RazörFist Arcade: THIEF 20th Anniversary Stream

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • The greatest Stealth series ever made turns 20 today! Come feel old with us.
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  • Elephants Are Cool
    Elephants Are Cool 11 months ago +3

    I used to do a lot of weird serial killer stuff with Thief. Such as killing everyone on the map and storing all their bodies in the same room in a way that formed a pattern. Such as a civilian than a guard and then another civilian all in a neat row. Or I would base my pattern on gender. Or I would stealth kill every single woman on the map and then drag all their bodies into the same room without alerting any of the men. Sometimes I would transport them without killing them and only begin the execution once I had them all safely out of sight.

    I was probably like eight or maybe seven at the time and I was officially the creepy kid. I also did a lot of weird shit in HitMan 2. Except now I was stripping the bodies down to their underwear. Incidentally Postal 2 is one of my favourite games. Chopping some random innocent person's head off. Setting that head on fire. Then kicking that flaming severed head into a crowd just to watch them burn. video games used to be so much more wholesome.

  • Elephants Are Cool
    Elephants Are Cool 11 months ago +2

    At first playing thief was quite intimidating when I was a kid. But eventually I figured out that if you get the timing right you can just kill everyone by stabbing them in the face. It's as simple as jump forward hit them with the sword then jumped back as they swing and then jump forward again. Once you get the timing right you really can just storm any fortress using that strategy.

    I understand this completely destroys the point. But I'm just saying that you really can play it as a more traditional video game if you want.

  • teddyharvester
    teddyharvester Year ago

    Probably an unpopular opinion - for some reason I really like the Bonehoard mission, apart from the firebreathing dinosaurs. I think it's the exploration and traps that make that level for me.

  • Citizen Se7en
    Citizen Se7en Year ago +4

    The Thief series has always been one my favorites. I can remember times (especially in Thief II) where the game damn near scared the shit out of me.

  • withtheheyheyithurts

    Fuck you I love breaking Benjamin 😂

  • Dean Medcalf
    Dean Medcalf Year ago

    would love to see a revisit of the dark mod as it has reached a land mark new version since the last play through

  • harizotoh7
    harizotoh7 Year ago

    Spoony doesn't play tabletop games anymore so he ran out of stories. he isolates and never leaves the house.

    • BearCup
      BearCup Year ago

      harizotoh7 Your profile pic fits this comment perfectly

  • gotrek44
    gotrek44 Year ago +1

    Spoony doesn't do free interviews. His own words.

  • GG Allin
    GG Allin Year ago

    Good news: George Bush Sr has kicked the bucket and will enjoy inhaling Satan's anal vapour for eternity.

  • President Snow
    President Snow Year ago +2

    ...quite possibly my favorite game of all time.

  • Fernando Caballero

    Garret killed George Bush Sr by slitting his throat with a Sabaton CD.

  • This Bird Has Flown
    This Bird Has Flown Year ago +1

    I always found that a funny comment on the original video, but took it as a joke, not a legitimate argument.
    That is, your comment on people who say the game's too dark, which you argue that of course it is because it's in the title. Hilarious, except the word 'dark' doesn't refer to the in-game gamma settings...
    I really doubt the devs would make a game where you can't see 3 feet in front of you. Which even if you lack common sense should be clear since there's a fuckin' gamma setting in the menu and is bound to two keys.

  • Andrew Matthias
    Andrew Matthias Year ago +1

    Can someone link the background being used at 1:47? Thanks in advance.

  • blackbull77
    blackbull77 Year ago

    Bryce Harper will never go to the Phillies if the Nationals have anything to do with it. Also, the Phillies have picked up Jean Segura from the Seattle. The Phillies will give up J.P. Crawford and Carlos Santana.

  • Metsän Otus
    Metsän Otus Year ago

    Is it just me or is Big T developing some kind of a Southern accent?

  • Terrible Flash Animation

    Do you think Reazorfist likes Sabbaton?

  • IMMentat
    IMMentat Year ago

    36:40 I have no problem with small dev-team sizes until that same dev team gets handed a project a studio 10 times the size would struggle to produce and are then handed a low budget, no talent and severe time restrictions.
    Bethesda has been a B grade dev walking among giants for so long that they started to telltale their own product line long before telltale rose, balooned and promptly imploded.

    • IMMentat
      IMMentat Year ago

      1:31:35 Are you a thief or a damned taffer?

  • TheFool'sArcana
    TheFool'sArcana Year ago +1

    Your master teef- oh wait, wrong game.

  • Muck006
    Muck006 Year ago

    Well if you "roam the plains" in RDR2 you should get some "uniform" ... confederate or union though?

  • aleidius
    aleidius Year ago +15

    Do you think Sabaton knows that George Bush died?

  • dimezreconB4
    dimezreconB4 Year ago

    Name the digital time and place for RD2...

  • Spengbab
    Spengbab Year ago +10

    "To see a Keeper is not an easy thing, especially one who does not wish to be seen."

  • Darkest Iron
    Darkest Iron Year ago +1


  • M92 QUAD
    M92 QUAD Year ago +1

    Need fellow fisters to join my rdr2 posse interested in rampaging for Max dishonor. Xbox "Django Biggums" my character is a 60yo former slave with a horse named Welfare

  • Meth Damon
    Meth Damon Year ago

    Anal sex is a lot like spinach: if you're forced to have it as a child, you won't enjoy it as an adult.

  • J-Wolf17FTW
    J-Wolf17FTW Year ago


  • Torgo1969
    Torgo1969 Year ago

    2:24:22 LOL at "I already have to pee and I don't want to urinate in my pants here on the stream". That would really put the stream in the stream!

  • J.C. Denton
    J.C. Denton Year ago

    No video on George Bush's death yet

  • crusadersaracen
    crusadersaracen Year ago

    what was the song they were playing in the beginning of the stream?

  • Gadget Boy
    Gadget Boy Year ago

    2:11:40 just book marking it for myself

  • Hardcore Bunny
    Hardcore Bunny Year ago +3

    No offence Razor but I’m pretty sure Spooney is pretty left leaning, he might actually hate a lot of your viewpoints and not want to associate with you out of principal.

    • This Bird Has Flown
      This Bird Has Flown Year ago

      There's a reason Razorfist has done few collabs outside of political arguments.

    • Suodemon
      Suodemon Year ago

      Last image I saw of him recently was side shaved with a giant 70s pron 'stache. Dating April definitely pushed him to shit lib territory

  • Patrick Mason
    Patrick Mason Year ago +1

    Can anybody point me in the direction of that synthwave band Razor and Terran were talking about between 1:20:00 and 1:25:00 ? Animatronic, was it? I can't find anything about them on Google or TheXvid.

  • Emperor Mark Hayes
    Emperor Mark Hayes Year ago +1

    Bush is dead

  • Steffen Bolz
    Steffen Bolz Year ago +4

    Oh my, looks like Thief Simulator got an awesome update I hadn't heard about!

  • Artur Filipe Castanha
    Artur Filipe Castanha Year ago +14

    Blind Guardian Mythos? would love to hear your opinion on Nightfall and Somewhere Far beyond

    • Tacoshotgun
      Tacoshotgun Year ago

      No “Into the Storm” or “Mirror Mirror”? My favorite is “The Soulforged” but I think we can all agree on just how epic Blind Guardian is.

    • ZeOverman
      ZeOverman Year ago +2

      Slowly it crept in and changed us all...
      Slowly it crept in and changed us all..
      Love that album. Silmarillion is criminally neglected piece of work.

    • M92 QUAD
      M92 QUAD Year ago +3

      Blind guardian + demons and wizards mythos

    • Ghost in The shell
      Ghost in The shell Year ago +4

      Blind guardian is amazing

  • Bentraxx
    Bentraxx Year ago +1

    Nice stream ;-) About the OBS problem. Go into your Thief Gold folder and open up the file "cam_ext.cfg" with notepad and search for ;d3d_disp_no_rgb10_buf
    Remove the semicolon (;) at the front, save and exit. Streaming with OBS should work now! greetings

  • pigriser
    pigriser Year ago +2

    Play a decent game. Heard of MGS?

    • pigriser
      pigriser Year ago +1

      Aye. I hear Raiden is great in the 2nd one.

    • MurphyTheBandChild
      MurphyTheBandChild Year ago +1

      You know, I'm not sure if I have. Is it the best thing ever made by anyone?

  • RevolutionNo1
    RevolutionNo1 Year ago +4

    The panic in your voice when the three guards were chasing you, made me wonder how an Amnesia -the dark descent stream would go down. :D

  • Sgtsmith
    Sgtsmith Year ago +19

    Daredevil got cancelled

    • Randy Mootooveran
      Randy Mootooveran Year ago

      Maybe it's for the best. We got 2 great seasons and a pretty good 3rd season. I'd rather it ended before it got bastardized. I just hope Netflix doesn't take it down when Disney starts its new stream service.

    • Constantin
      Constantin Year ago +1

      @nintendoluigi I wouldn't be too excited about that, they announced that it'll continue on Disney's streaming service. With new actors. Ugh.

  • Trenchcoat1Sword
    Trenchcoat1Sword Year ago +1

    Kinda loud tonight. I don't mean audio. I mean, did you knock back a few?

  • NeoKenni Me
    NeoKenni Me Year ago

    Soon? Oh? When?

  • Ice Age Bear
    Ice Age Bear Year ago +5

    Word on the grapevine, Trump has now taken his gloves off. War is on, China has threatened & NWO are gonna go down fighting. Hold on tight lovers.

    • James Vennes
      James Vennes Year ago +6

      You know it's the Jews that are pushing the NWO agenda right ?

  • J Drako
    J Drako Year ago

    I'm so happy I donated to one of my favorite youtuber's thank you for everything!!!!!

  • DeepQantas
    DeepQantas Year ago +8

    "Fanatics make unreliable friends."

  • MoralSingularity
    MoralSingularity Year ago

    never played thief, now i feel that i should have. I was always on the might and magic and wizardry series, and stuff like that. btw, you probably arent old enoug, but did you ever play wizardry 1, proving grounds of the mad overlords? i played that in i think 81 and 82, on apple 2's, 2c, 2+, etc, that was a groundbreaking freaking game for the computer driven rpg series.
    One that might be more towards your era, have you ever played kohan 2? great freaking game. especially with the mods.
    While i am at it, how about star trek armada 2? the total conversion to babylon 5 was awesome, although they never did fix the occasional game killer, but sometimes you could do entire games without a problem, and seeing vorlon, shadow, mimbari, earth destroyers, centauri and narn, and able to play each one, was freaking awesome.

  • The Shadow Loaf Knows

    I'm developing a knack for missing these.
    I have Scheckels that need dispersing so that I will have answers to my innocuous questions, dammit!
    Goddamn Timezones...

  • Sk8 Rail
    Sk8 Rail Year ago

    watch my TheXvid videos west coast locals trying to get sponsored