• Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • "Every fight isn’t going to be a KO. I thought AJ fought a good tactical fight and didn’t fall into trap of trying to mix it up in exchanges. This was a good addition to his experience. He also wisely unpacked his jab for this one," wrote former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, who recently took to social media to praise unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua for his win over Andy Ruiz. Check it out!
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  • Martin Kirkov
    Martin Kirkov Month ago

    That second bout brough in the basketball back and eraised the boxing again.

  • franklin chukwumah
    franklin chukwumah Month ago +1

    AJ boxed his socks off and won the fight!!
    Watch any of Tyson Fury’s fights he runs and dodges every fight, yet he is the best in the world.
    All the Tyson fury fights since the Wilder fight have been boring, yet he's the best in the world

    Lets give credit when its due and stop the negative bull sh..

  • T L
    T L Month ago


  • Steven Cameron
    Steven Cameron Month ago

    Another ex British heavyweight champion that’s not British fact

  • TextBookPuncher1
    TextBookPuncher1 Month ago

    Lennon Louise top fighter

  • jasadiaplayz assanah

    Lenox lewis is a hating jamaican batty boy

  • Radrook
    Radrook Month ago +1

    This is the same guy who said that the only way Josh could beat Ruiz is if the fight is fixed.

  • Mattycakes
    Mattycakes Month ago +1

    AJ did EXACTLY what he should have done. His career was on the line and he took no chances. Ruiz blew his shot.

  • pardeep parkash
    pardeep parkash Month ago +1

    Lennox is hands down the greatest modern Heavyweight champion (post- Larry Holmes) and by that I also mean greater than Mike Tyson who he beat resoundingly . So you always listen to his intelligent opinions. You often find British boxers are under-estimated far longer even by their own British fans. The same is happening to AJ. I remember Lennox was too for a long time, until he ruthlessly and methodically demolished the whole heavyweight division -Holyfield, Ruddock, Tyson, McCall , Klitsckho etc. Lennox would have survived in any era; he belongs up their amongst the greatest !

  • Folio Folajuwon
    Folio Folajuwon Month ago

    Credence from a Champ to a Champ!

  • keekee Comrie
    keekee Comrie Month ago

    Hes no way in the league of ALI period

  • JOHN Henry
    JOHN Henry Month ago

    Lennox Lewis the most overrated piece of garbage to ever step in the ring

  • lil bahadur chetri
    lil bahadur chetri Month ago

    Anthony is never the bravest fighter, he was running away jabbing and hugging to escape attack. Ruiz himself helped in anthony's victory by coming in fat heavy untrained and slow.

  • Nick Kona
    Nick Kona Month ago

    Lennox Lewis did the same thing against David Tua, not everybody has monstrous punching power like Deontay Wilder

  • Roo986
    Roo986 Month ago +1

    Lennox would have schooled AJ....

  • Clarence Wright
    Clarence Wright Month ago +1

    AJ is not sa good as you Lennox, You were a bad mother,,,, shut your mouth, i am talking bout Lennox Lewis

  • chris malcomson
    chris malcomson Month ago

    A great breakdown of AJs performance... He was definately fishing for a weakness. Ruiz was such a tough Mexican he took everything AJ through at him. All AJ could do was outscore him in the end... Would have been nice to see fireworks but as LL says, not every fight goes that way... If He knocks out Pulev in his next fight, we'll be calling him a god..

  • Fred Dobber
    Fred Dobber Month ago +1

    Definitely bent as a 8 pound note ......

  • TM Adventures
    TM Adventures Month ago +1

    Lewis the hater,,,,,fuck off doyle 🥊🇬🇧

  • ricardo violanti
    ricardo violanti Month ago

    LL what a legend.

    OK BUDDY Month ago

    😂There are some people saying AJ ran🤦‍♂️
    By hey they know more than Lennox👌

  • Sugar ray
    Sugar ray Month ago

    Who the fuck compared AJ to Ali. There nothing alike.

  • ReformMsia
    ReformMsia Month ago +20

    “If” AJ runs why couldn’t AR catch up ?
    “If” AJ runs why He winning rounds ?
    Any American / mexicans here care to response

    • newman447
      newman447 Month ago

      @Radrook So who in your opinion isnt a " fraud " in heavyweight boxing? This should be good.

    • newman447
      newman447 Month ago +2

      @Radrook No not really. It always amazes me how someone like you, can be so critical and have all the answers about the pinnacle of a certain sport, know all in the ins and outs, all from the comfort of your bedroom, without any experience at any level. It's your opinion, not fact, just your opinion, that you try to pass of as fact.

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      @newman447 A person doesn't need to be a professional boxer to detect fraud. That's like saying that you need to be a lawyer to detect that theft has happened. In short, your premise is seriously flawed.

    • newman447
      newman447 Month ago +2

      @Radrook yeah absolutely.
      Let us know when your next title fight is on and we'll all tune in and analyse your masterclass. Can't wait.

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      @Sunday Aito No answer to something he had been successfully dealing with all his life? AJ isn't the cash cow. The cash cows are the fans who consider this fake-assed garbage as genuine combat.LOL!

  • ReformMsia
    ReformMsia Month ago

    I second u Lennox

  • Alejandro Rivero Jr.

    Glad Joshua and the legend buried the hatchet.

  • tswrench
    tswrench Month ago +2

    What that fight proved is that if Andy Ruiz couldn't land another shot that concussed AJ, he would have to deal with a full-strength AJ for however long the fight lasted, and that is a daunting task for any heavyweight. IMO, AJ beats Ruiz 9 times out of 10. It's just that Ruiz's 1 out of 10 win came up the first time they fought.

    • Kronen Communications
      Kronen Communications Month ago +1

      And gor all the talk about Andy's power, he could not knock out a concussed AJ for the remainder of the fight. This fight showed how limited Andy Ruiz boxing IQ is. He had no answers to the man he had called a Big Robot. Thr irony of him begging AJ to come to him so they could trade, yea AJ did come but it was always to throw a jab or two followed by a a right and out again. Andy was simply outclassed. It had nothing to do with weight.

  • Jay Bourne
    Jay Bourne Month ago

    We get it, This was a career ending fight for AJ, He had to use cheapies.

  • Picapléitico
    Picapléitico Month ago +1

    Poor Lennox must be burning in fever to admit AJ did a very good job.

    JE :AJ-GOLDBOMBER Month ago +1

    None of them want the AJ smoke.

      JE :AJ-GOLDBOMBER Month ago

      paystyles you mean tell Fury to fight him again.

      They sparred, AJ knocked his head off.
      They haven’t fought since. AJ is the A side. They come to him.

    • paystyles
      paystyles Month ago

      Tell em to Fight Fury

  • Rodrigo Rodriguez
    Rodrigo Rodriguez Month ago

    It’s not ,, a person human.,, acting ,, tough,,championship of the world..championship belt holder world,, world ,, ., giant vs a midget .. my grammar it’s all wrong,,my spelling it’s wrong ., u will never be America’s true champion.. Joshua,,

    • GerryB
      GerryB Month ago

      Rodrigo Rodriguez
      That's Your Opinion Dont Class America as having One Opinion Yours Some would say Only An American Can Be Americas True Champion So Is All Hope Dashed NO That's My Opinion !!!.

  • David Ward
    David Ward Month ago +1

    Listen,Joshua sticked to his gameplan,boxed and moved and didn’t get involved in a tear up which was the only way Ruiz was going to win!Hes learning all the time ,next up probably Pulev who himself will cause different problems for AJ.Let him rest for a while now he’s got the belts back ,watch Wilder and Fury fight(possibly)then hopefully he can eventually fight the winner in what could be the biggest heavyweight fight for years(financially anyway)We all want these huge fights to happen before it’s too late a couple of years down the line!!

  • Chris Kachingwe
    Chris Kachingwe Month ago +4

    He shut the haters up funny how people switch teams so quickly

  • Mburu Edward
    Mburu Edward Month ago +1

    This the world we are living. After this man lenox lewis criticized and rediculed Joshua, for quite sometime now he pretends to celebrate him after he became the winner. This remind me don't forget who you are, "be yourself and find yourself."

  • Ricky Downing
    Ricky Downing Month ago +2

    Wow, wise words from lennox talking about Joshua for the first time

    • Rare Earth Element
      Rare Earth Element Month ago +1

      Ricky Downing I'm a little more cynical. ...Looks like he's trying to save face now the psi-op failed.

  • Oak Tree
    Oak Tree Month ago

    Good analysis Lenox!

  • Dana Najem
    Dana Najem Month ago

    He fought like a running 🏃 chicken 🐔 boring

  • They Live
    They Live Month ago

    Joshua's next ring walk song needs to Bicycle Race by Queen

  • Fay Ahmad
    Fay Ahmad Month ago

    Fuck off Lennox, AJ still don’t rate you 🐀

  • Sbdhudhxbb Djdjdjzjjd

    He ran boring fight clash of the runner smh

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams Month ago +1

    In regard to Lennox's comment, I think it's absurd to say a guy doesn't have a chin after being dropped by massive shots. It's ridiculous. Now if a guy is being continuously dropped by seemingly light shots, THEN you might claim that. No one CONTINUOUSLY takes massive shots and walks through them. Especially heavyweights.

  • Temi Yi
    Temi Yi Month ago +3

    This is how Lenox bows to the New King...

  • Sleeve Of Wizard
    Sleeve Of Wizard Month ago +10

    Ruiz is a rich BUM! 🕵

    • paystyles
      paystyles Month ago

      In second fight he proves u right.
      To have all the titles and still not train speaks volumes as a fighter

  • Gurdeep Chumber
    Gurdeep Chumber Month ago +19

    Incredible performance by Joshua completely changed his style for this fight...used his reach & jab superbly.....he landed some decent right hands too....the first of them busted Andy open & that punch would've put a lighter boxer on the canvas..

  • konroth rec.
    konroth rec. Month ago +1

    Ruiz was completely out of shape and missed the opportunity of his life !!

    • Mike Hsrris
      Mike Hsrris Month ago

      Excuses lol

    • konroth rec.
      konroth rec. Month ago

      @Radrook he really lost

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago +1

      The opportunity of his life was to collect the money offered for losing.

  • michael faraday
    michael faraday Month ago +12

    If fury did this it would be called masterpiece, Aj does it and it’s called running

    • paystyles
      paystyles Month ago

      michael faraday agree Otto was robbed
      But fury has more balls than AJ
      U see he managed to make fight happen. Will AJ fight Fury or Wilder any time soon....??🤫

    • michael faraday
      michael faraday Month ago

      Red hair Shanks he was beaten by Otto walin. The guy should have gotten a stoppage

    • Le Fez
      Le Fez Month ago

      @Journey Man exactly.

    • Journey Man
      Journey Man Month ago +5

      michael faraday the truth but people will try counter this saying don’t compare that performance to fury’s boxing masterclasses they will run from the point

  • Fallout Guy
    Fallout Guy Month ago +2

    I hope AJ doesn't bless Wilder with a fight. Wilder talk too much dumb schit out of his behind.

  • Joe Bonner
    Joe Bonner Month ago +3

    AJ didnt run to the haters or uneducated media. Let me explain.... Lets say you get into a fight with someone and a third party stop the fight because you were takin alot of damage. You call for a rematch. So, in the rematch , you already know not to exchange /go toe to toe because that will replay from the first fight because your foe is too fast for you. Since you're alot taller, your best bet is to utilize your jab and wait for a opening for your power punch, if it doesn't happen, it's fine because you're still doing damage/winning with the jabs. My conclusion, any one on this planet can win a fair fight with anyone, you just gotta find whats your best way of winning your fight. AJ's jab was his success. Plain and Simple!

  • Wonderful Life
    Wonderful Life Month ago +1

    Mayweathers entire career was off the back foot.

    • Wonderful Life
      Wonderful Life Month ago +1

      @DAKA TT He's known throughout the world as a defensive boxer. Mike Tyson being the polar opposite. People were complaining that AJ modified his style to a more ALI/Lewis/Klitch at range. That list is endless. If someone don't like it, dont watch it. But I so enjoyed Fury schooling Wilder just after Fury had crawled out of the gutter. Learnard v Haglar? They got videos lol. Most Ali fights. Hated Klitch though. Didn't like that.

    • DAKA TT
      DAKA TT Month ago

      Not true. Watch pretty boy. Or maybe u were too young but u still can get videos.

    DOINK Month ago

    All Joshua did was ran he knew if stood there & strade he would've got knocked out again pussy

  • Fabesey
    Fabesey Month ago +1

    Expecting Lennox, a guy who was famously cautious during his reign, to agree that Joshua "ran", is a bit daft. This dude jabbed his way to a win over David Tua in similar fashion.

    • Fabesey
      Fabesey Month ago

      @Wonderful Life Aye. Watching these guys hit pads really hammers that message home.

    • Wonderful Life
      Wonderful Life Month ago +1

      @Fabesey Yeah AJ found the key to unlock the door. thats all you can ask of someone. Some [people dont understand the concept of how hard these guys hit. Your first clean punch taken can be your last. Its boxing, not punch flailing and hoping for the best. ;)

    • Fabesey
      Fabesey Month ago

      @Wonderful Life It was braver for Joshua imo. Lennox basically got caught with lucky hail mary punches when he was winning those fights. AJ straight up got his ass whooped by Ruiz the first time.

    • Wonderful Life
      Wonderful Life Month ago

      Yeah and like he went in head first when he rematched rahman or Mcall.

  • Ollie grigg
    Ollie grigg Month ago +4

    Lennox knows that Aj is far more loved in the UK than he ever was

  • Jay Ali
    Jay Ali Month ago

    They should link up!!!

    SULAIMON TIJANI Month ago +3

    Ruiz would have beaten Rahman. Never in the same pedigree. Rahman was never as fast and technical as Ruiz. Ruiz had more boxing experience than Rahman had as a pro fighter,hence, AJ had to be super smart. How come nobody is saying Evander was holding all night when he fought tyson. Please boxing is boxing......defensive or offensive.....

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      There is absolutely NOTHING that AJ did that Ruiz had not easily overcome in other fights. The fight was fixed.

  • Drew King
    Drew King Month ago +3

    It's the way. Aj beat klitchko. And braught Boxing back and took Boxing around the world on titles and resume he's great. But it's not just about what he does in the ring. AJs class in and out. And. I'm saying he is the closest thing since ali in so many ways

    • Drew King
      Drew King Month ago

      @Joey Coco what are u on About mate. In the time AJs been Boxing he's braught heavyweight Boxing back to the mainstream from a dark dark place the hole sports. Been revived . And aj. Is a champ in and out the ring he's took Boxing around the world hes braught people together he's a gold medal Olympian 2x world champion 3xs Unified champion and yes all at a relatively young age. It's not just about wat AJ. Does in the ring. Like I said. He's the closest thing to Ali. There is. There similar. In lots of ways I'm not trying to compare. The two

    • Joey Coco
      Joey Coco Month ago

      Closest thing to Ali? Somebody is new to boxing.

  • jack masters
    jack masters Month ago

    he dyed his beard lol, where do I buy some lol

    • Colin Sushiboy
      Colin Sushiboy Month ago

      Think it's called just for men beird dye. Seen it tons on commercials

  • jenny ackma
    jenny ackma Month ago +4

    Everything problem in life has it's
    own solution of solving it. So to sports in general, Not just only boxing, In Soccer for Example, Your next opponent will detain the game plan the Head coach will apply to secure a winning, Joshua and his team had a game plan for ruiz and the game plan just pay off , Never matters How Barcelona dribbles Liverpool. Who went home with the Trophy has written his name of that history book. Bottom line.

    • 9ja fx
      9ja fx Month ago

      Well Said #WiseWords

  • tigerwoods232000
    tigerwoods232000 Month ago +1

    Ruiz wasn’t in condition to make him pay though, I think Fury or Wilder would win easily against AJ if he tries to fight them the same way

  • Mr No Name
    Mr No Name Month ago +4

    Why are they praising him now? Lol

    • The Wedge
      The Wedge Month ago

      because thats how meritocracy works!! when somebody fucks up or does something bad, you speak out against it! when someone does something good or successful, you praise them for it... it's that simple. give credit where its due... thats what Lennox just did. What did u want him to do?

  • Yalondi Supherfon
    Yalondi Supherfon Month ago

    Ruiz showed me how lazy Mexicans are. You're the world heavyweight champion and you too lazy to defend your first title DEFENSE ahahahah fuckin Mexicans

  • Yalondi Supherfon
    Yalondi Supherfon Month ago

    Yooo all you fools who played stand N bang on ufc3, thats no5 how boxing works AJ didny run he used the space he was provided the whole ring not just stand throw an exchamge get clipped by that lucky blow. Lool if anything AJ showed us he still got few surprises left for us. Andy was lucky thats it he isnt a champ just a kid who got a lucky punch in. Champions train not train to be competitive eaters