Maserati Quattroporte 4.7 V8 Sport GTS review. Best sounding 4-door ever?

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • The 2012 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS was the final and best version of the 5th edition Quattroporte. Powered by a 450bhp NA 4.7litre V8 built by Ferrari, it sounded like no other 4-door saloon and could well be the sounding 4-door of all time.
    Thanks again to The Hairpin Company was allowing me to drive this amazing example they currently have for sale.
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Comments • 895

    MR BOYDER 12 hours ago

    Rather have the much smaller 3200gt

    MR BOYDER 12 hours ago

    Cheap as chips too.

  • John Eales
    John Eales Day ago +1

    Better than boring German cars nice video

  • Glitch Machine
    Glitch Machine Day ago +1

    Bought mine a month ago. LOVE IT. The sound is amazing. Videos dont do it justice. Plenty fast too.

  • Vampirebear13
    Vampirebear13 Day ago

    Harry you could do a half hour video on a unicycle & it'd still be a "must watch".

  • lazycalm41
    lazycalm41 4 days ago

    Definitely a Horses head in the boot I reckon!

  • Abso lutely
    Abso lutely 5 days ago

    I find the least attractive cars generally to be the American cars(over the past 45 years). I see beauty in vintage cars as well as in cars from 2019. I look for the details in panel uniformity ect. and they tell me all I need to know. My personal favorites are German and Italian cars although some Jaguar and Volvo also look fantastic. Although I'm biased a bit, I'm an American, just not patriotic enough to lie about the realities in the automotive industry, lol

  • details78
    details78 5 days ago

    Would love to see Harry review the Ratarossa!

  • charlie cutts
    charlie cutts 5 days ago

    17:08 Harry sounding a bit Tiff-esque there! :-D

  • Sam Brudenell
    Sam Brudenell 8 days ago

    Harry you are a legend. Love the Harry's Farm thing as well - reminds me of "back home" growing up in Suffolk among arable farms and celebrating the harvest etc. If only the world had more chaps like you.

  • Daniele Sbordone
    Daniele Sbordone 8 days ago

    Harry , this car may not be very popular , but you're right , it's a great car.

  • robert woodliff
    robert woodliff 8 days ago

    It let you over rev it then change up, but would it let you change down into the over rev condition.

  • Sahib Singh Lall
    Sahib Singh Lall 8 days ago

    When is the next vid coming, I was hoping for 1 a week as mentioned...

  • Cahit Tornacıgil
    Cahit Tornacıgil 10 days ago +1

    best sounding v8 period

  • Rohit Pai
    Rohit Pai 11 days ago +1

    The current generation Quattroporte does not hold a candle to this pininfarina designed v8 beauty

  • garethcrb
    garethcrb 11 days ago +1

    New one looks like a kia

  • Terry Forth
    Terry Forth 12 days ago +1

    Nice spec!

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks 13 days ago

    Cliff-like depreciation, dubious reliability, very dated interior.... not sure that's a decent tradeoff for the looks and sound.

    • Harry's garage
      Harry's garage  12 days ago

      Your opinion. This QP could have been sold many times over once it went live on Hairpin's website, such was the demand for this car..

  • Justin P Martin
    Justin P Martin 13 days ago

    harry single handedly inflating the price of the quattroporte. what a salesman!

  • Adrian Leggett
    Adrian Leggett 13 days ago +1

    I believe these are timeless. Very little change in looks since the early versions. I have the Quattroporte and absolutely love it. It sounds awesome too with my Tubi exhausts.

  • SmashGhost
    SmashGhost 13 days ago

    And now I want one.

  • Gordon Simpson
    Gordon Simpson 13 days ago +1

    I agree Harry, this is the best iteration of the QP....the current QP in my view is ugly due to the extended length. They are fantastic value (as long as you can afford to maintain them), Mondeo money! I would have one of these over a S500 M-B any day.

  • bokkenrijder172
    bokkenrijder172 14 days ago

    A beautiful Pininfarina design, you register it in the UK and then you get....MUD FLAPS! 🙄

  • miamimo70
    miamimo70 14 days ago

    Is it reliable Harry ?

  • hugh clinton
    hugh clinton 14 days ago

    Oh my god Harry , keep that bonnet closed. I keep dreaming of one of these. The engine is superb, and the exhaust note beats even my modified E39 M5. Which is saying something. BUT, every Maserati I've ever driven has broken down daily, and forced me to reconfigure my limbs in ways that only the italians can manage. But my oh my, as a car to envy, wonderful. Almost.

  • originalGFLEX
    originalGFLEX 14 days ago

    Absolute automotive beauty personified.

  • Guitarwrist
    Guitarwrist 14 days ago

    That name “skyhook” isn’t a very complimentary name as when you get a new lad start at a factory or site the first trick you play on them is to send them out for a box of “skyhooks” which of course don’t exist so it isn’t anything to broadcast as it basically means nonsense LOL.

  • Robin Marples
    Robin Marples 14 days ago

    The great erea of maseraties. With new rules in term of engines, the brand will loose why people went for it.

  • Jo Gr
    Jo Gr 15 days ago

    I don’t like the fake ports.....

  • Richard McKrell
    Richard McKrell 16 days ago

    Why don't you link your farm channel to this channel?

  • mousiee7
    mousiee7 16 days ago

    I still want one of these. Is the 4.7 much better than the 4.2?

  • deepforezt
    deepforezt 16 days ago

    All these politicians and other lobbies wants electric cars on road. In sometime they will realise the mistake and will probably go back to ICE. You will never get the real driving pleasure with these new electric ones.

  • Reese Troup
    Reese Troup 17 days ago +3

    Spot On Harry! My Favorite Sedan .. I Have 2010 GTS!! Just Adore Her .. One Of A Kind And A Timeless Beauty .. Made My Day To See Your Video ... Best Sounding Sedan Of All Time .. THANK YOU 🙏

  • Francis Mckay
    Francis Mckay 17 days ago

    Brilliant from Harry METCALFE. 😔 The man is a mine of information on motor cars mechanics, engineering and absolutely superb motor cars. He presents his programmes with sheer professionalism and with a complete and total knowledge about the motoring experience, so knowledgeable, easy going, friendly chap. I just discovered Harry's channel last night withhim Rolling, up to the Arctic Circle in the old white Roller and was out there buzzing away on his journey. Watched the one tonight too on the Sahara in his Ferrari , really great buzz buddy, so informative from a real sports car affechionado! Brill stuff!!!

  • David Hawthorne
    David Hawthorne 17 days ago

    My jaguar Xj is looks better inside than that masi

  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon Lee 18 days ago

    If it were just a little bit more reliable this car woulda been a legend.

  • snrbeanflicker
    snrbeanflicker 18 days ago

    Nice car
    That noise is addictive
    I’d would take one
    But I’ve heard the cars about reliable as Prince Andrews Alibi

  • Amit Raam
    Amit Raam 18 days ago

    10:00 Flipping through the manual at least once, so you know what's there, is a must, especially in today's tech loaded cars.

  • Golden 77
    Golden 77 19 days ago

    Liked this car much better before it was sharing components from the Chrysler parts bin

  • Rick N
    Rick N 19 days ago

    Love the QP - what a stud of an executive saloon.

  • 03056932R
    03056932R 19 days ago

    sounds great but auto shifting ruins the entire sound

  • Ángel
    Ángel 19 days ago

    Dislike because of the crappy driving position

  • Ross Fripp
    Ross Fripp 19 days ago

    I think the current Jaguar XJR with the supercharged 5.0 V8 sounds better.

  • Marc Davis
    Marc Davis 19 days ago

    The comment that "it stands the test of time"... yes: it was ugly then, it's old and ugly now.

    • Marc Davis
      Marc Davis 5 days ago

      2012 - you could also get a V8 Jaguar XJ (X351). Much, much prettier, with an interior that wasn't put together at a parts store and an outside that was designed by someone that knows about the Golden Ratio.

    • i have a small penis and im Wrong but
      i have a small penis and im Wrong but 17 days ago

      Now Thats someone with no taste

  • Orbit Corkra
    Orbit Corkra 19 days ago +2

    The sound of that car is addictive. Nursing the throttle at mid range revs, the engine sounds are so throaty and bassey. It sings to you in Italian to remind you how much horsepower is under your toes ;)

  • Craig Orrell
    Craig Orrell 19 days ago

    Oooh that engine note!

  • Gerald Mellon
    Gerald Mellon 20 days ago

    Harry doesn’t like one aspect of the steering wheel... 😂 brilliant.
    Might trade my Vectra in for one tomorrow....

  • Wayne Dunn
    Wayne Dunn 20 days ago

    Yes me 😂

  • Sky Bound
    Sky Bound 20 days ago

    Its just a shame they have crap build quality

  • Anas Nasir
    Anas Nasir 20 days ago

    So anyone watches hoovies garage here?

  • Rafiul Haque
    Rafiul Haque 20 days ago

    i wonder if i could potentially manual swap one?

  • dxutube
    dxutube 20 days ago

    Rear light clusters: 1997 Daewoo Nubira

  • Jonathan Dobbs
    Jonathan Dobbs 20 days ago

    Really good review - very enjoyable, if I get the chance to meet you in person i’ll ask for more detail on glassy steering - felt like reading an old car magazine!

  • jgtemperton
    jgtemperton 20 days ago

    Cracking car. I actually ended up buying a Jaguar XE supercharged 3.0 V6 in an effort to get remotely close to a similar experience. Has similarish look and power band. Although the interior is a bit drab it's a cracking performer and crackles and pops with the best of them. 66 reg. 25k on the clock 21k on the forecourt. Perfect nick, with a couple of years warranty left. Good value really.

  • bartula tRn
    bartula tRn 20 days ago

    for me best sounding 4-door ever is bmw e60 m5

    • Harry's garage
      Harry's garage  20 days ago +1

      I need to get them side by side but for me QP is more musical in real world driving, V10 in M5 only comes into its own when closing in on redline

  • Paul Newton
    Paul Newton 20 days ago

    Thank you beautiful motor

  • Sciflyer
    Sciflyer 20 days ago

    Can’t do 4-door rwd V8s any more? The Lexus GS F would like a word....

    • Sciflyer
      Sciflyer 18 days ago

      Harry's garage petrol engines going the way of diesel.... still, 470hp not to be sneezed at!

    • Harry's garage
      Harry's garage  20 days ago

      GS F has exhaust particulate filters, longer gearing and compromised engine mapping to meet EU6 requirements but good Lexus still doing NA V8 cars.

  • ARentz07
    ARentz07 20 days ago

    That is a nice rev limiter. 👍

  • Matt G
    Matt G 20 days ago +1

    That’s one of them cars you’d buy just for the sound!

  • Rob Morgan
    Rob Morgan 20 days ago +1

    The faulty parking sensor is just it reminding you it's going to cost you a small fortune over time to fix many many many other electrical issues. Sounds good - looks dated. Would I have one? Of course LOL