The Sims 4: StrangerVille Official Reveal Trailer

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • Start your investigation and solve the mystery of a desert town that holds a deep, dark secret in The Sims™ 4 StrangerVille.*
    Available February 26, 2019 for PC and Mac.
    Learn more about this Game Pack:
    **The video is not fully reflective of gameplay experience.
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  • Slyme
    Slyme 29 minutes ago

    Is this fortnite storm coming?

  • Ajdus uwu
    Ajdus uwu 3 hours ago

    Is this the game adaptation of Scooby doo?

  • Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle

    i want werwolves and fairies 😢

  • Kyreem
    Kyreem 20 hours ago

    WTF! Lol

  • Awkward Moon
    Awkward Moon Day ago


  • D
    D 2 days ago

    I think the Sims team is really missing out by ignoring the real needs of PS4 Simmers, Most of us, including me, are happy with the latest release but yet we're missing out on the true experience, is there any chance that we could have a pack of accessories?

  • Nothijg :3
    Nothijg :3 4 days ago

    Their smile is creepy af

  • Erika Andrade
    Erika Andrade 4 days ago

    Ola ea meu nome e Erika e acho que vcs deviam desbloquear the sims para celular para podermos jogar vocês teriam mais benefícios 🤗👏👏

  • Santino Colombano
    Santino Colombano 5 days ago

    I wish there was a stuff pack or game pack with the Secret Agent theme. I mean, the work career to be playable and objects. It would be so cool. Not trying to hurry or anything, i was just sharing my opinion. Also, i heard that the new Expansion Pack will be Tropical Island, and i'm super excited!!

  • WindyKinz
    WindyKinz 5 days ago

    I want horses :(

  • Soraya Ahmadi
    Soraya Ahmadi 5 days ago

    Yaaas weird stuff!
    I bet they made this for laurenzside

  • Love._. Kpop._.
    Love._. Kpop._. 5 days ago

    Heyy is sims 4 working on intel r hd?

  • Shadow program
    Shadow program 6 days ago

    Us: Sims 4 uni

    EA: Did you say magic shit?
    Us: No please

    EA: You got it, wizard shit it is!

  • mars
    mars 6 days ago

    tf is this

  • darkolp1
    darkolp1 6 days ago


  • rischka
    rischka 7 days ago

    Ea please we just want university. Schedule a meeting and make this happen or something

  • Danny
    Danny 9 days ago

    Assuming that the addons cost as much as a whole game, it's the loading times in the sims 4 that drive me crazy. If you do not get an openworld clean, you should let developers spend more time, NOT TRUE EA ??????

    • RicyIsHere //Ricy
      RicyIsHere //Ricy 8 days ago

      Danny actually this kind of add on is a 3rd if the game and loading times depend on your computer or console

  • Dirceu Santos
    Dirceu Santos 10 days ago

    complain as much as you want your wallet will do the talking
    And that's the only language EA understands

  • TatyanaCherisse
    TatyanaCherisse 10 days ago

    Sims4 < Sims 3

  • James Charles’ career is dead.

    Only reason I would’ve wanted university is so I could make MHA

  • xDaenaria
    xDaenaria 12 days ago

    wtf. what. the. frick.

  • Tristan Johnson
    Tristan Johnson 12 days ago I the only one who thought the first scene where the girl is bending her arms and legs is VERY disturbing?

  • Awesome
    Awesome 12 days ago

    if there's something strange, in stranger ville who ya gonna call? nobody! You figure it out yourself

  • xXStar_SimmerXx
    xXStar_SimmerXx 13 days ago

    fanbase: we want university . Sims team: strangerville FBI OPEN UP

  • Lemaozim
    Lemaozim 13 days ago

    Fuck university, i want a expansion with cars, bikes and skates

  • Csaba Tóth
    Csaba Tóth 15 days ago


  • Juju
    Juju 15 days ago

    I love the sims but I feel like it should be multiplayer at least 2 players can play on any game console and also y’all should make a sims university pack

  • маша плей ,
    маша плей , 16 days ago

    что с ними

  • Jerome Williams
    Jerome Williams 16 days ago

    I want sims 5 already. they are just milking this cow into dust.

  • Laniryx Playz
    Laniryx Playz 17 days ago

    That intro made me laugh so hard when the pack came out.

  • Josh Easyboy
    Josh Easyboy 17 days ago

    This game pack was great! A nice change of pace for the game but one thing that would have made this the best game pack... CUTSCENES! Just like in the Sims 2, personalised cutscenes would have been amazing!

  • Game hunter
    Game hunter 18 days ago

    Will other sims be able to discover my sims is a vampire ? Without me asking to bite them I mean.
    Btw, why make us "choose" which kind of occult Sims we want to make, if there's only 1 choice ?

  • Klaudia Szybiak
    Klaudia Szybiak 19 days ago

    Dajcie like jak chcielibyście dodatek z baletem i gimnastyką artystyczną

  • TheCrustyNoodle
    TheCrustyNoodle 20 days ago +3

    Everyone: wow so cool!

  • Khalesi.EXE23 666
    Khalesi.EXE23 666 21 day ago +7

    God seeing all the whiny people on here is funny. Has anyone else noticed whenever a pack or update we have been begging for finally gets released people begin to bombard the comments and emails with MORE packs they want? I honestly think having packs like this teach them a lesson on how they can't always have want they want right away with consistent nagging. Remember if you all don't want this pack, or another 'useless' pack DON'T BUY IT. It's your choice to have it or not. So stop being ungrateful and appreciate that the Sims 4 developers actually MAKE packs. We have seasons, pets, toddlers and vampires and so someday we will get university or something similar but for now stop with the nagging and give the people making the sims 4 better and different some positive feedback for once. You want universities, open worlds and more? Go back to the sims 3 and 2

    Disagree with me all you want it's the truth tbh.

  • валерий кечев

    Хороший трейлер для легендарной игрухи

  • Valentina
    Valentina 23 days ago

    Add storylines to the sims!!

  • Andres Romero
    Andres Romero 23 days ago


  • GEE perz
    GEE perz 24 days ago


  • りRenzOz
    りRenzOz 24 days ago

    The Infected looks very retarded.
    It's great.

  • 로이미나
    로이미나 25 days ago

    I want my vampires to be safe in the sunlight by putting on a full body suit: Why is it houses and umbrellas (somewhat) deter sunlight damage but not a ninja suit? and i want a backwards-compatible Sims Forever and just keep adding features to the pre-existing software: no more numerical installments. It isn't ethical to make ppl keep buying re-hashes of content they already have and we know they prefer, per default, plus it isn't good for business bc it pisses ppl off. Just take already existing elements that folks have already gotten accustomed to, and implement That in the user inter by offering them a choice at the point of setup. I had Sims & Sims online, Sims 2 w/ Free time on PC and PS2, several other versions of the franchise on console, Sims 3 on mobile (worst thing ever), Sims freeplay and Sims mobile, I haven't play or watched Sims 3. Now I'm playing Sims 4 and i love it except, but i wish there was a Sim tracking panel and the build mode interface was like Sims freeplay. Other than that, and the prices for each expansion and DLC, i think Sims 4 is best yet. I think the biggest issue players have is the fact they get too used to a certain versions user interface and item availability, a single backwards compatible version (with offline playability) would solve all that while being cost effective.

  • Ri Ranjo
    Ri Ranjo 25 days ago

    i actually want the university expansion pack tho 🤭🤔

  • matos17
    matos17 26 days ago +1

    Werdum´s face lol

  • AKKR 123
    AKKR 123 27 days ago +2

    PLEASE MAKE A SIMS4 UNIVERSITY NEXT I LOVE ALL the packs you make but i think we need a university one
    also make away to play in the same world with your friends but they have to have there on platform to play on

  • Nightcore Audio Bass
    Nightcore Audio Bass 27 days ago

    They should really make the sims 4 university life

  • kini Mba
    kini Mba 27 days ago

    good idea

  • kini Mba
    kini Mba 27 days ago


  • SWE memes
    SWE memes 27 days ago

    0:36 that was scary as hell!

  • Pearlbruh
    Pearlbruh 28 days ago


  • Maja Kwiatek
    Maja Kwiatek 28 days ago

    hello, I have a request if you could add to the sims 4 supplement or package of horses, pigs, and other farm animals I would be asking greetings.

  • Sanne Lenssens
    Sanne Lenssens Month ago

    I really liked this gamepack though!

  • AssDerSchwerter
    AssDerSchwerter Month ago

    This was exactly what I was waiting for

  • Lenny Bunny
    Lenny Bunny Month ago

    Hmm they make a Millie Bobby brown sim and now a pack that’s like Stranger things hmm the Sims developers are Stranger things fans 😂 lol

  • Carmen's Cola
    Carmen's Cola Month ago

    I need island paradise !!!

  • kyna
    kyna Month ago

    we wanted university but ok ea

  • Jasmine Turner
    Jasmine Turner Month ago

    This reminds me of Sims 2 PSP (or was it the same on all consoles??).

  • Cloud Guy
    Cloud Guy Month ago


  • Protection Blood
    Protection Blood Month ago

    Posted on my birthday

  • Carla Fletcher
    Carla Fletcher Month ago

    When is generations on sims 4 coming?!?!?

  • Carlaa Aaaa
    Carlaa Aaaa Month ago +2

    Tbh StrangerVille Is the best pack Sims 4 ever Created

  • Joseph Anthony Santos

    That looks freakin momo as HELL 0:36

  • Bethan Williams
    Bethan Williams Month ago

    Wel l have 5 or 6 packs

  • daisy kawaii
    daisy kawaii Month ago +1

    This is like stranger things i love it

  • victor mendez
    victor mendez Month ago

    Отличное видео, хорошие мультики

  • Hemen yap
    Hemen yap Month ago +1

    I frickin love Strangerville! Thank you for making it!

  • Yandere
    Yandere Month ago

    Страшна вырубай

  • Frisk Dreemurr Boy
    Frisk Dreemurr Boy Month ago

    So... when it's coming Supernatural and university? Nobody asked for this...

    • Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot
      Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot Month ago +1

      Frisk Dreemurr Boy if you’re not going to get it, don’t ask for it lol.

    • Frisk Dreemurr Boy
      Frisk Dreemurr Boy Month ago

      +Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot I live in a poor country, so it's definitely what i'm going to do...

    • Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot
      Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot Month ago

      Frisk Dreemurr Boy if you’re annoyed about it, don’t get it.

    • Frisk Dreemurr Boy
      Frisk Dreemurr Boy Month ago

      +Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot Well, if they're making Supernatural and University already so why make this DLC? Just to make more money? And if you see, everyone just want the same DLCs
      Yea, I know new is good, but Supernatural and University are the best DLCs and, at least University and Seasons should be on the base game. I mean, you need to buy seasons in a Real Life Simulator!

    • Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot
      Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot Month ago

      Frisk Dreemurr Boy of course no one asked for this as it’s a different type of pack. They’re most likely making university and supernatural already so there’s no need to hate on their other packs as they work hard on them.

  • — Janna
    — Janna Month ago

    We need sims 4 island paradise!!!🌴🌴

  • Optimistic_Karla
    Optimistic_Karla Month ago +1

    I’m gotta have nightmares with that face HELP the poor sim 0:36 #sisterspooked 👻

  • Luis Wembkey
    Luis Wembkey Month ago

    The sims 4 University please

  • Elli-Mariia Malmberg

    Are horsies coming The Sims 4

  • Pinkii2005
    Pinkii2005 Month ago

    Looks really cool! Well done sims, looks low key creepy as well 😆😬

  • eliza
    eliza Month ago +24

    lol they deleted my comment saying the crater was more like the size of del sol valley

    it had 4k likes

  • ItzOlivia Gacha
    ItzOlivia Gacha Month ago +2

    I cannot wait to ask my dad to get me that pack!!! So exited

  • Putera Maranatha Sitorus

    Where is Sims 4 university? or maybe school will be perfect too

    • Skzncxox •
      Skzncxox • Month ago +1

      Putera Maranatha Sitorus They’ve already announced that there is going to be another game pack, expansion pack, and stuff pack in around the next 6 months. Which, one of these is bound to be University.

  • Georgina Paul
    Georgina Paul Month ago

    Come to console please!!

  • Nevada Donnelly
    Nevada Donnelly Month ago

    When is this coming to Xbox pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • Raul Nicolas
    Raul Nicolas Month ago

    I still waiting for Universite Life Expansion.

  • Jazmin Salvador
    Jazmin Salvador Month ago +5


  • Christina Jordan
    Christina Jordan Month ago

    I didn't even know I wanted this pack till just now..

  • Mc Kyle
    Mc Kyle Month ago

    they all be lookin' like momo😂 0:44

  • noir angel
    noir angel Month ago

    Wtf all I want is University. EA for once just listen to what your own CUSTOMERS want, not what you wanna do.

  • Alex Jns
    Alex Jns Month ago

    Do men also play this?

  • Rotten Apples & Comfy Apples

    Y’all complaining that there ain’t no university for your dumb sims, when theres already a university mod you can download...

  • strawberry vision '


  • uk british
    uk british Month ago

    nice dlc you did the sims

  • Dancing Carolyn
    Dancing Carolyn Month ago

    This is an amazing gameplay!

  • Michies Updates
    Michies Updates Month ago

    can we get a new world with horses and a farm

  • Yan Lapin
    Yan Lapin Month ago +1

    University please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • strange.happenings
    strange.happenings Month ago

    I just want supernatural

  • Grace McCloskey
    Grace McCloskey Month ago

    What the fuck

  • Zinguin Ziree
    Zinguin Ziree Month ago

    Started off like a horror film

  • 100 Blue Smiles
    100 Blue Smiles Month ago

    looks like the momo doll

  • Mocha A
    Mocha A Month ago

    I have this new release its so much fun! Great story line and cool effects!

  • Kimani Grey-Campbell
    Kimani Grey-Campbell Month ago +2

    So we need:
    Sims University/School Expanison- An immersive version of schools like in Sims 3 with an actual building and school activities, and add the job teacher. University can have its own section and be huge.
    Sims Supernatural- Werewolves, Witches, and etc.
    Please take care of that b the end of the year and put some nice discounts in every once in a while. And add better bundles.

  • Je suis une Army
    Je suis une Army Month ago

    C est pas un pack de sims c est un film d horreur 😂

  • Foxtrot 1919
    Foxtrot 1919 Month ago

    OH MY GOD OKAY SO I KNOW YOU WON’T READ THIS OR REPLY BUT... I had this dream.. specifically today.. and it was when I was playing the Sims.. and there were freaking HORSES. And all the equipment and all the different breeds and stuff and it was SO cool and there was new clothing and hair and accessories and new things for the interior design... If you could make this happen... This would legitimately be a dream come true 🙌 (also excuse all my grammar mistakes)

  • George Whitehead
    George Whitehead Month ago

    LOVED this game but any signs of Sims 5 yet? Hope the game developers are working hard on it! 🙌

    • George Whitehead
      George Whitehead Month ago

      Ruffdoggo thanks for the update! 👍

    • Ruffdoggo
      Ruffdoggo Month ago

      nope. they confirmed sims 4 to run till 2021. You will probably get sims 5 in 2022

  • Markianna Tharpe
    Markianna Tharpe Month ago +1

    Only reason I’m buying is for the laptops u money grabbing f*cks