I React to Mean Comments

  • Published on Mar 11, 2018
  • I get a wide variety of comments on this channel every day and I decided to try this out and react to a few of the most interesting ones I found. I'm wearing a three piece suit, detachable collar and a silver necktie.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  9 months ago +6269

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    • Matt Watson
      Matt Watson 5 hours ago

      his eyes seem very vulnerable to airborne particulate

    • TrollMaster300
      TrollMaster300 19 hours ago

      nice reading 📚

    • Rickey Shelton
      Rickey Shelton Day ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek I fucking love watching you’re videos man 🤣🤣🤣 you make my day bro

    • Ruby ArnieJudasLove
      Ruby ArnieJudasLove Month ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek They want to punch you because the part in your hair doesn't fall in the natural parting area of the human skull. And that makes people enraged that you don't care about natural part etiquette.

    • Sherlock Holmes
      Sherlock Holmes Month ago

      Stfu firtface

  • Nicolas Achiam
    Nicolas Achiam 43 minutes ago

    The video starts at 4:19

  • 714
    714 Hour ago

    You look like a hygienist for vampires

  • Julian Reimer
    Julian Reimer Hour ago


  • forslavjo
    forslavjo 2 hours ago

    Brah, love the get-up. You look just like an undertaker from the 1800s.

  • Oof
    Oof 2 hours ago

    You’re not a rat, you’re Kixstar’s cousin

  • Ben Porteous-Hurst
    Ben Porteous-Hurst 3 hours ago

    im sorry for the little shits that say shit to you, keep up your good work man!

  • Anime Manga
    Anime Manga 4 hours ago

    U dont look like a rat u look like a 18 year old mr bean

  • Matt Watson
    Matt Watson 5 hours ago

    I would shoot brofresco 13 times

  • DynomiteKid65
    DynomiteKid65 6 hours ago

    report of the week, more like report by a freak !

  • brandon the pinocchio
    brandon the pinocchio 7 hours ago

    Never mind the negative people I support you man.

  • preston cooper
    preston cooper 7 hours ago

    Go back to the 50s this guy would be the best dressed guy 😃

  • Robert Herberg
    Robert Herberg 10 hours ago

    I also have angry things to say for no reason. You should cry now.

  • Ashton Allen
    Ashton Allen 10 hours ago

    You’re dressed like one of my variations of Arthur Morgan on RDR2. At least you don’t take that hate to heart, funny video.

  • carter crawford
    carter crawford 10 hours ago

    aha this dude is a fkn legend

  • VeRevO
    VeRevO 10 hours ago

    I could watch reviewbrah talk shit to me all day and I wouldn't even be mad

  • Martin Ruvalcaba
    Martin Ruvalcaba 10 hours ago

    This guy is a gentleman.

  • Austin Sanchez
    Austin Sanchez 11 hours ago

    I’m not trying to be mean but is this a big meme

  • Abdullah Saady
    Abdullah Saady 12 hours ago

    Why TF are people so mean to this kid?

  • Curtis Bash
    Curtis Bash 12 hours ago

    Dude just forget all the haters man , you are a target for people that have no lives! You have good videos keep up the good work

  • Oreily Autopart
    Oreily Autopart 13 hours ago +1

    Mr . Rat what time period are you from

    • forslavjo
      forslavjo 2 hours ago

      He's an undertaker from the 1800s. I said this farther up the comments.

  • Coolrobinxx22 R
    Coolrobinxx22 R 13 hours ago

    Eat pig foot I wanna know how it tastes

  • Coolrobinxx22 R
    Coolrobinxx22 R 13 hours ago

    I hope you don't get cancer oh wait... you have rat makeup your invincible

  • Mike Win
    Mike Win 14 hours ago

    Your beautiful

  • Fritz Cockin
    Fritz Cockin 14 hours ago

    Don't listen to em buddy, ur doing great on reviewing food

  • Hamann
    Hamann 15 hours ago

    fuck the haters, this is a true man

  • Painite S
    Painite S 16 hours ago

    This man is a genius

  • xXtentionKord
    xXtentionKord 16 hours ago

    The hero we don't deserve but needed

  • Niels
    Niels 17 hours ago

    How does this guy look 13 and 30 at the same time?

  • TrollMaster300
    TrollMaster300 19 hours ago

    None of these queers are this bold in person. The Internet is their safe place.. But are they really safe? Hmmm...

  • 神アニメ
    神アニメ 19 hours ago

    We love u Bruh

  • TrollMaster300
    TrollMaster300 20 hours ago +1

    Bro you hopefully you don't let the mean comments get to you. You're a cool dude.. Funny to watch. I know a troll when i see one
    #TrollBros 💪😂

  • iSoftCloud
    iSoftCloud 20 hours ago

    you are funny as fuck

  • Thicc fortnite ninja Johnnson

    Clean iDubbz

  • Royale Rich
    Royale Rich 20 hours ago

    Your a perfect god

  • Brett Davis
    Brett Davis 21 hour ago

    you're my idol

  • Addla Ulomi
    Addla Ulomi Day ago

    I admire u

  • whο knοws??
    whο knοws?? Day ago

    My day is ruined

  • oskar GN
    oskar GN Day ago


  • Wogface Supra
    Wogface Supra Day ago

    Don't take any notice of these low lives, they're all just jealous of your intellect and are so unhappy with themselves they feel the need to let it out on someone who is doing better and happier with themselves than they are. Keep up the awesome videos mate

  • I’m not You tuber

    How old is this dude this dude looks like he is almost as old as I and I am 12 years old since November nine thx for the time.

  • Vincent
    Vincent Day ago

    5:58 omg omg zenith???!!! isn't that a fortnite skin??!!??!😎😎😰😰😱😱

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy Day ago

    The people who sent you those comments must come from a physiatrist ward because I’ve never seen that type of shit sent at someone as innocent as you. It just isn’t fair

  • ignition gaming
    ignition gaming Day ago

    You just got a new subscriber

  • Bushy Raps
    Bushy Raps Day ago

    Man, I find you weird as fuck, and I love it. I knew another person who was similar to you, except he was super socially awkward. I made friends with him, took him under my wing so to speak, but because he was the class genius, he joined the popular group (who weren't 'friends' to him but enjoyed the shit he'd do to fit in - not a healthy friendship). So he kind of hurt me, in that I personally invited him to our group, I went out of my way for him, couple years later he joined the others. But I digress. Anyway, you remind me of him initially, and I think that its awesome people like you exist. We need more class.

  • Jer Raste
    Jer Raste Day ago

    well played sir. well. played.

  • ThatCanadianGamer

    Naw man you look like lord lmao

  • Sofia Floresca
    Sofia Floresca Day ago

    16:27 left my speechless oml "well dear sir or madame it is quite unfortunate to tell you, but im afraid to announce that it is more likely that your grandma is to stop before my videos do."

  • Sofia Floresca
    Sofia Floresca Day ago

    forehead big as my...pOsTeRieR lmao god i love this guy

  • Sofia Floresca
    Sofia Floresca Day ago +3

    him laughing @ 9:23 is the sweetest thing. how can u hate on this man he is too precious.

  • Heccin' Ifel
    Heccin' Ifel Day ago

    *p o s t e r i o r*

  • Heccin' Ifel
    Heccin' Ifel Day ago

    It's like insulting God. He did nothing wrong and is super pure.

  • ijklmno ijklmno
    ijklmno ijklmno Day ago

    all of u with hate comments u can kill ur self

  • yeehaw
    yeehaw Day ago

    i love this man

  • Cadin England
    Cadin England Day ago

    You dress like a lawyer from the 1800's bro and cut your nails

  • mcan133
    mcan133 Day ago

    14:50 that second comment was pure gold

  • Xrysovalantis Arvanitakhs

    i subscribed today no more hate to him

  • Oscar Volavsek
    Oscar Volavsek 2 days ago

    Im not just an alien
    Im a bleepin-bleepin alien

  • phatt180
    phatt180 2 days ago

    He looks like a cast member from the Great Gatsby

  • Tom Erickson
    Tom Erickson 2 days ago

    I swear you're the next Larry King in the making.
    *edit: intended as a compliment.

  • Aidan Key
    Aidan Key 2 days ago

    "I'm pretty sure your grandma will stop before the videos do" dammmnnn

  • The Bubonic Plague
    The Bubonic Plague 2 days ago

    Thank TheXvid for recommending this Video to me, introducing me to this *God*

  • Lizzie Galvan
    Lizzie Galvan 2 days ago


  • Fat _Kat
    Fat _Kat 2 days ago

    We love you review brah!

  • Lyric Hat
    Lyric Hat 2 days ago

    Can you imagine people in-person walking up to you whilst you are performing an in-person version of your show, and saying those horrible things? No, and why? Because people can hide behind a name tag online... and why do they say it? Because they’re bored and intimidated by you. So I wouldn’t waste any time of your positive energy on these horrible human beings, although showing you can laugh is a great thing. I have a TheXvid show which I film, edit perform and create music, and theres not much of an audience yet. If you would like to help me out in anyway, I would appreciate you checking my channel out and if you truely enjoy it, please consider subscribing! Bless you all.

  • Owen Sahs
    Owen Sahs 2 days ago

    and everything inbetween

  • Cacti88
    Cacti88 2 days ago

    very disarming commentary

  • Zena Salem
    Zena Salem 2 days ago

    One of the last remaining decent human beings. Relatively, a God amongst men. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 2 days ago


  • Jake Mccallum
    Jake Mccallum 2 days ago

    16:14 pure savage

  • Bert
    Bert 2 days ago

    Dude i ubhh how bout changing the hairstyle????

  • Bert
    Bert 2 days ago

    Tis a strong kid

  • CALOFanotores vss
    CALOFanotores vss 2 days ago

    Men :D Like on this video

  • Rawan S
    Rawan S 2 days ago

    Interesting guy! Great video I subscribed 👌🏻💕 positive way of thinking

  • Petr Lückhoff
    Petr Lückhoff 2 days ago

    You're a lot like Sheldon.

  • Graham Tuttle
    Graham Tuttle 3 days ago

    Can we get crowdfund to clone this guy ?

  • Pierce H
    Pierce H 3 days ago

    He needs to do a review on the sun. Holy shit.

  • naweed Mher
    naweed Mher 3 days ago

    what is he wearing tf

  • PBR Streetgang
    PBR Streetgang 3 days ago

    Jump into a woodchipper feet first! Sorry couldn't resist.

  • Whats in Michaels Bag.

    Fair play Sir

  • St4rTr3v1Ut10n
    St4rTr3v1Ut10n 3 days ago

    11:59 is the best rap song of all time. All other rappers can just stop writing, the best rap song has been discovered and everything else is just redundant.

  • Ismael Alvarado
    Ismael Alvarado 3 days ago


  • TheMAM
    TheMAM 3 days ago

    Don't listen to them, you look fine.

  • Ismael Alvarado
    Ismael Alvarado 3 days ago

    Bro I fucking love you. Just discovered this channel

  • ChaosCalm
    ChaosCalm 3 days ago

    You do you man, youtube needs someone like you

  • natasha
    natasha 3 days ago

    oml please ignore the hate i love you so much

  • rhys brown
    rhys brown 3 days ago

    Ur a legend boy

  • Emily Guenther
    Emily Guenther 3 days ago

    7:37 *sips tea*
    The sarcasm king 👌❤️

  • Konans Kalnozols
    Konans Kalnozols 3 days ago

    I felt some idubbbz vibes.
    In a good way.

  • The Unicorn and The Wookie

    You're such a nice dude. I enjoy your videos.

  • The Boy Who Lived
    The Boy Who Lived 4 days ago

    A scholar and a gentleman.

  • Edward CASSIDY
    Edward CASSIDY 4 days ago

    This video makes me want to eat ice cream with my dick knob

    Like if u agree

  • Random GUY
    Random GUY 4 days ago

    I think I know those haters

    Either Joey's fan or just retarded hater

  • Poop Butt24 uuhh
    Poop Butt24 uuhh 4 days ago

    Man don't listen to them you make great videos keep on doing it!

  • Jawpz
    Jawpz 4 days ago

    How can any one hate on him? He is a legend and a living meme. He should be respected.

  • Nyke Vaporton
    Nyke Vaporton 4 days ago

    He looks like a red dead redemption character

  • Gaunter O'Dimm
    Gaunter O'Dimm 4 days ago +1

    Fahgive me!

    DONT MESS WITH ME 4 days ago

    Not gonna Lie, man can deal with hate