Infinity War Hot Take

  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • Spoilers for, honestly, a lot of things.
    Click your favorite Marvel movie which is derivative of a Twilight Zone episode:
    You think Deadpool’s face is messed up but he takes his mask off and it turns out actually it’s everybody else’s faces that are messed up -
    Tony Stark is afraid of the small men in his attic who turn out to just be Ant-Man and the Wasp -
    The Guardians of the Galaxy on a road trip being relentlessly pursued by a hitchhiker who turns out to be death -
    Odin escapes a retirement home by playing a game of kick the can which transports him to his carefree youth -
    A haunted doll pushes Hawkeye down a flight of stairs -
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  • RangoProductions
    RangoProductions 3 months ago +2760

    after watching the whole video I have no idea what she means or what she is talking about

    • Aaron Wolfenbarger
      Aaron Wolfenbarger 5 days ago

      She is just doing it to be funny.

    • Bliss Clair
      Bliss Clair 17 days ago

      RangoProductions Did you also love Thanos's logic? :)

    • Lunch Box Bandit
      Lunch Box Bandit 2 months ago

      Fredly lmao i zones out to read ur comment and she said the fishing hole and lemonade thing and now I don’t know what’s happening.

    • Kevin Komaki
      Kevin Komaki 2 months ago

      I kept staring at the porg

    • Eric Elemen
      Eric Elemen 2 months ago

      Too Many Lies , she was being sarcastic/facetious. She knows, as well as most folks, that Red Skull never gaurded any infinity stones. Watch again.

  • Lucas Dekker
    Lucas Dekker 2 days ago

    Sometimes you have a voice really like jennifer Lawrence

  • TheWanderer
    TheWanderer 2 days ago

    shame on you for sleeping on Dr. Strange. he's one of the top 5 best heroes in the Marvel universe.

  • UTU49
    UTU49 3 days ago

    Yeah, okay, fine, Jenny. That was entertaining.

  • Tommy Estrada
    Tommy Estrada 3 days ago

    Toy Story 4? I would've bet hard earned Disney dollars you were going to say Star Wars episode IX.

  • Jim Callahan
    Jim Callahan 4 days ago

    Avengers: The Thanos Menace. 5/10

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 5 days ago

    "uh uh uh uh I am groot!"

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 5 days ago

    Or even better no Chihuahua use the baby groot humping the thing drinking from the straw!

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 5 days ago

    No hot take needed you could hum Dixie and it would still get the views.

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 5 days ago

    I feel this isn't quite entertaining enough and so Ill help you, you need to green screen a Chihuahua humping the thing drinking from the straw. That would just make it hilarious and you'd have over a mil views!

  • The geeking channel
    The geeking channel 6 days ago

    The theory was interesting but I don’t think it will end like that at the end of part 2

  • Eve C
    Eve C 7 days ago

    all the fighting about whether this movie vs. the last jedi and i just want to say: they're both garbage

  • Keller Lambert
    Keller Lambert 7 days ago

    "People love the blanket!" Lmao. Yes. Great content, Jenny!

  • Derek Cardwell
    Derek Cardwell 8 days ago

    I read The Infinity Gauntlet mini-series back in the 90s when it was first released, so I'd been looking forward to the end of "Part 1" since they first revealed their 3-phase plan and I saw the movie names. My dad was the one who was into the mainline heroes like Captain America and Iron Man, but I was all about the cosmic powered stuff. Especially anything with Infinity in the title. So my first thoughts upon the reveal were "So half of the universe is going to die at the end of this one, and it's going to be mostly, if not completely, reversed in this one." I even thought they'd end Part 1 with the deaths, or within a few minutes of them, and they did.
    So comics knowledge kept me from being surprised. And as much as I wish they would have wiped out some of the top-tier characters, I do understand why they didn't. They want to give the OG Avengers one last hurrah, especially since at least a few of them have contracts coming to an end. Still, as much as I expected this from the beginning, I was still impressed that they actually went through with it, even if it is temporary. It made for a pretty powerful scene.
    And yes, I do agree Thanos' motivation in the comics makes more sense, but even it had some holes in the logic. He immediately killed 50% of the universe to give them to Death when . . . they ultimately would have died and gone to her anyway. And reducing the population by 50% means that birth rates would decline, slowing down the production of new people who would, again, ultimately die and go to Death. So he gave her an immediate influx at the cost of long-term reductions - a net loss. And then expected her to be grateful to him for it. Of course, he was acting out of the closest thing to actual love Thanos in the comics ever feels, so it's a bit more realistic - he's not being entirely rational in formulating and enacting his plan.

  • Say10WarShipper
    Say10WarShipper 8 days ago +1

    Do you have a cold take?

  • nicholas weber
    nicholas weber 9 days ago

    Jenny I'm sure you are tired of hearing this but you are brilliant. And shiny. Ok so I wondered why Thanos would snap his fingers to get rid of half the population because of overpopulation or whatever than why wouldnt he just snap his fingers and increase the resources. He could then be considered a benevolent god. Just seems like he's a villain for the sake of being a villain? I thought it was cool they attempted to make him relatable. Some of the best villains are... however you were right. It was too little too late. Too many missed opportunities. Keep being awesome. Keep that shit up.

  • Mr. CaveMan
    Mr. CaveMan 9 days ago

    Rose pedal lemonade? My jam.

  • ResidentMilf
    ResidentMilf 10 days ago

    "Kill them all." - Jenny Nicholson 2018

  • Mikey
    Mikey 11 days ago

    Well he is a giant dwarf.........

  • SuperWolfkin
    SuperWolfkin 12 days ago

    Thank you. First person to call out thanos plan doesnt make sense

    IIIWITHOUTaNAMEIII 12 days ago

    ‚Girl, learn to read the room.‘ - subscribed

  • Kaidyn Reece
    Kaidyn Reece 12 days ago

    Jenny's 'thing' is she's just a contrarian. Lots of people hated Last Jedi, so Jenny tells us how good it is. Lots of people loved Infinity War so Jenny tells us how bad it is.
    Actual fact both movies were kinda crap, but Infinity War was at least cartoonish-ly entertaining. Anyway, Jenny's videos are always fun to watch. Such a personality...this girl should be a star.

    GLIMMER CAVE TV 12 days ago

    Thanos' reasoning in the film is a stark reality to life itself, without balance it all goes. The human race will learn this one day when it destroys itself.

  • Samuel M Cohen
    Samuel M Cohen 12 days ago +1

    This feels like the Billy Madison quote "At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." applies to the whole video.

  • Sophia-Helene Mees de Tricht

    YES! Honestly, I think that with the trajectory that comic book movies are taking now, they should just end it with:
    "If there is a moral to the story, it is this: you can try your absolute hardest and still lose to someone who did better ground work than you. Just because you're good doesn't entitle you to victory. Welcome to real life, kid. Stop crying."
    Better emotional payoff than "HAHAHAJ/K, no one's actually dead, little Jimmy! They just went to live at a farm upstate for a while!" Fuck you, little Jimmy. Everyone's dead. Spiderman is dead. Batman is dead. Doctor Strange is dead. Your dog is dead. They're dead. They're SUPER dead.

  • daniel galvan
    daniel galvan 14 days ago

    Does...does SHE even know what she's talking about...?

  • Introverts YouKnight
    Introverts YouKnight 16 days ago

    "Girl, learn to read the room." I died laughing, immediate subscribe!

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar 16 days ago

    OMG thank you! Everything in Thor Ragnarok is rendered completely useless and pointless by Infinity War. It's almost as if the Russos (and writers) hated Ragnarok and decided to pull a Thanos on it and make it disappear. They even gave Thor a new fake eye! Because yeah Rocket carries around perfectly matched Asgardian eye replicas in his bag all the time. Thor's physical reminder of his selfless act of facing Hella, knowing he couldn't beat her, but sacrificing himself (or at least his eye) for this people to get away... nope, gone. Never happened. Oh, Russos, you make me giggle. LOL

  • jv7x
    jv7x 16 days ago

    I'm new to this channel (this is only the second video i've seen so far) so I have to ask, what is with all the Twilight Zone references? Is that like a running gag or something or is she just a really big fan? I feel like I'm missing something.

  • Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson 16 days ago

    THOR IN RAGNAROK: **loses eye, symbolically completing his quest for wisdom associated with Oden's eyelessness in Norse mythology**
    THOR IN INFINITY WAR: **finds robot eye, pops it in, ready to go**
    THOR IN RAGNAROK: **loses hammer cuz he doesn't need it anymore**
    THOR IN INFINITY WAR: **gains an axe cuz why the heck not**

  • Bliss Clair
    Bliss Clair 17 days ago

    I love this extension I got for TheXvid that I can block channels with. So like now every time a troll jerk says something that pisses me off, I can block them and it's like this giant BLANK in the comments with the replies still there! It's really funny!
    On an unrelated note I agree with everything you said! Great video like always!

  • Matt B
    Matt B 18 days ago

    Does anyone else laugh at the stupid unfunny things. “And the answer is! Maybe?” Like okay Jenny good point, have a sticker

  • Kibi
    Kibi 18 days ago

    Do people actually take her seriously I’m actually curious

      GLIMMER CAVE TV 12 days ago

      I take her as totally joking. If she is serious in her reviews she understand the movies she talks about as well as ten year old with ADD.

  • Sooha Park
    Sooha Park 19 days ago

    I just clicked on this bc I was bored but this lady doesn't seem to really understand marvel. Is it just me? Maybe it is but she seems idk she doesn't seem to know what she's talking about...

  • Julia Goldsmith-Pinkham


  • sam Stone
    sam Stone 20 days ago

    What the hell is this

  • windowmaker
    windowmaker 21 day ago +1

    still pretty disappointed that scarlet witch just... doesn't fight most of the time in all the marvel movies she's in... in civil war she just pulled on a few peoples legs and made some stuff levitate/fall in the final fight... she could've stopped that fight instantly... not mad just disappointed

  • Alec Farson
    Alec Farson 21 day ago

    I think uh it’s normal to feel upset over these deaths even if they are going to be reversed because you are supposed to be feeling whAt the characters feel and they don’t know that it will be reversed yet

  • rhuntern
    rhuntern 21 day ago

    I have no idea whether you liked this movie or not. But I really enjoyed the video. So it's a win I guess?

  • Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar
    Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar 22 days ago

    2:43 This so much. It's like it was in _Sorcerer Supreme_ handbook that he must do hand-signs before major plot speech or something. It wasn't bad it was just noticeable.

  • samuel novak
    samuel novak 23 days ago

    Thank you for the laughs.

  • Chloe Moffett
    Chloe Moffett 25 days ago

    the reason Red Skull is there guarding the soul stone is that at the end of Captain America he disappears into the Tesseract, and we don't know if he's dead or alive. I guess he teleported there and became the guardian somehow? lol

  • Xyzzyx
    Xyzzyx 27 days ago


  • Chloe Wagstrom
    Chloe Wagstrom 28 days ago

    I love that rose lemonade!

  • Harsh Malarkey
    Harsh Malarkey 29 days ago

    Can confirm, is harsh

  • Elaina Hall
    Elaina Hall Month ago

    I laughed when doctor strange died...

  • Mary Tomson
    Mary Tomson Month ago

    I love Jenny and I know she's basically a hilarious troll, but TBH this vid made me wonder if she actually enjoys anything.

  • lloydgush
    lloydgush Month ago

    It's a great movie if you shut your brain for a couple of hours....
    Wakanda has hovering tanks and airships left unused in an actual military battle, just that is a complete red sign...
    And using CGI expenses as an excuse is bullshit, animating vehicles wouldn't be as hard as animating armies.
    (at least they use their sonic lances in this one...)

  • Puffed Rice
    Puffed Rice Month ago

    I honestly liked the movie more than I thought I was going to. I agree with all the things you said, but im the kind of fool that watches spoilery reviews before I watch the movie so I was expecting this movie to be awful, and it was actually a really fun movie to me.

  • Lori l
    Lori l Month ago

    //pssst JRR Tolkien was inspired by Nordic mythology to create his version of the dwarfs

  • Blaze33266
    Blaze33266 Month ago +10

    The best reaction in my cinema was when Scarlet Witch died. The boy next to me gasped “No, not the ginger!” And then looked really embarrassed when everyone looked at him. I nearly laughed.

  • InvaderHog
    InvaderHog Month ago

    I agreed with literally everything you said, I can't tell you how much I hated that movie and I took my brother to see it and fell asleep the second viewing, like I kept nodding off and waking up and was like "oh, this part sucks" and falling back asleep.

  • Yoko Bongo
    Yoko Bongo Month ago

    I’m going to have to cancel my movie date with you.

  • Honey Girl
    Honey Girl Month ago +1

    Another video with a drinking dolly on the left. Yes.

  • Erika Warren
    Erika Warren Month ago

    This movie is a masterpiece.

  • Chaos Haunting Of Asgard

    Loki is my favourite MCU villain and character. I’m still depressed after Infinity War. Also... *SPOILERS FOR ANT MAN AND THE WASP*

    At the end of the AATW Antman is stuck in the quantum realm. And there was something stated that “Don’t go in the time warp (I think)”
    And that occurred when the Thanos snapped his fingers. so my theory, give or take is that some time travel shit will go on.

  • Lena Vye
    Lena Vye Month ago

    5 Strangers in Search of an Exit is my favorite Twilight Zone episode

  • James VunKannon
    James VunKannon Month ago

    ...You look EERILY like Scarlet Witch, cool look for you. Good video too.

  • Brigid McMahon
    Brigid McMahon Month ago

    guess peter dinklage in this movie got peter dinkLARGE

  • Nicodemus
    Nicodemus Month ago

    I was a little baffled at how Gamora could fall from that high a cliff & her body isn't even bleeding, much less mangled & broken on impact
    I mean, that was a bigass freakin' cliff.

  • Kisra009
    Kisra009 Month ago

    It’s such a good movie

  • Chris F
    Chris F Month ago

    The flaw in your Twilight Zone action figures theory is that it requires us to believe that a child purchased an action figure of Maria Hill. It seems likelier that those dusted in the Snapture are the empty spaces in some vast collect-them-all display play-set where the OG Avengers figures are already in place. The kid in charge of things could only afford one Guardian and thus sensibly purchased Rocket first. Black Panther is fairly new, thus not in the set yet. Spiderman is actually owned by Sony, so I don't know if his figure would be part of the MCU set. When Spiderman returns he may be eight feet tall, or four feet tall, being from a different toy line. Then, as the child purchases additional figures those characters will spring back into existence. Unless the child is quite wealthy my theory bodes poorly for Scarlet Witch and War Machine. I hope he or she pushes some other toys into the empty slots of the Avengers display so that the Avengers will perplexingly include the Monster High werewolf, Kylo Ren and a ginormous headless Barbie.

  • Mack Debruin
    Mack Debruin Month ago +1

    I usually find your takes on things refreshing, but here.......yikes do I disagree.....

  • Unsalted Potato Farm Name

    Dooo dooo do do dooo dooo do dooo

  • Snaili Liles
    Snaili Liles Month ago

    I'm living for all these Twilight Zone references. Like why does no one talk about them?? Anyway, I've been watching your videos all night and it's now 5am. 🙃 Buuuuut I am subscribed now, so yay!

  • Emily E B
    Emily E B Month ago

    Yeah I was one of those people that started crying when everyone started dying, even though I knew the deaths weren't gonna be permanent. It was still sad ok!

  • sonofcthulhu
    sonofcthulhu Month ago

    Nothing from this will stick. Like Infinity War is teflon.

  • StatusQuoCalico
    StatusQuoCalico Month ago

    i reacted the same way to the deaths bc they opened with bucky, and was also in a theatre of grown adults yelling in anguish. at first it was funny to me but then spidey's death happened and that was the only one i was really emotional about bc they showed this comparatively long shot of tony and him saying goodbye and tony didnt disintegrate afterwards so knowing that tony is gonna go through a4 with the guilt of seeing his pseudo son die in his arms was more powerful than knowing that a character was gonna be temporarily gone for a lil while

  • PrincessM
    PrincessM Month ago

    Is it weird that I cried profusely at Peter’s death KNOWING there’s no way Marvel would ever permanently kill Spider-Man???

  • Travis Howe
    Travis Howe Month ago

    "The literal money-tree." I laughed :D

  • UnderOver Achiever
    UnderOver Achiever Month ago

    "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good, how can I finish my sequel like this?"

  • cat Whiskers
    cat Whiskers Month ago

    Oh I knew they would bring them back but watching Peter made me fucking cry my eyes out cause it was just sad you know?like watching someone die is just sad and he doesn’t know he’s coming back nor does Tony who’s watching the closest thing he had to a son die

  • Olivia Bobo
    Olivia Bobo Month ago

    what is the beige toy called thats drinking from the cup??

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese Month ago

    Peter Dinklage's character was the king of the dwarves, that's why he's tall

  • VengfulDeathCow
    VengfulDeathCow Month ago

    Fury did not call the lanterns, that was the symbol for captain marvel! Sorry to disappoint, I would have liked to see the lanterns make it in as well.

  • VengfulDeathCow
    VengfulDeathCow Month ago

    I think Thanos' love of Gamora is because she was the best fighter of his children. He loved her in his way, space magic doesn't discriminate!

  • Rose Kennedy
    Rose Kennedy Month ago

    I mean, I knew the characters were probably going to come back but it was still sad to watch them die, you know? And the reactions of the other characters were sad. And there isn’t actually a guarantee that a lot of them will come back, only the ones with confirmed sequels, and even then all of them don’t have to come back for them.

  • Elpida huh
    Elpida huh Month ago

    I knew the characters that died would come back but I still cried

  • Durrpadil
    Durrpadil Month ago

    Your sense of humor makes me lol, thank you for your channel

  • Red Capper
    Red Capper Month ago +4

    When Gamora got thrown of the cliff my friend leaned next to me and whispered "Yeet."

  • Shekhar Singh
    Shekhar Singh Month ago

    I usually don't dislike video but she was plan awful.Wasted my 3 minutes.

  • Francis Tolentino
    Francis Tolentino Month ago

    wow. it feels like she didnt really read comic books and only watched the marvel movies because they looked cool. poser.

    • Ilona
      Ilona Month ago +1

      found the boring elitist Marvel fan

  • TheGnurgen
    TheGnurgen Month ago

    Thanos's motivation to do what he did came from watching his own world destroy itself from rampany overpopulation, so he was simply trying to save the entire universe from suffering the same fate, and feeling like the good guy in his own twisted way. The sacrifice is worth the reward in his mind.

  • TheGnurgen
    TheGnurgen Month ago

    Part two is gonna be called "Infinity Peace"...

  • kidwajagstang
    kidwajagstang Month ago

    I want to know the secret to her plushie collection. Her bed rarely has the same ones each video. Does she have an entire room or two filled with plushies? Does she constantly buy new ones and donate the same amount to keep her compulsion to get new plushies manageable? Does she have a storage space or two for the ones she can’t fit in her home? Or is she bending reality with her own infinity stone to give herself an endless plushie supply?

  • Led Trousers
    Led Trousers Month ago +1

    My favorite part of Forever Battle was when the shit kids behind me, who wouldn't stfu for the entire movie, had a breakdown when their favorite characters disintegrated.

  • ChienandKun
    ChienandKun Month ago

    How useless was Vision though? He cowers during the whole film, and he has the mind stone. Never uses it to...oh I don't know, shut down the minds of the the invading forces, or the thugs after him? Nah.
    On the same token, I'm loving that built in excuse that Strange was entirely useless on purpose. So, somehow in all the infinite possibilities of beating Thanos, rewinding time to a point just prior to Starlord's contrived idiocy, in order for them to get the gauntlet, somehow fails? Sure. Rewinding time to a point when Thanos has none of the stones...somehow fails? Sure it does.

  • phombuspucker
    phombuspucker Month ago

    As a fugue on euthanasia the film has some currency and possibly (hopefully no) a bit of prescience (family internment is already a reality in Australia; how many steps from that to a final solution). Thanos being relatable is only an unfortunate necessity because Nazis run Twitter and won't suspend the bully in chief and therefore we can't avoid it. Does this sound crazy?

  • Nicholas LeBlanc
    Nicholas LeBlanc Month ago

    My sister is so afraid of spoilers that whenever I want her to leave my room, I start playing this video out loud.

  • Bonk Lord
    Bonk Lord Month ago +1

    it's probably just something like Thanos thought that he loved Gamora so even though it doesn't seem real to most people

  • willard39
    willard39 Month ago

    I love your take on all things, as per usual, and you bring up a great point about Peter Dinklage transcending his own physical stature and being cast simply because he's a fine actor...except in this case. He is a dwarf in IW. Granted, a Norse mythological, huge one, but a dwarf nonetheless. Minor observation, I know, and it doesn't detract from the fact that the actor has transcended some obvious typecasting, but it needed to be said. Or did it?
    Edit: the other bad CGI I noticed was Mark Ruffalo's head in the Iron Hulk suit when the helmet was off near the end. Looked terrible. Like Walking Dead top of the trash heap terrible.

  • Jadon Eugene
    Jadon Eugene Month ago

    14:25 I'm fucking dead

  • Peranolde
    Peranolde Month ago

    I think that Just Write had a good answer to a few qualms you had, like Tony Stark's desire for a child is setup for becoming a parental figure for Peter Parker.
    Also: is that at Fentiman's? Fentiman's is legit the best.

  • Kolzi
    Kolzi Month ago

    You're pretty good

  • Jindorek
    Jindorek Month ago

    tho i can appreciate funny sarcastic as much as the next guy, that line at the end about the GL Corps was in poor taste. We have been petitioning Stan Lee and Marvel studios for months now to consider us as a replacement to the now decimated Nova Corps. Alternatively, we asked that they make a deal with Warner Brothers so we can maybe get ONE good movie, we would even consider a crossover, but they refuse to answer our emails. your comment Stung. oh and Captain Marvel doesn't think it's funny either. He is still in shock that he will be portrayed by Zachari Levi....

  • CRM x Gold
    CRM x Gold Month ago

    I don’t think she realises the movies are based of COMICS

  • silverlily35
    silverlily35 Month ago

    I basically agree with everything in this video. I am the only person I know with these opinions on IW so this is refreshing :p

  • userasdf
    userasdf Month ago

    The spiderman death was definitely still sad even though I know he'll be back. The rest were definitely more meh.

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman Month ago

    "... the reactions are so good I'm just like kill more, kill them all" You really are evil, aren't you Ms Nicholson? :-P
    Also, both the punchline of your "hot take", and your post-credits stinger were gold!

  • CadCsy 。
    CadCsy 。 Month ago +1

    The thing I have with infinity war is that I don’t think the characters’ deaths were well built up thus I was not able to feel the shock and grief that I wanted to feel for the characters.