The Escargot - RV/Camper Car Transporter Conversion - Part 1

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • In part one of our side project, we take a 34 year old ex-library bus and begin its transformation into what we hope will be a hotel on wheels with the added bonus of being able to transport any of our vehicles at the same time. The venerable truck needs to go on a diet, so out come the power tools...
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Comments • 2 086

  • Lorin Mueller
    Lorin Mueller 30 minutes ago

    Great.... you dismantle a bookmobile and I'm already hooked.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 51 minute ago

    Awesome project guys, looking fwd to the build 👍🙂

  • Lee Wilkin
    Lee Wilkin 10 hours ago

    tha'ts not just a library, that's an essex county council library, i hope you are going to drive it in white stiletoes

  • An urban explorer
    An urban explorer 11 hours ago

    I see what you did with the project name :)

  • John Tingle
    John Tingle 18 hours ago

    If any type of real RVing was going to be done in this vehicle I could see the advantage of keeping the hydraulic stablizer legs. They were a good leveling system for the truck...after all, It's a bit difficult to party on an unlevel floor.

  • Jim Vicious
    Jim Vicious 21 hour ago

    Ooh. Although I've been religiously watching Binky come together, this project is very close to the one I'm working on .. Although my bus is a piece of crap with a rotted floor and fractured coach support crossmembers and a fried transmission, and..

  • Andrew Treloar
    Andrew Treloar Day ago

    Confined space with a rattle gun - where is your hearing protection lads???

  • Hjominbonrun
    Hjominbonrun Day ago

    working under the truck... ASMR

  • Bose de-Nage
    Bose de-Nage Day ago

    I thought you were converting an Escago into an RV

  • Alexandru Moise
    Alexandru Moise Day ago

    Skookum indeed. Hope it'll chooch right and proper. Keep safe when using the thumb detector and keep your dick in a vise. Remember, turn until you hear a crack then a quarter turn back.

  • Rich Brown
    Rich Brown Day ago

    Love how all the channels I watch make references to each other

  • Thomas Blithe
    Thomas Blithe Day ago

    Time to cut the back half of the body off

  • Carey Cummings
    Carey Cummings 2 days ago

    YES! Another excellent project. I love the way you guys disassemble everything instead of using the hot wrench and Sawzall. I guessed 4750 as the reduced weight, so I was not off by much. That ESPAR heater gave me a nervous twitch. I used to have to repair those on old NYC payloaders. Good luck with this new project.

  • André Ribeiro
    André Ribeiro 2 days ago +1

    Next time don't forget to wash the chassis before the work starts!! 😁😁

  • Michael Ganshirt
    Michael Ganshirt 2 days ago

    I love some serious heat for these rusty jobs. The torch is my best friend.

  • SiliquaeSid
    SiliquaeSid 2 days ago

    Strips out 200Kg of crap, installs full beer fridge. Back to starting weight. Dammit!

  • Ryan Sturman
    Ryan Sturman 2 days ago

    Brilliant video. Who knew watching an old truck being stripped would be entertaining 👍

  • billybob holcomb
    billybob holcomb 2 days ago

    How much weight can you save with aluminum wheels?

  • eurojulien
    eurojulien 2 days ago

    No Tea?!

  • Alcohol Free Reviews
    Alcohol Free Reviews 2 days ago +2

    Dear family, bad obsession motor sport have started a 2nd project. See you all in 8 years

  • 82 WERK
    82 WERK 2 days ago +2

    As a hgv/bus mechanic i feel your pain :D

  • Jody Homewood
    Jody Homewood 3 days ago

    You can get open ended ratchet spanners and the expensive ones are surprisingly good.

  • deth kon
    deth kon 3 days ago

    1 week late i gotta watch my notification feed

  • mark holttum
    mark holttum 3 days ago

    Brilliant, I love DIY camper vans. This is clearly going to be the most epic of DIY camper vans.

  • HappyandAtheist
    HappyandAtheist 3 days ago

    the Ford Cargo , I spent many a miserable day in one of these , ours was "affectionately' know as "Sir Toss Pot." :)

  • Stephen Schofield
    Stephen Schofield 3 days ago

    I think that Richard has intentionally slowed Project Binky down, for two reasons. One, the initial age of the mini is close to becoming tax free (classics in the UK don't pay for tax after a certain age), so he'll save a few bob. And two, by the time it is completed, Nick will be past the age of 70 and seeing how he drives in the opening clip of the show probably won't re pass his test, which means that Richard will have 10- 15 years to drive it for himself before he gets a lifetime ban ;)

  • Jaques Daniels
    Jaques Daniels 3 days ago

    Jeez, get some ear plugs for that impact wrench work............. I SAID GET SOME EAR PLUGS.
    I've got tinnitus-but I can still sing in tune.................................................

  • Jonathan H
    Jonathan H 3 days ago

    There's one bad thing about these videos guys...they come to an end!

  • schonzen
    schonzen 4 days ago +1

    What motor is in that beast anyway?

    • schonzen
      schonzen 4 days ago +1

  • schonzen
    schonzen 4 days ago +1

    New engine? You should be able to pick up a lot of fuel economy too.

    • schonzen
      schonzen 4 days ago +1

      I'd love to see you do it, though I understand the cost and time likely required, you'd be like the british DeBoss though!

  • Tim Paddy
    Tim Paddy 4 days ago

    Definitely your loudest video yet. How can an impact be louder through my speakers than it is in person?

  • billybob holcomb
    billybob holcomb 4 days ago

    Does this van have a double floor?

  • Torkel Kristensson
    Torkel Kristensson 4 days ago

    HEAT! Heat is your friend when working on old rusty bolts. Torch them until they are glowing red, then apply impact gun. Penetration oil is for kindergarten teachers.

  • Trent Blackburn
    Trent Blackburn 4 days ago

    Engage safety squints!

  • Eddie Hitler
    Eddie Hitler 4 days ago

    So what's the crack with this XCP penetrating fluid then? Been using Plusgas for years, is it worth defecting and trying the XCP instead?

  • Quintal Yurts
    Quintal Yurts 4 days ago

    I hope you sell all of your scrap metal and copper 😂👍

  • ivan schafeldt
    ivan schafeldt 4 days ago

    nice to see richard doing a bit more than making tea and fussing about cable tie ends though :D
    just kidding richard

  • Christian Morin
    Christian Morin 4 days ago

    Who else can see where this is going??? Next thing you know, they'll have replaced the cab with a widened Morris Minor and the thing will have a laser guided, hydraulic lifting, turn-table to display "Binky" on , etc, etc ,etc LOL . Love this channel!!!

  • Carlos Tafur Jiménez

    y el mini????.....porque no lo han terminado?

  • Don Sears
    Don Sears 4 days ago some MUSIC for My Brothers across the Pond ...

  • Lance Craig
    Lance Craig 4 days ago

    Get some earmuffs you nonce!

  • Mike G
    Mike G 4 days ago

    LS turbo it!

  • Алексей Любимов

    Look at it from another side: taking that much junk out of Lotus Elise would have resulted in a Nobel prize for the first ever object with negative mass!

  • Project Brupeg
    Project Brupeg 5 days ago

    Fill it with Helium. only option left

  • Steamy G
    Steamy G 5 days ago

    Love the show. I was laughing when Richard pulle the heater duct and all that dust and dirt fell on him. That was funny, But i know the feeling every time i work under my 35 year old rusty Ford pick up truck here in the USA.

  • chubbybrown4real
    chubbybrown4real 5 days ago

    is it a 4/5/6 Speed?
    Drove all of them, the 4 was horrific on fuel.
    The type of back end also made a difference ex does dealer driver and subsequently drive them on the road

  • Mitchell Radford
    Mitchell Radford 5 days ago

    This project is going to be amazing!

  • jason birch
    jason birch 5 days ago

    I can already imagine you guys installing an accessory fuse panel and hydraulic system😁🙄

  • jason birch
    jason birch 5 days ago

    There is a ratcheting open end. It's a geometric ratcheting shape, not a mechanism. Works ok but not for breaking loose and only works dead straight on the fastener.

  • adamx golding
    adamx golding 5 days ago

    that diesel heater looks like something Colin Furze could use to build a rocket....

  • Talisman1957
    Talisman1957 5 days ago +1

    Aluminum wheels would help with the weight

  • PedalBox
    PedalBox 5 days ago

    I definitely didn't go and look on ebay for anything similar for our fleet of cars... nooo not us. Honest... But theres a new removals van for 3 grand with a sleeper cab up there at the moment if someone has some storage space in West Berkshire :D

  • Allun Read
    Allun Read 5 days ago

    Great video, great channel, keep up the good work

  • iBiana Doubt
    iBiana Doubt 5 days ago

    Another 7 to 10 years and you ought to have this sorted... that's a lot of tea.

  • Paul wills
    Paul wills 5 days ago

    George Clarke’s amazing spaces entry

  • Lurker1979
    Lurker1979 5 days ago

    I love the door on the side that was used for the library part of the van.

  • Alan Lapp
    Alan Lapp 6 days ago

    I'm really impressed that you didn't just saw/cut/grind/torch everything into pieces. I believe I would have. Think of the zip ties you could have saved.

  • Dan Kieran
    Dan Kieran 6 days ago

    When they were gutting the inside I kept waiting for them to remove one wrong screw and have the whole truck fall apart. I was reminded of the words of Bart Simpson, "I wouldn't remove that, it's a load bearing poster"

  • Dan Kieran
    Dan Kieran 6 days ago

    Who knew this would all be so complicated? It's just a truck...and a small house.

  • David Williams
    David Williams 6 days ago

    Noooooo Binkyyyyyyyyyy!!

  • daniel tabarcea
    daniel tabarcea 6 days ago

    I love how you're listening to the comments and showing the weight in imperial on the corner of the video at 2:50

  • kenneth crossley
    kenneth crossley 6 days ago

    Not telling you to suck eggs but to anyone out there , buy a salvage accident caravan, you will have everything you need for an rv conversion at hand

  • Kris Nicholson
    Kris Nicholson 6 days ago

    Doesn't "ex library" mean "normal lorry"?
    The hydraulic legs have to stay to prevent sea sickness when fat people walk..

  • Nicholas Horsey
    Nicholas Horsey 6 days ago

    I would have been worried about asbestos in the heater ducts. Be careful out there, wonderful work guys!

  • Lee Walpole
    Lee Walpole 6 days ago

    Has binky been completed

  • Reg Sparkes
    Reg Sparkes 6 days ago

    Geezus,...this truck was built,..... as you chaps said there near the end. The guys who previously built this one up, sure didn't seem to spare the materials.
    Now, to get rid of another 800 plus kilos? Ah well, I'll be here to cheer you two on in Part 2.....
    Thanks for this one!

  • Tom Neave
    Tom Neave 6 days ago

    Appreciate it takes more time but can you tell us what your achieving throughout the episode. I watched it all but at points had no clue why you were dismantling stuff

  • rex aitken
    rex aitken 6 days ago

    should have bought a fire engine

  • sosoae86
    sosoae86 6 days ago

    With your guy's fab skills you should be able to launch a NASA shuttle from the back of this thing. Awesome project can't wait to see what you guys have in store for this, keep up the great work!

  • T1g3rch3n
    T1g3rch3n 6 days ago

    Boyzz get some Personal Protection!
    Hearing protection and some Dustmasks should do the trick

    Rust is awefull in there is no funk without working ears :p

  • pete vickers
    pete vickers 6 days ago

    you just know there gonna turn it into a hawker harrier jump jet

  • uguysrnuts
    uguysrnuts 6 days ago

    The name, Escargo is already in use for a make of Electric Panel vans, which is what I thought I was clicking onto when I ended up on this waste of bandlength.

  • leroy maina
    leroy maina 6 days ago

    4:41 queen radio gaga in the background

  • danbourne11
    danbourne11 6 days ago

    Great vid guys, like your nod to Ave.

  • JoeTheKiter2003
    JoeTheKiter2003 6 days ago

    When are you going to build a "Binky style" 360 degree rotating jig for it?

  • jason white
    jason white 6 days ago

    The name of the project put me off watching for awhile thought it was going to be some French camper or van for the project lol

  • Meat Missile F1-11
    Meat Missile F1-11 6 days ago

    hearing a british person say "penetrant" made me giggle

  • Phil B
    Phil B 6 days ago

    hack a few feet off the back

  • Jozsef Izsak
    Jozsef Izsak 6 days ago

    Very entertaining, informative and inspiring.

  • Golf Gti
    Golf Gti 6 days ago

    You be able to insure as a classic if takes as long as mini to build 😁

  • beachcomber2008
    beachcomber2008 6 days ago

    As long as you keep getting covered in shit, you'll be entertaining me. Epic.
    Now I want to see lightening holes in the Bailey Bridge holding it up. Get on with it.

  • Thierry Theuns
    Thierry Theuns 6 days ago

    Hold one, wouldn't the hydraulic legs be useful for leveling the camper? So you don't have to sleep at an incline.

  • Simon Gough
    Simon Gough 6 days ago

    As an ex-Essex library van I may well have borrowed a book on that van!

  • BlkCal30t
    BlkCal30t 6 days ago

    I could watch you two do this all day. Can’t wait to see what becomes of it. Great vid lads!

  • TheDaf95xf
    TheDaf95xf 6 days ago

    Hi boys yet another fantastic video on a great conversation 😄 I drove a ford cargo for 10 years from 1989 all over the uk and Europe without a bit of trouble 👍🏻 This is going to be a really good job and can’t wait for episode 2 😀 I sit in my DAF XF 105 all day waiting for something fantastic to watch and you two always oblige as it’s better that day time TV 🙈 Well and thanks for your entertainment Stevie

  • Gareth haywood
    Gareth haywood 6 days ago

    I can see a carbon rear end coming made from recycled bicycles or something mad

    PHILIP SMITH 6 days ago +2

    how much of this is going to be put back in, after remaking? the hydraulic supports could be real handy for stability when loading / unloading cars and partying

  • Adam Ski
    Adam Ski 6 days ago

    Great concept, similar to Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D Type transporter.
    Please also see how they convert old coaches in the

  • hootizzz
    hootizzz 6 days ago

    Awesome Video Chaps..!! ps - Please can you tell me what the name of and the artist is of the snappy tune at 26m10s ?? it is rather fetching... 'Keep Up The Great Work'...

  • bigfutus
    bigfutus 6 days ago

    Skookum as frig!

  • Ashley Caunt
    Ashley Caunt 6 days ago

    You can buy ratchet open ended spanners.. just so you know 😂

  • peter ross
    peter ross 6 days ago

    What does the engine weigh ?

  • pdwcave
    pdwcave 6 days ago

    Expecting George Clarke to make a guest appearance.

  • fantomazz1
    fantomazz1 6 days ago

    old rusty truck, no sledgehammers, no plasma cutters, no oxy torches? How dissapointing.

  • Fraser Wood
    Fraser Wood 7 days ago

    Love the AvE reference!!

  • Peter Dyson
    Peter Dyson 7 days ago

    if tha dont know ow to finish t mini tha should just say so.

  • tratok
    tratok 7 days ago

    In the future, just tighten the bolts until they break. Not like they're worth using again.

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 7 days ago


    It started off as a good idea.
    Ya bus
    If those both need to be shirts

  • Matt Wiltfong
    Matt Wiltfong 7 days ago

    AVE reference, even more respect

  • speedbuggy16v
    speedbuggy16v 7 days ago

    I was almost out, but then things became skookum as frig, so now I am back in