Xbox One AJ Interview w/ Major Nelson


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  • Jay N
    Jay N 20 hours ago

    Fuck Major Nelson

  • Bubba Booey
    Bubba Booey 13 days ago

    5 years later still makes me cringe

  • Scarce Hyperion
    Scarce Hyperion 16 days ago

    I'm glad Xbox have cleaned up their act now but damn, around the release everything the higher ups said just screamed "buy a PS4".

  • Exvalos
    Exvalos 16 days ago

    Oh if only Microsoft could have seen there future on this day.

  • sesshomaru2005
    sesshomaru2005 17 days ago

    and so the xbox one die before born. thy fuck*d it up. and ps4 stole the generation of consoles.

  • Utkrista Acharya
    Utkrista Acharya Month ago

    they were right..this is the all time online gen! that drm feature would have been awesome allowing to make disc based games digital!

  • Brandon x22
    Brandon x22 2 months ago

    I’m so glad Xbox is STILL suffering, they deserve the huge loss

  • Marcus K
    Marcus K 2 months ago +2

    AJ was intimidated and silenced by corporate bullies.

  • Doomsday 345
    Doomsday 345 3 months ago +1

    This is so funny to look back on. Xbox is pretty much dead this gen now with exclusives getting cancelled, the X which is basically a next gen console with tons of power but no games to play on it, and even Phil Spencer has said they'll probably never catch up to Sony. what a mess they made this gen.

  • Fallout Boy
    Fallout Boy 3 months ago +1

    "Xbox one is the future" *Mass Effect music plays*
    xD that sounded a bit cheesy

  • Adam Morrell
    Adam Morrell 3 months ago +1

    R.I.P. xbox gaming

  • J Bird
    J Bird 3 months ago

    And where is the Xbox one now ?!

  • Mercy Wolff
    Mercy Wolff 3 months ago +1

    abit cringe

  • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

    pretty sure this guy didnt realize it would get like 1 mil views thats why he being a CUNT, he doesnt give a fuck aboout gamers

  • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

    this dude is a fucker no need to respect him, fuck this guy

  • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!


  • Owais Wolf Sheikh
    Owais Wolf Sheikh 4 months ago

    Ok so you were mad at jeff but u had nothing bad to say about major nelson for being a major DICK! *Claps* the double standards Angry joe has!

  • Apple God
    Apple God 5 months ago +1

    This was intense awkward, it was like a battle but at the same time like an awkward convo

  • Valentino A
    Valentino A 5 months ago +2

    AHAHAHAHAHA i still watch this interview, it's sooo awkward at times XD

  • Pro Schmidt
    Pro Schmidt 5 months ago

    In the future, PS4 outsells Xbox One. Basically 3 PS4's sold = 1 Xbox One sold Major Nelshole

  • Joel Embiid Is A Bitch
    Joel Embiid Is A Bitch 5 months ago

    LMAOOO they just want your money😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 5 months ago +1

    Major Nelson was getting pissed off u can tell by his face, and the Microsoft cloud HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO

  • Jeremy Langford
    Jeremy Langford 5 months ago +2

    Corporate scumbag!

  • Jake Loos
    Jake Loos 5 months ago +1

    major nelson isn't a gamer. no gamer would be down for this.

  • Killer Tone47
    Killer Tone47 6 months ago +1

    Fuck you larry and you gloves

  • Jason Duffy
    Jason Duffy 6 months ago +1

    Have you ever considered saying “this isnt me you’re answering, this is 2 million fans you’re answering to. So i suggest that you conduct yourself appropriately.” Like seriously.. do that next time.

  • tom brady is the goat
    tom brady is the goat 6 months ago

    Angry joe is the jesus of gaming...the jog

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 6 months ago +1

    Look at that faggot's face avoiding questions , no wonder ps4 outsold xbox 2:1

  • The Feral Wolf
    The Feral Wolf 6 months ago

    Major Zero vs Angry Snake, shut down XBOX Sons of the Patriots (SOP).

  • Marc Dacascos
    Marc Dacascos 6 months ago +2

    Major dick

  • Retro Brain
    Retro Brain 7 months ago

    ...and almost 4 years later PS4 kicked XOne’s ass by a lot! Lol

  • Killjoy McGiggles
    Killjoy McGiggles 7 months ago

    "The cloud". Is that being used the way they intended so long ago yet? No, I don't mean saving games in the cloud. And where the fuck is my Hololens? Irrelevant, I just sold my Dustbox today. Fuck M$.

  • Garry Pebbles
    Garry Pebbles 7 months ago +1

    Major Nelson seemed like a dick only taking about the family thing

  • Mubarak Alqahtani
    Mubarak Alqahtani 7 months ago

    what happened to joy's voice

    UBERGEEKZILLA 7 months ago +5

    Joe is the real fucking deal. You can tell Major Nelson was struggling big time because Joe was asking him the questions none of the bought journalists were willing to ask.

  • DeadlyClownBeats
    DeadlyClownBeats 8 months ago

    Angry joe my favorite boriqua!!! Wepaaaaa!!!! Joe if u have work for a music producer lmk!!! Check me out!

  • Pat Thomas
    Pat Thomas 8 months ago +1

    Major Dickson

  • Jeremy Wininger
    Jeremy Wininger 8 months ago

    "It's not something that can just be switched off". Still haven't bought an Xbox after they tried this bullshit. I was an Xbox hardcore fanboy. Lost me for life

  • MythsQueue
    MythsQueue 9 months ago +1

    Larry Hyrb is a weird dude

  • Turdman Jones
    Turdman Jones 9 months ago +3

    He took the microphone out of joes hand 😂

  • Huey Blue
    Huey Blue 9 months ago


  • I RickGrimes I
    I RickGrimes I 9 months ago

    It's even better watching this 4 years later. Major Nelson did everything he could to defend xbox.

  • CyphaBorg
    CyphaBorg 10 months ago +1

    *Powah of the cloud* Yeah thats why we have a system now that A: No longer touts Kinect and B:No longer talks about clouds.

  • Johnny Mejia
    Johnny Mejia 10 months ago +1

    And they just flipped a switch...

  • Colin Boots
    Colin Boots 11 months ago

    his body language is like he just fuckin wants to eat joe lol

  • Mandee Z
    Mandee Z 11 months ago

    why is it impossible to launch world wide, not just usa? if there is billions in the wallet, it can be done, legal matters were just bs avoidance tactic, what kind of country would ignore gaming industry? okay, lets not count north korea...

  • Spencer The Journalist
    Spencer The Journalist 11 months ago

    Geez it's like the Xbox one s and the Xbox one X are completely different consoles. Kudos to Microsoft and Phill Spencer for making a complete 180.

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Xbox is shit Sony rules

  • Mc juggie squad
    Mc juggie squad 11 months ago

    this guy is just....rude

  • T-Bone
    T-Bone 11 months ago

    this is the reason why i stuck with PC. Its just between you and the publishers. While you may be sucked into DRM, i just dont like the dishonesty here of Microsoft.

  • CH Patr
    CH Patr Year ago +1

    Major nelson. ALL HAIL KING OF DOUCHE !

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Year ago +1

    Why do I feel like Joe and major are just spiting at each other.......

  • Kaskade atb
    Kaskade atb Year ago

    PCs are the future.

  • Portal Gun To infinity

    Keep up the good work

  • lyomon
    lyomon Year ago

    its awkward cuz joe doesnt give a fuck about this guy he his friend to corporate comando

  • Black Hyorinmaru
    Black Hyorinmaru Year ago

    I know this is really late but major nelson was very shady, especially with the whole I'm not a "this" are you a "this".

  • He Man
    He Man Year ago +1

    Can we please start a movement to get major nelson off our xbox weekly videos

  • Mr O
    Mr O Year ago +1

    Lol now I see why the industry hates Joe. He asks what the people really care about. The only thing I remember from this other guy. Is the future.

  • Axel's DDO Channel

    oh man, even all these years later this is so hard to watch.

  • PuralityHD
    PuralityHD Year ago

    Tether to your phone...does this clown know how much that would cost over time?

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson Year ago

    Awkward AF! Car-Salesman Nelson is a Major Dick.

  • PC GameBoy
    PC GameBoy Year ago

    There is a family plan on Steam you can share each others library on Steam now..

  • Vega Lucas
    Vega Lucas Year ago

    If you complain to someone and telling you that are you one of the supporter, tell this "Dont try to defend yourself! i'll make your job more improve than you ever think.. so shut it!"

  • CoolsBreeze
    CoolsBreeze Year ago

    AJ was asking all the right questions while Nelson was a complete dick.

  • AngryTeddyBeer
    AngryTeddyBeer Year ago

    I will say this polite, I just don't like Nelson.

  • tommy rick
    tommy rick Year ago

    fuck xbox

  • Branden Plays Games

    this was a little cringe to watch because of how much damn tension there was...

  • mehrdad hamedi
    mehrdad hamedi Year ago

    is it just me or is Major Nelson pretty uncomfortable?

  • Akram Safirul
    Akram Safirul Year ago

    7:02 when your bullshit alarm started ringing but you gotta keep it cool
    edit: lol why did i even watch this in 2017

  • Ricochetrabitt
    Ricochetrabitt Year ago

    M. Nelson doesn't know shit from shit.hes just a paid lackey.

  • Cooper Morgan
    Cooper Morgan Year ago

    Great Work Joe !

  • Cayden2cool///Cayden Miller

    I'm the only who see's that huge pimple /Or mic I'm not I'm sure it's a pimple on that guy (major N.) face

  • CornBreadCuban
    CornBreadCuban Year ago

    I hate how a lot of the gaming industry is so defensive off the bat. They don't acknowledge our genuine concerns with their policies they implement to rain in more control. The cloud can be used for wonderful things but it can also limit you if you can't play a game if you're not connected to the Internet for 24 hours. The cloud should be used as a pair of wings and not be chain expanding our capabilities and gameplay not telling us how and when we can play.
    For instants discounts like steam you could argue that they don't have to produce discs ship them and store them so that creates a large savings on the company's behalf which could be put into decent sales time and again for the customers benefit.
    Now instead of defensively meeting arguments about what steam offers and doesn't you also could say that that cost savings on a disk merely get transferred to server farms and upkeep. This immediate defensiveness shows how many interviews or preplanned and Scripted. It also shows how closed off they are when it comes to customer concerns.
    And it's for this reason as soon as this system came out I switch to PC.

  • James Pummell
    James Pummell Year ago +1

    man who's watching in 2017, FUCK XBOX!!!! ps4 all the way.

  • Milad Davaran
    Milad Davaran Year ago

    Major Nelson is a nice guy

  • dat boi meme cop
    dat boi meme cop Year ago

    why did he grab the mic ?! unless he was trying to be a dick then he did a great job

  • Anthony Bruce
    Anthony Bruce Year ago

    It's weird coming back to this vid and realizing, after 4 years, that this is kind of where Microsoft and Xbox dropped off of Joe's channel in general; He has been trying to touch on a few titles here and there, but tbh Xbox One has been pushed off to the side since this interview and it shows. Hell he's even mentioned the fact that "some companies are d*cks" when regarding his reviews and commentary.
    I hate to say but tbh Microsoft has a HUGE undertaking with the X model because nothing really "mind-blowing" has come out of the Xbox One consoles apart from UHD Blu-ray native support... which might not even full UHD support, unless they have the cheapest UHD drive ever installed. :P

  • Gueldi 8
    Gueldi 8 Year ago

    such a shame that ppl saved xbox could have been just ps4 by now

    • CGI Ireland
      CGI Ireland Year ago

      Wow, you'd like a console monopoly. Paying more for consoles, games and online services because no competition exists.

  • 86blueberrymuffins

    "do you want to go to the future with me Joe?" lol *waves arm*

  • 86blueberrymuffins


    ROMEY RUSH Year ago

    sarcasm flying all over the place.

  • Serhat Uzun
    Serhat Uzun Year ago +1

    Microsoft screwed up, but at least they try to redress it with the upcoming Xbox One X.

  • Abynax Plays
    Abynax Plays Year ago +1


  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Year ago

    You can tell Angry Joe had to suck a few dicks to get this interview

  • RPG Hero
    RPG Hero Year ago

    DOES STEAM HAVE A FAMILY PLAN screw u nelson

  • LangerzCorner 1
    LangerzCorner 1 Year ago

    Joe is a fuckin saint

  • Frappelychee
    Frappelychee Year ago

    I'm so glad Angry Joe was so professional here. As long as someone doesn't physically hurt you, things shouldn't go sour in your train of thoughts. All you should get from this incident is that Major Nelson was VERY ticked off, and....Joe got that message haha. Joe aknowledged by saying Nelson is a really good person, as in he knew of him since the Xbox Original. Anyone who would have physically harmed Major belongs in a mental rehab facility >:3

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis Year ago

    lol I always knew Nelson looked like a cuk. Damn it shows

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis Year ago

    Lol you ruffled nellsons jimmys

  • Antony Quigley
    Antony Quigley Year ago

    the guy is a millionaire froom this channel and he was embarraqssing shuouting ouot quwstions and answers and silly laughs like an drunk kid

  • SCSG18
    SCSG18 Year ago

    good tough hard hitting questions you won't find from mainstream or sell out other youtube creators!

  • Sal otk
    Sal otk Year ago +2

    know I'm buying ps4

  • Brady W
    Brady W Year ago

    I love how when Joe makes one mention of Steam sales, Larry IMMEDIATELY interjects with "Can you give a game on Steam?" LOL!!!
    It just makes me laugh thinking about how much this guy must fucking LOATHE Steam. Every night when he goes to bed his ears are probably ringing with all the questions he's been asked relating the new Xbox Live/Cloud to Steam.
    EDIT: BTW, when did Steam release it's family plan where you can share games? I can't even remember when the implemented that and I'm guessing it happened sometime after this video was posted.

  • Erik Blair
    Erik Blair Year ago

    I could never be so corporately dishonest as Nelson, I get he could loose his job for being more honest, but I can't give him much respect for his dishonesty.

  • Abobster
    Abobster Year ago

    11:35 *facepalm

  • Master LP
    Master LP Year ago

    Mad props to joe for pointing out the flaws and speaking the truth

  • Zach Lenk
    Zach Lenk Year ago

    i hate major nelson so much

  • Hatedj
    Hatedj Year ago

    Major Nelson handler had him duck all DRM questions....smh, im not surprised lol

  • 35823582
    35823582 Year ago

    Joe, as you are getting older, you are getting more zen, and focused. LoL.. yeah respect his time, and the fact that this is a business.. don't burn your Bridges in the industry. You are also sticking to what you believe in, and what you know the fans want.

  • Damian Dochev
    Damian Dochev Year ago

    if xbox one is the future i need a time machine...