo Balderas
    Arturo Balderas Year ago +3

    I want to be Brandon's friend he seems like a chill guy

  • Jime Diez
    Jime Diez Year ago +4

    Am I the only one who likes mayo?

    • RamoJango
      RamoJango Year ago

      Jime Diez nope

    • Ayo
      Ayo Year ago +2

      Jime Diez Nope I love mayo. I used to eat it with bread when I was younger😶

    • meep meep
      meep meep Year ago +1

      Jime Diez yes

  • Zakaria Abdi
    Zakaria Abdi Year ago +4

    Brandon is my favorite reactor

  • Brookesrandomlife 117

    I actually eat onions on my pizza regularly!

  • Emerson Abergel
    Emerson Abergel Year ago +1

    EAT ISREALI FOOD/SNACKS/CANDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emerson Abergel
      Emerson Abergel Year ago

      fxDELTAx no what i was saying was to do food snacks or candy

    • fxDELTAx
      fxDELTAx Year ago

      You mean EATSREALI FOOD

  • Leah Mateus
    Leah Mateus Year ago +1


    • Avix crevenza
      Avix crevenza Year ago

      luna poo what

    • Simon
      Simon Year ago +1

      luna poo it's a snack...not the actual fish

  • Gabriel Wickander
    Gabriel Wickander Year ago +1

    Try swedish candies!!! :D

  • Judgment89
    Judgment89 Year ago +3

    I've actually ordered a pizza with pickles, onion, pineapple, canned tuna and mayoneisse. Topped it up with oregano and Tabasco of course. Delicious!

  • TylerEMangurea
    TylerEMangurea Year ago +2

    make them react to the 3:00 am challenge

  • Dieguillo Velazquez De Jesus

    warm mayo is suppose to be toxic

  • luz ramos
    luz ramos Year ago +2

    Morgan kind of looks like hayley williams

  • Robyn Lashbrook
    Robyn Lashbrook Year ago +5

    Madison: Oh god I got hot sauce *gets Tabasco sauce*

  • Hay Hailey_savage

    smoothie challenge

  • nat.bhm
    nat.bhm Year ago +1

    what a waste ...

    • BiggySenech
      BiggySenech Year ago

      natalia.b Yeah...they could have used a little one...

  • Samuel Mapayi
    Samuel Mapayi Year ago +10

    At least their pizzas are BONELESS

  • Hayley
    Hayley Year ago

    Have the kids do this!!!!

  • \\Kawaii Bear//
    \\Kawaii Bear// Year ago +2

    5:45 i seriously just cant stop laughing😂😂😂😂

  • Blue Tuscani
    Blue Tuscani Year ago +4

    Brandon is so funny, he's my favorite reactor so far, keep the good work dude!

  • Jess Lea
    Jess Lea Year ago +5

    Brandon is my spirit animal

  • Rhio Cera
    Rhio Cera Year ago +1

    whuaat! prunes are sooo goood!

  • SandZwischenDenZehen

    Dionte and Morgan are the BEST! So positive and chill! :)

  • Awie Vu
    Awie Vu Year ago +1

    ethan why you so handsome..????

  • Batty Steve
    Batty Steve Year ago +8

    1:51 I ship them and always will

  • o yeah mr krabs
    o yeah mr krabs Year ago +3

    dionte is a cinnamon roll, and therefore, must be protected