First bath in FOUR years! Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog transformation

  • Published on Jun 16, 2021

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Comments • 12 273

  • Venus
    Venus 7 months ago +18655

    There is not a single thought running through his head. I love him.

    • Michael Diekmann
      Michael Diekmann Day ago

      @The Cheshire Shut the fuck up, nobody is talking to you

    • TraumaER
      TraumaER Day ago +1

      @The Cheshire yeah sure. Stop watching CNN and actually work hard at something.

    • The Cheshire
      The Cheshire Day ago

      @TraumaER maybe because the rich are parasites who got their money from stabbing backs and stepping on the throats of the people

    • The Cheshire
      The Cheshire Day ago

      @Michael Diekmann The comment was very obviously a joke you fucking idiot

    • Zavodila
      Zavodila 2 days ago

      Head empty, heart full

  • Tall Drink of Marmalade
    Tall Drink of Marmalade 2 months ago +2300

    Thunder is like that stoner friend that is super smart, but is just vibing at all times

  • TyrStark
    TyrStark 2 months ago +4664

    "These dogs are both cheerful and intelligent"

    Thunder's brain: [ *Elevator music* ]

    • Scorched Earth
      Scorched Earth 2 days ago

      Dogs are literally the most retarded animals on earth 🙄 mutated predators with centuries of inbreeding and genetic mutations are not intelligent. Evidence of how stupid dogs are is literally everywhere

    • M. Roman
      M. Roman 3 days ago


    • _wermz_
      _wermz_ 6 days ago +1


    • Nox1234567891011
      Nox1234567891011 9 days ago


    • Jose Gonzalez
      Jose Gonzalez 21 day ago

      Lolllllll 😂😂

  • Mariah O.
    Mariah O. 3 months ago +4127

    "these dogs are both cheerful and intelligent"

    Cut to Thunder looking like his single braincell is just ping ponging around his head. (I love him)

    • JonH
      JonH 18 hours ago

      @jb Bro your resolve is actually hard as steel

    • Jake’s aquatic world
      Jake’s aquatic world 2 days ago

      Ugh I’m so sorry what happened to this comment 😩

    • Jake’s aquatic world
      Jake’s aquatic world 2 days ago

      @sioniycs have you ever heard of a joke?

    • PureDescendedSoul
      PureDescendedSoul Month ago

      You're rude

    • jb
      jb Month ago

      @Vox Populi Oh i don't think I have difficult time at all

  • Raenafyn
    Raenafyn 2 months ago +326

    The beekeeper hat is a really smart idea for avoiding breathing in loose hair!

    • Chantal Brown
      Chantal Brown 13 days ago +3

      She needs a working jumpsuit and wellies when it comes to a biggie like this one

    • Cat C
      Cat C 28 days ago +6

      That was a serious furnado there!

    • Sean Rosenau
      Sean Rosenau 2 months ago +9

      1:55 Yup, you can see his fluff floating around 👍😍

  • jmtucker7
    jmtucker7 5 months ago +1399

    What an absolute unit. And so tolerant. He did not like any of that, until the brushing. And he was so calm.

    • Andreana Heldt
      Andreana Heldt 3 months ago +1

      @ElvishPrinceling so true

    • ElvishPrinceling
      ElvishPrinceling 4 months ago +3

      That's berners!

    • Rogue
      Rogue 4 months ago +23

      And oddly quite clean-looking for a dog who hasn’t had a bath in four years. Unless his owners bathed him at home and this is his first time in six years to an actual groomer.

    • Rin Reborn
      Rin Reborn 4 months ago +4


    • ArwinVD
      ArwinVD 4 months ago +4

      @Dirty Squirrell, I see what you did there.

  • FelisTerras
    FelisTerras 2 months ago +660

    Bernese are among the hardest breeds to anger. However, once you do..there's nothing else you *will* do.
    But this big puppy is really just a ball of fluff wrapped around a marshmallow. So sweet and patient.

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi 8 hours ago

      @Adi Nugroho yes I’m totally awesome with the idea of not being an emotional cripple. Thank you for helping me unpack that for you all lol

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi 8 hours ago

      @Adi Nugroho hey man that’s totally great. I’m not needy like some ppl. Certainly not needy and desperate enough that I’d sacrifice my dignity, my home, my health and safety of my whole community all in exchange for the toxic companionship of a mutt that is food obsessed and parasitic constantly begging for food…a behavior in which my emotional instability can misinterpret as loooove 🙄🤮🤣

    • Adi Nugroho
      Adi Nugroho 8 hours ago

      @vox populi well atleast ppl in here love dogs more than love u

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi 21 hour ago

      @The Cheshire sorry. Autistic screeching is not an argument

    • The Cheshire
      The Cheshire Day ago

      @Scorched Earth nice alt, Vox

  • Eirik Larsen
    Eirik Larsen 2 months ago +302

    The amount of hair that flews off him, is so accurate, its just hair, hair and hair. Even 1 year after my dogs passing, I still find his loose hair lying around in nooks and crooks of the house.
    Lovely video!

    • Karen Kvakestad
      Karen Kvakestad 16 days ago +2

      Oh just you wait. Mine passed over ten years ago and I still find the occasional hair even after having moved house several times after.

    • Furisca Fynn
      Furisca Fynn 20 days ago +2

      Up until July this year we had a boarder collie - we needed to hoover everyday to keep up with the amount of fur she shed. I know if I go into the tight corners and crannies of the house, I'll still find her fur.

    • Trevor Miles
      Trevor Miles 21 day ago +9

      @AJ My dog lived 16 years, and when he passed he just waddled up to me and leaned against me and sat on my lap. To this day , i swear he waited for me to come down the stairs to say good bye. Love and trust between pets and humans has to be one of the greatest of all senses we have. Not sure what to call this sixth sense between man and pets, but there it is, over and over again. Through out the world.

    • AJ
      AJ 21 day ago +5

      We still find some stubborn dog hair from my late dog, who passed in Feb 2021. We joke that her fur hiding everywhere (mostly in clothing since we’ve moved to a new house) is her only way to say, “you’ll never escape from me”

    • Trevor Miles
      Trevor Miles 23 days ago +13

      ten years after I lost my dog after his long 16 year life, I still find bones, toys , my tv remotes and as I have always suspected all my single shoes buried in backyard. I always give him a smiling " dammed you " followed by a whispered love you mate, miss you.

  • maria cecilia jardeleza
    maria cecilia jardeleza 7 days ago +15

    For someone who hasn’t gotten a bath in that long, Thunder is so well behaved, like a routine to the spa.

  • S55
    S55 3 months ago +147

    I like how he’s just panting there 🥰 looking like a vibrating pillow

    • Overdrive
      Overdrive 11 days ago +4

      Not a single thought behind those big eyes

  • Donna P
    Donna P 5 months ago +2443

    He is such a big ball of patience. Gooood boy, his owners obviously treats him well.

    • Gage
      Gage 21 day ago +1

      @Emily Weirdnez do you have a bath or shower big enough to wash a 120 pound dog? I definitely don’t.

    • Hyldr Klein
      Hyldr Klein 2 months ago +2

      In normal cases, dogs dont need baths. We humans only started doing it to keep them up to our human standards of clean. Only time I can think of that they'd need one is if they have large open wounds that can get infected, or if they have some sort of a skin condition that requires a medicated bath.

    • •OrangeJuicx•
      •OrangeJuicx• 2 months ago +3

      @Yeyo Silver did you forget that we didn't always take care of dogs? They're made to survive in the wild. They were perfectly fine before, so they should be find afterwards also.

    • Sara Harmon
      Sara Harmon 2 months ago

      @Tim_of_Kent well if one guy quoted one single veterinarian on TheXvid it must be true 😯🤣

    • BrokenRobot2004
      BrokenRobot2004 2 months ago +2

      @Yeyo Silver Must I remind you about dogs' prey instincts that they're often specifically trained not to give into? I can even find articles bringing up certain breeds' prey instincts such as Italian greyhounds. Think about it; Why do stray dogs often kill and maim smaller animals together and eat them? They're the same predator they always were, just taught to never defend themselves against humans or other dogs, and are given environments from day 1 where natural behavior such as hunting isn't required and can even be looked down apon and punished for in certain circumstances. Look up "Dog prey drive"! The definition is "Prey drive is a dog's instinctual need to chase and catch things. This is a fairly common behaviour to witness. A dog that loves to play fetch, chase squirrels or cats has a strong prey drive. A dog that lifts its head to watch a ball roll by does not have a big prey drive."

  • John Reim
    John Reim 3 months ago +230

    What a beauty. As for his intelligence, when you're that big of a boy, no need to show off. You know you got it.

    • SamPeet
      SamPeet Month ago +2

      I imagine, if he were a human, he’d be in college! I’m American by the way 😀

  • Faith Facts
    Faith Facts Month ago +17

    Imagine how the doggie must have felt after getting clean!

    • The Unvarnished Truth
      The Unvarnished Truth 15 hours ago +1

      Yep! My truck rides a lot better after I wash it! LOL

    • Ms Maj
      Ms Maj Month ago +1

      I was imagining the very same thing! Like how much smoother it feels to walk with out the abrasive dirt, oils, and frayed fur ends rubbing! You can even see the difference in his walking gait before/after. Like its "smoother" strolling in the garden as opposed to "stomping" in the beginning.

  • Dawn break
    Dawn break 2 months ago +62

    This video was extremely satisfying... I have literally been binge watching this doggie guardian angel and I am neither a groomer OR a dog owner 🤷‍♀️

  • Anna Canada
    Anna Canada 2 months ago +52

    I work in a Petsmart grooming salon as a bather. I do this stuff every day. Yet I absolutely adore watching your videos.

  • Undead
    Undead 5 months ago +5134

    Thunder is the epitome of “lights are on but no ones home” 😭🥺😂

    • parry otter
      parry otter 22 days ago +1

      @Silverdoe26 M it’s a joooooooke

    • Angel energy
      Angel energy Month ago

      @julie sevilla Ty sm for explaining that phrase. I heard this phrase in an Amy winehouse song and I’ve never understood what that meant

    • Boozle812
      Boozle812 Month ago +1

      @angela1984a Burnese Mountain Dogs nearly went totally extinct before being brought back so their gene pool is very small. Unfortunately, this makes them very prone to cancer among other diseases and they can get expensive in their older years

    • Rae Rohan
      Rae Rohan 2 months ago +1

      @Yevgeniya Leshchenko I think it's more because of his facial expression. He looks so derpy lol. So cute

    • 357CLOUDY Black Feather
      357CLOUDY Black Feather 2 months ago +2

      I think ALL dogs are smart.

  • luxose
    luxose 3 months ago +126

    A patient and confident dog. My father's German Shepherd howls like he's being killed every time his nails are clipped, let alone bathed, it's his crptonite.

  • Sevi Regis
    Sevi Regis 29 days ago +12

    He’s such a beautiful dog, quite the handful to groom, lots of doggo there. And so much fur came off of him, like a whole ‘nother dog. Great job, now he looks sleek and ready for some serious cuddling.

  • Lilly Kelly
    Lilly Kelly 2 months ago +23

    This has to be my favourite video. The sheer amount of hair coming off him !!!!! He is so beautiful and did such a great job for it being his first groom. Well done Thunder. You are a beautiful Boy 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Hayze Productions
    Hayze Productions Month ago +18

    Thats probably the most well mannered and very calm dog shes ever had in any of her videos.

  • Barbara
    Barbara 2 months ago +16

    You're attention to detail transformed Thunder into the magnificent dog he is. The St. Bernese and German Shepherd are my all-time favorite breeds. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Sharon SD
    Sharon SD 2 months ago +6

    This is one of my favorite breeds and when we move out of an apartment someday, I would love to have one as a family pet!

  • Allison Hoff
    Allison Hoff 2 months ago +19

    I love dogs that just don't understand their size- on either side of the scale. My 14 pound dog was sure she could take on an army. By the way, those before and after pictures are nice of the dog, but AMAZING of you!! You are gorgeous, girl! Like, please don't stop grooming dogs, because you bring me joy, but you could legit be a model or an actress or something!

  • Crystal Balentine
    Crystal Balentine 2 months ago +14

    I have always wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog!!! They are so huge and fluffy and are such a loving & loyal breed

  • Claudia Hancock
    Claudia Hancock 13 days ago +5

    Im you stay in the wet, hairy clothes, or do you have extras to change into when you are finished with a grooming?
    Love the videos, hope you keep them coming.

  • leticia thomas
    leticia thomas Month ago +6

    This my absolute favorite dog, seeing Thunder puts a smile on my face and it appears he’s smiling too! 🥰❤️

  • Katherine Bisson
    Katherine Bisson 2 months ago +12

    This is my favorite yet, I’m partial to the BMD. I had one , he passed 2 years ago at age 4 from Bloat. He was great!!! You are great with dogs and cats alike. ❤️👍🏽

  • Gigas0101
    Gigas0101 2 months ago +7

    Going to the barber's is a whole spa day for me, and I wonder if it's the same for dogs like Thunder. He looks so unbelievably happy during the trim, I got to imagine getting his coat tidied up feels amazing.

  • UnclePutte
    UnclePutte 6 months ago +1655

    He's so calm and confident. Nothing rustles his jimmies.

    • Chris N17
      Chris N17 3 months ago +2

      It means uhh nothing gets his balls in a knot, AKA nothing bothers him lol

    • Sienna G
      Sienna G 4 months ago +2

      people who have never heard the phrase “rustles his jimmies” have clearly not spent enough time with their grandparents or 60 year old coworkers

    • The only thing i have to say is
      The only thing i have to say is 4 months ago +2

      Wtf are jimmies.....

    • Richie Bonomo
      Richie Bonomo 4 months ago +4

      @Becky Lynn it means his jimmies arentn goin anywhere

    • Silver Wolf
      Silver Wolf 5 months ago +2

      This comment is so underrated 😂

  • Michele Duval Lane
    Michele Duval Lane 3 months ago +6

    Unbelievable grooming session for this beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog!! He looks show ready!! Best in Show for sure!

  • India Coers
    India Coers 2 months ago +10

    Thunder is absolutely gorgeous!!! He did an amazing job for not being groomed for 4 years! I would love to play with him and love all over him! You can tell he's a big ol sweetheart 😘 ❤

  • Rhian Evans
    Rhian Evans Month ago +2

    Omg what a stunning looking dog. Would love one like this x

  • EmeryMossJr
    EmeryMossJr 3 months ago +6

    I'm tied between loving the "angry cat wants revenge" and the chow chow groom. I also love the shelties and any herding breed videos😅 I personally love grooming herding dogs, cats, and chow chows. Would love to win another dryer too! On my 3rd one in 2 years and it sounds like it can't decide if it wants to die or not.

  • Moose004
    Moose004 3 months ago +959

    If you're going to get a Berner, remember a couple of things...they're smarter than they look, they're huge, they drool, they're wonderful dogs, and unfortunately they are one of the shortest-lived dog breeds, averaging less than 8 years.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro
      Lawrence D’Oliveiro 3 days ago

      These breeds are giants. Like human giants, they tend to have bone problems, muscle problems, heart problems ... everything life-shortening.

    • Peter Krajčovič
      Peter Krajčovič 6 days ago +1

      @Kelsey Arenson yeah, on spring she will be 13. Fortunately, she didnt have a cancer, but about 3 years ago had a inflammation with her reproducing systém so the operation was a must. But after 2 days she started running around like nothing happened :) She doesnt run around like before, but still can sprint for a couple meters without major issues with joints (I gave her supplements for that what seems to work out well), doesnt "fall" on her back legs while standing, so I hope she will stay like that as long as posssible.

    • Denver DuBois
      Denver DuBois 8 days ago +2

      Ours made it to ten and we felt so lucky. Best, sweetest dog EVER. He went down really fast and it seemed fairly sudden. He did finally slow down a bit the last six months or so but then he plummeted. Seems to me there's a genetic flaw there that breeders should address. We still miss him terribly. He was so smart, so loving, so gentle. RIP buddy, we will never forget you.

    • Full Movies
      Full Movies 11 days ago

      @Kodschie c It's bc of their size. They are very big so the chance of joint and bone issues is pretty high, which makes them more prone to cancer

    • laudes70
      laudes70 14 days ago +1

      they dont drool that much 🙂

  • Achita ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Achita ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 months ago +253

    “ Your groomer knows when you don’t walk your dogs “

    I-I can explain

    • Amanda C.
      Amanda C. 9 hours ago

      It’s not necessarily true though, she can tell if you walk your dog on pavement or concrete because it files down their nails, but if you walk your dog in grassy areas it won’t file them down the same even though they are getting the same exercise

    • Neptune Shell
      Neptune Shell 8 days ago +1

      also why four years without bath this is weird...

    • AmazeAngeloGamesヅ ꪜ
      AmazeAngeloGamesヅ ꪜ Month ago

      @Achita ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 17😲😥

    • Xi
      Xi 2 months ago +12

      @Kuroiro Take them to a safer place for walks. Ez.

      When I had my last German shepherd we lived on a set of main roads where people would speed down at 50mph (daytime) and over 90mph (nighttime). No excuse to not take your dogs out for walks. It's vital to their health. Cba to walk them? Don't get them.

    • Kuroiro
      Kuroiro 2 months ago +15

      Not to mention how hard it is to walk a dog when you live near highways where people off-road for fun at high velocities and they’re anxious around loud sounds.

  • Rachel Carey
    Rachel Carey Month ago +3

    The beekeep hat is just too much! It really made my day!!!!! This dog is simply gorgeous!!!

  • oofy doofy
    oofy doofy 2 months ago +4

    I watched this with a big smile on my face. Beautiful dog, beautiful procedure for grooming.

  • ps4peace
    ps4peace 4 days ago +1

    Aw, when I was a kid this reminds me of a friends dog named Trixie (RIP). She was paired up with a grumpy Terrier mixed mutt named Jack. Together they worked the farm, a property that had a 1/4 mile drive way. They'd both come barreling down to meet the school bus. Seeing little Jack running & barking next to her was a riot because she was a sight to see... dust flying, jowls flapping & no where to brace yourself for the collision, the best thing ever!

  • Queer
    Queer 4 months ago +984

    The amount of _just chillin'_ vibes Thunder gives off is way beyond my own.

  • Courtney Leduc
    Courtney Leduc 2 months ago +3

    Ive had a ton of Berners, they are so smart, sweet and loving. Perfect family dog. They ALL love to lean on your legs and be as close to you as possible. Total sweet hearts!

  • topspinaurelius
    topspinaurelius 2 months ago +4

    What a chill happy big puppy he was! I love he find his own fur delicious

  • Schmitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Berners are the best. Their temperament is so great, never aggressive but never fearful, just always happy and chillin, you can’t not love em.

  • Shelly Thom
    Shelly Thom 2 months ago +1

    Awe his after shot ❤️ I want to cuddle him!

  • Cactus Goose
    Cactus Goose 2 months ago +6

    Even though I am here 4 months late to this giveaway. I would have had such hard time picking a favorite video. I have watched most of your videos and I love them all. Can not wait to see what dog or cat you groom next!

  • Celine Rodriguez-Servita

    We have a Bernese Mountain dog that comes into the daycare where I work. He is the sweetest thing and plays with the smaller puppies very well. He's surprisingly very aware of his size.

  • Julie Richens
    Julie Richens 10 days ago

    I LOVE this column. Here's a little input that might help these big, wonderful fluff machines: we had a neighbor who always gave a bunch of the colostrum from their milk cows when they calved to their dog. For no other reason that anybody could figure out, that wonderful mutt lived eighteen years! I think colostrum is a wonderful product, and could probably help a lot of doggies

  • Luvhmads
    Luvhmads 2 months ago +120

    “I tidy up his grinch feet” that’s the most iconic quote of every video

    • Luvhmads
      Luvhmads 23 days ago +3

      @Rik Mehta what? 🤨

    • Rik Mehta
      Rik Mehta 23 days ago +1

      The Democratic Party is an evil party that is anti-family and pro-terrorist. They fead off of the hate of others and love to divide our great nation

  • Jordan Hasch
    Jordan Hasch 5 months ago +1720

    Not one single idea in his head, but the way he's lolling his tongue out of his mouth is so cute. He's one of those dogs that will happily lay his big ol' head in your lap and excitedly beg for scratches.

    • Xyz Same
      Xyz Same 4 months ago +5

      @April Luber your dogs have a famos ancestor / relative in the family of the large Swiss Mountain dogs. Barry the rescue dog, he had a good nose. He was born 1800, he saved 40 people in the High Alpine region and is still a Swiss national treasure. His body was conserved and is exhibited in the Museum of Natural History of Bern.
      The moutain pass (St. Bernhard) between the Swiss Rhone Valley and the Aosta Valley (Italy) was a major route (for hikers) - pilgrims, and trade - during medieval times - and an important route in Europe for thousands of year before that. But it was a risky route, in the High Alpine region even in summer snow storms and avalanches can surpise people. But even getting lost in wet wetter can kill people.

      During the 11th, century monks (St. Augustin) built an inn, likely one motivation was to make the route safer for pilgrims that were headed for Rome, and they later bred large, strong, smart and patient dogs. In 2005 they moved that breeding station (the inn still exists and is open for tours and patrons), but the dogs are still in the mountains in summer, at least for a time. Likely to be shown off to tourists ;)

      The dogs helped pave the way though snow, and were able to guide monks and people, and also to find hikers that lost their way, were exhausted or had gotten buried by an avalanche.

      During season (maybe even year round, if they stayed there in winter they needed lost of supplies, and fuel to survive) monks were in the inn. They took care of the patrons, but also monitored the area around the pass. Every day during summer teams of one monk and one dog were looking for lost or exhausted hikers. They reported 2000 rescues within 200 years. That includes soldiers, that used that route during the Napoleonic Wars.

    • Xyz Same
      Xyz Same 4 months ago +10

      @April Luber They were used as rescue dogs, to pull (sledges) or as watch dogs. Back in the day to lead humans home through winter storms and fogs, or to find them (. The sites all warn to leave them alone too long they are easily bored and you need to give them something to do. Work dogs are usually smart dogs - anticipating obedience was the term used, so they can to a degree "think" for themselves and ahead while being eager to please their hoomans.
      people in the comment section seem to conflate the well natured patience of the large dog during the grooming should not be conflated with being dumb. They age fast and do not live long (around 7 - 8 years on averge) so it is possible the the dog is a senior, him stitting down towards the end would indicate that. or he has the hip problems that are typical for such lage dogs.

      Obviously those dogs have to be smart (and patient), with lifestock and around cattle, goats, sheep in the mountains.
      Nice or at least tolerant towards all lifestock and children.

    • April Luber
      April Luber 4 months ago +6

      I own two BMD's and they are extremely intelligent!

    • Maiq
      Maiq 4 months ago +11

      Extroversion isn't the same as intelligence.

  • Singe moqueur
    Singe moqueur 2 months ago +5

    1:46 me too I enjoy this moment 🥰

  • YuBeace
    YuBeace 2 months ago +1

    Goodness this is one of the best transformations I've seen on this channel! He looks so soft now.

  • Joseph T.
    Joseph T. 2 months ago +1

    I love Thunder! Such a beautiful animal! I love the black, white and tan color scheme. He was a good-looking dog, before... after, you have him looking like a show dog! Awesome transformation!

  • Scott Minium
    Scott Minium 21 day ago +1

    what a gorgeous dog! And a great job on his groom.

  • Ace
    Ace 4 months ago +4160

    “Your groomer knows whether or not you walk your dog” I don’t have a dog and yet I’m feeling so called out right now

    • Danny
      Danny Month ago

      RIGHT I have my cats and I just feel like I got smacked

    • Manuel Hußler
      Manuel Hußler Month ago +1

      same lol

    • Michael Costello
      Michael Costello Month ago

      the nails and paws usually give it away

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi Month ago

      Don’t do it. If you have any kind of health or hygiene standards you don’t want one of these damn things

    • KrinchiD
      KrinchiD 2 months ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So true!

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Month ago

    Great job! I had a dog much like this one but lacked in size. It was one heck of an undertaking. Groomers would often cut her short without asking if it was what I wanted. She had such a beautiful coat and I was devistated when they did that. So its very nice to see you left his luxurious hair! ❤ Also the bee keeper hat is f#$king genius. Wish I had thought of that in the 14 years I had my girl. 😆

  • Karen Toda
    Karen Toda Month ago +1

    Thunder is a beautiful dog and I love his calm attitude toward a bath and grooming. I love him and this video! Thank you!

  • Jerin Arifa
    Jerin Arifa 3 months ago +3

    My husband and I love your channel. We so wish we could have dogs and get at least a little bit of our dog fix through your fun and informative videos.

  • J K
    J K 2 months ago +5

    That's a huge dog. My son would love him. I told him people in Austria were taking their dogs into stores with them. His comment - best city ever! Loves big dogs.

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    • Shanislost ASMR
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    Yeji's pink hair strand 3 months ago +1

    My friend has bernese, she's still a puppy (almost 1 year old). And all of the things she said are sooo true. She's so friendly with everyone, human, other dogs, anyone and anything. She's so adorable and friendly. Sometimes they're smarty sometimes it's no thoughts head empty, haha

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    Lou Gojira Day ago

    Thunder reminds me so much of a guy I used to work with...the guy didn't care about a lot of things, but he would gush on and on about weekend cook outs and cold beer. He wasn't stupid, he just knew what he wanted in life, and he was happy when he got it. Thunder makes me think that if he has a soft place to sleep, occasional patting, food in his dish, and plenty of things to sniff around the backyard, then he's perfectly content....knows what he wants, and is happy when he gets it.

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    • Mande Peer
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      This is the case with most dogs because they are not bred, raised, or expected to be anything but emotional crutches anymore and that's sad because dogs could be so much more than what we've done to them

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    • abbreviatedalex
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    • Oxana Tarashchuk
      Oxana Tarashchuk 5 months ago

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      @craig macdonald Yes... sadly, just as with people, you'll always have the occasional weird outliers.

    • craig macdonald
      craig macdonald 6 months ago +2

      Unfortunately not, my friend in uk had one that tore a small child next door to bits. It was brought up in a family home with 3 children and a Newfoundland dog, was never mistreated, but one day it snapped. All dogs breeds have the potential to turn.

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    This big goof reminds me of our golden retriever, Thor. He just loved his baths because that meant her got plenty of hands on attention. But he was a thick coat dog too so . . . always took a while. XD But he loved getting toweled down afterwards, and he'd often get the zoomies once he got downstairs to dry off. lol

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    nomebear 2 months ago +1

    I enjoyed taking care of some of my senior friends' dogs. I learned a lot from the dogs, and they were very patient with me as I learned the fine art of dog grooming. I made a few mistakes, but they were a forgiving pack.

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    • Cookieface YT
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