Adults React To Epic Rap Battles Of History (They're Back!)

  • Published on Dec 15, 2018
  • Epic Rap Battles Of History reacted to by Adults. Original links below.
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    Adults React to the return of Epic Battles Of History. Watch to see their reactions.
    Content Featured:
    Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg - Epic Rap Battles of History.
    Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg. ERB Behind the Scenes
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    Adults React To Epic Rap Battles Of History (They're Back!)
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  • FBE
    FBE  8 months ago +286

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    • Kiin
      Kiin 8 months ago +1

      FBE react to Superwog

    • Æ Chromium
      Æ Chromium 8 months ago +1

      Make them react to Soviet Union

    • shaqluva123
      shaqluva123 8 months ago +1

      @FBE React to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (One scene from each season, including the final scene of the season 13 finale)!!

    • alexis ogun
      alexis ogun 8 months ago +1

      @FBE teens react to Chris Cornell please!!!!!!!!

    • Alin Ioan Ilies
      Alin Ioan Ilies 8 months ago +3

      Do a react of history bombs, in one take.
      A small youtube creator with less then 100k subs.
      He does music about historycal content: ww1, ww2, cold war and THE VIKINGS!

  • perkins xd
    perkins xd 8 months ago +8


  • Sophia Alfonso
    Sophia Alfonso 8 months ago +1

    this was the OG

  • Unicorn Turd
    Unicorn Turd 8 months ago

    Still waiting for Liza to return •_• *Plays Jeopardy Music*

  • danial najmi
    danial najmi 8 months ago +16

    They cant react properly. Lol

  • Ineone
    Ineone 8 months ago +8

    Team mark

  • The Shut-in
    The Shut-in 8 months ago +66

    Hope they do a pewdiepie vs t-series

  • nick 088
    nick 088 8 months ago +7

    0:37 he looks like musk

  • WR3K Andrew Willis
    WR3K Andrew Willis 8 months ago +14

    Have EpicLloyd and NicePeter react to this video!!! Please!!!!

  • jason wang
    jason wang 8 months ago +3

    This is great

  • UncreativeUsername
    UncreativeUsername 8 months ago

    Aligned Musket vs. zuccit

  • FadedFlames
    FadedFlames 8 months ago +1119

    1:36 That’s kinda the point of the line.

  • Alvaro Gonzalez
    Alvaro Gonzalez 8 months ago +3

    Mark Zuckerberg won

  • Juncaj Films
    Juncaj Films 8 months ago +1

    6:19 I think it was supposed to be preparation

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 8 months ago +656

    neither of them won? pretty sure both nicepeter and epic lloyd have more talent asleep than she has awake... pretty sure they're more rich and famous too.

  • Yocelin Rodriguez
    Yocelin Rodriguez 8 months ago +8

    Let the adults react to the new Broly movie pleaseeeee

  • Zecory 3
    Zecory 3 8 months ago +5

    Elon Mask joins the battle: Nyet-work

  • Nate
    Nate 8 months ago +99

    The girl with the braids expects things to be serious all the time apparently. Does she not know that not all videos are meant to be taken seriously? Thats the point of satire and comedy dipshit. Stg.

  • Amal Zayyanah
    Amal Zayyanah 8 months ago +11

    6:22 *cough* Rhett & Link *cough*

  • Mark what
    Mark what 8 months ago +12

    The best mix of nerdiness and gangster rap

  • Clayton Hurdle
    Clayton Hurdle 8 months ago +15

    At 8:28 the information box doesn’t mention Rhett & Link, frequent guest stars in the series. Did I miss some FineBros/R&L drama somewhere along the line?

  • psycho gacha wolf
    psycho gacha wolf 8 months ago +9

    FBE, please do Scotty Sire music

  • Toni Simeunić
    Toni Simeunić 8 months ago

    Adults react to GZUZ-Was hast du gedacht 💯🔥 / 187strassenbande!

  • July F C
    July F C 8 months ago +6

    React to Joana Ceddia!

  • Jon-erik sumner
    Jon-erik sumner 8 months ago +18

    Anybody else notice ERB are heavy left leaning?

    • Warren Edwards
      Warren Edwards 8 months ago

      Jon-erik sumner Nobody cares

    • Daniel Lyle
      Daniel Lyle 8 months ago +2

      Jon-erik sumner /R/IamVerySmart

    • Jon-erik sumner
      Jon-erik sumner 8 months ago

      @Axel Mellgren yes, a rather telling one.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Truth is necessary in these conversations.

    • Jon-erik sumner
      Jon-erik sumner 8 months ago

      @Coco Lime oh yes, rather funny.
      But I fail to see how this grows the conversation?

    • Jon-erik sumner
      Jon-erik sumner 8 months ago

      @Jolyne Oliver hmm.
      Nice Peterson reference.
      But, I find your comment lacking in growing the conversation.

  • Blah
    Blah 8 months ago +16


  • NoSkillButKill R6
    NoSkillButKill R6 8 months ago +1

    Spongebozz vs Gio was the best Battle in the world

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 8 months ago

    I know...

  • Nojameswhy ?
    Nojameswhy ? 8 months ago +6

    Does this channel hold up?

  • Pancakefatboy 669
    Pancakefatboy 669 8 months ago +1463

    She just doesn't know what culture is.

  • Colin Burleigh
    Colin Burleigh 8 months ago +213

    “they dropped this really cryptic video”
    video: New Bonus Battle Friday December 7th! Season 6 Spring 2019!
    “man it just came out of nowhere!”

  • Sara Vas
    Sara Vas 8 months ago +1


  • Fornite Gamer
    Fornite Gamer 8 months ago +3

    react to the Kim possible trailer

  • Hiroto GS
    Hiroto GS 8 months ago +21


  • najafhussain
    najafhussain 8 months ago +30

    I love these guys, but they are supposed to react to the rap. They should be asked to shut their pie holes till the end of the videos and then react..

    • Caitlin K.
      Caitlin K. 8 months ago +2

      Then, why bother playing the rap if they aren't saying anything? Their reactions during the video should count..

  • Christopher Carter
    Christopher Carter 8 months ago +4


    • Jack Brandon
      Jack Brandon 8 months ago

      Everybody like this for no reason so it gets top comment

  • Lovesickgirl
    Lovesickgirl 8 months ago +5

    Parents react to Disney Short Film Bao, pplleeaaasseee!

  • Christian Kretschmann
    Christian Kretschmann 8 months ago +3

    Adults react to Aggressive Retsuko when?

  • XDJimboXD
    XDJimboXD 8 months ago +1

    Adults react to ‘Time for Sushi’!

  • Marcel
    Marcel 8 months ago +15

    Resubscribed to them because of this video. I thought they were never coming back!

  • Mahmoud FiFteen
    Mahmoud FiFteen 8 months ago +11


  • Melissa Johnson
    Melissa Johnson 8 months ago +3

    React to scotty sire music!!!!

  • Nurul Syahiera
    Nurul Syahiera 8 months ago +2

    FBE, please react to the Princess rap battle after this🥺

  • Time to be Creative
    Time to be Creative 8 months ago +1

    This needs more view

  • Cavalry Unit
    Cavalry Unit 8 months ago +16

    Elders react to battlefield V

  • Ralph
    Ralph 8 months ago +8

    mark zuckerberg is a literal sociopath

  • Long Live The King
    Long Live The King 8 months ago +20

    This Elon looks so much like the Mitt Romney vid with Obama

    • Black Panther
      Black Panther 8 months ago +3

      He is.... Wait.... I feel like I'm going to be r/whooooshed

  • Akshat Mardikar
    Akshat Mardikar 8 months ago +31

    Now React to FITPHHCON t-series vs PewDiePie!!

  • Datu Shazlan Ikmal Datu Pangilan

    2:42 "MEME REVIEW!"

  • Levi Stokes
    Levi Stokes 8 months ago +41

    My favorite is Martin Luther King vs Gandhi but Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe is pretty good too.

  • Music Fuel
    Music Fuel 8 months ago +8

    I had the rap battle in my recommendations!

  • kieran harrison
    kieran harrison 8 months ago +14

    React to pewdiepie vs t series

  • Fornite Gamer
    Fornite Gamer 8 months ago +5

    React to the Kim possible live action trailer

  • Lachlan McIntosh
    Lachlan McIntosh 8 months ago +25

    This entire channel is so parasitic! Create your own content you vampires.

    • Margm Bilth
      Margm Bilth 8 months ago

      Lachlan McIntosh if only you knew how right you are...

    • ThunderVoid
      ThunderVoid 8 months ago +1

      They do... occasionally.

    • Little Miss Marina
      Little Miss Marina 8 months ago +4

      You'd rather they'd make something like "Emo Dad"?

  • sylvia saga
    sylvia saga 8 months ago +1


  • Jarlath Whittaker
    Jarlath Whittaker 8 months ago +10

    react to their pewds vs T-Series

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas 8 months ago +2210


  • Ryan Wilks
    Ryan Wilks 8 months ago +3


  • PewDiePie hi
    PewDiePie hi 8 months ago +6

    React to ceeday

  • Brandon Maples
    Brandon Maples 8 months ago +2

    React to Primus

    PANDEX 8 months ago +3

    React to Give Heart Records

  • Huntxr XO
    Huntxr XO 8 months ago +8

    Elders react to blueface

  • Joshua Rezneck
    Joshua Rezneck 8 months ago


  • Anette Ramirez
    Anette Ramirez 8 months ago


  • DramaticFool
    DramaticFool 8 months ago +3

    Ashby looks no less than 40

  • bts or dbs
    bts or dbs 8 months ago +5

    oh the battles are back (yesssssssssss) but nothing is more importent than family makes scence that theire gonne for 2 years

  • PBK Scrab
    PBK Scrab 8 months ago +3

    Finally yesssssssd

  • euan chung
    euan chung 8 months ago +15

    react to t series vs pewdiepie ERB

  • Banks Maynard
    Banks Maynard 8 months ago +8

    React to 21 Savage

    • PBK Scrab
      PBK Scrab 8 months ago

      Banks Maynard foo foo savage

  • lathif chaudhary
    lathif chaudhary 8 months ago +2

    React to nav

  • Donu
    Donu 8 months ago +69

    I feel so weird it's been so long since i last watched this channel all of these adults are the teens i used to watch

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 8 months ago +2265

    I'm not sure that that one person understood the ERB is a parody channel.

  • Saro Oras
    Saro Oras 8 months ago +17

    4:05 thats why we love Tom♥

  • eRaZe esports
    eRaZe esports 8 months ago +33

    Pewdipie vs T-Series

  • Richard Nightcore
    Richard Nightcore 8 months ago +17

    why not react to PewDiePie vs T-Series