The History of Lipstick

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017
  • Lipstick: protection against evil spirits or paint for ladies of the night? I take a dive into the history of lipsticks and see how this makeup has evolved over the last few thousand years! And thank you so much to Audible for sponsoring this video! Get a free 30-day trial & first book free today by signing up at .
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    Written In Blood
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    Noir Red
    Besame Red
    Victory Red
    Wild Orchid
    Portrait Pink
    Chocolate Kiss
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    Mind The Gap
    Swede Potatoes
    Bing Bang Bong
    In The Parlour
    Tipperary Cheerful
    Why Do You Do
    Swing Swing Swing
    Music Hall
    Very Naughty Boy
    Tea And Cakes
    Snap Your Cap
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +7619

    HELLO MY BBs! I'm so sorry for the late night upload, I hope you guys enjoy this strange deep dive into the history of lipsticks! Who got a notif for this video? Love, Saf

    • baby mouse
      baby mouse 17 days ago

      Lol a lady like video throwback

    • TheArtist InYou
      TheArtist InYou 2 months ago

      You should do the history of eyeshadows

    • Kirsten Swaddles
      Kirsten Swaddles 4 months ago


    • megan wood
      megan wood 5 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard I love ur vids saf ur amazing and ur vids and so fun and informative and fun to watch 😍 I’d love u as a friend 💕

  • Emily H
    Emily H 3 hours ago

    Color changing lipstick isn't new. Ranger is color change going from orange to pink you can still buy it on the Vermont country store website to btw

  • Theresa C
    Theresa C 2 days ago

    13:11 glossy taco. Make cristine proud. Taco.

  • Chloe Detterbeck
    Chloe Detterbeck 4 days ago


  • MissCaraMint
    MissCaraMint 9 days ago

    Wait did you blur cleopatras boobs? Is that an algorithm thing? We have gone too far when we must blur artwork like this.

  • Faith Gopaulsingh
    Faith Gopaulsingh 11 days ago

    Older makeup cases are smarter and more convenient then the ones today

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven 11 days ago +1

    My science teacher always wears teal eyeliner, subtle black eyeshadow, and light pink lipstick
    Always I’ve never seen her without it

  • Catherine Morrison
    Catherine Morrison 12 days ago

    The book you show with the Cleopatra shaped tube is Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge x

  • Barbara Dixon
    Barbara Dixon 13 days ago

    Excellent and informative vidoe! Love it!

  • Frosty Art
    Frosty Art 13 days ago

    I pay attention to your videos mainly because you move your arms so much, thanks for helping me finish a school project!

  • Eunice Dianne Lardizabal

    That packaging with mirror looks really cool! I wish they make a come back..

  • Patricia Ronczy
    Patricia Ronczy 15 days ago

    I love your history videos, Safiya! Always a nice concise overview but clearly well-researched.

  • TheArtist InYou
    TheArtist InYou 17 days ago

    Do the history of eyeshadows plz

  • Morgan LaRue
    Morgan LaRue 18 days ago

    Where did you get the 20's lipstick tube?

  • Michelle Flores
    Michelle Flores 18 days ago

    Why was this under the Eyeshadow section?

  • Noah Small
    Noah Small 19 days ago

    Lemme correct safiya fron around 13:00 glossy TACO*

  • Akari Hernandez
    Akari Hernandez 21 day ago

    I've been safiya-d into learning

  • The potato destroyer girl

    U should do a history of eyeshadow

  • Sun :3
    Sun :3 Month ago

    I’d be interested in brows, nail polish and shoe trends along the years!

  • Sun :3
    Sun :3 Month ago

    That girl looks like one of the Olsen twins...

  • P. M.
    P. M. Month ago

    Did you notice that her lip color changes throughout the video?

  • Chocibunny
    Chocibunny Month ago

    Loved the History lesson

  • Sallie Ryder
    Sallie Ryder Month ago

    I really enjoyed watching this video and learning so much about my FAVORITE Beauty product! At last count I have over 400 lipsticks and just purchased 20 more this weekend! I have every brand possibly made at every price point. I think I have a problem I just can’t get enough!! Thank you for educating me on my Love lipstick!!❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Bicth
    Bicth Month ago

    for the record, kabuki was a little scandalous especially in it's beginnings, but geisha were never scandalized. I would say it held less "scandalous" connotations and more like an ornamental performer type of vibe for Edo Japan

  • Mudasser Kamal
    Mudasser Kamal Month ago

    What lipstick is she wearing at the start!!!

  • Nonspecific
    Nonspecific Month ago

    Rad Abbachio cosplay

  • SuppSamanthaa
    SuppSamanthaa Month ago

    You pronounce cochineal like KOH-chi-neel.

  • Juliette Roberts
    Juliette Roberts Month ago

    funny how the future will eventually learn about us, the past

  • Lara Kuntschik
    Lara Kuntschik Month ago

    Love the vid nid mor histori of buty prodocts

  • Suzanna
    Suzanna Month ago

    This was super cool and interesting!

  • Katie Newton
    Katie Newton Month ago +1

    If u don’t like expired makeup look away

  • Ella's Club
    Ella's Club Month ago

    Does anybody else just like a comment because let's say it's at 799 likes and I want it to be even. Okay.... Yup just me

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    Educational *clap* *clap*

  • Vintage Colored Aesthetics

    Marie Doro at 6:51

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    Why is it that I will watch this video, Learning random information that I care nothing about, but I can’t bring myself to search and watch things that I actually want to learn about... I think it’s just sof...

  • Júlia Schoen
    Júlia Schoen 2 months ago

    Here in Brazil we call this Annato: Urucum. They grow on really tall bushes. I used to paint pictures and my body with it (just like brazil's indians did).

  • Alpha Wolf Doggo
    Alpha Wolf Doggo 2 months ago

    Me: *puts on lipstick*
    19 century: " what the hell? you fucking slut'

  • Sideshow Kaz’ Stuff
    Sideshow Kaz’ Stuff 2 months ago

    Matt liquid lipsticks are a life saver. Nothing sticks to them like gloss and they come in a gloss bottle so no lid to just slip off when I don’t want it to.

  • Riley help me
    Riley help me 2 months ago

    Your brows are looking so good in this vid xxx

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    Taekook ShitDow! 2 months ago

    This is what schools should teach up

  • Charlie Buckley
    Charlie Buckley 2 months ago +1

    when you said carmine i thought of Carmen Sandiago
    Carmen sounds like carmine
    Sandiago the first four letters spell SAND like the tinted sand
    her coat color is called scarlet which is a type of red just like carmine
    so thief or makeup
    but that's just a theory a makeup theory thanks for reading

  • Oof Bean
    Oof Bean 2 months ago

    6:05 wOw chInAs Art skIllz thOUgh

  • Oof Bean
    Oof Bean 2 months ago

    6:02 wOw chInAs Art skIllz thOUgh

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    Jess Chrz 2 months ago

    That push up lipstick tube with the mirror is genius.

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    Am I the only one who noticed the lipstick color changes from sentence to sentence?

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  • My journey with Crohns Disease

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  • Rose Renee
    Rose Renee 2 months ago

    You should do one on hair color/dye. It has a very unique history like the lipstick.

  • Lisa  Jones
    Lisa Jones 2 months ago

    Safiya: ever since we figured at we can paint we started to paint our selfs
    Me: does that count as pen and marker or no cuz I do that a lot

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    Alaina Hamilton 2 months ago

    I am way late to the Safiya game but I love these history videos!!! More more more!! I actually love all the videos!

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    baily de los santos 2 months ago

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    Jerry Hesch 2 months ago

    15:14 proves that Rihanna always takes amazing pictures

    • Jerry Hesch
      Jerry Hesch 2 months ago

      actually, it's 13:04, I looked at the wrong time

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    R Alexandra 2 months ago

    I really enjoy these “history of” videos... would love to see more!

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  • Hi Im here
    Hi Im here 2 months ago

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    beepbeep_reetreet wow 2 months ago

    The mini makeup kit should still exist

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    Loki Studios 2 months ago

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    Wala Abdelhalim 2 months ago

    “Rouge” is very similar to the Arabic translation of lipstick روج (pronounced as roj)

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    12:50 They marketed a lip plumper called Lip Venom and got away with it? Genious x)

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    Fun fact in the forties lipstick was considered patriotic because hitler hated lipstick

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    Betsa Be 3 months ago

    I love lipstick but I HATE how it feels on the lips so I never use it :(

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    Rosie Muffins 3 months ago +1

    Were you a history major in college by any chance? you're clearly awesome at it!

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    Kalentine 4 months ago

    I'd also like to share that in the forties, Hitler reportedly hated lipstick and that's why it was considered a patriotic duty to wear lipstick in America

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    Eve Wilson 4 months ago

    i just realized one of the backround songs in the video (6:33 - 7:10) is "Its a long way to tipperary, which is one of my favorite songs!

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