• Published on Jan 8, 2022

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  • ~Queen Kawaii~

    Awhh.. I can't help but cry at the sight of the other daughters face when she's pushed aside like nothing important 💔 (edit: TYSM FOR 1K likes!! ❤)

  • Steeve
    Steeve  +714

    I feel sad for the other sister. ;/

  • Rebecca Lucas

    Fifi is around almost as much as Linda. You're loved Linda, never forget that!

  • kaitlyn lopez

    Finally I’m early poor Linda she’ll always be my favorite 🤩 no matter what the cost is Linda is a wonderful lady and and always will be.

  • • Jade •

    Aww, Linda you're still the rest of the familys favorite! and your my favorite. even though they are both treated equally it still hurts. :(

  • Jay Sky
    Jay Sky  +108

    Awww Linda 🥺😭

  • Imran Adi Ali

    You should feel sad for the brothers that is how they are always treated 😂

  • ADDsquirrel!!

    😆😆😆I’m in stitches here 🤣🤣🤣 Something about how Dad says “Love ya girl!” 😆💀

  • Miamiapizzaria

    I feel bad for Linda even though pops treats both of them equal 🥲🥲🥺

  • Heart Fallen

    🤣 I'm the "daughter from out of town", I wasn't even the favourite one, but when I'm back, my mom bought things for me, made things for me, and told me things she didn't like about my siblings. 🤣

  • Elojia Romero

    Linda be like,: big sis go back to Michigan🤣✌️

  • Ham fam shorts

    I’m so sorry Linda I know what it feels like my dad has a favorite daughter too

  • Dinesh Vijay

    I can feel the pain of her 🥺


    Hahahah you guys never fail to bring a smile to my face🥺❤️ may god shower u and ur family with blessings😂❤️

  • LALLA Villamil

    I feel you Linda you used to have all the hugs and attention of Pops 😟

  • Marlene Rodriguez

    Poor Linda, good thing Fifi wasn't there... ❤🖤

  • Dawson and Daddy

    You always make me smile.....thank you


    Aww when i saw linda face it made me so sad

  • Norah Elaine

    Lol the teddy bear. Awww too cute. Such a sweet family. Linda babe, you’re a doll. 😘💃🏾

  • Esome
    Esome  +27

    Awww I feel bad for the other one lol☹️