Uncle Murda | 50 Cent | 6ix9ine | Casanova - "Get The Strap" (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
  • Check out the official music video for "Get The Strap" | Uncle Murda featuring 50 Cent, 6ix9ine & Casanova
    (Directed by: Eif Rivera)
    Download here: empire.lnk.to/Getthestrap
    Get The Strap Merch: www.gunitbrands.com/collections/g-unit
    G-Unit Records | Thisis50.com
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  • Adelzz
    Adelzz 19 minutes ago

    1:15 **cough** snitch **cough**

  • Marge Fernandez
    Marge Fernandez 24 minutes ago

    banger 2020

  • Timothy Barr
    Timothy Barr 36 minutes ago

    Too much irony in this video in retrospect.

  • Alfredo Ruiz
    Alfredo Ruiz 44 minutes ago

    Never heard of him till he snitched, so sad that our younger generation can't handle the heat and will turn state evidence in a blink of an eye! He sang like he was some bad ass but look at him now regretting his so called gangsta life:(

  • Joseph GODFREY
    Joseph GODFREY 44 minutes ago


  • Ricky Ross
    Ricky Ross Hour ago

    stevie wonder see this shit coming, i smell a rat ........ f.t.b - fuck that puto

  • Beto Garza
    Beto Garza Hour ago

    Low key 50 is the shit, living legend, period.

  • StasHousEnt
    StasHousEnt 2 hours ago

    69 is the only one in the police car 😂

  • Michael St-Cyr
    Michael St-Cyr 2 hours ago

    Rip 69

  • Alonzo Cuevas Jr
    Alonzo Cuevas Jr 3 hours ago +1

    Ayo fifty !! Do us a favor and drop the same song without six !!!

  • dubiehouser
    dubiehouser 3 hours ago

    at 1:02 he was snitch’n already! Look at em sprawled out and cheese’n on the police car! He told ya’ll back then he was snitch’n!

  • Mustafa Money
    Mustafa Money 4 hours ago

    Snitch nine on the police car

  • I miss akame
    I miss akame 4 hours ago +2

    6ix9ine lawyer:they gon give you 50

    6ix9ine: yall ever heard of jim jones

  • I miss akame
    I miss akame 4 hours ago +1

    That nigga casanova made sure 69 aint find nothing to snitch on him for

  • OG Big Ounce
    OG Big Ounce 4 hours ago

    This shit ass

    REPPIN TIME FITNESS 5 hours ago

    That's why he had the cop car

    REPPIN TIME FITNESS 5 hours ago

    All this criminal with 69 in here

  • Aj J
    Aj J 7 hours ago

    Ma nigga Takeshi having some real fun around OG s.

  • mynellemail Nell
    mynellemail Nell 7 hours ago

    Sort the comments by newest first for snitch nine laughs :)

  • mynellemail Nell
    mynellemail Nell 7 hours ago

    1:22 he been working with the cops

  • mynellemail Nell
    mynellemail Nell 7 hours ago

    50 cent a snitch too. This must be shitch hop.

  • Jack Kuncze
    Jack Kuncze 7 hours ago +1

    50 been in the game for like 20 years because I was listening to him in 1999 before I get Rich or die trying he’s not stupid he knows not to air his business out on the song

  • Noroom4shit ever
    Noroom4shit ever 7 hours ago

    How the fuck did people listen to this rainbow cunts solo album

  • Ricardo Guzmán
    Ricardo Guzmán 7 hours ago

    6nitch9ine said and I quote “Suge Knight hiding Pac” and Threw Gene Deal (peace 2 Gene) under the bus too saying Diddy had BIGGIE HIT...Lol

  • Eight0Five3
    Eight0Five3 8 hours ago

    Judge: is that it??
    Snitch9: did you hear when 50 said "If you play me like I'm pussy, I will pull up and bang bang??"

  • Surrayya Asia
    Surrayya Asia 9 hours ago

    1:11 is it ironic that he comes in the cop car at that point***

  • Live & Maintain
    Live & Maintain 9 hours ago +1

    Funny how tekashi riding around on the cop car 😂😂😂 fuckin 🐀🐀

  • chris priest
    chris priest 10 hours ago

    This is my first time seeing this and I think it's very fitting that tekashi is riding around in a fucking cop car so no one caught the trail of breadcrumbs he was leading to the fact that he's a cop huh?

  • 20p john
    20p john 10 hours ago

    no wonder 69s in a NYPD whip 🐀🐀

  • Alaina Logsdon
    Alaina Logsdon 10 hours ago

    50 cent knew that nigga was ganna snitch 🤣 this whole video explains it he made 6ix9ine look like a fool in this video 50 cent knew🤣🤣

  • LaShanda Lee
    LaShanda Lee 11 hours ago

    50 and Casanova 🤯😳

  • e
    e 11 hours ago

    50 cent, tekashi 69
    50 + 69= 119
    Reverse it 911
    50 abs 69 were both in the NY cop car in this video. Do the math. 😀😀😀

    HEATHER STEVENS 13 hours ago +2

    6ix9ine: I ain’t no snitch
    Judge: your facing 47 years
    6ix9ine: you hear about the murder Eminem committed to machine gun Kelly

  • AT RC
    AT RC 13 hours ago

    play in 1.25 and thank me later.

  • John Kovacs
    John Kovacs 14 hours ago

    Lmao a rainbow haired government witness/ probable cock smoker vs. The dry snitch that survived 9 shots. You can't make this shit up. 😂😂😂😂

  • mister titus
    mister titus 15 hours ago

    50 cent , 6ix9ine
    Turn it
    Now u have 911

  • Anioł Stróż
    Anioł Stróż 16 hours ago

    Understand that videoclip right now? Curtis is not stupid and he's really one of those big personas in NY, youknowimsayin, and police aint gonna touch him

  • Dbs Da Truth RDP GBf
    Dbs Da Truth RDP GBf 17 hours ago

    Vidéo was at 50M before The Tekashi shit 😂😂now Its 54M

    VORTEX 17 hours ago +2

    We need this without snitch 9 I would definitely listen to this more

    SIM TRINIE 18 hours ago

    Now it make sense why 69 would pop sh!t while hangin out the police car. He like, NYPD gon protect me no matter what. So y'all can suck my lol (y'all know what I mean)

  • Berelahalba
    Berelahalba 19 hours ago

    Gay .

  • Allan J
    Allan J 19 hours ago +1

    This shyt go hard tho......lol here's the facts , all these other dudes snitched on themselves with all them videos lol homie 50 said nah cuzo i ain't gang gang lol....

  • # Uno
    # Uno 20 hours ago

    Make sence y he ona cop car

  • Filipe Beauduy
    Filipe Beauduy 20 hours ago

    Find it ironic that snitch9 is on a police car

  • Dilo Tray
    Dilo Tray 20 hours ago +1

    Judge: you still going to jail
    69: you wanna know where Tupac’s at ?

  • Original Bri
    Original Bri 22 hours ago

    Funny how 69 is all over that police car .... foreshadowing his rat career

  • Joaopaulo Carvalhos
    Joaopaulo Carvalhos 23 hours ago

    69 tekashi 🎶🎵🎵🎧

  • Warren Buffett
    Warren Buffett 23 hours ago

    Y’all it’s right in our face the whole time operation 69

  • Shan F
    Shan F Day ago

    50 is so damn fine!!

  • Calico Green
    Calico Green Day ago

    Funny how 69 on the cop car 🤔🤨

  • Luan Brendon
    Luan Brendon Day ago


  • BDOT
    BDOT Day ago

    Ight so boom all y’all niggas I’m gon snitch

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones Day ago

    I left a comment on a long time ago about 69 being trash.. I wonder what happened to it

  • Thomas Duncan
    Thomas Duncan Day ago

    Cause u got 69 on it told u nigga str8 pussy fuck boy nigga

  • Moe J
    Moe J Day ago

    Didn’t realize Takeshi bought a new whip

  • Cratos Sama
    Cratos Sama Day ago

    6ix9ine da only 1 by the police car heavy foreshadowin

  • -LAZER-P996-
    -LAZER-P996- Day ago

    Uncle murda knock off

  • Myst Wild
    Myst Wild Day ago

    69 got the snitch fire slapped out of him

  • Jimmie Long
    Jimmie Long Day ago

    They knew six-nine was going to snitchthey had him in the police car riding around predicting what was going to go down in the courtrooms that's why he's a riding around in a

  • Tammy77771
    Tammy77771 Day ago +2

    It seems like he knew 69 was telling cuz he made sure the Feds knew he was not gang banging

    • Kwaze Mbutabe
      Kwaze Mbutabe 2 hours ago

      Of course he knew, he probably encouraged it...