YG Entertainment’s former CEO, Yang Hyun-suk, and singer, Seungri pressed with gambling charges

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • On August 14th, Yang Hyun-suk, ex-CEO of YG Entertainment, and former Big Bang singer Seungri were charged with allegations of habitual gambling abroad. Yang was reported to have lost more than US $500 thousand, while Seungri lost a shocking $1 million in the same casino. For more information, watch the video.
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Comments • 80

  • robelle jumaguit
    robelle jumaguit 17 days ago

    I guess they just want to eliminate yg entertainment.. They know how fame yg ent is.

  • Dennis Gu
    Dennis Gu 4 months ago +1

    blaming a man worth billions for gambling 500k USD while every American is gambling away their paycheck in vegas... hypocritical

  • Lisa Manoban
    Lisa Manoban 4 months ago +2

    I heard that took the money BLACKPINK made and used it to gamble what a bitchboy honestly RUDE

  • 125 Prozent
    125 Prozent 5 months ago +1

    Jennie should be the new CEO because I think she's 100 times better than someone else.

    • Joanne
      Joanne 4 months ago

      First of all Jennie doesn't know much about the system of YG works
      She's rly young and not experienced for this kind of stuff
      And if she would become the CEO
      She would have to leave blackpink

  • Felix Fors
    Felix Fors 5 months ago +1

    DRUGS CARTELS needed to be busted

  • PastaKookie are my parents

    I feel bad for BLACKPINK , iKON , WINNER and other idols from YGE. tbh YHS deserved this lmao , I honestly hoped he get charged. honestly if he really did he can’t get away , I believe he will get this retribution one day for being that cunning. Seungri scandal was sad but 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s saddening to see what had happened to YGE and it’s more saddening to see and hear what would happen to their idols.

    • roi grose
      roi grose 5 months ago

      @PastaKookie are my parents isnt this new charge( illegal gambling) still only an allegation and not proven? How bad a crime is gambling abroad for South Korean citizens? Whats the punishment? Is it really unforgivable? Theres a hypocrisy here cuz theres many casinos abroad full of many nationalities including South Koreans.

    • PastaKookie are my parents
      PastaKookie are my parents 5 months ago

      roi grose he has not done anything bad to YG artist but he did something bad that isn’t forgivable , which is somehow about illegal gamble. Whoever did something that isn’t forgivable deserved to be in jail. But I feel bad for his artists.

    • roi grose
      roi grose 5 months ago

      Why do you think he deserves this? I dont know what he has done so bad to YGE artists that he can just be destroyed now.

    • PastaKookie are my parents
      PastaKookie are my parents 5 months ago

      Felix Fors 😂

    • Felix Fors
      Felix Fors 5 months ago

      SO MANY STRIKEOUTS! NARCOS are doing their thing

  • dave maximo
    dave maximo 5 months ago +4

    Lol YG is a Billion dollar man.17 million dollars is too small.Leave him alone.He has the biggest stocks in YG.Taking him down will result to the fall of the company and Blackpink as well.We love Blackpink so much

    • Lavafish swims
      Lavafish swims 5 months ago

      Ah yes, let's let those who embezzle and participate in prostitution as pimps go because of a Kpop group we like.

    • dave maximo
      dave maximo 5 months ago

      even the artist Lisa,Jennie,Rose and Jisoo are millionaires.How much is the founder and former CEO

    • E N Z
      E N Z 5 months ago

      He can't be a billion dollar man...

  • sue ann teo
    sue ann teo 5 months ago +6

    What?! Gambling abroad is also illegal in S.Korean?!


      I mean
      When you go to another country you don't only have to go by that country's law but by your own country too
      At least that's how it is for most European countries
      For example
      If I travelled to Netherlands I wouldn't be legally able to buy legal amount of marijuana there because it's illegal in my country and I could get in huge trouble for that
      (Random example, I don't do any sort of drugs)

  • Meryell Rigor Ancheta
    Meryell Rigor Ancheta 5 months ago

    Karma is a bitch!!!

  • Muhammad Syahzani
    Muhammad Syahzani 5 months ago +3

    Im so sorry for Blackpink and others group family in YG family.. but someone neeed to replace them.. please Gdragon come back really really soon ! hope he can do something .. to me he is the best so far.. Song writter even in business.. lets see..

  • Ms. Chuisin
    Ms. Chuisin 5 months ago +12

    He wasn't charged. He is investigated. Not charged yet🤦‍♀️

  • Zandaya Y Taziz
    Zandaya Y Taziz 5 months ago

    Wowww woww wowww
    So every penny that yg most of the money go to His gambling 70% the ARTIST earning go to the the company while 30% to 20% person go to Their Artist
    He build the company get greedy and he also Destroy with his own hand well the company is still going to stand But their reputation is become GARBAGE

  • Frank M
    Frank M 5 months ago +7

    It's interesting how Korean citizens are disallowed to gamble in foreign countries, where casinos are legal.

    • Meryem Al Fatly
      Meryem Al Fatly 23 days ago

      its illegaly obstained money and korea loses money this way

  • lovely fawn
    lovely fawn 5 months ago +6

    I really wonder who wants to take YGE out and why. Idk all of this just screams witch hunt on these two to me. The media keeps throwing accusations without any proof of what they're claiming and police starts investigating. But still no evidence.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 5 months ago +2

      @TONY MONTANA LARGEMORARA baseless rumors dont mean anything, so stop it with that pathetic bullshit...

      it is a huge mediaplay, look up the sopa case and you will know why.
      this whole case is ridiculously fishy since day one and it was so obvious that somethings not right. and not by seungris and ygs side, but by the accusers, the media.
      never did we see such a mediaplay, where a big media company shits out one baseless accusation after another, and when they saw they cant get anywhere against seungri, they chose their next target, which was yg and b.i, and still are at a dead end, so they start new accusations and even let out the by far most ridiculous accusation this world has ever seen, and thats the one against daesung. which is another, solid evidence, that the media is just trying to use them as scapegoats to divert the attention away from the sopa case, where the really powerful people were involved...

    • xrose berryx
      xrose berryx 5 months ago +1

      They hate YG.

    • BeckaH 11
      BeckaH 11 5 months ago

      Maybe someone really is out for YG, but I don't think the Korean Government is going to start investigating allegations, if there was not already some kind of evidence. Most governments don't act on just 'rumors'.

    • lovely fawn
      lovely fawn 5 months ago

      @TONY MONTANA LARGEMORARA agreed with that. Only someone powerful can do it and influence the media so much. We should not judge immediately and keep observing and waiting for the truth.


      @lovely fawn yes.. Let's just observe what will happen in the future because... The way he is questioned and investigated means someone is itching to lock him in prison... Only a powerful and wealthy person can do such things....

  • Idol Cherryblossom
    Idol Cherryblossom 5 months ago +8

    Karma hits so real

  • D Duy
    D Duy 5 months ago +13

    Smh... Alexa play what goes around comes around

  • roi grose
    roi grose 5 months ago +6

    Why the relentless harassment of Seungri and YG? What is this vendetta against them? When one batch of allegations fail, another batch is fed to the media. This is the real offense to society and human rights.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 5 months ago +1

      @roi grose yes, thats why we should raise more awareness about it.
      even if yg and seungri were guilty, there are no victims in their case, its just about money and nowhere near as bad as what happened in sopa.
      which is why its really sad how so many haters focus so much on them, as if they killed someone and even add lies, just to jump along on the hate bandwagon, while not caring one bit about real victims of the sopa case...

    • roi grose
      roi grose 5 months ago

      @Soru7 Thanks for your comment. Theres a lot to review about the sopa story. Strangely it just disappeared from media and the public mind.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 5 months ago

      @roi grose why, look up the sopa case, thats why.

      the timing seungri was mentioned in the media is a solid evidence for this actually.
      the underaged victims of the sopa case tried to get help and knew, that the media and the police wont help them, so they came out with their stories through social media.
      and just right after that, seungri was mentioned in the media multiple times. and that first with one baseless accusation about his connection to burning sun. and right when he proved the accusation wrong, that he had nothing to do with the club, the next accusation popped out instantly, his connection about jjys case. where it even came out, that sbs fun e admitted to have edited the chatgroup and made it look like as if seungri was also in that chatgroup, which then came out, that it was edited evidence and that seungri was never part of the chatgroup where jjy posted his sex videos.
      right after that the prostitution accusation came out. but since a police officer was involved with jjys case, the crime commission took over seungris case too, to investigate if there was any corruption involved in his case, meaning there is also no corruption. the fun part is here, the reporter bitch, who was the one who mentioned seungri in the media multiple times, needed to give her "evidence" to the crime commission and she stalled for time there and didnt do it at first and only "guaranteed" that her "evidence" is real, while she didnt confirm that anywhere. only after a while she gave it to them. while seungri did never act fishy or weird at all and always cooperated nicely and gave all evidence as good as he could.
      the reporter bitch told some obvious lies about how she got the phone from, where seungris chat was found and how she got it from some "technician", which is obviously a lie.
      why should exactly at this time a technician have a phone of a member of seungris chats get the phone and give it to that reporter? even if it was like this, the technician has invaded their privacy and broken a law too, so he should also be investigated, but she isnt talking and doesnt mention anything, meaning either way she is protecting a criminal herself.
      and after the crime comission checked the phone, they couldnt find anything about some prostitutes, just some women who were interested in doing business and came to seungri themselves and wanted to meet some of his business partners. one witness also came out and stated that she was one of the women mentioned and that she isnt a prostitute and that no sex was involved. since they cant disprove that statement and cant even find a hint of truth to the accusation, not a single word about prostitutes anywhere found, this accusation also remains false.
      the repoter bitch then tried to say that the members of seungris chatgroup used coded words to hide it. how would she know that, if she wasnt a member herself?not even a technician would know that. its obvious that she threw any lie out, just to keep him in the media, to divert the attention away from the sopa case...

      and of course, right after that, it was illegal gambling and tax evasion. both money related accusations, meaning those could be proved against him, since money would have been moved around. since they still didnt do that, these accusations also remained baseless and false.

      since they couldnt get anywhere against seungri, they changed their target to yg and b.i. seeing how its the chat of that rich slut han seo hee, who is a trainee in yg and known for her drug abuse, and how that chat was revealed to attack b.i. its obvious that the sopa culprits are somehow related to her or her family and which is why they had her in yg for such a case and forced yg to keep her in his company.
      so they also threw the same baseless accusations against yg, also didnt get much out of it, so they keep looking for new targets, just like daesung.
      and the accusation against daesung being the most ridiculous one this world has ever seen, its another solid evidence, that the media is using them as scapegoats to divert the attention from something else...
      and since the timing is perfect, the only choice for another case, is the sopa case.
      not to mention, how such a huge and disgusting case has not a single media and police report, no single word about the victims and nothing about the culprits.
      theres no chance that the media wouldnt be all over this, if the culprits werent so powerful to use the media to hide it...

    • roi grose
      roi grose 5 months ago

      @Felix Fors You sound like you disagree with something. Lol

    • Felix Fors
      Felix Fors 5 months ago


  • リブラダマリス
    リブラダマリス 5 months ago +7

    Ugh 😢 this really hurts Senguri was my basis. I just can't look at him the same after all the texts and evidence they found pointing to him. I want to believe he was framed but they just keep finding more stuff...

    • Ms. Chuisin
      Ms. Chuisin 5 months ago +2

      This case was cleared months ago for gambling allegations but they bring his name up after they start to investigate YHS. Urgh.... do not watch shitty news from here. Seriously. Go find Fresh Ilumni channel.

    • リブラダマリス
      リブラダマリス 5 months ago

      @Justin seagull you're right hun.

    • Justin seagull
      Justin seagull 5 months ago +1

      @リブラダマリス but that doesnt explain a lot you never know people behind the camera

    • リブラダマリス
      リブラダマリス 5 months ago

      @Justin seagull it's just hard I always thought he was rebellious because he was the youngest

    • Justin seagull
      Justin seagull 5 months ago +1

      Seungri was a scumbag from the beginning even TOP had his suspicions because he used to hang around shady people there is no way seungri is framed

  • Tina Do
    Tina Do 5 months ago +8

    Wow another one seungri and ex-YG? tch

  • 1000 subs Man please
    1000 subs Man please 5 months ago +19

    Senguri scandal get bigger and bigger even day.

  • Brrr Rambo
    Brrr Rambo 5 months ago +37

    I can understand how gambling within your own country’s borders can be illegal, but you can also be arrested for gambling in a different country? Wow. Very strict laws.

    • roi grose
      roi grose 5 months ago

      @Lavafish swims All these charges against YG and Seungri obviously harassment. Too many charges with no real evidence. If there was real evidence, the 2 would be in prison now, but no, they are continually being hounded by investigations and knetz on the hate wagon. Why?? I wonder if this is libel? Or defammation of character, loss of one's good name. Maybe the truth will come out if and when Seungri and YG file their cases too.

    • Lavafish swims
      Lavafish swims 5 months ago

      Gambling outside of Korea is illegal, and gambling inside Korea is restricted and regulated. But the gambling in the case of Seungri and Hyun-suk is more serious because it was funded using illegal funds (illegally obtained and tax dodged funds). But Korea as a country will prosecute it's citizens for violating it's laws abroad. That's why Korean celebrities can be prosecuted in Korea for smoking a little pot in another country, even it it's legal in that country.

    • Felix Fors
      Felix Fors 5 months ago


    • Trinh Nguyen
      Trinh Nguyen 5 months ago +2

      enyewox Oh yea that is true but I think they still should not be persecuted for it.

    • enyewox
      enyewox 5 months ago +1

      @Trinh Nguyen I guess it is because korea is loosing money this way so they dont like it

  • Omar Lara
    Omar Lara 5 months ago +6


  • Mickey Jean
    Mickey Jean 5 months ago +12

    😭😭😭😭Seriosuly come on.....So they’ve decided to start the trial? I’m still here Fighting Sunbae Seungri 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    • Mickey Jean
      Mickey Jean 5 months ago +1

      Ms. Chuisin Yes I do understand i’ve been a kpopper/VIP for 12 years, I also wish these idiots would make up their darn minds and even more drop the ridiculous case because they’re wasting unnecessary time by relying on corrupt media to make up more lame brainwashing fake news that almost everyone is believing because they don’t want to drop the case and have to deal with embarrassing backlash from the public and fans!
      Oppa Taeyang and Sunbae Seungri are my biases no matter what anyone says or wants to believe!

    • Ms. Chuisin
      Ms. Chuisin 5 months ago +1

      @Mickey Jean You have no idea how we all hope the stupid prosecutors make a decision already because they are wasting precious time. They probably couldn't proceed and that's why there's this new investigation on gambling.

    • Mickey Jean
      Mickey Jean 5 months ago

      Ms. Chuisin Thanks i know they didn’t and i’ve seen his videos already!

    • Ms. Chuisin
      Ms. Chuisin 5 months ago +2

      No they didn't this is a misleading news. Go find Fresh Ilumni channel. If it goes to trial he will update. He's a lawyer.

  • JamaisVu
    JamaisVu 5 months ago +8


  • april ansalay
    april ansalay 5 months ago +28

    YG you are the one who destroy everything to your artist. Sad to say this but sorry!! 😔

    • Soru7
      Soru7 5 months ago +4

      its disgusting piece of shits like you, who are destroying everything right now with your disgusting attacks.
      both of them are still completely innocent, there is still no evidence at all against both of them.

      it couldnt be more obvious what a huge mediaplay this is, because some powerful people were involved in the sopa case and are using top celebrities to divert the attention away from it, to get away...and thanks to degenerated human waste like you, they even managed to do so, same with the poor victims, who were completely ignored, just because you scum cared more for some attention and jumped along on a hate bandwagon against innocent celebrities...

    • april ansalay
      april ansalay 5 months ago

      @Muzdalfa Naeem 😔

    • Muzdalfa Naeem
      Muzdalfa Naeem 5 months ago

      why seungriiiiiiiiiii