Kaya Scodelario Gets Ready for The Fashion Awards at 8 1/2 Months Pregnant | Vogue

  • Published on Dec 6, 2021
  • Actor Kaya Scodelario was going for “pregnant nutcracker vibes,” while attending the British Fashion Awards.
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    Kaya Scodelario Gets Ready for The Fashion Awards at 8 1/2 Months Pregnant | Vogue

Comments • 651

  • DepressoEspresso

    I’m glad Kaya is getting more recognized amongst the entertainment industry, she was amazing since Skins and she was so young back then, she’s very genuine and absolutely stunning! What a queen!

  • Sean Norris

    Such a fashion icon. Her outfits on skins have inspired generations after her

  • smoking ed kid


  • RMK
    RMK  +1

    No matter how sparkly her jewellery are...her eyes always outshine them.

  • Melloonn Suunn

    It's unbelievable to me that she could portrait Effy so good at like 13,14 years old with all the extreme things Effy did and went through. If I was asked to play that role at such a young age I would have been too scared probably

  • flower_ girl

    She's criminally under rated. I hope she gets more attention and be in new shows

  • glitterbaby00

    I love everything Kaya does because she is such a genuinely talented actor. Really enjoyed Spinning Out and was gutted when they didn’t do another series.

  • P. .Freakable

    That woman is a queen 👸 🙌 She is giving this outfit the soul it deserves 👏 Thanks for providing us with amazing looks, with a lovely persona and the best TV shows and movies. And thanks to vogue for being an amazing brand that is always choosing the right person for each and every look.

  • pam0626
    pam0626  +431

    I loved her in Skins. Effie was such an old soul and she played her perfectly. I love How British Vogue edited this piece. She comes across as a lovely person.

  • Drei C.
    Drei C.  +555

    Didn’t know she was pregnant! She’s gorgeous as always.

  • Yasmin Costa

    Had the privilege to meet and talk with this woman and she’s so fascinating, I love her

  • Lucy Smith
    Lucy Smith  +440

    Served kaya and her family at a store when she was living in New Zealand recently - absolutely lovely and kind. She was so open and I really enjoyed talking to her 💗

  • holly
    holly  +111

    as much as i hated effy’s character, kaya portrayed her perfectly and i’m so happy seeing her thrive. the fact she played such an iconic character when she was a teenager is still mind blowing. such a gorgeous and genuine woman!

  • Faith 🐝
    Faith 🐝  +172

    Never in my teenage mind did I think at 21 yrs old I’d be watching a video of a gorgeous Kaya (Effie to me then) almost 9 months pregnant WORKING the red carpet- looking as beautiful as ever. I’m glad I did.

  • Leela Morris

    Absolutely love her still since skins. I loved her ice skating show and was so sad when they didn’t renew. She’s such a talent!! Congrats honey!!

  • girlblogger2008


  • Rayna Jane
    Rayna Jane  +341

    Kaya Scodelario is an absolute goddess! She has been my idol since her Effy days! Love her🖤✨

  • onalemontree

    She's such a great actress and an amazing human being, I'm so happy she's getting more recognition!

  • Shelly Sw
    Shelly Sw  +157

    Absolute queen ..effy was a complete icon to my 15 year old self and still is tbh ..loved that character and Kaya’s acting abilities were incredible always🙌

  • Eliška Z
    Eliška Z  +129

    I started loving her as Effy and she’s so talented(&my girl crush). I love her movies, can’t believe In Skins she started when she was 13-14 yrs old.., now she’s having her second baby💖