The Cranberries - Zombie (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2009
  • 'No Need To Argue' 25th Anniversary Edition is out 12th November 2020, pre-order here -
    Music video by The Cranberries performing Zombie. (C) 1994 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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  • TheCranberriesTV
    TheCranberriesTV  2 years ago +99186

    "We are so delighted with the news that Zombie has reached 1 Billion views on TheXvid! 🎉 We are sure Dolores has a big, proud smile on her face too.
    Thank you so much to all our fans around the world for supporting us over so many years.
    Hopefully you are all safe and well in this bizarre time and managing to find some hope and positivity in our music." ❤️
    - Fergal Lawler

  • alice brus
    alice brus 2 years ago +26835

    Another head hangs lowly
    Child is slowly taken
    And the violence, caused such silence
    Who are we mistaken?
    But you see, it's not me
    It's not my family
    In your head, in your head, they are fighting
    With their tanks, and their bombs
    And their bombs, and their guns
    In your head, in your head they are crying
    In your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
    What's in your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh
    Du, du, du, du
    Du, du, du, du
    Du, du, du, du
    Du, du, du, du
    Another mother's breaking
    Heart is taking over
    When the violence causes silence
    We must be mistaken
    It's the same old theme
    Since nineteen-sixteen
    In your head, in your head, they're still fighting
    With their tanks, and their bombs
    And their bombs, and their guns
    In your head, in your head, they are dying
    In your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
    What's in your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ie-ie oh
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  • Кристина
    Кристина 29 days ago +1142

    Эта песня всегда меня цепляла до мурашек. А в 2022 она как никогда актуальна, хочется просто рыдать, вокруг действительно одни зомби, которых зомбировал телевизор, очень страшно это всё, как может нормальный человек поддерживать войну?

    • Jan Jansen
      Jan Jansen 23 hours ago +1

      Peace to Ukraine and russia

    • Виталик Конев
      Виталик Конев Day ago

      @Mihail Gr а с тобой?🙄

    • Mihail Gr
      Mihail Gr Day ago

      @Виталик Конев что с тобой не так?

    • Mihail Gr
      Mihail Gr Day ago

      @Виталик Конев Николай Романов так же думал, и чем всез акончилось?

  • Анастасия Хасанова

    С детства любила эту песню. Но в последние 3 месяца не могу её слушать без слез. Как достучаться до зомби? Что в их головах?

    • Тая Триюда
      Тая Триюда Day ago

      @qqqq настоящий патриот россии - за убийства и геноцид? Почему я не удивлена

    • Макс Тура
      Макс Тура 2 days ago

      @Елена gmail ты откуда?

    • Christopher Borraccia
      Christopher Borraccia 6 days ago

      I’m sorry I’m praying for you

  • Miracle Music
    Miracle Music 13 hours ago +1

    2022 This video has been remastered, its resolution is now 4K

  • Youssef sakhi
    Youssef sakhi 3 days ago +30

    This song is graved in my memory when i was 14 years old. Im now 42 years old. I celebrate my birthday yesterday just alone me and the song. Im in love with the song. I have a heart of gold.

  • Schnecke Unterwegs
    Schnecke Unterwegs 2 months ago +7359

    "Zombie" is timeless. Fits particularly well now in 2022.

      JESUSISGODALLMIGHTY 18 hours ago

      Kyler Evans Music no it was about Ireland and the English occupation.

    • Connor Codes
      Connor Codes 2 days ago

      Another war doesn't mean it fits particularly well now imo. There are plenty still happening that people have forgotten about like Syria and Somalia.

    • Connor Codes
      Connor Codes 2 days ago

      And 2011 and 2016

  • EmmoF2
    EmmoF2 24 days ago +409

    One of the greatest anti-war protest songs ever sung. It screams: 'we've had enough of your violent past, give us our peaceful future!'

    • Baileyface
      Baileyface 16 hours ago

      @Mike Oxlong Nice and edgy, but also missing the point

    • deaghlan finn-kelly
      deaghlan finn-kelly Day ago

      The song is not an anti-war song, it's I think is about the psychological damage that is done to a people that grow up in an occupied country, If any nation deploys such tactics as has been deployed upon the island of Ireland then obviously the people that are a majority will not accept a minority rule, and when the minority rule is backed by a foreign power that only grows resistance to that entity, There then comes to a point when the only solution left open to the people is armed resistance, This was seen in France when Germany invaded as well as every other country that has ever been occupied. Just look at Sri Lanka and the Tamil people, and ask your selves this what would you do if the tables were turned, if Dublin decided to run your country, Britain left the EU as they felt they had lost their independence to run their own affairs, and that was not even an occupation, and by the way, not much has changed. As for those that claim anti-terrorist, then you have a clear lack of understanding, one man's freedom fighter is another terrorist, It is all either an accident of birth as to where you stand by the location and opportunities you were awarded for such an accident, or it is a good education that makes you understand what the situation actually is.

    • Chris Fortune
      Chris Fortune 2 days ago

      @omardereaper It is not necessary for humankind to be at peace, be at peace yourself. Sadly the reality is to preserve that peace we must be willing and able to go to war when forced to with the double tragedy being the "forced to" is at the whim of the governments. People as individuals long for peace, as small communities can often achieve it but in the wider world must loose it to retain it for their small communities.
      I have always seen it as a balance where I loose that "peace" to retain it for those I care about. This however will only perpetuate the cycle but I can e no other way.

    • omardereaper
      omardereaper 5 days ago

      @Mike Oxlong sadly humanity hasn't been in peace for a long time. the last time was probably before recorded history.

  • 以撒ツ
    以撒ツ 16 days ago +77

    Em pleno 2022 ainda considero isso como um hinoooo❤️❤️❤️

    • @WXEDU
      @WXEDU 14 days ago +1

      Siempe mi aamigo

    • Hugo Marban
      Hugo Marban 15 days ago +2

      Un himno ,así es🤘!!

  • Milan Husár
    Milan Husár 2 days ago +3

    i love from Slovakia 🇸🇰 my favorite song milujem ťa dolores❤️

  • Larry Beatson
    Larry Beatson 3 days ago +10

    She makes my heart flutter knowing her passion for freedoms and her struggles. She has a beautiful voice and the song is amazing even though I'm a much harder music fan. I feel her pain when I listen to this.

  • Андрей Пахотных

    Спасибо, Долорес, я всегда любил твое творчество, кто бы мог подумать что в 41 год, когда ко мне в дом придет война, эта песня заиграет совсем другими красками.
    Спасибо Долорес и другим ребятам участвовавшим в создании этого вечного хита. Со слезами.
    Люди не будьте Зомби. С любовью.

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty  3 days ago +2

    I only understood this song once it was 2021. Now it all makes sense. Dolores is a legend

  • Joshua TheArgonaut
    Joshua TheArgonaut 23 days ago +113

    God I miss Dolores. I was truly heartbroken to hear of her untimely passing. She was truly the embodiment of a strong beautiful woman. Today’s gals got nothing on the likes of her

    • Heavy Gaming
      Heavy Gaming 16 days ago +1

      @Joshua TheArgonaut It’s okay, they just didn’t think this comment through. You do make a point though. She is truly strong.

    • Joshua TheArgonaut
      Joshua TheArgonaut 18 days ago +7

      @Taylor Fulkerson Yes it is champ. She wasn’t some narcissistic, entitled bimbo flashing her tata’s on a only fans page or regurgitating some skewed none sense about fanatical feminism. She was simply bad ass, one hell of a singer and a artist. Simple and beautiful. Not saying woman like her don’t exist today but they are very few and far between now. And certainly not the ones who are celebrated

    • Taylor Fulkerson
      Taylor Fulkerson 18 days ago +12

      Complimenting a woman then putting other women down isn't a compliment at all

  • Jenny Clancy
    Jenny Clancy 7 days ago +55

    I visited her and her dad's grave a few weeks ago and laid down buttercups I picked for her that day. I thanked her for the music that continues to reach into the depts of our hearts before I left.
    R.I.P Dolores

  • Рыбка Бананка
    Рыбка Бананка 26 days ago +91

    But you see, it's not me
    It's not my family
    In your head, in your head, they are fighting...
    Долорес, спасибо тебе. Мира твоей душе. И мира всем нам без zомби.

  • Flavio valente
    Flavio valente 3 years ago +22297

    Legends never die!


    Слушая эту песню, я снова попадаю в детство, когда все ещё были живы, вспоминаю свои года, те места, на которых мы играли... Реку Сану и Дрину. Вот бы вернуть моих друзей...

      ШОРСКИЙ УШЛЁПОК 2 days ago

      В России живу уже 16 лет, хорошо знаю русский язык. А аккаунт этот моего сына

      ШОРСКИЙ УШЛЁПОК 2 days ago

      @Simon Maximov сам я из Боснии и Герцеговины, но являюсь сербом. Сейчас живу в Шории

    • Simon Maximov
      Simon Maximov 2 days ago

      Вы из Шории?

      ШОРСКИЙ УШЛЁПОК 4 days ago +1

      @robotniqueee зачем вы это написали под моим комментарием?

    • robotniqueee
      robotniqueee 5 days ago +2

      Slava Ukraini

  • Evilane Pereira
    Evilane Pereira 5 days ago +1

    Sempre a melhor ❤️✨
    #EternaDolores 🤍

  • humble's analysis
    humble's analysis 3 days ago +1

    This song will never be old ❤️❤️❤️

  • Esteban Calle Clemente
    Esteban Calle Clemente 3 days ago +16

    Uno de los mejores temas que hay.D.E.P. otra pedazo de artista que nos dejaste tan pronto 😭😢😘😘👏

  • PugsNotDrugs4
    PugsNotDrugs4 Year ago +4481

    She may be gone, but her music will live on forever.

    • Music For Life
      Music For Life  Month ago

      It's a very great sing and I listen to it everyday without a miss. Even use this to test the speaker and soundbar

    • Truth Truth
      Truth Truth Month ago


    • Truth Truth
      Truth Truth Month ago


    • James Neas
      James Neas Month ago

      This is the only time on my life I've cried when a celebrity died. And the day it happened I was at work on the construction site but still couldn't hold the tears back

    • Buckie Smalls
      Buckie Smalls 2 months ago

      So will your comment..

  • kliyzmag
    kliyzmag 9 days ago +36

    это не просто музыка.. это мурашки.это взгляд.ветер.это жизнь. кайф -чистый.навсегда

    • Andrey Mal
      Andrey Mal 6 days ago

      Иру поддержать треба

    • Theodor R
      Theodor R 8 days ago +2

      это про многих из нас, россиян ..

  • Lucy Agz
    Lucy Agz 4 days ago +1

    es beautiful me fascina esta canción 💋❤👏

  • Elisangela Ferreira Soares

    I just love this song..Eu simplesmente amo essa música . Brasil 2022 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️

  • Joseph Mason
    Joseph Mason 29 days ago +71

    Can listen to this a million times and it still invokes emotion

  • TheCranberriesTV
    TheCranberriesTV  2 years ago +54190

    Help us get Zombie to a billion views!
    Achieving this milestone will make "Zombie" the first ever music video by an Irish band to reach one billion views on TheXvid, taking its place in a select group of iconic rock music videos released before 2003 to hit that mark, including Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Guns N' Roses' "November Rain."

  • Mark Etheridge
    Mark Etheridge 6 days ago +15

    All these years and it still gives me goosebumps. One of the greatest tracks of all time.

  • CleanLyricalDreamsYT

    This song hits hard after a long time 🙂

  • Mikołaj Bieliński
    Mikołaj Bieliński 5 days ago +41

    *RIP* *Golden* *Singer* *Rock* *Dolores* *ORriordan* *Has* *a* *Legendary* *voice*

  • Dane Smith
    Dane Smith 5 days ago +2

    One of the best from the 90's.

  • Zombee Degenerate
    Zombee Degenerate 2 years ago +1984

    Never understood the deep meaning of this song when i was younger. Such an epic depiction.

    • Jack Stevens
      Jack Stevens 3 days ago

      @Ifjchsiwocjcjs O'Riordan herself said it was about the Warrington bombing.

    • Ifjchsiwocjcjs
      Ifjchsiwocjcjs 24 days ago

      @Alex no its not its about the british atrocities carried out in ireland

    • Jo Sm
      Jo Sm 3 months ago

      @Alex well done. Keep those young boys names alive.

    • Jo Sm
      Jo Sm 3 months ago +1

      It's a tragedy so few people realise this was a reaction to the slaughter of two children in Warrington, by Republican terrorists. RIP Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry. Your memories will live on.

  • Nevan
    Nevan 2 days ago +2

    Achei ...Mano ,nossa !! Q música...

  • Email do Google
    Email do Google 8 days ago +3


  • Flamings Gaming
    Flamings Gaming 11 days ago +22

    One of the best bands ever, RIP Dolores.

  • D K
    D K 21 day ago +25

    So happy that this song hit much deserved over billion views. Dolores would be proud. I know she struggled, but she was loved, and she loved us. She and the band gave us beautiful music. Thank you for all of this.

    • el paso
      el paso 19 days ago +1

      yes and we miss Dolores...from Algeria

  • Просто Кошка
    Просто Кошка 5 years ago +776

    Old gold !! Lovely music , legends never die ❤️

    • Mark Vll 1990
      Mark Vll 1990 4 years ago +1

      That's right!! old gold.. legends NEVER die and the music NEVER gets old!! 💗💝

    • Caz _
      Caz _ 4 years ago

      Legrnds become zombies.
      Get it?

    • tak masa
      tak masa 4 years ago


  • The Lilith's box
    The Lilith's box 28 days ago +31

    Sigo escuchando esta canción y me trae muy buenos recuerdos. Ahora mi sobrino la escuchó y le encantó, sigue gustándole incluso a las nuevas generaciones

  • Raymond Trencavel
    Raymond Trencavel Month ago +84

    Pasan los dias... los meses... los años... y sigo aquí escuchando esta canción...

  • Gody
    Gody 29 days ago +35

    ¿Por qué no me canso nunca de escucharla?, ya la llevo casi 30 años en mi cabeza.

  • Alexandr Petrov
    Alexandr Petrov 18 days ago +43

    Легендарная песня. Всегда цепляет, когда прослушиваю видео или трэк этой песни. Как ни странно эту песню я впервые услышал недавно (2-3мес назад) и я не поклонник такого жанра песен, но эта исключение

  • Kellie
    Kellie 3 years ago +3116

    Gone but never forgotten. What a song and what a voice!

  • Сергей Shabuta
    Сергей Shabuta 6 days ago +22

    Душа внеземного разума дала нам эту музыку, слова и исполнение. Сколько раз слушаю, и каждый раз аж сердце щемит.

    • Маргарита Кручевская
      Маргарита Кручевская 5 days ago

      Папа очень хочет чтобы я её спела и я спою. Песня отпад слушаю сотый раз. 👍👍👍👍

    • PRO FI
      PRO FI 5 days ago

      Согласен! В сочетании с этой песней,вообще🔥

  • sof
    sof 18 days ago +40

    Долорес, прекрасный ангел мира! Память о вас жива и будет жить
    Всё потому что люди снова и снова будут со своими бомбами, танками и оружием приходить к таким же людям и сеять боль и разруху. Но ваши песни будут побуждать нас бороться и источать свет! Покойтесь с миром, а мы встанем за справедливость и согласие

  • Thomas Lloyd
    Thomas Lloyd Day ago

    Great song never gets old!

  • Marta
    Marta 28 days ago +88

    I can't stop tears running from my eyes when I listen to this song. It makes me think of war going on in 2022,in Ukraine,my homeland.

    • Mr 117 Перепелиця
      Mr 117 Перепелиця 6 days ago

      Not true. Lot of rusians supporting this war. And yes i can confirm this as Ukrainian.

    • Chad Johnson
      Chad Johnson 19 days ago

      So sorry

    • Kate
      Kate 23 days ago +3

      @Kaneda Yes are right . I am sorry. I cannot imagine living with such uncertainty...with horror all around. We , the rest of the world , sometimes forget about the people of Russia , who did not ask for or want this war...the hardship they are facing because of a leader's "mental breakdown" is unforgivable !! I hope all stay well and safe...we all pray for peace xxx

    • Kaneda
      Kaneda 23 days ago +5

      @Kate Yes. Having to live with the uncertainty of the NATO block pressing east, despite promises this would never happen is most worrisome.

  • paul Z
    paul Z 2 years ago +1540

    Jesus christ i can't believe that this song is so old but so absolutely relevant. RIP Delores

    • Cart Duncan
      Cart Duncan 12 days ago

      Are you drunk?

    • Chris RJ
      Chris RJ 2 years ago

      The same old thing since 1916
      ...earlier, even

    • Brandon Pack
      Brandon Pack 2 years ago

      Never forget the bloodshed Country of Ulster! You're right though, very relevant! Take it to my grave though to!♥

    • Jan Best
      Jan Best 2 years ago

      I love you all my family love mom forever and spacemarines mom is doing all that I can to be with you forever my ultrariusspacemarines brood try to look beyond the surface of the family and embrace the love that is the core of your heart and mine love you forever love mom forever

  • blackbooks
    blackbooks 9 days ago +1

    I’ve never heard such an amazing unique voice, such an emotive subject too. I can’t believe I’m just discovering this now!

    • Ghjfgnn Cvvffghvv
      Ghjfgnn Cvvffghvv 7 days ago

      @blackbooks that's true

    • blackbooks
      blackbooks 8 days ago

      @Ghjfgnn Cvvffghvv Oh my God, that's terrible. The passion behind the meaning really comes through in her voice.

    • Ghjfgnn Cvvffghvv
      Ghjfgnn Cvvffghvv 8 days ago

      Yeah my dad grew up during the troubles and my grandparents church was blown up by the UVF back then

  • Evgeny Salnikov
    Evgeny Salnikov 4 days ago +10

    One of most beautiful songs ever.

  • lori durko
    lori durko 29 days ago +35

    Best song ever written!!! I already have the cd from the 90's. Dolores will always be my favorite singer.

  • Lauren Scott
    Lauren Scott 16 days ago +20

    Probably one of the most heart wrenching music videos ever but it's so brilliant x

  • Stella Montenegro
    Stella Montenegro 2 months ago +607

    *R.I.P. Dolores O'Riordan. Legendary voice. 💔🥀🕊️*

  • 90s dbest
    90s dbest 13 days ago +3

    i can proudly say that the 90s is the best decade for music. The lyrics and music will get into your veins.

  • Marcos Porcena
    Marcos Porcena 26 days ago +39

    28/Abril /2022 hr 00:25 am...
    Daqui a 50 anos desejo que alguém aínda veja isso...
    Literalmente nasci na época errada..
    Se eu fosse da época passada com certeza seria um louco do rock.
    Nunca deixe o nosso bom e velho rock'n roll se acabar ..

    • @WXEDU
      @WXEDU 23 days ago

      sou do seculo 21 e amo todas do passado

  • Trollfarmer187
    Trollfarmer187 5 days ago +3

    I love how no matter where you skip to in the song you can hear her pouring her heart into this song

  • SoloTraceur
    SoloTraceur 29 days ago +44

    The moment Dolores starts singing - instant goosebumps

  • Nurcihan Hekimoğlu
    Nurcihan Hekimoğlu Year ago +745

    This song is such a legend, it's daily running in my head.

  • Marooncords
    Marooncords 7 days ago +4

    Still a top 5 song for me. I'm an 80s baby...😍

  • LSD123
    LSD123 9 days ago +12

    I still remember seeing this when it first came out, all these years later, it's still as good as it was back then.

  • Sean Strandfeldt
    Sean Strandfeldt 3 days ago +1

    Legends never die!

  • Antonio Campo
    Antonio Campo 24 days ago +9

    Não deixe o rock sair de você!

  • Andrea Collins
    Andrea Collins 25 days ago +60

    I can't help but burst into tears thinking about all of the poor people people in Ukraine Glory to Ukraine

  • MenoReal
    MenoReal 5 days ago +2

    this is my fav old song in my memory i just remember it out of nowhere then decide to search up the lyrics Finally i found the original song time to save it to my playlist i can finally rest

  • Johnny MF Bravo
    Johnny MF Bravo 10 days ago +8

    I'm an old heavy metal rocker from way back and when I first heard this song in the 1990's I shrugged and thought it was just another flash in the pan wannabe tune. As time went on to today, I now realize that this is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.

    • N
      N 4 days ago

      Everything and everyone becomes a zombie. We have to.

  • Mario Luis Caceres
    Mario Luis Caceres 22 hours ago

    "Otra cabeza se baja humildemente
    Un niño es llevado suavemente
    Y la violencia causó este enorme silencio
    ¿A quién estamos engañando?
    Pero ya ves, no soy yo
    No es mi familia
    En tu cabeza, en tu cabeza, están peleando
    Con sus tanques y sus bombas
    Y sus bombas y sus armas
    En tu cabeza, en tu cabeza, están llorando
    En tu cabeza, en tu cabeza
    Zombi, zombi, zombi
    ¿Qué hay en tu cabeza, en tu cabeza?
    Zombi, zombi, zombi, oh
    Du, du, du, du
    Du, du, du, du
    Du, du, du, du
    Du, du, du, du
    El corazón roto de otra madre es tomado
    Cuando la violencia causa silencio
    Nosotros estamos equivocados
    Es el mismo cuento de siempre
    Desde 1916
    En tu cabeza, en tu cabeza, están peleando
    Con sus tanques y sus bombas
    Y sus bombas y sus armas
    En tu cabeza, en tu cabeza, están muriendo
    En tu cabeza, en tu cabeza
    Zombi, zombi, zombi
    ¿Qué hay en tu cabeza, en tu cabeza?
    Zombi, zombi, zombi"

  • Just a random person
    Just a random person Year ago +899

    Nobody will ever have a voice like Dolores’s.

  • Tank
    Tank 9 days ago +3

    The best most beautiful woman singer ever I love and miss her ❤️ my heart hurts so much missed forever 💔 ❤️ ❤️

  • Александр Титов

    Долорес, покойся с миром! Возможно, видя текущий ад, ты бы написала что-то еще более сильное!
    Это не я! Это - не моя семья!
    Украина, держись!

    • Фарит Баширов
      Фарит Баширов 6 days ago

      @Ольга Хромова ну так езжай на Украину в чем проблема ?

    • Alex_88
      Alex_88 10 days ago +1

      чем больше украина будет держатся тем больше потерь она будет нести и разрушений, ты этого хочешь??))) видимо да) ну держись тогда украина)))

    • Alex_88
      Alex_88 10 days ago +1

      @Ольга Хромова да завались ты уже

    • Ольга Хромова
      Ольга Хромова 15 days ago +2

      У меня, родившийся и живущей в России, больше нет родины..... Есть территория, на которой живут зомби.... И их все устраивает 😱

    • Мария Глевчук
      Мария Глевчук 25 days ago +3


  • Noah David
    Noah David 12 days ago +4

    One of the greatest music videos of all time, hands down.

  • Rudi
    Rudi 13 days ago +3

    This song just makes cry every time I listen to it. Which ever reason, always. Such a deep and timeless song, peace for world please, peace for humans

  • Miselain
    Miselain 4 years ago +4051

    I will always remember this amazing voice. Such a sweet woman. We will miss you.

    • Ken Bard
      Ken Bard 2 years ago

      Bunch of alcohol and pills and passed out in the bathtub with her mouth and nose submerged in the water drowning. :(

    • War Child
      War Child 3 years ago


    • Оля
      Оля 3 years ago

      Miselain =‘

    • 2a
      2a 3 years ago +1

      @screwyootube1 :(

    • screwyootube1
      screwyootube1 3 years ago +1

      @2a She drowned in the bathtub. She had a LOT of alcohol in her system at the time. She was dealing with depression, so it's not clear if it was accidental or suicide. Very sad.

  • Vampire Queen
    Vampire Queen 27 days ago +4

    Will forever be a fan. Grew up listening to yall. This song particularly hits home for me, its painful but real.

  • Janete M S Fabiano
    Janete M S Fabiano 10 days ago +6

    Amooooo.....adoro escutar relaxando na varanda.

  • Kevin Pillai
    Kevin Pillai 15 days ago +21

    This song deserve all the 1 billion views. Great message

  • Furry_gamer OwO
    Furry_gamer OwO 28 days ago +9

    This song is legendary, i still have the album on CD, the best of 1992-2002

  • Douglas Lima
    Douglas Lima 2 years ago +559

    Our sincere respect for all the victims of this tragedy, a billion is not enough for such a song

    • Aaweso_me
      Aaweso_me 2 years ago +1

      @nanoguy 2007 oooh sorry ard mr I speak 5 languages. Pull your finger out of your backside please.

    • nanoguy 2007
      nanoguy 2007 2 years ago

      @Wafa Irdina Yeah me too I apologize for my ignorance (even if I knew the info but wanted to see the reactions).

    • nanoguy 2007
      nanoguy 2007 2 years ago

      @Wafa Irdina Yeah English ain't my first language but I can speak 5 languages fluently and over 20 dialects.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 14 days ago +12

    Wow 😵😔🙏... Everybody did their part to perfection. The drummer was Magnificent!! Her voice cut through to your soul 💘 and the guitars perfectly tickled the hairs on your neck. 🤘

  • Екатерина Голутва

    Как жаль,что её большее нет.......!!!!!Песня великолепная!!!!

  • Kesia Giovana
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  • Luke_751
    Luke_751 3 days ago +4

    this is one the greatest songs ever.

  • gumter
    gumter 2 years ago +4940

    It’s hard to believe this is 25 years old already.

    • M L
      M L Month ago

      Yes! This song and clip could be from today!

    • Carlos alberto Melo
      Carlos alberto Melo Month ago

      Adoravelhomaximodetale não!

    • Irish Rover
      Irish Rover 5 months ago

      @rachel r You missed out dude! 2000s sucked!

  • Rubina Aimin
    Rubina Aimin 22 days ago +3

    Every time i hear this, i get goosebumbs

  • Scott Rooney
    Scott Rooney 27 days ago +31

    One of the most meaningful songs of all time up there with Imagine .Violence is never right.,

    • N
      N 4 days ago

      They say never say never.

    • Cart Duncan
      Cart Duncan 12 days ago

      @David Bartz I may be wrong about this but it sometimes (often?) happens that a human has insight into the human condition but is unwilling or unable to conduct their own life in a way that mirrors their insight. John Lennon was right in his lyrics but he didn't walk the talk.

    • David Bartz
      David Bartz 26 days ago

      Imagine has to be one of the most ironically written songs being that it was from someone worth incredible amounts of money and was a terrible person especially to his family.

  • Noé Bonanno
    Noé Bonanno 6 days ago +4

    J’adore cette chanson.

  • kimmyfreak200
    kimmyfreak200 16 days ago +16

    90s music like this always depress me a little...especially metallica..most grunge era...lovely and best decade ever...raw emotion and guts in the music... they actually felt the words!!

  • kazehana877
    kazehana877 2 months ago +478

    As long as war exists, this song will never lose relevance, in the last 250 years there has only been 14 years without war!!! Anyone under the age of 30 has yet to experience a year without war.

    • CptChuff2
      CptChuff2 3 days ago

      War never changes

    • davidalaba
      davidalaba 24 days ago

      well you live in a wrong country then

    • thatlildumbass
      thatlildumbass Month ago +1

      I am Kashmiri and all i've seen is war. I'm numb to dead bodies and large scale military presence and disruption of everyday activities and long curfews.

    • ジャック🙃
      ジャック🙃 Month ago +4

      @Barry14 actually its about the troubles in northern ireland (no offence intended)

  • Rachell Summers MW
    Rachell Summers MW 26 days ago +18

    this masterpiece will never get old because the war will never end... 🥀🥀

  • The Reality Filter
    The Reality Filter 29 days ago +22

    R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan and all the other beautiful souls that are no longer with us.

  • Frank A
    Frank A 23 days ago +9

    Cranberries straight legend👍
    I wish that I could time travel back to the 90s and live there forever.

  • Foufa fahma🇹🇳
    Foufa fahma🇹🇳 2 days ago

    I have started feeling the anger of the world since i heard this song . I was too young to get what you mean but i felt then the chaos of humanity and still mourning it . Thanks for letting me know that not everything in the head could be saved.

  • b t s n
    b t s n Year ago +358

    i was a kid when this came out and loved hearing it on the radio. never really knew what it was truly about til much later in life. great song.

    • Lol Lol
      Lol Lol Year ago

      airsoft u.k that’s just not true though is it

    • S B
      S B Year ago

      Same, it's powerful. Love this tune

    • UTHtom Smyth
      UTHtom Smyth Year ago

      231rft yet the people who live here say northern so respect it for what it is mate

    • Aqhat
      Aqhat Year ago

      I was a kid too and truly understand what this song about as adult, when civil war has begun in my own region.

  • Nicholas Syahrul s
    Nicholas Syahrul s 3 days ago +1

    when i was little i was introduced to this song "ZOMBIE" by my dad i feel so nostalgic👍🏻

  • joe56474
    joe56474 19 days ago +5

    Will never stop loving this absolute banger of a tune.

  • Argan
    Argan 7 days ago +2

    My God, every time this song started.. I always crying for her. One of my childhood idol. I miss you and I love you Dolores

  • Гусейнов Абдулла

    Классика никогда не умирает

  • Oleg Nikushin
    Oleg Nikushin Month ago +315

    This song hits differently in 2022, thanks, Dolores.

  • Felix Inho
    Felix Inho 10 days ago +2

    When I Iisten to this song, I always have goosebumps at the part when the little angels are screeming in the end. Since almost 30 years now, every time. Amazing song.

  • Marcus Silva
    Marcus Silva 7 days ago +1

    that song touched my soul since the first time i´d heard to it

  • Ляксей Фамилия
    Ляксей Фамилия 29 days ago +131

    Без тебя не справится. Нужно остановить ещё одну войну. Долорес!....... здесь ты очень нужна. 😞

  • miah davis
    miah davis 11 days ago +3

    Still loving this song. It is still relevant and speaks to the wars going on to this day