Berdview: spore

  • Published on Jan 18, 2017
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    this game is fucking weird i love it
    thx guys pls send this video to your aunts and uncles they'll probably give it a smooch thx gyus thnaks
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  • Ian Arley
    Ian Arley 4 days ago

    "Im too powerfool for my own good"
    -Berd 2017

  • Kimberly Ray
    Kimberly Ray 5 days ago +1

    Remember when spore wasn't all about dicks? I do.

  • E3.14C
    E3.14C 9 days ago

    "Fight me now coward I'm made of teeth."

  • Demon's Angel
    Demon's Angel 11 days ago

    His laugh gives me life

  • Barry Cabbage
    Barry Cabbage 16 days ago

    This was fucking hilarious.

  • I Like Terraria
    I Like Terraria 19 days ago


  • Aaaa Bbbb
    Aaaa Bbbb 22 days ago

    Look at that fat little fucker WADDLE

  • Mighty Strong Guy
    Mighty Strong Guy 22 days ago +1

    When i saw this video i started laughing. And i didnt stop. And im still laughing

    *HELP ME*

  • šmøł kįđďø
    šmøł kįđďø 24 days ago

    I love how berd just describes Berd as a fat stupid f*cker who grew legs lmao
    And a b*tch

  • Skaytacium
    Skaytacium 25 days ago

    if i saw that shit chasing me, i would fucking run

  • Bruno Briseño
    Bruno Briseño 26 days ago

    What was the ending song?

  • Abyssal
    Abyssal 28 days ago +1

    my fucking childhood.

  • Aidsenebola
    Aidsenebola Month ago

    Are you fucking videogamedunky

  • Brooks Van Pelt
    Brooks Van Pelt Month ago

    He types fast holy fuck

  • ethan gutierrez
    ethan gutierrez Month ago

    one part reminded me of that backflip video {which I liked}

  • Twisted Bonnie
    Twisted Bonnie Month ago


  • EpicEvil Animator
    EpicEvil Animator Month ago

    The evelution of berd

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time Month ago +1

    They really need to do a spore 2 with a multiplayer version

  • The WMI Channel
    The WMI Channel Month ago +1

    "we're gonna do a sex"
    - Berd 2017

  • jakesour
    jakesour 2 months ago

    We’re gonna do a secks

  • Open FingerBoards
    Open FingerBoards 2 months ago

    Quality content👌

    ƤƠƦƘ ƤƖЄ 2 months ago

    *I have become brain. I am the smartiest thing.*

  • Alex The Yellow Fox
    Alex The Yellow Fox 3 months ago

    *i ain’t no baby bitch*

  • Greed
    Greed 3 months ago

    7:53 when a game gets EAd

  • Jaz High
    Jaz High 3 months ago

    Is spore for ps4 cuz i know its for PC but I suck at computer games

  • Yᴏsʜɪ_Dɪɴᴏ_Kɪᴅᴅᴏ

    0:48 he sounds different when he said this.

  • Slim Yoshi
    Slim Yoshi 3 months ago

    Get over here were gonna do a sex

  • Mali-kay The Dragon
    Mali-kay The Dragon 3 months ago

    3:43 MEGA FAGGOT

  • Zinzy and Fish
    Zinzy and Fish 3 months ago

    C’mere b**h I’m gettin my revenge *evil laughing*

  • Pika Char gaming
    Pika Char gaming 3 months ago

    I stopped doing FlipaClip for this
    Berd/10 do not regret

  • Wendigo Van Der Blitz
    Wendigo Van Der Blitz 3 months ago

    His maniac laugh makes me happy every single time.

  • Papa Smerf
    Papa Smerf 3 months ago

    This game is the best >:(

  • Ishy the Fishy
    Ishy the Fishy 3 months ago

    *B E R D A L W A Y S W I N S*

  • Anniw Siatras
    Anniw Siatras 3 months ago

    Play it again😂😂

  • KSAM
    KSAM 3 months ago +1


  • deqnq
    deqnq 3 months ago +1

    9:06 do a flip
    *Actually does a flip*
    *Berd dies*

    TRAP THE ROBOT 3 months ago

    Berd review. Sperm

  • Xtrm Sword
    Xtrm Sword 3 months ago

    I am the strongest man in the comment section

  • uni mos
    uni mos 3 months ago


  • Nico Parker
    Nico Parker 3 months ago

    i lost it at “we’re gonna do a sex”

  • Dragon Productions
    Dragon Productions 4 months ago

    'We're gonna do a sex'

  • Lindsey Fiscus
    Lindsey Fiscus 4 months ago

    A A A A the character he played as in the beginning looks like a sperm cell with a mouth

  • Maddy Evelyn
    Maddy Evelyn 4 months ago

    Why the f*** is this so funny I’m crying

  • Coolabaca
    Coolabaca 4 months ago


  • Flacotaco
    Flacotaco 4 months ago

    Game: give it a name
    Berd: uhhh fuckin- OOH BERD

  • Rainbow Dark
    Rainbow Dark 4 months ago

    7:42 the contrast it fucking kills me, this video is gold

  • Jerry C
    Jerry C 5 months ago +4

    Hey Berd, what is your outro song called? I always just thought it was something only used in the whatculture intros.
    Edit: It's Cha Capella by Jimmy Fontanez for any future Berd watchers.

  • Brooke Montague
    Brooke Montague 5 months ago

    I love your laugh

  • Gus Thompson
    Gus Thompson 5 months ago

    almost 1 mil'

  • Kukkaleipä
    Kukkaleipä 5 months ago

    Who let the horses out?

  • TheMythCraft
    TheMythCraft 5 months ago

    This is why i love berd videos
    "This is the worst game ever. 10/10. I fucking love it."

  • RedSoul001
    RedSoul001 5 months ago


  • Panini Jason
    Panini Jason 5 months ago

    What’s the song at the background

  • Exhoe L
    Exhoe L 5 months ago +1

    Berd, what’s the song you use in the background? I always here it in your Berdviews

  • Alguém aleatório na Internet

    Come back, I was just playing

    *Wasn't playing*

  • Insaneduck 09
    Insaneduck 09 5 months ago

    I have become brain

  • Martin Muniz
    Martin Muniz 5 months ago +2

    This man could play Poptropica and it’ll be the funniest video ever

  • JamAttack Gaming
    JamAttack Gaming 5 months ago +1

    I remember playing this game when I was like 10 on a laptop that ran it at like 10 fps

  • Cree8Ball
    Cree8Ball 5 months ago +2

    “I got my buddy helping me out.”
    (Immediately kills his buddy)