• Published on Sep 9, 2018
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    Every Sunday we will be putting your favourite TheXvidrs, athletes, music artists and internet personalities through their paces as they go head-to-head and compete in a series of bizarre challenges.
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Comments • 66

  • Elijah J
    Elijah J 19 days ago

    Should've been 9-8

  • Strategy Plus
    Strategy Plus 24 days ago

    4:05 narstie shit himself you didnt pull him on it big RAHH

  • Taiyah’s fantastic Life

    I met big nastee once he came to our car and asked us where the cash point was but it was before the fame

  • Lay Lay
    Lay Lay Month ago

    Nush bare basic, not even peng 😂

  • Big P.
    Big P. Month ago

    3:25 - 3:28 😏 Alright Nush 😍

  • Yahya Abdullahi
    Yahya Abdullahi 3 months ago

    Ay maaaaan yeaahhh it’s ya boi CHUNKZ!!!

  • Make_out_ Hill_
    Make_out_ Hill_ 4 months ago

    Narstie is so fucking jokes 😂😂

  • SignifieD
    SignifieD 9 months ago


  • 667 ape
    667 ape 10 months ago

    man just took a dick to the chest lol

  • L'Z
    L'Z 10 months ago

    Nush will hold it

  • Shantelle King
    Shantelle King 11 months ago +7

    0:09 wayment, chunkz can sing?!

  • O K
    O K 11 months ago +1

    LV's laugh at 1:59 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Reaper Reapz
    Reaper Reapz 11 months ago +1

    Nushh is danker than kush such beautiful mind soul and body

  • adam ali
    adam ali Year ago +1

    Nush cope is peng

  • G.I.D.Z
    G.I.D.Z Year ago

    Big narstie is the greatest idc.

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas Year ago

    she rly threw her dildo at narstie that’s fuckin nasty 😂( see what i did there )

  • JoKer
    JoKer Year ago

    You need to make these longer we need more

  • Shqipez Active
    Shqipez Active Year ago +2

    Been waiting for this too come outl😅👊💯

  • M Da plug
    M Da plug Year ago +16

    This series is sick 💪

  • Michael B Jordan
    Michael B Jordan Year ago

    i like how the sign out 👈🏾 👏🏾 👉🏾

  • jawad A
    jawad A Year ago +1

    Lol the thumbnail Big smiling while the girl has stuff on her face

  • ツ_iTzRiazPvP
    ツ_iTzRiazPvP Year ago

    bignarstie too jokes man

  • Cree T
    Cree T Year ago +1

    Been waiting for this one

  • ItsAmiro
    ItsAmiro Year ago +3

    What happened there are usually 2 Challenges

    • Footasylum
      Footasylum  Year ago +2

      Next weeks episode features 2 challenges again with Narstie. Make sure you check it out!

  • Jonah Scott
    Jonah Scott Year ago

    what i have been waiting for

  • Zabir Abedin
    Zabir Abedin Year ago +3

    Yesssss LVVVV

  • Kingsley Akpabio
    Kingsley Akpabio Year ago +6

    Big finish loool

  • Jadeybomb
    Jadeybomb Year ago +4

    Loving these episode's....all you guy's are jokes 😂💯 roll on the next one ❤🤘🏾

    • Jadeybomb
      Jadeybomb Year ago

      @Footasylum me can't wait!! 👀🔥❤ wicked idea and concept! These episode's are funny!! 💯❤

    • Footasylum
      Footasylum  Year ago +1

      Next weeks is the best one yet 👀

  • Kat B
    Kat B Year ago

    Look at how many white people are in the background

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D Year ago +10

    Man said he was nearly choked.DED!

  • Jhardwork Pays off
    Jhardwork Pays off Year ago +133

    Nush Cope is peng as always 👏🏾😍

  • Jhardwork Pays off
    Jhardwork Pays off Year ago +2

    Can’t wait for another season of the big’s tv show on channel 4 💯

  • 123456789
    123456789 Year ago

    Do u use green screen in the background

  • Darnell Johnson
    Darnell Johnson Year ago +62

    Big narstie is toooo funny😂😂😂

  • Josh Wood
    Josh Wood Year ago +13

    Just heard the intro then I just wanted to hear the full song🙏Big Narstie🙌

    MADD_LIONESS Year ago +2

    Does anyone know what 'rassing the zoot' means?

    • Dane Reid
      Dane Reid Year ago

      @MADD_LIONESS No worries😉

      MADD_LIONESS Year ago

      Ohhhh thanks Dane Reid

    • Dane Reid
      Dane Reid Year ago

      Rassing means been hitting the zoot all day

  • sin.77
    sin.77 Year ago +11

    She’s bare fir

  • Adam Deacon
    Adam Deacon Year ago +4

    "Big Finish" 😂😂😂

  • KingEdge
    KingEdge Year ago +1


  • KingEdge
    KingEdge Year ago +1


  • TJ Barnes
    TJ Barnes Year ago +43

    Man big narstie creases me up

    • TJ Barnes
      TJ Barnes Year ago

      @Footasylum snm I hope so never fails to make me laugh

    • Footasylum
      Footasylum  Year ago

      Make sure you check out next weeks episode. Best one yet 👀

  • C
    C Year ago +155

    Nush is leng facts

  • twi33
    twi33 Year ago +78

    Filly's hands at 1:41 😂😂

  • removal
    removal Year ago +14

    Filly and lv are jokes

  • Ali the Arkitect
    Ali the Arkitect Year ago +2


  • suaad Hassan
    suaad Hassan Year ago


  • MoStones
    MoStones Year ago

    To 😂

  • Shantay Xx
    Shantay Xx Year ago

    😂😂loves u guys

  • Fr0z3n
    Fr0z3n Year ago +59

    I love the unlck series especially with ksi

  • Edilyna Unofficial

    Can I win some trainers pls xx

    G SUFIAN Year ago +1

    Sub to me

  • Viola Haz
    Viola Haz Year ago +12

    Lol this is so funny 😂

    G SUFIAN Year ago +2