Best Star Wars Game Ever? - Jedi Fallen Order Review

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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Comments • 471

  • TBouT ThaFlex
    TBouT ThaFlex 9 days ago

    Cal looks like ian off shameless 😂

  • this is definitely a human

    Its a shitty dark souls

  • Stormtrooper 094
    Stormtrooper 094 13 days ago

    No knights of the old republic is the best Star wars game . Come at me

  • Dragoner Productions
    Dragoner Productions 15 days ago

    It's good BUT it needs work...
    1. The customization isn't great honestly, only to the actual lightsaber but even that is meh..... But ya not great. A good example of better customization is force unleashed were you had vastly different costumes than some stupid poncho and cooler different sabers.
    2. The holo map is just a clusterfuck, espeshally on the ones that has all these god dam layers to them. They cold have just kept the holo map but only show the specific location your in and not the whole god dam thing because it overlaps...
    3. The backtracking is a no for me... Never enjoyed it these souls type games and I never will.
    4. It really needs better rewards... Like really the only thing worthwhile were the gold chests to get extra sims....

  • StairwaytoHeavenLZ
    StairwaytoHeavenLZ 17 days ago

    It's a really bad sign if not even Levelcap can identify with your ginger protagonist

  • ibr gue
    ibr gue 17 days ago

    All those games were great but they have not aged well. I remember battlefront original was great loved it, went back to play it the graphics literally hurt my eyes. This game actually feels like a huge step in the right direction since Star Wars: Obi Wan, which is quite underrated, so stop bringing up every star wars game you liked in the past and start giving credit where it is due or do you just want to play those old games for the next years cause I sure as hell don’t. I want a game that tops those old ones and don’t hurt my freaking eyes.

  • Michael Robles
    Michael Robles 18 days ago

    Best star wars game ever? Thats why they scared to release force unleashed games on ps4 . make you buy this piece of shit game

  • D Dill
    D Dill 18 days ago +1

    This might be blasphemous but BD may be my favourite droid in star wars. He is definitely my favourite droid in a star wars game for sure.

  • My O Face
    My O Face 18 days ago

    I loved Bounty Hunter. Jedi Outcast and the Rogue Squadron games are also some of my favorites.

  • Lafs F.S
    Lafs F.S 19 days ago +1

    It is absolutely not the best star wars game ever.

  • Abhinav Kulkarni
    Abhinav Kulkarni 19 days ago

    I’m sorry but is everyone just forgetting Force unleashed 1 and 2??

  • Poosy
    Poosy 19 days ago

    Am i watching Dark Souls 4?

  • Michiel Breur
    Michiel Breur 20 days ago

    Sadly i found this game disappointing, took me 11 hours to finish it... And when i finished it i was expecting it to continue instead of end... Also the game should be more fast paced and not DS/Sekiro like. On top of that the AC (Assassins Creed)/Tomb Raider mechanics aren't 'trustworthy' how many times me and others had the issue it just wouldn't grab on to something or walk off a ledge... Lack of fast travel make this game not worth 'finishing' 100% i felt no need to search planets 100% since i don't care what my poncho looks like, nor the ships colors.... If you want a good Star Wars RPG play Kotor. It's not all bad, it looks amazing, the acting is quite nice.

    There are some spoilers ahead so stop reading here.

    The 'force spells' (or whatever you wanna call them) 'Cal' already knew, he actually had training as a padawan.. for some reason his memory is so f*cked up he doesn't remember any of it until certain points in the story... So it's a lot of traveling between worlds because you unlocked for example 'pull' or 'push' and it unlocks new areas in maps you have been before. This is just weak writing and just there for the purpose to 'stretch' an already short and thin storyline. Also that 'Cere' is a 'Jedi master' and for some reason Cal can't ask Cere like 'Hey can you give me a like a refresher course? I need this shit to stay alive'. And the lack of 'fast travel' really makes this game tedious they could've used those 'meditation circles' for that imo.

    The light saber... when did it turn into a 'real sword'? Why are the stormtroopers not losing limbs left and right? I rather see a more 'old fashioned' light saber combat instead of trying to compare to DS/Sekiro.

    STACY BURK 20 days ago +1

    All the ridiculous platforming and having to solve puzzle after puzzle after puzzle after puzzle was just too much for me. Uncharted had the perfect blend of action, story telling and platforming that actually felt organic to the world. But the stupid sliding, wall running, etc in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order played like something made by Nintendo which made me feel more like Mario than a bad ass Jedi!

  • RockstarrClarke
    RockstarrClarke 20 days ago

    I honestly don’t like it.... I do a shit ton of work... than die.... just to redo everything again ... if the game had favorable check points ... I would love it. I’m just tired of losing my progress than exhaustingly have to go back and do it again.. maybe even again after. The game kind of sucks .

  • Twizted
    Twizted 20 days ago

    2:22 hahaha nearly in tears, the sand haha..

  • Jip Jackson
    Jip Jackson 20 days ago

    Can I please play a modern game without that bugged-eyed chick being everywhere? Got damn she got the bug eye.

  • Infamous Player
    Infamous Player 21 day ago

    The fact that my biggest fear in the end of the game was that Cal would die just shows how good of a writing this game has. Cal is a generic character, I won’t deny that. But he’s so well written and his story is so well told that I can’t help but love him. Not to mention Trilla and Merrin, who, along with Cal, kind of represent this new generation that had their lives affected in the worst possible way by the Empire rising and just had to deal with it, and it’s an amazing aspect of the Star Wars universe that I always like when it’s touched upon, and here it’s specially well done. Also, Cal clearly has PTSD. That’s not really a question right?

  • Max Power
    Max Power 21 day ago

    I am glad I bought this game, love it... still waiting for kotor 3 though.

  • Khushwinder Jasrotia

    M&K or controller ?

  • LTopomcFly
    LTopomcFly 21 day ago

    Looks just like an upgrade of FORCE UNLEASED

  • Daniel Guerrero
    Daniel Guerrero 22 days ago

    STAR WARS rocks again, with ginger wil wheaton

  • 2 , 3 cincau mak lu lancau

    One good game doesn't excuses shit

  • Snecho
    Snecho 22 days ago +1

    Ah yes Star Wars, the biggest cash grab of this decade. Yet another addition to a story line more complex and confusing than the entire Kardashian bloodline.

  • Dro Ranger
    Dro Ranger 22 days ago

    It's a great star wars game! But the best star wars game ever? Canon man go back to shooters lol lost a lot of credibility

  • Fire Salamander
    Fire Salamander 22 days ago

    Please, remember about KOTOR

    Apathy is death

  • Atitus Evans
    Atitus Evans 22 days ago

    Why does the protagonist look like jerome from Gotham

    • FPS NubScrub
      FPS NubScrub 19 days ago

      Cause that's the guy that did motion capture for him. They're the same actor.

  • Mingoes TwoG
    Mingoes TwoG 22 days ago

    Not a fan of Star Wars, bought the game, will recommend

  • Decepticon_ CK
    Decepticon_ CK 22 days ago

    Umm no

  • The Sneaky Sleuth
    The Sneaky Sleuth 22 days ago

    I don’t know why but I really dislike the inquisitors. I don’t know if it’s the helmet design or the fact that I don’t think rebels is a good show. I think rebels ruined them for me.

  • JabbaFett
    JabbaFett 22 days ago

    Do you wanna buy some deathsticks?

  • elusive mg
    elusive mg 22 days ago buying this game very soon ffs

  • Ryan Kahlie
    Ryan Kahlie 22 days ago

    Is is just me or does the frame rate drop quite a bit and the textures never load on time

  • Coffeecankill
    Coffeecankill 22 days ago +1

    Respawn can't make a bad game...

  • aaronka 12
    aaronka 12 22 days ago +1

    I feel like this game gets a lot of undeserved hate. The only thing that really bugged me is that the framerate tanks from time to time.

  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 22 days ago

    It's Tomb Raider with light sabers and there's 3 abilities.

    • aaronka 12
      aaronka 12 22 days ago

      Are you forgetting repulse, saber throw, the saber dash, and the BIG pull move?

  • Brendan Holm
    Brendan Holm 22 days ago

    Seems kinda boring to me I’ll wait till it’s cheaper, i don’t see how it can beat force unleashed for the psp (Xbox was shit compared to that one btw)

  • Proud_CIA_White_Man
    Proud_CIA_White_Man 22 days ago

    This game is far from the best star wars game, but its far from the worst.

  • 2nd acount
    2nd acount 22 days ago

    Everyone saying Kotor is better is just delesuinal combat and gameplay have a huge say when it comes to games think dark souls and sekiro even if story don't hold up to par with Kotor , Kotor gameplay isn't nearly as rewarding or smooth as this game ,and at the end of the day this is the overall best starwars game when u put combat story and everything else in to play

  • idris ali
    idris ali 22 days ago

    looks meh tbh lol

  • wussup331
    wussup331 22 days ago

    KOTOR 100%. If this game had all the speech options different choices between light and dark side etc it MIGHT be a conversation

  • hiphopgrind1
    hiphopgrind1 22 days ago +1

    it may be the best ea game but i still want a refund. dogshit combat mechanics, story and graphics. sekiro + tomb raider ripoff with a star wars skin. never buying an ea game again.

  • salty BOMBER
    salty BOMBER 22 days ago

    I would love to see his reaction to the end people who've beat it know what I'm talking about

  • Spartanking300x
    Spartanking300x 22 days ago

    Maybe not the best Star Wars game but the best star wars game in years. While EA battlefront was ok and 2 had a decent story and awful multiplayer launch it’s hard to top fallen order. The characters are all likeable and I absolutely hope we get a sequel or hope to see these characters get an upgrade in movies/tv show I just hope they don’t get downgraded to comics or books or simply forgotten about.

  • Ka ma
    Ka ma 22 days ago

    Not best but good.

  • theacp127
    theacp127 23 days ago

    This game maybe a better Star Wars game than we've got from EA so far, but it's got a few things than really hinder it. Things like map design, unlockables, and a very boring skill tree. This game really could have used a bigger focus on RPG mechanics to allow for more creative ways to create your own combat style as well as better rewards for exploring the environment. Most the the rewards are boring cosmetics and only sometimes a stim pack upgrade which is really the only things that the player can find that actually effect combat.

  • Piero Miceli
    Piero Miceli 23 days ago

    For anyone who is curious, the song Cal is listening to at the start is called “black thunder” by The Hu

  • Andrei Jedidiah
    Andrei Jedidiah 23 days ago

    Don't degrade yourself to play this

  • Kade Bass
    Kade Bass 23 days ago

    I don’t believe John Williams did any of the music for this game however of course there is that similar music as that is the Star Wars music

  • Kratosxxx
    Kratosxxx 23 days ago

    I like this game alot but its not the best, The camera angles can give you problems when fighting in small areas or if your against a wall or coner, the dodge button dosent always let you dodge an attack even if you press it at right time and the camera is to zoom into the character that you cant see or know when your gonna get attacked from behide, I love the environments in the game, most of them are huge and look great but the navigation system is really bad because the maps are so big that you can easily forget where to go to get to a certain area on the map. They give you short cuts to help you get to certain areas but it can be hard to remember where they are and where they lead, I also dont like how when you die you have to go all the way back to the area where you died instead of it respawning you where you died or close to it at least. I hate how if you die it takes like 60 seconds for the game to reload, It dosen't alway take that long for it to reload but it does happen way to often then it should. The gameplay is really good and the characters that you ride along with on your ship are really well writen and likeably and the story is decent. The force power and the character customization is a nice touch to the game and the fighting is really good and all the boss fights are good also and so are the graphics. Overall I'd give this game 9.1 out of 10. Its a great game but it has a lot flaws in it.

  • Micah Gaar
    Micah Gaar 23 days ago

    I understand why folks like the game... but it’s all Tomb Raider platforming and boring puzzle solving. I found it to be a really boring/aggravating experience

    • Micah Gaar
      Micah Gaar 21 day ago

      It’s not about being good... When I think Star Wars I don’t picture force pushing balls around and running on walls. If people are into that, great... it’s just feels like I’m playing an uncharted game in the Titanfall universe. Kinda weird

    • Vehlen Creed
      Vehlen Creed 22 days ago

      Micah Gaar Get Güd

  • SevenAcid
    SevenAcid 23 days ago

    Buggy as fuck still needs an update that actually fixes it

    • aaronka 12
      aaronka 12 22 days ago

      I only encountered a few bugs. What I hated was the framerate drops.

  • Conny
    Conny 23 days ago

    too bad the game is a reskin of all the souls-like games, lazy devs with bad lazy copy/paste mechanics, no innovation or original thought, riding the souls hype-train to get cheap points and scam ppl out of their money.. didn't expect anything else from EA. Too bad Star Wars fanbois can't be objective and see what a total waste of star wars this is :(

    • aaronka 12
      aaronka 12 22 days ago

      I love Dark Soulsso this was perfect for me. I don't care if the gameplay is original as long as it's good. And that it is imo.

  • alex bolte
    alex bolte 23 days ago

    If Respawn went all out and made the main character a full fledged experienced Jedi, they could have done so much crazy shit with the force powers and combat abilities. Would have been sweet if they implemented the type of force powers we had in the Force Unleashed games, maybe minus the force lightning. They also should have implemented real lightsaber kill physics to every enemy especially the storm troopers not just droids and and some creatures.

  • RPG Freddy
    RPG Freddy 23 days ago

    Best Star Wars Game NO NO, Never.

  • Central Time Gamers
    Central Time Gamers 23 days ago

    no, but its still good.

  • Human Rights Violation

    Best Star Wars game ever? lmfao not even close
    Can't be the "best Star Wars game ever" if the lightsaber doesn't even behave like a real lightsaber. That's like rule number one. The lightsaber acts more like a stun stick. What a joke.

    • aaronka 12
      aaronka 12 22 days ago

      Then there is no best Star Wars game. There isn't a single SW game where lightsabers are as powerful as in the films. At least not the ones I played.

  • M W
    M W 23 days ago

    He talks about Avatar like people actually watched it lmao

    • Impulset0
      Impulset0 22 days ago +1 did gross almost 3 billion globally so yeah, people did actually watch it.

  • Isaac Seattle
    Isaac Seattle 23 days ago

    Yeah the game is awesome but they blue balled us with the story. It ended too soon.

  • Lesbiehonest
    Lesbiehonest 23 days ago

    I would absolutely love and rpg kotor/jade empire Star Wars maybe open work game but with all the techinical capabilities of hardware of today.