Infinity War Hot Take

  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • Spoilers for, honestly, a lot of things.
    Click your favorite Marvel movie which is derivative of a Twilight Zone episode:
    You think Deadpool’s face is messed up but he takes his mask off and it turns out actually it’s everybody else’s faces that are messed up -
    Tony Stark is afraid of the small men in his attic who turn out to just be Ant-Man and the Wasp -
    The Guardians of the Galaxy on a road trip being relentlessly pursued by a hitchhiker who turns out to be death -
    Odin escapes a retirement home by playing a game of kick the can which transports him to his carefree youth -
    A haunted doll pushes Hawkeye down a flight of stairs -
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  • camilotj
    camilotj 5 months ago +3007

    after watching the whole video I have no idea what she means or what she is talking about

    • John B Badd
      John B Badd 13 days ago

      Yeah, I long ago unsubscribed, this is where I remember to unfollow on FB as well.

    • Ryan Paye
      Ryan Paye 24 days ago

      Macaroni and Cliches They want him examined. It’s just that many people do it incorrectly.

    • Macaroni and Cliches
      Macaroni and Cliches 24 days ago

      Jesus this thread is full of guys mentally stuck in middle school who don't want their randian nut-chin ubermensch examined at all

    • Ryan Paye
      Ryan Paye Month ago

      Stephen Gillie What you said literally makes no sense at all.

    • Ryan Paye
      Ryan Paye Month ago +1

      8DarthGhost8 Except, TLJ didn’t lack any of those things. At all.

  • Semantralist
    Semantralist 15 hours ago

    Lmao, the goddamn "green lantern corps" you're killing me Jenny.

  • DoveTattoos
    DoveTattoos 2 days ago

    you should give that twilight zone episode another watch, its one of my very favorites and deals primarily with ideas of absurdism in a cheeky creative way that i love

  • Karatesan :v
    Karatesan :v 3 days ago

    Asgard it'S A PeOplE

  • Whateverislying
    Whateverislying 3 days ago

    people love the blanket!

  • ZGE
    ZGE 3 days ago

    Do you happen to know the name of that twilight zone episode

  • Sephra Rae
    Sephra Rae 4 days ago

    There’s a picture of Peter Dinklage in front of a blue screen with little cardboard cutouts of Thor groot and rocket. Ha I don’t know why I said that but it’s kinda funny because the cgi/effect was kinda bad?

  • Becca Permenter
    Becca Permenter 4 days ago

    I LOVE "Five Characters!" Like seriously, that episode changed my life when I was a kid.

  • j.kenneth fraac
    j.kenneth fraac 5 days ago

    it's not the green lantern it's captain marvel you got it wrong

  • dah go
    dah go 5 days ago

    My belief for why Thanos' plan doesn't really hold up is because he lies to himself and others. He doesn't care about helping the universe. He only wants to prove that his original idea to cull the population of Titan would have worked. He's called The Mad Titan for a reason. Thanos paints himself as a blood Templar willing to do the things no one else will do but he's just an unhinged person with delusions of nobility.

  • Certified Coulrophile

    They better not keep Loki dead stg

  • Joe V
    Joe V 7 days ago

    This commentary almost nearly mimics what my thoughts were during the movie. And the twist at the end makes so much sense! To infinity and beyond!

  • EccentricSage
    EccentricSage 7 days ago

    No, you're wrong, Puck is a dwarf hero from Alpha Fight, besties with Wolverine. OK, carry on.

  • Brad Malone
    Brad Malone 9 days ago

    Sounds like you didnt like the movie

  • Jaii Raph
    Jaii Raph 10 days ago

    3:00 i gasped at the blanket tear.

  • Tezmard
    Tezmard 11 days ago

    American movie theaters seem much more filled with people that overreact at moments in a film like in england no one cheers or gasps or weeps but there's like some laughing at some funny moments , is that just because there's a bigger population in America , bigger population= same ratio of idiots or are there more in America

  • nickbotful
    nickbotful 12 days ago

    Ngl I was one of the gasping audience members and almost cried when spiderman died lol

  • Tiesha Dunn
    Tiesha Dunn 12 days ago

    So Marvel is the Twilight Zone

  • NamelessAidan
    NamelessAidan 12 days ago

    Cloaky the flying blanket is my favorite character

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 12 days ago

    sexy jacket x

  • Matrim42
    Matrim42 13 days ago

    Re: Peter Dinklage being cast in things where being a little person is irrelevant.
    He’s kinda been that way for a good long while. Honestly, other than a couple roles, most of his stuff I can remember is never really contingent on him being small.

  • malbecks316
    malbecks316 13 days ago

    Avengers 5: Infinity Peace

  • Carlos Miguel Ugalde
    Carlos Miguel Ugalde 13 days ago

    maybe you shoudnt review anymore super heroes comic book movies., XD

  • TimeandMonotony
    TimeandMonotony 18 days ago

    As someone who hasn't seen Infinity War, and has only seen a few Marvel movies, but has seen every episode of The Twilight Zone (my favorite show!), I loved this video. Although I will say I love Five Characters in Search of an Exit. Not every story has to have a moral!

  • Relax Nerd
    Relax Nerd 20 days ago

    I love how you call it a blanket.

  • Jared M Johnson
    Jared M Johnson 21 day ago

    Why are you getting offended for dwarfs? Don't be someone who imagines offense for others... The role took no advantage of the actors disability. In fact, I'd you Google these issues you will find a Guardian piece written by someone with dwarfism who makes this very suggestion about using CGI to heighten people with dwarfism. True that his suggestion has different connotations but I really don't see why this role in IW might be offensive....

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 24 days ago

    Man, how much was that giant porg?

  • Macaroni and Cliches
    Macaroni and Cliches 24 days ago

    I got so unreasonably mad when you kept calling the cape a blanket
    But yeah basically everything you said is true

  • MonsterHunterRoon
    MonsterHunterRoon 24 days ago

    I hate the kinder, gentler Thanos in this movie. His obsession with the living embodiment of Death from the comics has not been introduced in the movies yet. It better be the main motivation for Thanos in the next part.

  • fksosun
    fksosun 25 days ago

    i think tony wanting a baby will connect to pepper was pregnant but baby got deleted by soulstone or smth.

  • Hannah Cole
    Hannah Cole 26 days ago

    I loved Infinity War, but this was great😂

  • Emily B.
    Emily B. 26 days ago

    Even though I knew that there was no way that the characters were going to stay dead, watching all my favorite characters die was still super upsetting.

  • parish bell
    parish bell 28 days ago

    so infinity wars 2 (working title) is basically marvel's take on toy story 3?

  • Papa Christ
    Papa Christ 29 days ago

    My favorite part of this video is that you legitimately had twilight zone spoilers in it.

  • Michelle Smyth
    Michelle Smyth 29 days ago

    I like your giant porg

  • Millionsofpeas
    Millionsofpeas Month ago

    Is that a real dog?

  • Keyser94
    Keyser94 Month ago

    It don't seems that cinematic universe had lost all their charm? Specially the the Marvel cinematic universe, now is nothing more than a empty and shallow experience with each movie, they don't have nothing to say, nothing to argue, they botch the political commentary of the comics from good or bad, make stupid decisions, like blame all the atrocities of the U. S. on Hydra, that highly insulting to the audience intelligence and unintentionally hilarious, or portray Captain "America" as a great hero even that he is a wanted criminal that not want to be accountable to the international community.

  • DonHewgodooko
    DonHewgodooko Month ago

    16:50 TRIGGERED!!!

  • DonHewgodooko
    DonHewgodooko Month ago

    1:46 I’m Hawkeye where I work. Everyone forgets about me too :’(

  • Ants
    Ants Month ago

    Ms. Nicholson, I don't feel too good.

  • Artistic Owlette
    Artistic Owlette Month ago

    thanos is stupid because like you said, he could've moved people to empty planets, and he could have created more plants on the planets to provide food for the people. he could've done a lot of things. there's also all the people whose pets and family members and lovers have disintegrated, which means some pretty pissed off people are gonna be knocking at the doorstep of the avengers.

  • Elmunus Angelo
    Elmunus Angelo Month ago

    imagine they bring Dead pool and Green Lantern played both by Ryan Reynolds in Infinity war 2 and Dead pool says to Green Lantern Have we met before?

  • HeelNattans
    HeelNattans Month ago

    "A bad Melissa McCarthy comedy movie" could mean so many movies

  • Sleepy Owl
    Sleepy Owl Month ago

    I could've forgiven pretty much anything if we just got to see Mistress Death at the end instead of Thanos being happy with his completed rock collection.

  • NightWng120
    NightWng120 Month ago

    Man, I didn't heed the spoiler warning for the twilight zone, and now my watching experience of the show has been ruined

  • aditi013
    aditi013 Month ago

    "People loved the blanket!" This woman is gold! xD

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green Month ago

    Fun Fact: Robert Redford (Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soilder) portrayed "Harold" in The Twilight Zone season 3 episode, Nothing in the Dark.
    It's an episode with mainly two characters talking in a dimly lit room. This one features a heartwarming ending that may change the way you view endings. I tried to write this so as not to spoil too much. Check it out, if you haven't already.

  • Steven Santana
    Steven Santana Month ago

    Thank god someone else interpreted the whole Gamora thing as a terrible abuser having his love validated by the universe

  • PD Comic Book Network

    I am totally bought into this hot take.

  • January Milk
    January Milk Month ago

    Haven't watched this video or Infinity War in a while and honestly thought you were saying 'they wrote hot guy out'. Poor hot guy

  • Ryan Paye
    Ryan Paye Month ago

    Wow. This video is absolute garbage.

  • andre dobson
    andre dobson Month ago

    Wait I'm confused. Did you like the movie or not?

  • lol stop
    lol stop Month ago

    omg i love you but stop finding plot holes I can’t take ANYTHING serious now

  • 08aoc
    08aoc Month ago +1

    They confirmed the characters are dead...they want to focus on charachters in the second infinity war movie that didnt make it in to the first infinity war movie lol

  • Sub Roy
    Sub Roy Month ago

    I never for one second believed that Thanos loved Gamora. Nothing in the GotG movies and in IW could sell me that.

  • Nellie McEnt
    Nellie McEnt Month ago

    The flying blanket is my favorite character.

  • Ethan Latinum
    Ethan Latinum Month ago

    The Thanos of this movie (the comics one is a whole different, and much better, beast) has worked before. Except it wasn’t in a movie called Infinity War, it was in a show called Deep Space Nine and he wasn’t called Thanos he was called Gul Dukat.
    At least there he didn’t murder his children, even if he was basically Space Hitler.

  • Ethan Latinum
    Ethan Latinum Month ago

    I’m sure everyone will stay dead.

  • Elma Cast
    Elma Cast Month ago

    Spoliers of course. I think that also Heimdall will stay dead. It's look like you forgot about it. And of course the Black Order is dead.
    Edit: Oh, and Gamora. I think she can show in some way becouse part of her is in soul stone, but still I think she will stay dead.

  • Bum Luck
    Bum Luck Month ago

    Five Characters in Search of an Exit is actually one of my favorite episodes. I always interpreted it as being about the relationship between artists and their creations.

  • James Lloyd-Jones
    James Lloyd-Jones Month ago

    I didn't expect to feel seduced by this when I clicked on it, but here we are.

  • DundeeDriver
    DundeeDriver Month ago

    "Hey, look at the time! It's time for my hot take!" at 13:37? That's no coincidence is it ;)

  • Valkyrie Fowl
    Valkyrie Fowl Month ago

    this is THE hottest take i've ever seen and i LOVE IT

  • Steven Simmons
    Steven Simmons Month ago +2

    I can't take criticism of Infinity War seriously when the person also loves Episode 8 :p. Hearing how silly Doctor Strange is but then seeing a Porg in the background is like hearing someone talk about how they hate movies with terrible acting all the while they were watching soap operas the whole time.

  • casey
    casey Month ago

    At the end we have Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk so.. We have the Avengers again sans Hawkeye whos probably still around too.

    • casey
      casey Month ago

      And Thor. So everyone from the first Avengers except Fury

  • Early Cobb
    Early Cobb Month ago

    Avengers: Andy's Home!

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez Month ago

    I was watching another one of her videos and at some point in the beginning of it i accidentally clicked on this one. And i just thought that she got extremely off course and was talking about infinity war out of nowhere

  • Agatha Grunt-thruster

    The avengers will return in Infinity War: Resurrection

  • Sunny's Side
    Sunny's Side Month ago

    I think they should've killed off Hulk because his character serves no purpose other than Marvel wanted a split character.

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds Month ago

    Holy shit. The bit about the green lantern core being in the MCU. I died.

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds Month ago

    Thanos does die though. Thanos snaps the gauntlet and I’m pretty sure he dies.

  • MRdaBakkle
    MRdaBakkle Month ago

    Omg. Im dying.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    Thanos’ goblin servant was freakin badass - and I’ve never read a comic

  • Molly Porter
    Molly Porter Month ago

    oh shit i remember the 5 characters episode, my creative writing class analyzed it for some reason?
    gettin hype for toy story 4 now tho

  • Sean I
    Sean I Month ago

    Marvel lost me with Infinity War

  • Matias Alejandro
    Matias Alejandro Month ago

    I don't even have anything to add, those are all my opinions on this movie as well.
    Except the doll twist ending but it would be great if they that

  • The_White_Void
    The_White_Void Month ago

    Wow going to see a movie with you must be a chore.....

  • Lucas Dekker
    Lucas Dekker 2 months ago

    Sometimes you have a voice really like jennifer Lawrence

  • TheWanderer
    TheWanderer 2 months ago

    shame on you for sleeping on Dr. Strange. he's one of the top 5 best heroes in the Marvel universe.

  • UTU49
    UTU49 2 months ago

    Yeah, okay, fine, Jenny. That was entertaining.

  • Tommy Estrada
    Tommy Estrada 2 months ago

    Toy Story 4? I would've bet hard earned Disney dollars you were going to say Star Wars episode IX.

  • Jim Cowhand
    Jim Cowhand 2 months ago

    Avengers: The Thanos Menace. 5/10

    • Keyser94
      Keyser94 Month ago

      Seeing now the Prequels have resurrected from the death, that joke really fall flat now, of course, there always be some stupid Original Star Wars fan that would laugh at it, but in the real world, you wont receive any flattery or award for it.

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 2 months ago

    "uh uh uh uh I am groot!"

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 2 months ago

    Or even better no Chihuahua use the baby groot humping the thing drinking from the straw!

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 2 months ago

    No hot take needed you could hum Dixie and it would still get the views.

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 2 months ago

    I feel this isn't quite entertaining enough and so Ill help you, you need to green screen a Chihuahua humping the thing drinking from the straw. That would just make it hilarious and you'd have over a mil views!

  • The geeking channel
    The geeking channel 2 months ago

    The theory was interesting but I don’t think it will end like that at the end of part 2

  • Eve C
    Eve C 2 months ago

    all the fighting about whether this movie vs. the last jedi and i just want to say: they're both garbage

  • Keller Lambert
    Keller Lambert 2 months ago

    "People love the blanket!" Lmao. Yes. Great content, Jenny!

  • Derek Cardwell
    Derek Cardwell 2 months ago +1

    I read The Infinity Gauntlet mini-series back in the 90s when it was first released, so I'd been looking forward to the end of "Part 1" since they first revealed their 3-phase plan and I saw the movie names. My dad was the one who was into the mainline heroes like Captain America and Iron Man, but I was all about the cosmic powered stuff. Especially anything with Infinity in the title. So my first thoughts upon the reveal were "So half of the universe is going to die at the end of this one, and it's going to be mostly, if not completely, reversed in this one." I even thought they'd end Part 1 with the deaths, or within a few minutes of them, and they did.
    So comics knowledge kept me from being surprised. And as much as I wish they would have wiped out some of the top-tier characters, I do understand why they didn't. They want to give the OG Avengers one last hurrah, especially since at least a few of them have contracts coming to an end. Still, as much as I expected this from the beginning, I was still impressed that they actually went through with it, even if it is temporary. It made for a pretty powerful scene.
    And yes, I do agree Thanos' motivation in the comics makes more sense, but even it had some holes in the logic. He immediately killed 50% of the universe to give them to Death when . . . they ultimately would have died and gone to her anyway. And reducing the population by 50% means that birth rates would decline, slowing down the production of new people who would, again, ultimately die and go to Death. So he gave her an immediate influx at the cost of long-term reductions - a net loss. And then expected her to be grateful to him for it. Of course, he was acting out of the closest thing to actual love Thanos in the comics ever feels, so it's a bit more realistic - he's not being entirely rational in formulating and enacting his plan.

  • Say10WarShipper
    Say10WarShipper 2 months ago +1

    Do you have a cold take?

  • nicholas weber
    nicholas weber 2 months ago

    Jenny I'm sure you are tired of hearing this but you are brilliant. And shiny. Ok so I wondered why Thanos would snap his fingers to get rid of half the population because of overpopulation or whatever than why wouldnt he just snap his fingers and increase the resources. He could then be considered a benevolent god. Just seems like he's a villain for the sake of being a villain? I thought it was cool they attempted to make him relatable. Some of the best villains are... however you were right. It was too little too late. Too many missed opportunities. Keep being awesome. Keep that shit up.

  • Mr. CaveMan
    Mr. CaveMan 2 months ago

    Rose pedal lemonade? My jam.

  • ResidentMilf
    ResidentMilf 2 months ago

    "Kill them all." - Jenny Nicholson 2018

  • Mikey
    Mikey 2 months ago

    Well he is a giant dwarf.........

  • SuperWolfkin
    SuperWolfkin 2 months ago

    Thank you. First person to call out thanos plan doesnt make sense

    IIIWITHOUTaNAMEIII 2 months ago

    ‚Girl, learn to read the room.‘ - subscribed

  • Kaidyn Reece
    Kaidyn Reece 2 months ago

    Jenny's 'thing' is she's just a contrarian. Lots of people hated Last Jedi, so Jenny tells us how good it is. Lots of people loved Infinity War so Jenny tells us how bad it is.
    Actual fact both movies were kinda crap, but Infinity War was at least cartoonish-ly entertaining. Anyway, Jenny's videos are always fun to watch. Such a personality...this girl should be a star.

    GLIMMER CAVE TV 2 months ago +1

    Thanos' reasoning in the film is a stark reality to life itself, without balance it all goes. The human race will learn this one day when it destroys itself.

  • Samuel M Cohen
    Samuel M Cohen 2 months ago +1

    This feels like the Billy Madison quote "At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." applies to the whole video.