Uncle Murda | 50 Cent | 6ix9ine | Casanova - "Get The Strap" (Official Music Video)


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  • Luis L
    Luis L 11 hours ago

    50 Cent
    Uncle Murda

  • General Balla
    General Balla 11 hours ago

    69 just say dick... pull the dick of out your mouth clown...

  • alavee hassan
    alavee hassan 11 hours ago

    Lol thank god they put 50 at the end or i would’ve been long gone lmao

  • Richard Clutterbuck
    Richard Clutterbuck 11 hours ago

    Has that sound that wouldn't sound our if place on THE MASSACRE!!

  • xk Individual
    xk Individual 12 hours ago

    get the strap


    Once upon a time 4 Kings of a land far far away came together and started what we call Get the strap

  • Cian Healy
    Cian Healy 12 hours ago

    Seen 50 cent live yesterday hes amazing this song was amazing

  • hayden McCauley
    hayden McCauley 12 hours ago

    I loved 6ix9ines verse fire

  • Abi i i
    Abi i i 12 hours ago

    Tekashi ruined this

    • Vic L
      Vic L 12 hours ago

      He made this better

  • Alan Hernandez
    Alan Hernandez 12 hours ago

    I just came for 6ix9ine

  • nadine bailey
    nadine bailey 12 hours ago

    Marshall \50\69

  • nadine bailey
    nadine bailey 12 hours ago

    get it 50\69

  • craneraaudiovideo
    craneraaudiovideo 13 hours ago

    Dope video

  • Nicholas Simon
    Nicholas Simon 13 hours ago

    Love this song

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones 13 hours ago

    50 why you FUCKING with 69 ??? 69 is so cringe , you an OG !!! Come now 50 up your game !! Get on a track with joyner or kendrick , not 69 !! #getthestrap

  • Maccow.1K
    Maccow.1K 13 hours ago

    I am stoopid rich

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M 13 hours ago

    6ix9ine did not belong in this song at all😂🙄

  • AK47
    AK47 13 hours ago

    This song makes me want to invent wheelchairs with pedals

  • NAV
    NAV 14 hours ago

    They said “nigga” twenty times

  • merve Demiral
    merve Demiral 14 hours ago

    Gta 6 theme song ?

  • Boris .Kaurin
    Boris .Kaurin 14 hours ago

    This 69 fella is a disgrace to hip hop, wtf is this

  • Fir3Fury88
    Fir3Fury88 14 hours ago

    Well.....this is a total disregard for gun safety.

  • z0lvl l3ie
    z0lvl l3ie 15 hours ago

    shouldnt have that kid in song

  • Bart Smit
    Bart Smit 15 hours ago


    MURDER TOYS MATT 15 hours ago

    this shit got me remembering robberies i never did

  • guchumay may GARCÍA
    guchumay may GARCÍA 15 hours ago +1

    The purge o k

  • rob powell
    rob powell 15 hours ago

    Fuck new York

  • Red King
    Red King 15 hours ago

    69 that white boy thats hangs out with all the black kids in school

    VVS ON ME WOW 16 hours ago +1

    When u step on a lego 1:17

  • Chambers2033
    Chambers2033 16 hours ago

    You and eminem need to reconnect

  • Supreme 05
    Supreme 05 16 hours ago +1


  • Radar 187
    Radar 187 16 hours ago

    Yo blood this shit is fire.. not even 100m views? And rap devil is? Goddamn we livin out here... who got some love for 50 put your fuckin hands in the air!!

  • Fetty Guac
    Fetty Guac 16 hours ago

    if X was still alive I feel like he would have been WAY better than 6ix9ine's goober ass. smh.

  • YungdaggerDic
    YungdaggerDic 16 hours ago

    6ix9ine has the best verse, don't @ me

  • Meedi Berwari
    Meedi Berwari 16 hours ago

    50 im so disappointed tf you doing with 69 ??1!!??1?!

  • Maurizio Sechi
    Maurizio Sechi 16 hours ago

    🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄#6ix9ine 💪💪💪

  • Nadav Hacham
    Nadav Hacham 16 hours ago

    Amazing shit! But 6ix9ine point in this is that everyone suck his dick. Get the starp

  • Kostas Nazgul
    Kostas Nazgul 16 hours ago

    oooh 50 you saved it #50cent

  • Ft kiluwa jr
    Ft kiluwa jr 17 hours ago

    Okay okay

  • Ft kiluwa jr
    Ft kiluwa jr 17 hours ago

    Okay okay

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 17 hours ago

    good song fuck 69

  • Emzo Ry
    Emzo Ry 17 hours ago

    beat is fresh but everyone is trash on this

  • XxJessica CharlesxX
    XxJessica CharlesxX 17 hours ago

    Okay 50 👀

  • Ifdds Adss
    Ifdds Adss 17 hours ago

    Trash as always🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Nate Hardesty
    Nate Hardesty 17 hours ago

    i’m a little confused how this doesn’t have more views than it already does

  • Lautaro Soria
    Lautaro Soria 17 hours ago +1

    Alguno de Argentina o habla ispana en los comentarios? xD

  • Vick Namdeo
    Vick Namdeo 17 hours ago

    Uncle murda killed it

  • william griffen
    william griffen 17 hours ago

    Classic Ny

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Why do people like 69 ? I mean are people listening to the lyrics or the beat? is the beat more important now than the lyrics?
    Here is the bit of his lyrics in this:
    "A'ight, so boom, first up, all y'all niggas suck my dick
    Matter of fact, suck my dick with your mother's lips (stupid!)"

  • Lilymakeup
    Lilymakeup 18 hours ago

    I want this song in GTA 6

  • Revelations GTK
    Revelations GTK 18 hours ago

    Only here for 50 and Murda🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥the way 50 dropped in!!!

  • rkssmokey 666
    rkssmokey 666 18 hours ago

    50 needs to remake G unit but with Casanova and uncle Murda Eminem and Joyner Lucas

  • Savannah Camacho
    Savannah Camacho 19 hours ago

    50 CENT ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • MrGMovieReviews
    MrGMovieReviews 19 hours ago +1

    69 is literally The Joker of hip hop.

  • lolzngiggles lol
    lolzngiggles lol 19 hours ago

    6ix9ine is trash.

  • darkmaxus101
    darkmaxus101 19 hours ago

    The trailer for payday 3 looks magnificent so realistic

    SCAT PACK CHAPO 19 hours ago


  • Fabio Souza
    Fabio Souza 19 hours ago

    Essa e foda

  • Tom LP
    Tom LP 19 hours ago

    hang yoself ulgy colored BOI

  • Indospace-dot io
    Indospace-dot io 19 hours ago

    Did Six Nine even prepare for this song? It's like he just did it off the top of his dome and it was garbagggeeee...............in my humble opinion, lol

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 20 hours ago

    69 is the dude in the click everyone knows is gay, but he claims to be straight. Just look at his lyrics, man, he was writing this and beating off to 50 at the same time. When they drop the remix without 69, it will be what the original shoulda been.

  • Qurdis
    Qurdis 20 hours ago

    0:35 my niggah u black af

  • Tyler's Headmeat
    Tyler's Headmeat 20 hours ago

    50 killed that song, the rest are whack garbage wannabe studio gangstas

  • kevadder
    kevadder 20 hours ago

    69 is fkn garbage

  • Dave100s
    Dave100s 20 hours ago

    This nigga must really think he kaanan😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anna Gress
    Anna Gress 21 hour ago

    6ix9ine dredu

  • Aaliyah macken
    Aaliyah macken 21 hour ago

    gta 6 trailer?

  • Juno Achilles
    Juno Achilles 21 hour ago

    /they nah hard to find aII em niggas broke/ IoI

  • rastaewabeach
    rastaewabeach 21 hour ago

    This is music....?

  • antagonyst
    antagonyst 21 hour ago

    Love your song keep it up 69 and 50cent

  • Deleted ions
    Deleted ions 21 hour ago

    Police protection is a murrowfuka. 69 has it.

  • don't do it timmy
    don't do it timmy 21 hour ago

    Who’s here from power

  • Modibo WIlliams
    Modibo WIlliams 21 hour ago +1

    Lame nikka 69 fucked up the whole song. Why they let that bozo on tha track?

  • Lambo4Yah
    Lambo4Yah 21 hour ago

    Who thinks Young Boy NBA should've been on this. Smh

  • Jonboy
    Jonboy 22 hours ago +1

    Whose here before 0 views??

  • John Primo
    John Primo 22 hours ago

    50 and EM's rocking

  • dirty communist
    dirty communist 22 hours ago

    What is 50 Cent doing with 6ix9ine wtf

  • George G
    George G 23 hours ago

    Go get the strap! 🔥

  • Super Mario Pedro
    Super Mario Pedro 23 hours ago

    Its so lit

  • Hadi Abou Nader
    Hadi Abou Nader 23 hours ago

    la casa de papel?

  • NickNew
    NickNew 23 hours ago

    I wanna hear N.O.R.E. on this track

  • Саша Садчиков

    Парни, сделали здравую хурму, RESPEKT FROM RUSSIA

  • Roli Rivelino
    Roli Rivelino Day ago

    Fiddy comin like he's the end boss on this joint!

  • SnickerSticker
    SnickerSticker Day ago

    6ix9ine:STUPID me:you said 7 shots in kooda and only said it 5 times 😂

  • Le SoulCrayon
    Le SoulCrayon Day ago

    I hope all g unit member in this video

  • Le SoulCrayon
    Le SoulCrayon Day ago

    50 verse kill this beat

  • Ratko Lakovic
    Ratko Lakovic Day ago

    im not going to bed untill i listen to this at least 3 times

  • Berkay Celik
    Berkay Celik Day ago +1

    These mans Look like the demons in Spiderman ps4

  • Emanuel Burcus
    Emanuel Burcus Day ago

    50 cent rapp is so poor in these days

  • Saint Dova
    Saint Dova Day ago

    GTA 5 Bloods DLC

  • Timur Buliga
    Timur Buliga Day ago

    A god

  • Youstupid
    Youstupid Day ago

    1-I have a dig bick
    1- you read read that wrong
    3- you read that wrong
    4- notice I put number 1 twice
    5- you checked
    7- notice i skipped 6 and you checked again
    8- and now you are looking at number 8

  • mr icaint
    mr icaint Day ago

    can someone in the comments confirm if this is 60fps?

  • Khmer Life
    Khmer Life Day ago


  • Michael Capps
    Michael Capps Day ago

    50 just talks on tracks anyone can do that

  • Bery Manzi
    Bery Manzi Day ago

    Watching this in a police station

  • Limitless Trading
    Limitless Trading Day ago +1

    What great role models for our children...😕😆😂👍

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