Richard Dolan Incredible Presentation Black Budgets, UFOs and Alien Disclosure

  • Published on Aug 19, 2018
  • The UFO phenomenon is the most explosive secret of our time, wrapped deeply within the classified world. And yet, because we live in revolutionary times, we cannot expect that secret to last forever. Richard Dolan asks whether something can dislodge the secret-in such a way that the whole world will talk about it. He discusses how the cover-up works internationally, the likely End Game among the secret keepers, and the different ways that the end of UFO secrecy might come.
    Finally, Dolan discusses the US Presidential election, analyzing the positions and histories of the major Presidential candidates in relation to UFOs. This was a new lecture by Richard Dolan, developed specifically for this conference. There will be ample opportunity for attendees to ask questions and share ideas.

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  • Francisco Medina
    Francisco Medina 8 days ago +1

    The problem is not the existence of this things the problem is the secresy,,the universe is floded with every kind and shape of life,we are only 1

  • Kim Powell
    Kim Powell 11 days ago

    If these Aliens are so ADVANCE why do they seem to CRASH

  • Jay Zen
    Jay Zen 15 days ago

    When was this filmed Richard?

  • Prison Planet Earth Comply or Die

    Great work Richard . It looks to me like you just got out of Bed after a big night on the Bongs .

  • cosmic voyager
    cosmic voyager Month ago +2

    Why is there never a given reason for the UFO crashes? If this is technology from an advanced civilization one would think that they would also be able to prevent crashes.

  • Tad Damico
    Tad Damico Month ago

    Richard is right on he is so right about this I love this dude

  • Tad Damico
    Tad Damico Month ago

    Richard is so right about nobody acknowledges this i have never met anyone that takes this seriously.I had a red eyed black being in my back yard in gasport NY,its eyes are shaped like spiderman the light from the house was reflecting on the eyes that is how i seen it,then i got a gun and a flashlight and walked right up to this demoniod,it did not attack or talk it seems to be harmless,or mabee hungry because it was watching me grill a stake,they look so evil but they are not hostile the gun was pionted at ground the whole 10 minutes the flashlight was all i pointed at it .I dont know if it was ever in my house but i would not want this thing standing in my kitchen this was in summer of 2010 everything in my life went to hell after that the house was forclosed and is been vacant sence

  • gunter smith
    gunter smith 2 months ago

    If that scientist is for real, Dolan just pretty much doxed him. He gave plenty of info like Clinton's daughter is friends with the scientists daughter for an intelligence agency to figure out who he is.

  • Dan Jonsson
    Dan Jonsson 2 months ago

    the yoga part made my day. hahahahaha :)

  • Lanto
    Lanto 2 months ago

    Here is what i believe one of the biggest problems is to do with disclosure and stuff being covered up. For some reason POTUS is spoken of as if he is president of the world or like he in some way has a say in what is disclosed every where else. The POTUS covers shit up all the time hence Americans having this big problem with black budget stuff compared to say Australia where im from. So the last person we want to give even more power to about disclosure on the alien topic is the POTUS if he had his way we wouldn't ever know a thing currently Trump is more worried about a bloody fence to keep humans out then admitting we let aliens in lol

  • John Laccohee-Joslin
    John Laccohee-Joslin 2 months ago

    If you think that the American government are going to come clean on this think again.
    Purely to keep nuclear weapons for themselves, the president of the day atually signed an agreement, the Greada agreement that effected the whole world with tbe wrong bunch purely because they were unwilling
    To share this knowledge of nuclear power and unwilling to stop using it that an agreement that was not just about having them, it was about the knowledge, but even at that time America had the idea that they could hold the rest of the world to ransom, even if it ment going against the statement made at the U.N.which the U.S. has walked away from rather than tell the truth.
    It is time that tbe world as a whole told America that it does not own or control this world, it would go a long way to putting things right .

  • SeraphimTheOrthodox
    SeraphimTheOrthodox 3 months ago

    No matter how well any given 'spin-doctor', such as the leftist lecturer above, explains, persuades, or justifies with "concrete PROOF" that we accept these these beings or this phenomena that doesn't overlook any of our 5 physical senses, any one of which can create the next high profile 'whistle blower' who tells us that Alien spacemen ie carbon based life forms such as ourselves "created us" and as such are our "God" whom we need to worship as the "source of all good"; to accept that as truth HURTS God, the REAL God, like a slap in the face, and you will have punched your own ticket to hell These are agents of Genesis 6 and their Nephilim offspring and are after our souls. To put it another way, any being that you can "see the face of and live" AIN'T our loving God (Upper case "G" tyvm)! The terror you feel in their presence is your friend. Turn tail and run!!

  • Steve Clay cross
    Steve Clay cross 3 months ago


  • Karl Fulton
    Karl Fulton 3 months ago

    Panic by the general public only happens when they think that they are undet attack . But in that.. Attack from or by a human army or air force creates the same affect.. People desire self preservation and are overwhelmed by their lack of contingency plan concerning their Loved one's doesen't matter who's doing attacking.. Strange creatures or not peopel are adaptable.

  • miniwaern
    miniwaern 3 months ago

    disgusting white noise in the background =S RIP headhpne users

  • Bauss
    Bauss 3 months ago

    we dont givem money they just print it... out of control

  • Rob Figaro
    Rob Figaro 3 months ago

    I dont know how I feel about UFOs. Its logical that there is life somewhere else in the universe or multiverse. Its illogical to think beings are capable of traversing such great distances to come here and crash or are accidently seen so often when it is clear they dont want to have their appearance known. Listening to someone rational like Richard Dolan approach this makes me feel that it is OK to ponder this issue. Listening to story tellers who are obviously just in it for the revenue it generates for them like Wilcox and Goode or that I am like the morons who blindly believe their stories makes me feel like a total fool for even entertaining the idea that aliens possibly visit this planet. It doesnt help considering the possibility that Wilcox and Goode are telling their stories to dissuade me from thinking this could be a possibility because I dont feel they are intelligent enough to even be disinformation agents. I think they are truly delusional ass hats profiteering off of people who want to believe they are enlightened and part of a rebellion against the main stream. It just doesnt make sense unless these aliens are like some intergalactic Forrest Gump just Gumping their way across the universe.

  • Bridgette Campbell
    Bridgette Campbell 3 months ago

    BRILLIANT.... 2 1/2 hours I will watch it again...

  • Hans Christian Krogh
    Hans Christian Krogh 3 months ago


    MARDIUNO 3 months ago

    usa , usa were free, clean an non corrupt , hahahahaha

  • Anne Bastians
    Anne Bastians 3 months ago

    The constant laughing in the public - when there is literally NOTHING to laugh about - is proof that Dolan is waisting his time and brain. This public consists of rich old ladies and ol` boys with nothing else to do but playing Groupie and listen to outa space folklore! Dumb asses - 90% of them!

  • Chicago Touch
    Chicago Touch 3 months ago +2

    To TheXvid: Please request contributors of content to provide the date of recording. Thank you.

  • Alan Ball
    Alan Ball 3 months ago

    Here's a reply what a load of old shit

  • Your Self
    Your Self 3 months ago

    Demonic, propagandist channel...unsubbed...

  • Joseph Anthony
    Joseph Anthony 3 months ago

    This is the best talk I've listened to all year.

  • Rachel French
    Rachel French 3 months ago

    Good lecture thank you great info thank for letting people know...

  • 68stonecold
    68stonecold 3 months ago

    Your not 'repeating' the story correctly Dick Dolan...Your a cockhead

  • avlisk
    avlisk 3 months ago

    So, our hope that we have placed in Bolsonaro is misplaced? That's depressing.

  • Cat Jenkins
    Cat Jenkins 4 months ago

    666 likes as of right now. 😲😵

  • Rodney Paul
    Rodney Paul 4 months ago

    People in this hiding this information hasn't grown up and has no sol and killing humans and Gods children. Carman is waiting for them.

  • pokeaman1
    pokeaman1 4 months ago

    Beware of false flag Alien invasion!

  • Pat Borku
    Pat Borku 4 months ago

    Simply idiot

    DAVID HAGGAS 4 months ago +2

    We have lot to make Right.! Every subject we get a C grade.! People Need To Know all Things & Correct Them.! Where We Go 1 We Go All.!

  • George Grund
    George Grund 4 months ago

    Nobody wants to share the picture of a bunch of colorful aliens when really aliens don't have to look like aliens. We know that they also look exactly like us. So? Why the mockery?

    • nicholascremato
      nicholascremato 3 months ago

      People always make fun of things they fear and don't understand. Many of the negative comments are from people who just play video games and live in their parents basements.

  • Sklawz
    Sklawz 4 months ago +2

    I think when they tested the first atomic bomb it attracted attention and they came to investigate.

    • mhunsypainters
      mhunsypainters 2 months ago

      Different demension beings......demonic

    • nicholascremato
      nicholascremato 3 months ago

      That's exactly correct. When the first bombs were tested they produced more energy that was calculated. It was suggested that the extra energy came from another dimension. If this is true it explains the problems with flying saucers at Nuclear missile bases and why we moved testing underground. The explosions were felt across the milky way galaxy by moving through hyperspace. This was hinted at in the TV show Fringe. When viewing electrons under a microscope single electrons seem to appear and disappear kicking off string theory. Could electrons be shared by molecules of the same nature in other dimensions? If so we could be causing damage to objects in another world by testing our weapons?.

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf 4 months ago +1

    Hmm, the transistor didn't Henry Moray have a cold cathode device in 1920 hmm wasn't that a transistor?

    • JR Gb
      JR Gb 3 months ago

      Grey Wolf Tel us more black wolf?

  • Lois Widner
    Lois Widner 4 months ago

    Richard, love your presentation. Keep up the good work, especially like "intelligent disclosure."

  • Robert Sullivan
    Robert Sullivan 4 months ago +1

    ...its a well observed & recorded fact that OUR radars are disabling these crafts ...& they hit the deck hard !

    • nicholascremato
      nicholascremato 3 months ago

      When I worked for the Gov it was made clear to me that this was true and at one point we notified all european countries how to crash the ships in exchange for technical information about the craft they retrieved.

  • bill howes
    bill howes 4 months ago

    Did Hillary destroy Libia? Yes. Do YOU have ANY say in what does on? No. Are you intentionally kept in the dark? Yes. Are you so "Controlled" and "Mentally Conditioned" that you'll get mad at me for saying this? Yes. It's what I'd expect from a land full of "Subspecies". -Bill Howes.

  • Brad Bryant
    Brad Bryant 4 months ago +1

    All I can say about Hillary is..... Poor Bill!

  • Brad Bryant
    Brad Bryant 4 months ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel is a Jewish New World Order "Sweetheart".......I'd gladly take him out! Carson he is NOT!!!!!

  • PD Conaway
    PD Conaway 4 months ago +2

    More wind blown OLD NEWS that's been out there for decades. Let's PLEASE get to the truth finally.

  • Bubs1214
    Bubs1214 4 months ago

    Dear Richard, YOU sure have done your homework on what is imploding in the U.S. and around world right now. I guess our government could just come out and say " Sure UFO's have been coming and going for years, SEARCHING for intelligent life on earth, they just haven't found it YET!!!! The only thing OUR government is good at besides lying is having the I.Q. of a tic tac!!!

  • Marcus  Lloyd
    Marcus Lloyd 5 months ago

    All news update for all y'all think about it is staywear hostile we would not be alive get it they can shut down they have shut down nuclear warfare because it affects dimensions and other planets which we now know are alive entities

  • michael Kivinen
    michael Kivinen 5 months ago

    In truth, they win you lose' because of your ignorance and acceptance' it was all foretold and they knew they would have it' like a virus' like cancer but evil and selfish and in power' and no mostly no opposition to talk about except for here. A two-headed coin of power left and right all major political parties but to a single power to choose who comes into the political puppets of each nation under their control. The aliens are not the problem' some good others evil it's the ones above and behind your politics and their puppets, their tools, and you as just fools, vote for goats that lead you the sheep to their selected slaughter of you all. You were all told' but you all ignored. You sow what you will all reap, and of course not for a few' not to you who are no longer fools or tools. You have a choice' As to ignore will seal your future, make no mistake' when it becomes too late. Make me out wrong' make good out wrong' make GOD out wrong' as to the end as to where most of you will end. You are the last to be created for a reason and for a purpose. MPK

  • Ra Marduk
    Ra Marduk 5 months ago +1

    A popular truther lecturer has stated that "90%" of all so-called truthers are really disinformation artists.
    In today's world with so man charlatans in the "New Age Movement" or truther movement just like there were so many charlatans in the old Spiritualist Movement of the 19th and early 20th century, the general audience is left with their heads spinning to a bewildering maze of information and disinformation.
    When books are involved, it is even more prevalent, as money is in the game. Once a "truther" who becomes popular and gathers an audience (following) learns they have enough people "in hand," they will write a book and try to be interviewed by anyone and everyone for the purpose
    of promoting their book (and making some money).
    If the book sells well, and they believe they have "hooked" a sufficient loyal following, they will most assuredly write a second book, and if that one sells, they'll come out with a third, and so on.
    Over a year ago now, Bill Ryan came out in a series of interviews meant to expose Corey Goode as a fraud. That raised quite a to and fro in truther circles. More recently, due to the infamous David Wilcock Gaia resignation letter, the idea of Corey Goode (and now also David Wilcock) being disingenuous arose again. Remember Drake? Neil Keenan? Cobra? Is your opinion of any of them the same as when you first became aware of their material?
    See if this prophecy comes true? Current popular truther gurus will eventually lose many followers, as such followers will eventually get turned off to something they say or be lured away by some new truther guru. New gurus will continue to arise to grab a piece of the pie, and some of those will accuse some of the others of being frauds.
    Simon Parkes is on record saying he believes Corey Goode is speaking fantasies. Cobra once denigrated Corey Goode then decided to buddy with him on interviews and claim they believed the same things basically, but from different perspectives. Bill Ryan produced prodigious amounts of material to discredit Corey Goode. And on it goes.
    Simon Puks (the British pronunciation of Parkes) has stated on numerous occasions, "I have ALWAYS said that Jan, Feb, March" would be a critical time. When nothing really big happens, Simon acts like he never said it, then he says, "I've ALWAYS said Oct, Nov, Dec" will be a critical
    time. When those months pass with nothing big happening, Simon will say, "I've ALWAYS said Mar, Apr, May" will be a critical time, etc. It's seems to be an attempt to validate himself by prophesying when things will happen. Actually, it is harming his credibility, as each period
    passes, in its turn, with nothing big happening, so he simply moves up to another 3 month period and says "I've ALWAYS said..................."
    It seems Kevin Moore is getting quite upset and flustered over this Mark Richards affair. We don't appreciate the foul language involved with that frustration, but he seems to be very emotionally invested in this "battle" with Kerry Cassidy. If Richards is guilty he will remain in
    jail. If he isn't, he may be released. In either case, Karma will extract its dues. Some will continue to defend him; others will continue to accuse him, just as they do with President Trump.
    BRITS STICK THE KNIFE IN AND TWIST IT....................
    Bill Ryan takes a British intellectual approach in his exposes but remains relatively calm while sticking in the knife and twisting it. Kevin Moore loves to stick it in and twist it (as Brits are known for) but seems far more emotional and flustered in his approach. Heaven forbid if Moore and Kerry ever got into a face to face debate in the future. Wow! Sparks would fly! Or, imagine Simon Parkes and Kevin Moore in the same room. Simon would order his big cats to attack Moore. Just kidding. "Dick was his friend."
    Some have compared the Protestant Movement to a bowel movement. What is happening in the Truther Movement, with one guru attacking another, is similar to the endless schisms and infighting among Fundamentalist sectarians who accuse each other of being deceived, demon possessed, mind-controlled, or deluded. After they bicker and argue over various beliefs and scriptures they often end up condemning each other to burn in Hell forever. Each believes THEY are right and the others are wrong. Sound familiar?
    So, use YOUR OWN discernment when listening to ANY truther lecturer, interviewer, interviewee, channel, teacher, author, etc. And, remember, it's probably best NOT to get too emotionally involved in any of the infighting. Whether it's the cockfight between David Wilcock and Graham Hancock over "Luciferianism" or the tug of war between Fundamentalist sectarians, it's not worth you getting emotionally distraught and disillusioned and depressed over it all. It's THEIR problem, NOT YOURS! Remain in peace and tranquility as much as possible. Use your own discernment. Ask your Higher Self to guide you, and NEVER look to any human as an infallible source of information or truth. None are!

  • Curtis Mullin
    Curtis Mullin 5 months ago

    Ooo... Richard's deep morning vocal tone.

  • Terinjim
    Terinjim 5 months ago

    No, thank you. There aren't too many out there that are in a format that makes it as interesting and informative as you present it. It shows that do your research and kept up to date with current events in a political sense, technological advancements and as well as sociological impacts. I appreciate your dedication in this area as I'm sure others do also. Keep up the 👍great work and look forward with your new material.

  • Leone Vance
    Leone Vance 5 months ago

    Mr Dolan, we should meet

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 months ago

    his heart is in the right place, but i think richard is confused about politics. he's anti-global for the right reasons, but then he condemns the response to it. fascism is not 100% "auto-bad / evil". fascism is basically a government structure built on extreme nationalism, and the people's love for themselves and their country. it can manifest into unwanted things, but no different than any other government structure.
    i'm a nationalist, and i think every nation should resist these global elites from enslaving all of us and destroying our wonderful cultures and societies. these elites want to replace all of humanities cultures around the world with coca-cola, mcdonalds, super hero movies, and shiny plastic shit made by children in sweat shops. no thank you, i'll take my nationalism and love for my people and country over that.. and if every country did that the elites would have no power and we'd be better off for it.

  • Stal Zemsty
    Stal Zemsty 6 months ago +1

    Mr. Dolan looks so hungover in this video.

  • taleandclaw rock
    taleandclaw rock 6 months ago +5

    Sir Richard Dolan. What a brilliant presentation. And such a gift of level, factual and dedicated research for decades, to generations now and in the future. Outstanding work.

  • David
    David 6 months ago

    Dumbass Truman should have nuked the Aliens instead of Japan

  • David
    David 6 months ago

    The panic from the war of the worlds play comes from an ancient collective negative experience that is engrained in our DNA crystals, the fear is not irrational but well grounded, humans are sensitive to these marauding Fuc*ks

  • David
    David 6 months ago

    the crash was on purpose (staged) and radar technology

  • Shelly Donaldson
    Shelly Donaldson 6 months ago

    Richard many thanks to both you and your are sir the very best of the best...
    fan fr Halifax N.S Can

  • A OK
    A OK 6 months ago

    you keep beating around the bush.. THE DEEP STATE.. just say it.. They have the power.. not the President.

  • A OK
    A OK 6 months ago

    Good thing Trump was elected in 2016.. things are getting much better economically.. Obama practically destroyed the US... as best he could... worst pres. in US history.

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 6 months ago


  • Richard Dolan
    Richard Dolan 6 months ago +21

    Wow, it was great to see so many replies to my comment here. I look forward to hearing more from you on my channel. Thanks!

    • gunter smith
      gunter smith 2 months ago

      I'm generally a fan of your work, but you pretty much just doxed that scientist. Intelligence agencies could easily narrow it down with info like their daughters are friends and the scientist being popular.

    • Ray okeedoki
      Ray okeedoki 3 months ago

      ​+Bridgette Campbell I have tried to answer this question here to you, and it has all be very long writing. I have copied and pasted it to preserve it, and then deleted it from here, as it is a life story journey of experiences and searching for truth and understanding. I cannot give you an answer without the way it comes about. In fact I am giving up answering these things as I have over 140 comments that people respond to. And this is a video forum. So I am going to put things in videos. As I cant answer 140 people, with a video I can put forth much, and give light to billions potentially.
      I will say this, my finding are there is no TRINITY, its proven in my work to be a Babylonian and Roman concept. Assuming you know of the Christian version of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Which is itself a man made doctrine/dogma trying to explain something, and has been part of the brainwashing of its believers, which went from Catholic to all the breakaways. So I am trying to give you the simple answer. Having already written about a page, and removed it.
      As the water in a glass is the molecules, the whole glass of water is the fullness of that water. This was my concept of trying to explain the trinity at one time. All of the water is in effect filling the whole universe and would be the God Father concept. The water itself would be parts of the Father, as SPIRIT. But in the end with other evidence and logic, both are one and the same thing, inseparable. So the spirit is the Father and the Father is the spirit. To say that the Father is the Father of life, I found to be incorrect, from the codes, as that adds up to 666. But to say we are ALL OF and FROM The Father, which is within all things, and the building blocks of all things, means our life force, is part of the Father. So that we and the Father are one. We only have separation by being out of tune in resonant frequency. When in tune, we have great potential as JC demonstrated as ONE tapping into be ONE with the Father, which is where the making him God and the trinity came from. But his message was we are all like him, and to become TUNED IN again was his mission. And so as he was Christ, so we too become Christ, which means anointed, that is tuned in. Its hard to get past the religious superstitious connotations and biases to see the truth as it is. Daring to question and seek alternative answers to the dogma.
      In doing so you find Jesus was a man, just like us. He was not God. Which is black and white polar thinking of the ignorant religious child like logic. But there are aliens, who pretend to be the Eternal Father, as well as the devil, and divide and conquer us into control manipulation. But also with ALL our belief systems.
      The big bang from all mass being inside a pea, takes a lot more blind faith, than considering the energy field all around us always was. And that it moves like a tide, that is appearing to move away at present, and will come back in at some time later. And that our perspective is of being so tiny and small, in such a small part of time, that the cycle is beyond us at this point in our evolution of knowledge.
      So the Eternal Father is a term that is the whole of the energy that is omnipresent, which is the life source, and the building blocks of all things. It is also the The Spirit, The Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit. But it is not separate from the Source Energy itself. Many different belief systems have their names and concepts for it. But there is an impostor pretending to be this in bodily form. Reptilian Aliens, called the serpent in Genesis in the bible. And there are prophecies warning of this, and so all must not be thrown out. Its a long long story. Too complicated to give in detail. But everything has been twisted with multiple meanings. Some is true, and some is assumed true with blind faith. And blind faith is responsible for atrocities of history. The heart in love and kindness, is where the truth is. The programming like a computer of the mind is also where the truth and the lies are that seem like truths. Indeed we can be programmed not to see OUR KEYS under our noses by some words and thoughts and emotions. Where we state I cannot find my keys, and we believe it, and make it so in a self fulfilling prophecy.

    • Bridgette Campbell
      Bridgette Campbell 3 months ago

      +Ray okeedoki I hate to show my ignorance but who is the eternal father?

  • Joe Bem
    Joe Bem 6 months ago

    You're a mofo, and the days of your kind is almost over.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    It's Marxism. Not fascism.

  • Inglorious Basterd
    Inglorious Basterd 6 months ago

    Von Braun confessed on his death bed that this whole "Alien Conspiracy" was a complete LIE.All part of the bigger agenda of controlling the masses.

  • Inglorious Basterd
    Inglorious Basterd 6 months ago

    The 1938 Orson Welles radio play "War of the Worlds" was not just a radio play.It was specifically designed to test the reaction of people for the expressed purpose of seeing how easy it is to manipulate a large population...that is a verified fact so you have to ask yourself is this presentation just a continuation of that experiment?...btw, it's interesting that he brought that attempt of hiding in plain sight his true motives?...

  • Mary Mcgillivray
    Mary Mcgillivray 6 months ago

    You speak about how you present,yourself Richard ,cm on pull yourself together.

  • Mary Mcgillivray
    Mary Mcgillivray 6 months ago

    Just becacause you are remarried to a beautiful woman, does not mean you can let yourself go,looking like a wino,not if you want to keep her ,just saying ,tough love from a long time fan.

  • Mary Mcgillivray
    Mary Mcgillivray 6 months ago

    Jeez Richard your letting yourself look so scruffy with your wrinkly shirt and dirty jeans.I'm surprised your new bride would let you go out in public,looking like a dogs dinner come on rich you are better than that.

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 6 months ago

    I understand that because of the form fitting outfits the E.T.'s wear , it would be IMPOSSIBLE to give them a wedgie .

  • Robert W
    Robert W 6 months ago

    I suppose Tracey approves of your yogadeventures .

  • Newcenturion100
    Newcenturion100 6 months ago

    It's interesting to watch these old videos within the current context of the Trump administration.

  • MrCrispian
    MrCrispian 6 months ago +1


    • IETCHX69
      IETCHX69 6 months ago

      Don't like - *LOVE* that picture .

  • Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery
    Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery 7 months ago

    It's called blank slating, they can use drugs and electronic apparatus if TV, MSM and 5G cell tech stop working. How about Weekly Reader for your school children too, Reader's Digest, Weekly NEWS magazines and so on? Maybe Fired / Censored Journalists Reports could prove much more informing? LMH was censored and became independent...

  • Husky Passion
    Husky Passion 7 months ago

    People would panic because they know aliens exist ?
    No sir, we have seen worse things : DT president.
    In the middle ages (and before that), we lost 1000 or 2000 years of science progress because of religion.
    Now look where we are, we do the same because of secrecy.
    We have nothing to stop them ? Really ..? Tried neutrinos radar, and scalar energy weapons ? Might work.

  • Nextothemoon
    Nextothemoon 7 months ago

    The most REAL bloke in UFOLOGY today. Thanks again Rich.

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer 7 months ago

    Here's the confusion. UFO's are real and have been real since someone looked up in the sky and saw something flying they could not identify. This was probably 250,000 years ago. Aliens and ET Craft on the other hand are a different matter because ET craft COULD BE a UFO just as much as a goose. So when someone says they saw a UFO, what are they saying? "I saw an unidentified flying object". What's so damn crazy about that? Nothing! The problem is when they see a REAL FUCKING ALIEN SHIP they call it a UFO. It's no longer a UFO. It has been IDENTIFIED and is now a IFO-UO, and IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT of UNKNOWN ORIGIN. This is the CORRECT classification of sightings. A goose would be an IFO-KO. An Identified Flying Object of Known Origin. So, the classification SHOULD be 1. UFO. 2. IFO-UO. 3. IFO-KO.

  • john palmer
    john palmer 7 months ago +1

    You would think these aliens would be better Pilots after a while stop coming here because the Earth is like the Bermuda Triangle for them

  • Joseph Cheeseborough
    Joseph Cheeseborough 7 months ago

    the earth is being visited by weather balloons !

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson 7 months ago

    Thanks Richard...I have followed your work since 1st book...I seen a UFO up close when I was 16 and since have like most looked for answers....I doubt there is any cases I haven't read on and including the powers that be and how and why the laws we have work and their most all being Luciferians.

  • 2x4 Barrels
    2x4 Barrels 7 months ago

    forced adds are a no view

    • David Jones
      David Jones 5 months ago

      Them dam Miami dolphins need to be looking for a quarterback this shit is crazy time to start cutting there pay shit go get some people off the street hell they will play better than what you have all ready at half the cost dam shit

  • revolutionpm
    revolutionpm 7 months ago

    59:58-I am pretty sure the movie was 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'.
    It starts near the end of:
    Cuts out before main conversation between General and Soldier.

  • Mark Fiore
    Mark Fiore 7 months ago +1

    07:52 5 minutes with bill Clinton i am not going to blow it .will not be the first certain not to be the last cough cough Monica .

  • Allen Parsens
    Allen Parsens 7 months ago

    Ok I want to community on the JFK assassination. Primarily what I want to say, is that I can nod along with each point Dolan covers but then I just reach this point when I am like, what about the Jews? Are we going to pretend that Jewish power doesn’t exist? We know that most politicians are dual passport Israelis and that all politicians sign a pledge to put Israel first. Why is it, that “researchers” doing thorough investigations into politicians never uncover the Jewish puppet masters? So now we reach JFK Assassination. It isn’t mundane Dolan, it is an event today that is a direct pointer to Jewish power.

  • Allen Parsens
    Allen Parsens 7 months ago +2

    It’s a long video, so I will just comment as Dolan discusses a point. He just mentioned Bill Clinton. I think we know that the Clinton’s including the daughter are incredibly corrupt, ruthless, dishonest, are both pedophiles and absolutely untrustworthy. Given this understanding, everything concerning his comments must be ignored. We must also judge strongly the scientist based on his and his daughter’s relationship with the Clintons. One thing that we must understand is that the scientist is not someone like you are I.

    • JR Gb
      JR Gb 3 months ago

      Allen Parsens They put on their pants the same way.

  • Redcap Goblin
    Redcap Goblin 7 months ago

    Love your work Sir, God Bless you and your family and keep you well.

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham 7 months ago +2

    and Richard as much as I like you Donald trump is a billionaire and you are here talking ufos

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 8 months ago

    Design by India funded by Chinese and build by polish and you wonder by thy crashing.could be worst thy never take off if build in UK

  • P B
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    HARDCORE DISCLOSURE 8 months ago

    Starts at 1.46

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    Wzaaay too many ads 👎

    TONYPARAMOTOR 8 months ago


  • Irrational Geographic
    Irrational Geographic 8 months ago +1

    I like Richard but, why does a alien craft travel from 10s to 1000s of light years with all that faster than light and stuff in space to hit problems but when they get to the U.S they cant handle it and crash, the rest of the world doesn't cause problems but get to the U.S and they crash. That's the biggest problem to answer if one needs to convince someone like myself that does not believe we have or will be visited.

    MIRECK ADAM KULLITT 8 months ago

    Richard Dolan,
    you’re the icon on UFO love it ...

  • dennis ryan
    dennis ryan 8 months ago +2

    Old saying !! Money cannot buy love = But you can rent it for a long time !!………..

  • dennis ryan
    dennis ryan 8 months ago

    We as in humanity live in a 2 world knowledge !! We live as SHEEPLE !!………….Lol...….

  • Ashur Isaac
    Ashur Isaac 8 months ago +3

    Let's call these crashes plants

  • Ashur Isaac
    Ashur Isaac 8 months ago

    We are being guttered like a fish but refreshing in the Lord jesus you will get the real truth let's wake up and smell the coffee

  • Ashur Isaac
    Ashur Isaac 8 months ago

    If u believe in this rubbish and I'm not calling the presenter listen alian from the universe do and never would crash ever stop being a dustbin in true Christian faith you would get a clear understanding who we are dealing with God bless

  • Jason Williamson
    Jason Williamson 8 months ago

    hmmmm.. trump made disclosure happen, quickly in his term and the space force. but hes a facist somehow..

  • Kim thetruthofit
    Kim thetruthofit 8 months ago +2

    The creation story is true it was aliens who are the missing link in our evolution. The reason we are tainted with sin. Fallen angels cast out of heaven i think they are trying to breed their souls back being stripped of them and entry to heaven when God cast them out..

    • Lono Kahiwa /Low•no Ca•he•va/
      Lono Kahiwa /Low•no Ca•he•va/ 8 months ago

      +Kim thetruthofit - I know right! LOL!😂

    • Kim thetruthofit
      Kim thetruthofit 8 months ago

      +Lono Kahiwa /Low•no Ca•he•va/ hahahaha !

    • Lono Kahiwa /Low•no Ca•he•va/
      Lono Kahiwa /Low•no Ca•he•va/ 8 months ago +1

      +Kim thetruthofit - No Kim, it is u who is narrow minded...VERY narrow minded!

    • buddy wilcock
      buddy wilcock 8 months ago

      kim thetruthofit;again i say,blind faith is just that,blind

    • Kim thetruthofit
      Kim thetruthofit 8 months ago

      +buddy wilcock Do you understand the basis of Good and evil. .we get to choose there are evil men and woman that do evil things this is not goods will but the will of the individual. We choose our path .

  • joel rivard
    joel rivard 8 months ago +1

    Question, why do we think a ufo was recovered at Roswell? The first person at the wreckage gave this description:
    When the debris was gathered up, the tinfoil, paper, tape, and sticks made a bundle about three feet [1 m] long and 7 or 8 inches [18 or 20 cm] thick, while the rubber made a bundle about 18 or 20 inches [45 or 50 cm] long and about 8 inches [20 cm] thick. In all, he estimated, the entire lot would have weighed maybe five pounds [2 kg]. There was no sign of any metal in the area which might have been used for an engine, and no sign of any propellers of any kind, although at least one paper fin had been glued onto some of the tinfoil. There were no words to be found anywhere on the instrument, although there were letters on some of the parts. Considerable Scotch tape and some tape with flowers printed upon it had been used in the construction.

    Again - Considerable Scotch Tape. paper fin, no metal????

    This is what the newspaper was referencing and was obviously being loose with the word. Yet in every researchers story about Roswell they include this wreckage as a part of the story. Of course they omit facts and only speak of the strange foil (which was shown to be aluminum based foil on ufo hunters) which went on the market in 1967 but obviously the military had it in 1947. Anyways, scotch tape, rubber, paper, not an alien craft. No alien bodies.
    This case solves itself. 20 years later some retired military dudes had some fun telling fantastic stories and some ufo "researchers" made some $$$ selling bogus books.
    Brazle found some ad-hoc militry project. Why do ufo journalists who I WANT TO TAKE SERIOUSLY keep pretending like we don't know Brazle found foil, wood and rubber taped up with children's scotch tape.
    Why do ufo journalists keep bringing up "weird heiroglyphics" when they know it was the shapes on the children's scotch tape?????????

    • joel rivard
      joel rivard 6 months ago

      The first reaction by John Brazle was the foil/scotch tape/balsa wood description.
      The first reaction by the military was a press release that said - flying disk, flimsy of design, no metal, appeared to be suspended by a balloon, carried by a rancher to a ranch.

      The 2nd press release by the military said no, actually it's a weather balloon.
      No one said ufo craft, dead aliens until retired military dudes started telling tall tales in the 1970's.
      When they were old men and retired and really had nothing better to do. They had some fun with it.

      Seriously, just go to wiki and look at the first press release.
      This is the reason the mythology started is no one wants to do any amount of research. They just want to watch some documentary that has created a false narrative and believe that it's true.
      Here is a tip, the news lies about politics and documentaries about supernatural events always focus on facts that support the case. People want to create products to sell, everyone has families to feed. The truth is secondary.
      Just look into it and make your own descision. I know you didn't because what you're saying is completely wrong. No one ever said "ufo". They said "flying disk" and "like a box kite in design".
      Oddly enough it's so easy to correct with 10 minutes of reading.
      Forget that stuff, for the life of me, I can't figure out why people don't simply say "wait, the first person on the scene found weird foil. Where was the ufo craft and dead alien bodies the the government supposedly recovered?" Why don't people notice this huge discrepancy???????????

    • Newcenturion100
      Newcenturion100 6 months ago +1

      joel rivard The first reaction was the honest reaction. That a UFO was found. When the lockdown came, of course, your going to get the description you mentioned.

    • NS Sherlock
      NS Sherlock 7 months ago

      Thanks Joel

    • joel rivard
      joel rivard 8 months ago +1

      One of the big problems is that people often react hostile to the idea that Roswell is a fake story as well as any ufo story. So ufo writers and document makers are sort of forced to just pretend like all aspects of the field are credible - recovered ships, order to sell books and be in demand for conferences. These people mostly don't have other jobs so they have to sell books and there is almost ZERO demand for someone to take a critical look at ufo cases.
      Except for actual skeptic writers but they have to be skeptical of everything because that is what their audience is. So each camp is too far to the left or right.
      There is no middle ground. Except for David Marler who only focuses on black triangles so he could be critical of the Roswell story.

    • joel rivard
      joel rivard 8 months ago +1

      Which part is false? I'm open to evidence. No one is disputing the description that Brazle gave. What some people do is LEAVE OUT the details of what Brazle found and only focus on the "weird" foil. They purposely leave out the balsa wood, rubber and scotch tape. No one has ever claimed that that description was a lie they just choose not to mention it.
      The only other suspicious thing people bring up is the fact that "Why did the government release a story that they had a recovered saucer?"
      Well you can look up the story printed in the newspaper before they retracted it and said it was a weather balloon.
      The story says they found a "flying disk" that a rancher had "carried back to his ranch" and "looked like it was suspended by a balloon".
      Ufo writers change that story to "Government admits to finding a flying saucer". Again you can see the story in the newspaper.
      No one has ever said that the original story by the Army was false, what they say is false is the 2nd story where they said it was a weather balloon. So yes that 2nd story was a lie. But I hear people asking questions at conferences all the time (including Stanton Freidman) saying "why would the military admit to having a flying saucer if they didn't have one?"
      again - that is not what the military said in the press release, just look the darn thing up!? "Flying disk, carried by a man, suspended by a balloon".
      So those facts are not disputed - Brazle found something that was clearly not a ufo with alien bodies and the military admited to finding a flying disk that could be carried by a man and appeared to be something attached to a type of balloon.
      People who manipulate the story ALWAYS leave out those facts. Research it for yourself, don't let people create false stories that end up making the ufo field seem like total fantasy.
      Brazle was interviewed by the military AFTER he gave that description of finding what was basically a box-kite with weird foil. If the military had threatened Brazle into telling a lie he would have said he found a weather balloon because that was their cover-up story.
      The story debunks itself in 10 minutes if you read the actual sources and not some hyped up Roswell book.
      If Dolan really supports the Roswell case I challenge him to explain these glaring facts that clearly show there was no ufo involved.
      Stanton F came on and was answering questions about ufos. I asked him how he could ignore these facts and he never replied. Other people wrote on the thread that when he's asked that question about those facts he goes silent.
      I bet R. Dolan could not explain those inconsistencies either. No ufo "researcher" has ever dealt with that information except one - David Marler the guy who wrote Black Triangles: An Assessment.
      When asked about the ufo scene he said much of it is a "house of cards" without being specific.
      He means the Roswell case debunks itself which also likely means area 51 has nothing to do with ufo crafts and all that stuff is modern mythology.
      People are not going to take the ufo scene serious until we put the obvious mythology aside and focus on credible cases.