ROMA | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 13, 2018
  • A story that chronicles a tumultuous year in the life of a middle-class family in Mexico City in the early 1970s. Exclusive Limited Theatrical Engagements on 11/21 and on Netflix 12/14.
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    ROMA | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 2 397

  • candugiful
    candugiful 37 minutes ago +1

    Que quieren que les diga? He visto mierdas de pelicula y esta cosa que le llaman roma!,que mierda tan aburrida y en blanco y negro,no tiene historia ,ni siquiera se sabe porque mierda la pelicula se llama roma,hasta que te enteras por alguien que asi se llama el lugar donde la filmaron,2 horas desperdiciadas por culpa de los criticos que hablan de esta mierda como si fuera la mejor pelicula de la historia,por eso las piculas de super heroes hacen dinero porque entretienen y no te hacen dormir como esta porqueria de roma! dificil de creer que es alfonso cuaron el que dirigio la obra maestra de harry potter y el prisionero de azkaban !馃槑馃槑馃槑 en resumen no le crean a los criticos y no pierdan su tiempo con esta mierda de roma!

  • Adan Avenda帽o
    Adan Avenda帽o Hour ago


  • Dr.Charles Gamer X
    Dr.Charles Gamer X 2 hours ago +1

    Momento sublime llor贸 por la perfecci贸n la voz la imagen ese toque de Pink floyd es perfecto

  • adios ll
    adios ll 2 hours ago

    Like si viniste a ver a yalitza

  • 618033988
    618033988 4 hours ago

    Ser铆a tremendamente interesante, si dentro de 10 a帽os salga una versi贸n, 铆ntegramente de la pel铆cula, pero con los colores con los que se film贸

  • Paula Ruiz
    Paula Ruiz 5 hours ago

    Excelente Pel铆cula. 馃憡馃憡馃憡馃嚥馃嚱馃憤馃憦馃憦馃憦

  • maxdeliso1
    maxdeliso1 9 hours ago

  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob 9 hours ago

    Just came here for billie just to see what roma is about and i dont understand any of it

  • Rifet Okic
    Rifet Okic 11 hours ago

    Ok i turned it off after 20 minutes literraly. I'm trying to give it a chance,... is there anything gonna happen or is it gonna continue with random stuff ? Atmosphere is pretty unique and nice sounds/ambience, but it gets boring.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 12 hours ago

    The critics choice awards brought me here I tried looking at it on Netflix c'mon this movie it's a bunch of nothin good cinematography tho

  • Rohith K
    Rohith K 14 hours ago

    It's black and white. Maybe I should downgrade my TV to black and white to watch this movie.

    GIORGIA CRISPI 15 hours ago

  • SparksFly
    SparksFly 15 hours ago

    Honestly, if you ask me the trailer is very off putting

    But no one asked me

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 17 hours ago

    What is the song or music used in this trailer?

  • Dani Lucia
    Dani Lucia 19 hours ago

    This...this is was not a film but art itself. My god, have I never felt closer to my native home. And no, I am not Mexican, I鈥檓 Colombian. But there is something between the cinematography, the emotions, those raw emotions. Cleo reminds me of my grandmother, and I never met my grandmother because she died before I could. But from everything that occurs, heartbreak, betrayal, happiness, reminds me of everything my grandmother endured around the same era. I have no words. Cuar贸n does an amazing job at bringing a light, a beauty, to such a simplistic yet powerful film

  • Zaky Athallah
    Zaky Athallah 19 hours ago

    Song is called 鈥淭he Great Gig in the Sky鈥 by Pink Floyd in case anyone is wondering

  • Hanna
    Hanna 20 hours ago +1

    Well...I came here after hearing Pink Floyd from a Roma trailer on TV

  • Happy Cookiezz
    Happy Cookiezz 23 hours ago


  • Colibri
    Colibri 23 hours ago

    Can anyone explain me why was the shooting???

  • Colibri
    Colibri Day ago

    I am not a movie expert but they did a great job depicting the environment of the 70鈥檚 and that鈥檚 why I loved this movie!! So many memories from my childhood!! I am from Ecuador and we had all those scenarios too!!!

    JMVSNAKE7 Day ago

    se copiaron el el estilo de la pelicula el abrazo de la serpiente, que poca creatividad... con razon estan prenominados al oscar si se copian de las cosas que fueron exitos nominados anteriormente.

  • Poseidon Rejedia

    I saw this movie and it鈥檚 excellent

  • Francisco Campos

    muestra una historia , muestra el M脡XICO de los a帽os 70 y su toque en blanco y negro te mete a la trama.

  • Samuel Valle
    Samuel Valle Day ago

    What name the music?
    Name the song
    Nome da m煤sica?

  • Lucy Huerta
    Lucy Huerta Day ago

    What is this moviw about ?

  • Marlene Cabrera
    Marlene Cabrera Day ago

    i cried watching this film, few films make me cry. but this one certainly did.

  • GamingWithFay
    GamingWithFay Day ago

    Daniella, (the little girl) is a girl that goes to my grade in my school

  • IRF1512 645
    IRF1512 645 Day ago

    Pobre yalimar, qued贸 condenada a realizar papeles de sirvienta durante toda su vida.

  • pablito papatosh

    billi mis huevos por eso stan todos pendejos

  • Jack Xerox
    Jack Xerox Day ago

    What a crap trailer.

  • Carmela Vermeulen

    that movie was a waist of my time

  • InsaneLeeGame 2
    InsaneLeeGame 2 Day ago

    A lot of people came from Billie
    Same as me but I like the trailer tho

  • FronkinBrut
    FronkinBrut Day ago

    You had me at Clare Tory鈥檚 first note...

  • Joan Ragpala
    Joan Ragpala Day ago

    Black and white?

  • Paola Ramirez
    Paola Ramirez Day ago

    Alg煤n mexicano?

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez Day ago

    Solo vine por la musica de pink floyd 馃槑

  • maverickjohn923
    maverickjohn923 Day ago

    Mexicans can't afford color film about a movie taking place in the 70's?

  • sxs moon
    sxs moon Day ago

    0:55 song?

  • FiveAnDime
    FiveAnDime 2 days ago

    Pink Floyd and Roma Trailer = AMAZING!!!

  • Eduardo Mtz
    Eduardo Mtz 2 days ago

    Si esto se les hace bueno que sera cuando miren las de cantinflas!
    No me gusto esta super aburrida!

  • Norka Morales Alvarez

    Una palabra para describirla: 鈥淩EAL鈥
    Me encanto, gran direcci贸n y producci贸n.

  • BetoLaCebra
    BetoLaCebra 2 days ago

    Does anyone know the music name of the trailer?

  • original channel
    original channel 2 days ago

    Critics choice brought me here but everyone else came here cause of billie so now i have to check out billie too

  • Marco Zuleta
    Marco Zuleta 2 days ago

    Wtf is this movie about? Besides the titles with the praises of the critics, the tr谩iler says nothing about the movie and i have no interest in it. I bet is a slow, boring melodramatic movie about this made's daily life, sorry but im not gonna waste my time in it. The editors of this tr谩iler did a terrible job (or maybe they didnt have anything to work with).

  • Jaylon Jackson
    Jaylon Jackson 2 days ago

    Billie wrote a song so I鈥檓 here馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔 you bitches mean nothing to me tbh馃槵馃ザ

  • BallsnBullets
    BallsnBullets 2 days ago

    This movie looks like shit, who the fuck cares about 1970鈥檚 Mexico City?

  • Arnold Santos
    Arnold Santos 2 days ago

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  • Miguel Angel M.
    Miguel Angel M. 2 days ago

    The great gig in the sky 鉂わ笍

  • Kopite Venom
    Kopite Venom 2 days ago

    I am blown away. Great gig in the Sky at the background. More of these please.

  • hotstixx
    hotstixx 2 days ago

    Roma is being celebrated for all the wrong reasons, writes Slavoj 沤i啪ek"

  • yes no
    yes no 2 days ago

    one of the best movies i've watched in a while

  • Kelly
    Kelly 2 days ago

    Because of the title I was thinking it was an italian film

  • John Sanabria
    John Sanabria 2 days ago

    I am getting tired of this Mexican crap this is getting out of hand

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange 2 days ago

    And the Oscar goes to.......

  • n e v e r t r y i n g
    n e v e r t r y i n g 2 days ago +1

    came from billie, my queen

  • Dafuq GG
    Dafuq GG 2 days ago

    The title of soundtrack ?

    • Deep Heat
      Deep Heat 2 days ago

      +Dafuq GG
      No probs!

    • Deep Heat
      Deep Heat 2 days ago

      +Dafuq GG
      No probs! It's a great album, try to listen to it some time!

    • Dafuq GG
      Dafuq GG 2 days ago

      thanks you

    • Deep Heat
      Deep Heat 2 days ago +1

      *Pink Floyd* "Great Gig in the Sky" Unless you are like 8 how could you have got through life without checking that out? It was off probably one of *THE* biggest selling Rock albums of all time!

  • Ganesh Babu
    Ganesh Babu 2 days ago

    Somebody pls explain me why this movie is celebrated so much.. I've watched it . Cinematography is top notch.. Story is about a maid and her sufferings.. But still couldn't figure out what am i missing here!!!

  • Marcio Riquelme
    Marcio Riquelme 2 days ago


    • Deep Heat
      Deep Heat 2 days ago

      *Pink Floyd* "Great Gig in the Sky" Unless you are like 8 how could you have got through life without checking that out? It was off probably one of *THE* biggest selling Rock albums of all time!

  • Iram-bitxz
    Iram-bitxz 2 days ago

    This movie stinks real talk.....boring lame wack

  • Tracey Tatum
    Tracey Tatum 2 days ago

    The song of this trailer made me feel POWER AND PAIN

  • Mimi Senrose
    Mimi Senrose 2 days ago

    this epic film won best picture at Critics Choice Award just now ! 鉂わ笍

  • Michaela Hrstkov谩
    Michaela Hrstkov谩 2 days ago

    Please watch it! It is worth it!

  • Salvador Coronado
    Salvador Coronado 3 days ago

    Yaritza the best Mexican actress, Cuadron the best Mexican Director!!!!!

  • Roberto88 S.
    Roberto88 S. 3 days ago

    If you read Roma, backwards it says "Amor" which means love in spanish, and by the main plot in the movie I believe that cuaron its telling us basically that love is shit.

  • FelanFam
    FelanFam 3 days ago

    i came here because of bille

  • Just an Army passin
    Just an Army passin 3 days ago

    Billie brought me here

  • Wiola C
    Wiola C 3 days ago

  • alexis 280386
    alexis 280386 3 days ago

    隆Viva M茅xico! 隆Viva Cuar贸n!馃槏

  • Roberto salmones
    Roberto salmones 3 days ago

    La idea de hacer esta pel铆cula fue m铆a hace 4 a帽os...y aun as铆 me tacharon de loco..en el Ejercito...y me persiguieron los del billete...y ah铆 esta..brillando en su esplendor...para je se de cuenta..Kevin las historias..las roban...

  • Sahil H
    Sahil H 3 days ago

    Looks nic but can't understand shit

  • Norman Fucking Rockwell

    _When I was older_ 馃槶

  • microkosrae
    microkosrae 3 days ago

    Meh, why would i want to watch something that looks like the 70s movies??

  • Kabiro Camara
    Kabiro Camara 3 days ago

    Sorry but am here for Billie

  • Linda Brown
    Linda Brown 4 days ago +17

    It is absolutely amazing to see an indigenous Mexican woman being recognized for the beauty of her soul. It was so refreshing to see a movie where looks don't matter at all because you focused on the value of humanity, compassion, family and happiness despite tragedy. Beautiful movie. It was worth watching it.

  • Lois Lane
    Lois Lane 4 days ago

    Nothing makes me happier than reading the comments about the director. THIS is what representation looks like.
    (Also everyone else who is here because of Billie Eilish is amazing too)

  • Jameson Lovegrove
    Jameson Lovegrove 4 days ago +1

    I bet Cuar贸n specifically asked for Pink Floyd to play in this trailer because he鈥檚 been living in UK for so long now, and it鈥檚 also from this time period 馃憤

  • Jameson Lovegrove
    Jameson Lovegrove 4 days ago +1

    This film is so intricate, so much happens, so many people onscreen at once, it鈥檚 sometimes quite hard to believe it鈥檚 a film at times. Many times it鈥檚 more like a stage play than a film. Truly a great masterpiece 馃憤

  • Diogo Rebelo
    Diogo Rebelo 4 days ago

    The Great Gig in the Sky, what a wonderful song

  • darcey
    darcey 4 days ago

    Ok i dont get it

  • El Vlog Xd
    El Vlog Xd 4 days ago

    Excelente pel铆cula, una obra de arte.

  • Grace Clarke
    Grace Clarke 4 days ago

    So many people have came here from Billie 馃槀

  • Rock0loco
    Rock0loco 4 days ago

    No comments on The Great Gig in The Sky?

  • Niyah T
    Niyah T 4 days ago +3

    Now u all know the only reason why I came here was bc of Billie Eilish n don鈥檛 lie

  • lily escalante
    lily escalante 4 days ago

    Billie elish :-)

  • Jgf Hft
    Jgf Hft 4 days ago


  • dior per
    dior per 4 days ago

    Movie is super .but I think was to much shit 馃榿馃榿

  • Itz Water Lilly Xox
    Itz Water Lilly Xox 4 days ago

    *Can someone please explain what this movie is about?*

  • Le贸n Voz
    Le贸n Voz 4 days ago

    Pinche pel铆cula sobrevalorada, una chingadera de libreto y de actuaciones.

  • Tolio Benko
    Tolio Benko 4 days ago

    What's the song in this trailer

    • Deep Heat
      Deep Heat 2 days ago

      *Pink Floyd* "Great Gig in the Sky" Unless you are like 8 how could you have got through life without checking that out? It was off probably one of *THE* biggest selling Rock albums of all time!

  • Jose Javier Carabantes

    The name of the song??? Please!!!

    • Deep Heat
      Deep Heat 2 days ago

      *Pink Floyd* "Great Gig in the Sky" Unless you are like 8 how could you have got through life without checking that out? It was off probably one of *THE* biggest selling Rock albums of all time!

  • Eskid 2.0
    Eskid 2.0 4 days ago

    Harta de "estoy aqu铆 por billie" chinguen a su madre

  • Marco Continanza
    Marco Continanza 5 days ago

    This movie is an art piece...

  • Anastasya Gerdien
    Anastasya Gerdien 5 days ago +1

    馃敶 *ROMA* fiIm avaiIabIe here~
    New Trending Movies, det anbefales 氓 se p氓!

  • r m
    r m 5 days ago

    This movie sucked. Under dramatic. No script. The lead actress has never acted before. It's all hype

  • Soup 759
    Soup 759 5 days ago

    *_who came from billies new song?_*

  • Izwan Lokman
    Izwan Lokman 5 days ago +2

    i came here to read feedback.. but all i saw was Billie... i dont knw what it is... :p

  • Sweaters4Life
    Sweaters4Life 5 days ago

    Lokey came here from Billie but now I wanna watch it

  • Maeji Mercado
    Maeji Mercado 5 days ago

    I just came here from Billie Eilish 馃挭

  • Maeji Mercado
    Maeji Mercado 5 days ago

    What is this all about?

  • 9race 6ernier
    9race 6ernier 5 days ago

    When I was older