Team Struggles To Tell If A Burger Is Cooked | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on May 7, 2019
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.
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Comments • 292

  • Shinku Quickman
    Shinku Quickman Day ago +1

    red team: finishes literally 30 seconds after the blue team in a 3 hour service
    gordon: "apologies for the DELAY from the red team" /sound effect like someone just committed murder

  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter 2 days ago

    What cook dosen't know when meat is cooked????? :( ... I'm basically a dumb ass construction worker, but also a single Dad with three out of four kids still at home, so I cook plenty, I jab the meat with a $6 meat thermometer and reads the internal temp of the meat! AMAZING technology!! :( .... why wouldn;t they invest in this "modern device"??

  • Jorge Ln
    Jorge Ln 6 days ago

    So, they all are up to work for mcdonal....

  • D -Ry
    D -Ry 7 days ago +1

    1:27 Chef Andi throwing massive shade “do you have your strongest person on here?” 😂😂😂

  • Lunar’s World
    Lunar’s World 8 days ago

    “It’s extremely frustrating to carry around these deadweight people”
    *zooms into Sarah*
    These editors aint fucking around

  • Jim MoeFoe
    Jim MoeFoe 10 days ago

    I want Meghan to give me a blowjob

  • catracha V.
    catracha V. 12 days ago

    I missed going to big resturant like this.. but I go to a middle resturant have like 8 table n i seen Fews some customer foods comeout first then us then i get mad only time. Like wait We came first n order first too but fews time the other ones who comes behind us come first out... their food are little faster but they should be in order line ... other thing i dont like its the food amount on the dish combine with the price, i like they are overprice charge.. I order crispy breast chicken with rice , salad , french fries, with dressing sauce that take at least 10 mins .. resturants aready have a huge pan of rice cook only is ready.. they need prepared do cook chicken , wash n cut salad, fried fries, all that takes at least 10 min n put them on a plate in 2 mins ... but its take 30 mins n take it to us.. plz
    I take alot of time because i have 2 kids, daughter is 7 yr old n son is 18 month old. My son touch everything n make more mess n be front or side of me, imagine i doing the food, grap the knife, hitting me n graping my cloth , i am cooking on hot stove. I keep stoping on the food , move him aways n washing his hand, see wants he wants , etc.. It took me at least 2 hour .. because First i wash all dirty dishes, clean the area i be at cooking... other thing my daughter be in the kitchen talking mami, mami this n that etc to me, when i cook , i need to have my mind clear n what malue i do for the familys... reach to the end of cooking , yea i taste my food, but on the table everyone eating their food n i reach to my food its to salts... I put salt a pinch of salt on every food .. one time i cannt eat my food that i cooked...
    Now most of the time we buy fast food n eat it at home.... I be unwalm , better i could cook dinner or lunch... but its 2 hours to have it ready not in 30 mins... wish i could have a dishwasher , make me little happer
    Imagine me in Ramsey kitchen ...

  • Jill Alexander
    Jill Alexander 15 days ago

    Blue team yall rocked it...😊😊👍👍👍

  • Sarah Andrews
    Sarah Andrews 19 days ago +3


  • Novae Terrae
    Novae Terrae 22 days ago

    Tf.. Gordan Ramsey is touching the food then sending it out lol

  • The Roblox Santa Claus
    The Roblox Santa Claus 22 days ago +4

    2:21 those are literally turds on a plate...

  • fu fu
    fu fu 25 days ago

    Sarah looks like my sims 2 character

    MANGO CHUTNEY 25 days ago

    I'm giggity as fuck right now

  • JAGS 214
    JAGS 214 29 days ago

    Lmao, "u dont have to 2nd guess me" uh if didnt fucc up the 1st time then they wouldnt have to be making sure the chicken is cooked u dikk!

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    “I’m giggity as FUCK right now” 😂

    BLACK WIDOW 97 Month ago +1

    Brett: blue team baby
    Blueface: am i a joke to you

  • Paul Varda
    Paul Varda Month ago

    blue team has an extra person... no fair

  • Talkindurinthemovie

    It was too dramatic!!! My anxiety

  • drsizzl
    drsizzl Month ago

    There are no burgers in this video.

  • Networking Folder
    Networking Folder 2 months ago

    So funny to see blue with fake testosterone! What a bunch of girls!

  • Shadow Moon
    Shadow Moon 2 months ago

    Sarah is hot but she is a shite cook. Now she is an underwear model.

  • Morgan Mackay
    Morgan Mackay 2 months ago

    2:55 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 30 year old and doing that shit oh my god what a melt putting your arms in the air like that, nearly spewed In ma mouth

    • Jaden Pelate
      Jaden Pelate 2 months ago

      I love seeing people so much youth in them.

  • HT T
    HT T 2 months ago +21

    Give whoever edited 0:25 to 0:41 a raise.

  • Dreamville
    Dreamville 3 months ago

    I want to go to Hell’s Kitchen where is it at

  • Beefy B
    Beefy B 3 months ago

    How the fuck can you screw deep-fried? Really...a chef Fuck off...

  • NotYouYt LoL
    NotYouYt LoL 3 months ago

    2:54 “Hell yeah Blueface baby”

  • Yvng Shreck123
    Yvng Shreck123 3 months ago +3

    Blood kitchen vs Crip kitchen

  • L T
    L T 3 months ago +1

    “ I’m giggidy as fuck right now “
    my new catchphrase

  • Coyote
    Coyote 3 months ago +2

    How do people enjoy this show. It's stressful. Especially the editing.

  • MrGenenmi
    MrGenenmi 3 months ago +1

    Man this show is stressing me the fuck out.

  • Nyla Bisnauth
    Nyla Bisnauth 3 months ago

    1:52 “man that’s a gud fry”

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy 3 months ago +7

    3:17 Nero: You what mate?!

  • Self Made
    Self Made 3 months ago +2

    man idk if my burger is cooked properly now

  • Zk8et
    Zk8et 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that has a crush on Megan? 😍😆😆😅

  • Hitler's Cow
    Hitler's Cow 3 months ago

    Sarah hella cute but hiding behind too much makeup tisk tisk

    TURD BURGLAR 3 months ago

    Giggity giggity

  • Chinky Studios
    Chinky Studios 3 months ago

    Can anyone please explain why an executive chef is in Hell’s Kitchen? Isn’t executive chef already really good?

  • Cowboy 747
    Cowboy 747 3 months ago


  • Average Airsoft player
    Average Airsoft player 3 months ago

    What’s this episode called

  • Ben
    Ben 3 months ago

    Meghan is 28?? She looks like a 40 year old lady waiting to talk to a manager. She also thinks she is waaaaaaaay better than she is

  • Burger Eater
    Burger Eater 3 months ago

    This is why men earn more money, women can't even work together in a productive way lol

  • young xavvus
    young xavvus 3 months ago

    2:45 um tf

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 3 months ago +2

    they struggle if they have to boil it or not

  • Tevin Sherrill
    Tevin Sherrill 3 months ago +16

    Finally, a clip with a happy ending at dinner service.

  • BrawlStarsgamer BG
    BrawlStarsgamer BG 3 months ago

    In Bulgaria Petko gone in Burgas

  • christian saldaña
    christian saldaña 3 months ago

    That happens when you get... just non pros, only drama sales, i cannot believe those guys are cooks.

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 3 months ago +2

    The Blue Team are working like a well oil machine.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 3 months ago +2


  • Brandon Mateo
    Brandon Mateo 3 months ago +2

    1:08 Larry the Cable guy? Or Creed Bratton?

  • Traktorizzed
    Traktorizzed 3 months ago +1

    1:07 KKona detected

  • Ronnick Ng
    Ronnick Ng 3 months ago

    Why don’t hell’s kitchen invites the try guys?

  • LittleMissPerfect 4eva
    LittleMissPerfect 4eva 3 months ago

    I’m the kind of person that if someone shouted at me.. I shout straight back.. treat me how you would want to be treated lol.. but I mean I get why he shouts 😂

  • DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    *Gentleman...Well done* 😂😂😂

  • The Kuudere Dude
    The Kuudere Dude 3 months ago

    Did I just see someone being served a sandwich and they were holding utensils?

  • The Kuudere Dude
    The Kuudere Dude 3 months ago

    You can take the thumbnail, put a white bar on top, and put on the white tab "is this a burger?" "not sure, let me check too" and it would be a meme

  • Oldstalk
    Oldstalk 3 months ago

    Are they really struggling doing hamburgers ?

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 3 months ago

    Meghan is awesome yet again!

  • Strafe 12
    Strafe 12 3 months ago +4

    2:01 I didn’t know elon musk was a chef

  • flynavy2222
    flynavy2222 3 months ago

    2:55 what does being “giggity as fuck” entail? Family Guy taught me that he’s trying to say he’s “ready to fuck as fuck”. I hope teammates know to avoid the dude

  • flynavy2222
    flynavy2222 3 months ago +1

    I’m really not looking forward to getting around to this season-that dumb-looking bitch with the stupid ass makeup is going to drive me crazy. Like… she wakes up and actually does that to her face? And she thinks it looks good? Yeah maybe if you’re whack ass is trying to pull a Bozo The Clown or something. What’s even more sad is she has great bone structure and I’m sure would look stunning without a pound of makeup caked around her eyes

  • KidDelta 101
    KidDelta 101 3 months ago +65

    Do they have an orchestra in the editing room or something

  • Dramatic Scar
    Dramatic Scar 3 months ago +5

    Brett and Milly were so less arrogant before their second season

  • Tyra Li
    Tyra Li 3 months ago

    The burger says “moo”

  • commandoeddie
    commandoeddie 3 months ago

    what season was this

  • Serpernt
    Serpernt 3 months ago

    1:07 how to get screen time 101

  • This freakin Guy
    This freakin Guy 3 months ago +2

    Sarah is a smokin hotttt hottie

  • sdmfsdmfn
    sdmfsdmfn 3 months ago

    Don’t wana be that guy.. but shouldn’t it say they can’t tell if chicken is cooked? Did not see one burger

  • etabaka
    etabaka 3 months ago +3

    Shouldn't this be re-titled "video uploader struggles to understand what a "burger is?"

  • Fire_Initius
    Fire_Initius 3 months ago +8

    I wonder if Gordon has High Blood Pressure.

    • Tyrone Biggums
      Tyrone Biggums 2 months ago +2

      Wrong... He bleeds lamb sauce.

    • LinusMLGTips
      LinusMLGTips 3 months ago +4

      He doesn't bleed blood, he bleeds olive oil

  • nate
    nate 3 months ago

    Lamb sauce

  • hiss hiss this is Snek
    hiss hiss this is Snek 3 months ago

    ... donkeys

  • Timber Wolf
    Timber Wolf 3 months ago +2

    Sounds like they just won a football game

  • Cesar Sandoval
    Cesar Sandoval 3 months ago +10

    @0:29 There should be a 10hr loop of them checking to see if the chicken is cooked

  • Ketchup Lover
    Ketchup Lover 3 months ago +8


  • joycon inza 4th period boiz
    joycon inza 4th period boiz 3 months ago +207

    1:53 everybody movin and the guy in the middle lookin like he stuck in a lag spike

    • InSomnia DrEvil
      InSomnia DrEvil 17 hours ago

      is he disco? nah hes just lagging...

      GHOST REAPER 2 days ago

      I think he dc'd.

    • D -Ry
      D -Ry 7 days ago

      Poor Nick 😂😂

    • Roman
      Roman 2 months ago +2

      That's me in the kitchen

    • Jaden Pelate
      Jaden Pelate 2 months ago +2

      That really did make my day. That was awesome.