Splendid Spoon Review 2020 - Plant-Based Food Delivery Service During My Quarantine

  • Published on Oct 7, 2020
  • Splendid Spoon, the food delivery service sent me a sample box of healthy plant-based meals during my quarantine. I'll give you a quick rundown of the tasty smoothies and delicious soups that I received in my sample box.

    ** I originally uploaded this video around quarantine time. But I wanted to share this review again for anyone interested in Splendid Spoon.**

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    As you can see I spent time in nature enjoying my smoothies. My Splendid Spoon soups were easy to carry and enjoy while enjoying the weather.

    These are the SMOOTHIES that I sampled. Which do you like?
    1. Green matcha
    2. Blueberry coconut
    3. AB & J
    4. Raspberry cacao
    5. Dragon fruit

    These are the SOUPS I tried. Which are your favorite?
    1. Cuban black bean bowl: Sweet & savory rice bowl filled with plantains & black beans.
    2. Brown rice taco bowl: Smoky tex-mex punched up with crunchy pepitas & black bean sauce.
    3. Kabocha Congee: If rice pudding was reborn as a healthy stew.
    4. Aloo Gobi Quinoa Bowl: Indian comfort-food enriched with quinoa, carrots, & red peppers.
    5. Moroccan Spiced Buckwheat: A boldly spiced bowl with warming butternut squash and currants.

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