Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on May 18, 2017
  • top 10 most interesting facts about chef Gordon Ramsay
    Up until about a decade ago, most people weren’t familiar with Gordon Ramsay. This ill-tempered, profanity-spewing master chef and businessman only broke onto the international stage when hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares began airing around the globe. Since then, he’s appeared in all sorts of television productions and talk shows and we know a little bit more about this colorful figure. But there’s always hidden stories that not everyone knows about.
    So just what are some surprising things you didn’t know about Gordon Ramsay? Well, there’s the fact that despite being known as a chef of high standards he loves American fast food. He also isn’t a man who settles for three squares a day, instead opting for many smaller meals. That trademark scowl with all those wrinkles is actually a lot less wrinkly today thanks to some cosmetic work done a few years ago. In fact, for being such a short-tempered perfectionist and demanding figure in the kitchen, Ramsay is actually all about the second chances. Despite having the highest standards when it comes to food, you’ll see that even Gordon Ramsay has a line when it comes to animal cruelty and inhumane practices for preparing food. There’s also the fact that all those rich sauces and dishes can’t distract this chef from his desire to stay in shape and compete at the highest levels of athletics. Of course, when you spread yourself this thin you can open yourself up to financial and personal collapse and Ramsay faced this several years ago when his success was really taking off. What would a celebrity video be without a discussion of their cars? Gordon Ramsay has a fleet of beauties with Ferrari being prized above all others. Yet, it could have all been so different if his soccer career had worked out. It’s strange to think but Ramsay could have become known as someone who served up goals instead of decadent dishes. Finally, there’s his overall image. While his portrayal on certain shows has him come off as a near-monster at times, Ramsay is actually a pretty caring guy, especially when it comes to kids.

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  Year ago +96

    Check out the Biggest Gordon Ramsay Outbursts!

    • Shrek 697
      Shrek 697 7 months ago

      TheRichest no one cares about your shit quizzes

    • Leonardo's Truth
      Leonardo's Truth 9 months ago

      How about some things we do know about Gordon Ramsay: he is a major asshole who has no problems using the most obscene language even to woman. He is a symptom of how coarse our "culture" is that he has so many fanboys wanting to lick his taco.

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 5 days ago

    First of all he's British

  • Heinrich Möltke
    Heinrich Möltke 9 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay vs Simon Cowell in a Debate

  • Nawar Naaoom
    Nawar Naaoom 10 days ago

    Bad chef

  • Joe H
    Joe H 12 days ago

    I eat 5 to 6 times a day as well.

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    haris000000 13 days ago

    When Ramsey goes down on a woman he yells ... Its DRY!

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    Siegfried Pretsch 14 days ago

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    Bunny Bomb 16 days ago

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    EK Anglers 18 days ago

    Glass-Cow Rangers...

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    Griuz 27 days ago

    Why does her voice sound autotuned

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    Andrew Lesko Month ago

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    misbah-ul- Islam Month ago

    The subscribe button used to be black Gordon Ramsay grilled it and made it red

  • Power Guy
    Power Guy Month ago

    stop butchering my country name and a city
    and i wanted to be footballer or racing driver but they never worked but i ended up as a chef

  • mak kolton
    mak kolton Month ago

    there are rumors eamsay is immortal he is more 750 old

  • pizza
    pizza Month ago

    He has a lot of chin wrinkles

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    Elena Month ago

    Hide your lambsauce from him 😂

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    Kelli S. Month ago

    I thought he was from London?

  • Sharon Barrett
    Sharon Barrett Month ago

    New York

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    shallowlord Month ago

    3:39 Is that even Ramsay.. or is it a look-a-like?

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    Mike 369 Month ago

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    Betty Teg 2 months ago

    Gorgeous golden Gordon Ramsey 🙏🏽 he is a good man!

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    Johnny 2 months ago

    So disappointed to hear he spends his fortune in high performance cars. I thought he would be better than that...

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 2 months ago

    He Is 1 Of Th Best Top Chefs In Th World, And Makes Cooking So Easy, And Simple,

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    ceaser williams 2 months ago

    fresh cook made to order isnt fast food, in n out isnt fast food

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    Travotski 4 months ago

    Japan has the best dishes in my opinion.

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    ryanlambert45 4 months ago

    Y’all keep showing pictures of the Gordan Ramsey lookalike as if it’s really him and it’s moderately irritating at this point.

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    matreb9902 5 months ago

    "Certain" has a T in it, speak English or stop talking

  • Liam Moto
    Liam Moto 6 months ago

    My idle

  • Liam Moto
    Liam Moto 6 months ago

    My dream is to be a head chef at gordons restaurant

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    Sonya Lum 6 months ago

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    Nathan Thomson 6 months ago

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  • Farrell Arifin
    Farrell Arifin 6 months ago +6

    Gordon Ramsay angry equation:
    Frozen food + microwave = raging Ramsay

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    pyro lopez 6 months ago

    I started laughing my ass off when I saw that picture of his face over patches from Dodgeball suits him just fine

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    mattea spennachio 7 months ago

    This videos fucking retarded there’s nothing interesting or cool it’s just drawn out bullshit

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    *football// The only people that call football soccer are Americans

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    10 things you didn't know about Nino

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    Colin Luby 7 months ago

    Poor Gordo. Money worries and an affair. He needs us

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    Sakurai Kenn 7 months ago

    Many big name chefs I know of loves In & Out Burger and so do I. They cook when the order was taken and they have the simplest menu. You guys don't know much about things. If you have had a burger at In&Out, you could know the difference.

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    Arturs Arturs 7 months ago

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    Alpha Maze 7 months ago

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    Paul Davies 7 months ago

    Apart from the fkn annoying voice of the narrator, what moron wrote this shit? You guys suck.

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    Why did the guy go back to prison? That’s my question 😂

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    Hes vegan which now makes him a pussy

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    sofia andrea Lukban 8 months ago

    Hearing chef Ramdsay cuss and get angry makes me relax... let him do the nagging. 😂

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    I wanted to be a pop singer.... couldn't sing so.. I became a rapper

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    Anthony Fox 9 months ago +1

    I don't know very many people who eat three meals a day, most people I know including myself​ basically just have dinner and maybe a snack

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    Ashley sewell 9 months ago

    I knew all of these facts

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    DME Caralian 10 months ago

    His mouth is a big bomb! Haha

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    Right back to jail within days of his release..... definition of a fucking moron!

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  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease 10 months ago

    As a rather prissy listener I have never found Gorgon Ramsey particularly foul mouthed. He seems to use the word for sexual exercise a lot, but that is really the only “bad word” I notice, and I notice those things.

    • Janell
      Janell 6 months ago

      Wanda Pease lol omg sexual exercise is just as offensive a fuck to me. Too descriptive.

  • •Melon- Kouhai•
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    Lets see, scotman, had an affair with his wife but it worked out in the end, hard work, really passionate.........................yup, gordon ramsay is the resurrection of alexander hamilton

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    W H E R E S
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  • ¿WHO?
    ¿WHO? 11 months ago

    Am I the only one who liked his wrinkles on his face? It made Ramsay unique

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    innit tho 11 months ago

    Wow how interesting!-Really who gives a fuck what celebs fuckin eat?!
    This kind of youtube vid is absolutely boring and crap and pointless!

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    Manny _ 11 months ago

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    Abby Aguilar 11 months ago +22

    Gordon is actually really nice in real life ya know

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    florante tabag 11 months ago

    How old he is

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    lane bellamy 11 months ago +4

    Tokyo having the MOST Michelin star rated restaurants makes perfect sense. The Japanese are all about self discipline, respect and honor. Traits that are essential to a fine restaurant.

  • Jamie Maidment
    Jamie Maidment Year ago

    He should go plant based and fuck up the whole world lool

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    I just read that Ramsey went on at least two shark baitIng boats and actually kept and stuffed the shark he about a hypocrite.

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    Sticking to the script is fine yes, but not verbatim.

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