Gordon Ramsay Takes On Thailand's Chef McDang | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • On Gordon's final day in Thailand, he takes on Chef McDang on TV.
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  • ชาติอาชา เรืองศรี

    ว้าววสุดยอดไปเลยนะฮะ​ ชอบ​ กอดอเเรมซี่

  • D s Love Ch
    D s Love Ch 12 hours ago


  • 93 Til Infinity Steez47

    First time the other guy had a TV show

  • Santosh landge
    Santosh landge Day ago

    Pls pls pls pls pls pls ✈

  • Santosh landge
    Santosh landge Day ago

    Pla gordan do come in maharastra india hare are so many veg verity food street food amezing

  • Sydney Martinez
    Sydney Martinez Day ago

    It’s sad that I’m Thai yet I can’t read the language. 😭😭😭

    I can speak Thai tho🥳🥳

  • Jillia Carrasco
    Jillia Carrasco Day ago

    “Would you like me to mop up your face for you you? You’re sweating like crazy.” Lmao 😂

  • GRT Chanel
    GRT Chanel Day ago

    Hello chef I'm from Thailand

  • manfrombritain
    manfrombritain Day ago

    Thai people seem to have a great sense of humour

  • กันต์รพี วิชัย


  • The Ball game Mobile
    The Ball game Mobile 2 days ago +1

    บอกหน่อยครับ ที่ที่คุณกอดอนไปมันคือสถานที่ไหนของไทยครับ

  • Logesh Murugesh
    Logesh Murugesh 2 days ago

    Gorden u r such a very very very very very very good and nice u r heart is a like a kid's

  • กอ ก้นะ
    กอ ก้นะ 2 days ago


  • Cherry Banana
    Cherry Banana 3 days ago

    thai people fucking stupid shit

  • Cherry Banana
    Cherry Banana 3 days ago

    ถามหาคนไทยหาโคตรพ่อมึงตายรึไง ไอควายไม่พัฒนาตัวเองเสียที เหมือนคนในประเทศแม่งมีปมด้อยอะ หน้าอับอาย

  • MPG. มลก.
    MPG. มลก. 3 days ago

    Thank you for visit Thailand Gordon Ramsey fc forever.

  • aizen kurozaki
    aizen kurozaki 4 days ago

    im in thailand i wish i had info lol

    PARYCHIN 4 days ago

    After watching this video, I love you more! Chef Gordon. I'm glad that you've visited to Thailand

  • Thomas Carey
    Thomas Carey 4 days ago

    These are some of the dopest episodes were he travels too different countries

  • MusicchannelFX
    MusicchannelFX 4 days ago

    "Oysters go back to the dive" - yeah like the get up back to life in hot ccoking water.


    Boi he's not just cocky... He's super cocky and rude😎😎😎
    I'm writing this as a compliment chef.

  • Pat Cullen
    Pat Cullen 6 days ago

    That laugh at 2:58 had me dying 😂

  • Camper
    Camper 6 days ago

    Gordo's Bizarre adventure

  • [Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games]

    Thai ppl wise... made results end in ties. N0 feeling is hurt

    BENTO 6 days ago


  • Chatchay Rodwira
    Chatchay Rodwira 6 days ago +1

    Only if this was in anime....

    • statue of liberty
      statue of liberty 6 days ago

      This is already an anime, fool. It's called The Great Gordon Odyssee.

  • Nemanja Lyko
    Nemanja Lyko 7 days ago

    U ard big idiot

  • damiansdroid
    damiansdroid 7 days ago

    Chef McDang = Plonker

  • cyka merica
    cyka merica 8 days ago +1

    Do you hear boss music

  • Out fur blood
    Out fur blood 8 days ago

    The Taiwanese cook has a very contagious laugh

  • The Truth
    The Truth 8 days ago

    Fuck Thailand.

  • Noo Mai
    Noo Mai 8 days ago


  • Sulaimarn Wisit
    Sulaimarn Wisit 8 days ago

    You don't know how to cook Pad Thai , do you

  • Fabian Villaverde
    Fabian Villaverde 9 days ago

    I will say it again, SHOKUGEKI???

  • Nelson Muntz
    Nelson Muntz 9 days ago

    GORDON man who change the World

  • Mein_Kunt
    Mein_Kunt 9 days ago

    Thai food really makes me smile 😁😁😁

  • Jason vendor
    Jason vendor 9 days ago

    Is Mc Dang the queen or princess of Thailand?

  • Dustin Surprises
    Dustin Surprises 10 days ago

    The is a light in Loafers

  • Akane Ririn
    Akane Ririn 10 days ago

    อยากให้มีซับไทยค่ะ ชอบเชฟมากๆเลย

  • Blacke Oxstar
    Blacke Oxstar 10 days ago

    That's how we do it in asia, spices hold longer freshness together ever since the silk road exist. 😂

  • Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan Mitchell 10 days ago

    McDang "AHAHAHAHAHAAAA Gordon cocky cheeeeeef, I cocky tooooo. I cocky Asaiiiiiiiiiiin. AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA You suck iiiiiiiii! You suck iii Gordon. You suck my 2 inf peniiiiiiis.................. like cocktail sausage"

  • IvyMe
    IvyMe 10 days ago

    Sweaty ass Gordon??

  • Grandmama SpiF
    Grandmama SpiF 10 days ago

    Gordon likes competition dammit

  • View Sarasota
    View Sarasota 11 days ago

    What did they say to greet each other? I always thought it was sawadi

  • vital 1234
    vital 1234 11 days ago

    McDang sticks fingers in gordons dish
    Astronauts on the ISS look out over thailand and see a mushroom cloud

  • Small World
    Small World 11 days ago +13

    Mcdang: **puts finger in ramsay's dish**
    Ramsay: **inside screams and f's given **

  • Samuel Braer
    Samuel Braer 11 days ago

    How can it be a draw if there are three judges ??

  • ifine
    ifine 11 days ago


  • Elieana Carrillo
    Elieana Carrillo 11 days ago

    I don't do a thing I JUST COOK

  • เชฟยัน วันสมพร

    Next time can you come my shop

  • Tamatha Cooper
    Tamatha Cooper 12 days ago

    Chef Gordon is really sexy

  • Lol Got em
    Lol Got em 12 days ago


  • Nannnut C.
    Nannnut C. 12 days ago

    I am your fans. And I never expect that one day you come to Thailand to cooking Thai food with Thai chef. Such a nice to see you to cook in other country! I’m so happy now.

  • Diachiro Lucifer
    Diachiro Lucifer 13 days ago

    Red Squid Chef 5555

    KAWAII Me 13 days ago

    why is there so rarely an English coment?

  • ชินวัตร แจ่มสว่าง

    Im from thailand
    I love you gordon ramsay
    The legendary chef

  • Smoky Mcpot
    Smoky Mcpot 13 days ago +15

    The dude had a whole team and premade food lmao that aint really fair

  • SAYO-3
    SAYO-3 13 days ago

    You should come to Thailand again. Because i'll take a photo with you.

  • Sandra Carter
    Sandra Carter 14 days ago

    I'm so glad I came upon Chief Gordon Ramsey cooking in other Country's this is awesome 😁😎

  • Far Scope
    Far Scope 14 days ago

    Honestly Ramsey kinda looks like an ignorant American, but as a youth of half Thai decent, and someone who has been to Thailand I can tell u that Thai people are very invasive and their culture just doesn’t have the same standards as America it’s their fault that just their culture

  • Jacob Nyamu
    Jacob Nyamu 15 days ago +2

    See you next week killed me.

  • N00z
    N00z 15 days ago

    Gordon is a pay to win

  • farcyde bop
    farcyde bop 16 days ago

    Thai people don't even know who is Gordon Ramsey, they think he is a random Farang.

  • TheLoyaleRoyale
    TheLoyaleRoyale 16 days ago

    Chef McDang got on Gordon's McNerves

  • Aethion
    Aethion 16 days ago

    So we're all going to ignore the name McDang are we?

  • Sasi Saeng
    Sasi Saeng 16 days ago +5

    🙏Welcome​ to​ Thailand​ Gordon.​ I​ follow you​ and​ your​ daughter Tilly for​ long​ time.​ Good​ &​nice family😃

  • Sasi Saeng
    Sasi Saeng 16 days ago

    ว้าวมาเมืองไทยด้วย... เป็นคนน่ารักเนอะ... รับไหว้ตลอดทางเลย​ ตามยูทูปแกยันลูกเลบ.. น่ารักทั้งบ้าน

  • Jack Wolstenholme
    Jack Wolstenholme 17 days ago

    Gordon cooking with Mr.Chang

  • nina nguyen
    nina nguyen 17 days ago

    More i see him he looked like my ex boyfriend but younger