Infinity War Hot Take

  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • Spoilers for, honestly, a lot of things.
    Click your favorite Marvel movie which is derivative of a Twilight Zone episode:
    You think Deadpool’s face is messed up but he takes his mask off and it turns out actually it’s everybody else’s faces that are messed up -
    Tony Stark is afraid of the small men in his attic who turn out to just be Ant-Man and the Wasp -
    The Guardians of the Galaxy on a road trip being relentlessly pursued by a hitchhiker who turns out to be death -
    Odin escapes a retirement home by playing a game of kick the can which transports him to his carefree youth -
    A haunted doll pushes Hawkeye down a flight of stairs -
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  • camilotj
    camilotj 8 months ago +3601

    after watching the whole video I have no idea what she means or what she is talking about

    • Totoro
      Totoro 3 days ago

      basically, infinity war 2 is toy story 4

    • Dabby Took
      Dabby Took 26 days ago +1

      What she is funny as hell watch the worst reality show ever

    • Beatmyguest001
      Beatmyguest001 27 days ago +1

      This whole thread is hilarious because it’s just a bunch of angry nerds who don’t like that a funny girl is ripping a film they like to shreds. I liked this film but she made perfect sense, was pretty funny and offered some nice analysis whilst not taking herself too seriously. 🤣 sorry not everyone calls your superhero movies 10/10

    • NoumenalSoup
      NoumenalSoup Month ago +1

      She means this movie was really silly and just basically a bog-standard actiony movie for killing...geez, how long was this slog? 3 hours?

    • Ahmed Hasan
      Ahmed Hasan Month ago

      Shaun Cheah LOL XD

  • Sam Jane
    Sam Jane 28 minutes ago

    Thank you for perfectly explaining why the suspension of disbelief is like not a thing in such a money making franchise when it comes to massive character death. It didn’t feel like sad or real when there is literally a way to reverse time? It has no weight you know what I mean?

  • Raven Knight
    Raven Knight 7 hours ago

    I mean, there never really was a possibility of the movie having any consequences that last for longer than its immediate sequel. But that doesn't take away from the fact that it in itself was a good and emotional movie. Especially as far as super hero movies go.

  • that one stormtrooper

    I'm disappointed that instead of trying to pull off his glove dr. Strange didnt just open a portal around his arm and cut it off

  • Molly
    Molly 3 days ago

    yes i know that the characters will come back, but i still had the dramatic crying reaction. the point of a movie is to enjoy it not pick it apart. i know your brain probably just automatically does that but i feel kind of bad for you because if that’s so how can you honestly ever enjoy most movies.

  • JMarchel
    JMarchel 6 days ago

    "Girl... learn to read the room."
    Best Quote(tm)

  • opinionofthehour
    opinionofthehour 7 days ago

    who is that little drinkin man and where can i find his blogspot so i can catfish him

  • 09yulstube
    09yulstube 8 days ago

    Being on the wailing side of audience, but speaking only on behalf of myself, I can tell you that whenever I watch a movie I make a point of trying to "get into character". When Gamorra dies I think of Quill waking up and realising she's not longer there, and had it not been for the fucking bubbles it would have actually made him the murderer. When Peter dies I put myself in Tony's shoes, seeing how this really young boy is fading from existence, feeling he is somehow responsible; he was seeing not a prodigy or a brat, but a really scared boy. When Vision goes I try to see myself as the scarlet witch, regretting not having been living their relationship to the fullest, knowing she is powerless even when she is so powerful. Well, you get my point. Credits roll and I'm once again myself thinking, yeah right, Black Panther sequel is on the way, there are a billion alternate universes, Tom Holland is the cutest motherfucker ever and his death was based on that; he gets a melodramatic goodbye. Of course they're not fucking dead. But for the run-time? Oh gurl, there is no other world than the one these characters live in.
    And that's how you leave the theater with the worst case of run down mascara and eyeliner ever.

  • Sean Whearty
    Sean Whearty 10 days ago

    Dr. Strange’s cloak is literally just the magic carpet from Aladdin

  • Batmary21
    Batmary21 11 days ago

    More Twilight Zone!

  • Alice Gee
    Alice Gee 11 days ago

    Some people are getting really salty about you laughing at other people crying over the deaths and it's like...guys, you're really insulting the intelligence of people who cry at movies by assuming that they don't have the capability to understand that they're crying at fiction and that said crying can be seen as an overreaction and inherently amusing to others. You're being overly defensive for no reason.

  • ghoulon
    ghoulon 11 days ago

    I was going along with the movie right up until the end when everyone started disappearing. The long scene with spider-man and tony... like, I get it... peter is like a son to tony, tony is a father figure to peter.. I get that was why that had to be dragged out... But knowing after watching bucky and t'challa and the other peter etc etc vanish that it wasn't gonna be permanent, really dragged me out of the movie. I rolled my eyes and after the film my friend said she was desperately sad watching peter parker go and I was just like... why?? So, as great an event the movie was... the ending kinda ruined it for me...

  • Rei Joon Y
    Rei Joon Y 11 days ago

    So in part 2 Scarlet Witch somehow alters reality and it suddenly becomes the House of M story arc and they use that to conveniently kill off any characters that aren’t selling enough merchandise. Jk 😂

  • The Book Mage
    The Book Mage 12 days ago

    I can't think of a succinct or witty way to comment my approval on your fentiman's rose lemonade (clearly the focal point of this video) so I'll just say: nice

  • Rowan Dangerfield
    Rowan Dangerfield 14 days ago

    you’re honestly hilarious😂😂😂😂😂

  • Will Jolliff
    Will Jolliff 14 days ago

    11:47 Kill Them All! XD

  • pnvification
    pnvification 15 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok? More like Bore Ragnarok.

  • RestlessRenegade
    RestlessRenegade 15 days ago

    6:33 I died

  • Andi McGauley
    Andi McGauley 15 days ago

    I physically laughed out loud twice during this video.
    "And you're like, girl, learn to read the room."
    "At this point I'm just like reveling in it because the reactions are so good. I'm just like yeah, kill more. Kill them all!"

  • A Diversion
    A Diversion 15 days ago +1

    12:21 No, Jenny that never happened in the comic. They simply came back without any memory of being dead after Gamora took the Gauntlet and wished to reverse the universe to what it was before the 'snap'. And yea I agree it's so stupid to see people say things as 'THIS MOVIE IS SO EMOTIONAL' and 'MY FEELS'.. There's enough movies that are emotionally heavy, but Infinity War isn't one.

  • Allison Lo
    Allison Lo 16 days ago

    *'Doctor Strange's flying blanket'*

  • Darth Bone
    Darth Bone 17 days ago

    I really don't think you like anything.

  • Anne Davis
    Anne Davis 17 days ago +1

    "wait so you're saying I have to kill her, the one person I care most about? What an agonizing turn of events!"
    --Thanos like 20 minutes later 🙄

    • Sammathnar
      Sammathnar 16 days ago

      Yeah, exactly. But now, its subjective you see. Thanos ahd no problem letting Gamora die, but it was still a huge sacrifice for him to kill her......its not a contrivance at all.

  • Charity Hopkins
    Charity Hopkins 17 days ago

    I know a lot of people can't relate to this, but I cry for Spider-Man every time I watch this movie. The first 2 times I watched it I was literally sobbing. Of course, I know that it'll be alright in the end. (Especially since Spider-Man: Far From Home is supposed to come) And, of course, I know that it's just a movie with fictional characters. It's still really sad, and I'm still going to cry.
    It actually kind of annoys me when I'm crying during a movie and someone says something like, "he's the main character, you know that he's going to be fine" or "It's just a movie" and I'm just here like "LET ME GRIEVE"

    • ¿Do Geese See God?
      ¿Do Geese See God? 17 days ago +1

      Would you like to know something that will make you cry even harder?
      Of all the characters who got dusted, Spider-Man takes the longest. He falls onto Tony and says, "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good..." This is because he has Spidey Sense. His Spidey Sense is literally screaming, "I'M DYING" and Peter can _feel it._

  • Liberty Fuchs
    Liberty Fuchs 19 days ago

    I cant get over Rod Sirling voice "that's weird, right? Sometimes people are dolls."

  • Cece Burton
    Cece Burton 19 days ago

    There are a LOT of Twilight Zone references.

  • Margo Lemley
    Margo Lemley 19 days ago

    I fell asleep in the theater for half the movie

  • Anna Styr
    Anna Styr 19 days ago +1

    The way I took the whole "Thanos actually loves Gamora" thing (because I still refuse to believe there's anything good about their relationship) is that he genuinely 100% thinks he loves her and thinks he is doing his best with their relationship. The thing about abusive people is that the way they act is the only way they know how to "love" others. It's not actual love, it's not caring or nurturing or uplifting, but it's the only way Thanos knows how to love - cruelly, violently, delusionally. I mean just look at the way he's trying to solve the whole "overpopulation" problem. He genuinely thinks he's doing the right thing when it's absolutely the most cruel way to go about it. Same goes for his relationship with Gamora.

  • Pibblet Squad
    Pibblet Squad 20 days ago


  • Kajan Petit
    Kajan Petit 21 day ago +1

    For some reason, you have the exact opposite reaction than me for both The Last Jedi, (which is a steaming pile of dog shit) and Infinity War (which is one of the greatest comic book films, alongside The Dark Knight and The Watchmen).

  • Isabelle Drontle
    Isabelle Drontle 22 days ago

    If they had that toy ending I would kill myself

  • lily fish
    lily fish 22 days ago

    hello jenny, i am just wondering how you obtained two different sizes of skippy the alien. i love your videos and you will probably never see this, but i am very curious in getting a larger skippy. thank you

  • iansteelmatheson
    iansteelmatheson 23 days ago

    ugh, this is exactly how i feel about this movie. I found it so damn bland.

  • Creepypasta & Squirrels

    Oh! Here's a theory: Thanos actually snaps everyone into a reality where the Twilight Zone is a real place and they all end up scattered throughout the Zone and are forced to go through each episode learning a moral lesson until they reach last one where they can all go home now or have to start all over depending on what was done or learned. Quantum Leap/Twilight Zone/Marvel crossover theory.

  • Creepypasta & Squirrels

    Remember the TZ episode with the characters waking up in an abandoned city and both the main characters and the city ended up being the toys of a child in a family of giants? The donation box one always makes me think of that one.

  • Creepypasta & Squirrels

    I was thinking the alternate reality theory too when I saw the movie.

  • Master Markus
    Master Markus 24 days ago

    I LOVE you reveling in the deaths of the characters. I'd probably be the same. I mean, I've totally cried at the deaths of fictional characters, but in most media, it MEANS something. It means "that person will not be there anymore", but when Marvel kills off characters like Spider-Man, it doesn't matter how emotionally manipulative the death scene is, I'm just thinking "Yeah, like fuck Marvel is going to ACTUALLY kill Spider-Man".
    P.S. If the ending DID have product placement where Thanos just takes a sip of Bud Lite I probably would've died laughing. You really got me with that joke.

  • iluvpopcorn23
    iluvpopcorn23 25 days ago

    It's not that we don't know they're coming back, it's that in the context of the movie and the universe as a whole, very close companions and friends die before each other's eyes, and characters that we've grown with over several movies. It's a moment of anguish as Thanos wins and the implications of the victory. Of course they're coming back, but it's still a harrowing scene within the context.

  • Loren Gallagher
    Loren Gallagher 26 days ago

    I thought Green lantern was DC not I missing something?

  • peachjedi
    peachjedi 27 days ago +3

    "Does anyone else feel like Thor: Ragnarok was ruined by this movie?"
    ME. ME. ME.

  • Jay M
    Jay M 29 days ago

    Red Skull got transformed, transported or something by the Cosmic Cube at the end of C. A.

  • Arianna
    Arianna Month ago +1

    this was posted so long ago but holy shit that reference to a stop at willoughby, that was so specific and i enjoyed it so much

  • sixpartmix
    sixpartmix Month ago

    I love how she knows her Twilight Zone!! Love ya Jenny

  • AllStudents
    AllStudents Month ago

    Your reaction to the ending is odd because I feel like you're purposefully missing the point of the ending. It was executed really well and the best stories don't need to be surprising for you to feel the impact

  • Samuel Brunkow
    Samuel Brunkow Month ago

    "No reason" is right. If the dude has control over time, reality, and every other eternal force of the universe....why doesn't he just create sustainable futures? A truly all-powerful god could have both exponential population growth and unlimited resources.

  • Patrick Hart
    Patrick Hart Month ago

    That twilight zone episode is literally one of my favorite ones lol

  • AAC0813
    AAC0813 Month ago

    Your dissection of Thanos’ plans are very in-depth and well argued. And I completely agree with you. His plans are not great, he’s pretty wrong about all of it. He’s a sociopath and a madman. Thanos never provides proof that his plan will work, but he doesn’t care. He desperately needs to execute his plan simply to justify his ego. He does not care about the universe, he just wants to be right. Nobody listened to his idea on Titan, and everyone died. So in his mind, if they listened to him, they’d all be saved. So you’re absolutely right, he is wrong

  • Curtis Robison
    Curtis Robison Month ago

    Dwarves existed as mythology, mining and forging things, before Tolkien and have since been broadened over that archetype all over the place. So I'd say it was okay, yes.

  • almightytallestred
    almightytallestred Month ago

    If universe-spanning overpopulation is the problem and Thanos has all the Infinity Stones... can't he, like, just make some new planets. Or use the Time Stone and the Space stone to check every planet in the universe in no time and find the ones that are habitable - the universe is kinda big (I heard) there gotta be some of those still left - and use some portal transportation system to spread out some of that population from the overcrowded planets.
    I really think he should've done a little more brainstorming... I guess super powerful just doesn't necessarily mean super creative.

  • IceBen4444
    IceBen4444 Month ago

    WHO made a hobo doll?

  • Lajvard M
    Lajvard M Month ago

    The Dinklage thing looked bad because his body proportions are already "unconventional" so when he's enlarged for that scene it just breaks the mind's suspension of disbelief

  • Fuzzy Corona
    Fuzzy Corona Month ago

    A great method of closing Infinity War plot holes is saying that Thanos is like, incredibly stupid. Like he's one of Those People on Reddit.

  • Dusty Fred
    Dusty Fred Month ago

    You ever get into any Kurosawa, Jenny?

  • dominick lucido
    dominick lucido Month ago

    I can't wait for the gay super hero/spy movie where the main character is gay and its a non issue and has nothing to do with the plot

  • Iwontgiveyou Myinformation

    Thanos plan is so incredibly stupid and I hate, hate hate it when people think it's good. It's basically him finding a really lazy and bad "solution" to a problem on one planet and then apllying it to all the others without even knowing anyting about them or thinking about the possible differences for a millisecond.
    I mean if we look at earth there are several things we notice right away:
    1) overpopulation is not the problem, bad distrubution and imperial colonisalist greed are the reason for people starving and for most wars. if you take away half the population, the power will still be in the same peoples hands and they will keep exploiting the others.
    2) if you take away half the popultation, literally everything breaks apart. it's extremely naive to think that it's all just about material resources which we just don't have enough of, when in reality our wealth comes from competant work forces reproducing it constantly. imagine how quickly the global economy would fall apart, if suddenly half the people die. imagine the chaos and the political reaction to it.

    • Iwontgiveyou Myinformation
      Iwontgiveyou Myinformation 15 days ago

      +john cornwell hmm. who knows. since it's a very theoretical scenario I can't say you are wrong, but I think the consequences of a complete global economic crash (with half the knowledge and workforce gone) are pretty unpredictable.
      Also: What about climate change? A problem that could literally cause the planet becoming hostile to uninhabitable for the human race. One would think people would rally around that cause pretty quickly, but that's not whats happening at all.
      Also: 9/11 lead to the Iraq war, killing over a hundred thousand civilians, probably leading to increased terrorism which lead to increased destabizisation of the US. Also the patriot act was a response to 9/11, taking away civil rights and shifting the US towards a police state.
      Really one could argue, that all 9/11 did was causing a hysteria which allowed imperialist polititions to exploit and have the people on board for actions that would in the long run further contribute to their own destruction (not to mention the sorrow of many innocent people outside the us)
      Edit: A few more points that came to my mind:
      1) Many people are unaware that the stated goal of Osama Bin Laden was to draw the US into so many wars that they would collapse under their weight. He thought (rightfully) that this attack would perpetuate a circle of violence and lead to inner destabilization. So the unifying trauma of 9/11 made people, blinded by their rage, literally do exactly what the terrorists wanted them to
      2) You are saying the new alliance might last centuries, but look at the US right now. One could very reasonably argue, that the consequences of 9/11 are a main factor in the current unpresidented division amongst the american people, the looming threat of democracy fully ending or even outright civil war.

    • john cornwell
      john cornwell 15 days ago

      +Iwontgiveyou Myinformation
      Look at America post 9/11. For months everyone was one against a common enemy whether it was right or wrong.
      Look how quickly antisemitism stopped being mainstream idea for decades in Europe after WW2.

      Now imagine an enemy who KILLED HALF THE UNIVERSE Every God damn nation on the face of the earth, every god fucking planet in the universe would unite to get revenge against Thanos.
      The only issue is Thanos is ALL POWERFUL. If you don't stop him before he snaps his hand, the universe would lose again.
      You damn sure could bet the universe wouldn't miss to take down the mad titan.
      It would cause a universal alliance the might last centuries

    • Iwontgiveyou Myinformation
      Iwontgiveyou Myinformation 16 days ago

      +john cornwell So your theory is that the shared grieve would bring humanity closer together? What makes you assume that would be the case?
      If we look at history, we can see a clear pattern: trauma, economic crisis and destabilization lead to fascism, war and madness. Look up the history of the Weimar Republic and how it turned into Nazi Germany. The humilition of losing the first world war and the allies taking away core regions of germany and austria alongside economic bondage were the slight to the german identity that Hitler exploited and the economic crisis of the 30ies was the source of desperation that really drove the Nazis rise to power forward.
      After the second world war the allies rebuilt Germany and Austria and basically forgave them their crimes accepting them as economic and political partners, which lead to them becoming two of the most stable and rich democracies on the planet.
      If we look at the profile of psychopaths and criminals it is often great trauma that lies at the core of their mental illness. Child abusers for example often got abused themselves.
      From what I see, trauma and grievence almost always lead to their own circular reproduction and are seldom a great recipe for things getting better.
      Oh and also: Sry for "bitching" about starving children, modern day slavery and senseless exploitative wars killing millions of innocent people. I guess all of that is just oversensitive nonsense for you.

    • john cornwell
      john cornwell 16 days ago

      Or maybe it is the trauma from half the population dying, the threat of Thanos cutting the population in half again, that fixes everything you are bitching about

  • Avalon Hope
    Avalon Hope Month ago

    Relocation or Death- Thanos to the Universe

  • JaredNWidman
    JaredNWidman Month ago

    i started cracking up as soon as you mentioned the name of the twilight zone episode you're saying it's the lego movie ending

  • Akshay Anand
    Akshay Anand Month ago

    Now I really want to watch Infinity War Endgame with Jenny. She should travel around the world watching Endgame with all her fans. And giving Hot Takes on the spot. Please.

  • Reece Pierce
    Reece Pierce Month ago

    I knew all the snap deaths would be reversed the second they dusted T'Challa but I'm just so stupidly attached to Peter Quill and Spiderman that I fuckin cried anyway

  • cece dawkins
    cece dawkins Month ago

    I think the ones that didn’t die from the snap are dead fr

  • Bill McNeal
    Bill McNeal Month ago

    uffduh, so wrong

  • Andreas A
    Andreas A Month ago

    They killed all those characters knowing that they already uploaded on imdb sequels to spiderman, black panther and Dr Strange.

  • s.p.FOX
    s.p.FOX Month ago

    you make a great scarlet witch.

  • Obr Kenobi
    Obr Kenobi Month ago

    trippy af

  • Ric Ancira
    Ric Ancira Month ago

    I 🖤🖤🖤 Infinity War. I'm clearly a Thanos fan boi.

  • 1983LoneRanger
    1983LoneRanger Month ago

    It would hzve made thd film a log better if thanos was drinking a bud light at the end. The film was awesome tho.

  • Xie Xie
    Xie Xie Month ago

    I think they made him tall because in Norse Mythology dwarves and even giants can be any size.

  • Lizzie Music
    Lizzie Music Month ago

    I have literally no clue why they would make one huge spoiler to some series’s that aren’t finished

  • Harry Lawson
    Harry Lawson Month ago +5

    Thanos kills everyone and just turns to the camera and says “welcome to the twilight zone”

  • D1NJA G
    D1NJA G Month ago

    Is that a Howard plushie?

  • Hank Crawdad
    Hank Crawdad Month ago +7

    when I saw this opening night, a dude in the back row shouted "not my boy!" when Spider-Man started to die and I thought it was so funny! I wish I could see every movie with that man.

  • Mastermint
    Mastermint Month ago

    "Girl, learn to read the room" I DIE!!!

  • Haven Pukey
    Haven Pukey Month ago +1

    Not gonna lie I went into this movie KNOWING almost all of the characters that "died" were coming back in the next movie, but shrieking and freaking out over every death with the rest of the theater is fun and I had fun crying over spider-man ok?

  • Jacob Struck
    Jacob Struck Month ago +1

    Toy Story 4... *booyah*

  • M lucas
    M lucas Month ago

    Loki's death was the stupid harsh, how the hell was that necessary.

  • TheLuckySpades
    TheLuckySpades Month ago

    5 Characters in Search of an Exit is one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, it has a message about us being unable to see what is the true world beyond our limitations, that there will be mysteries we cannot see or solve and if we do, it'll just mystify us more.
    It also say that said bigger picture has no knowledge of the smaller one we are in and what struggles we face.
    It is the piece of media that has come closest to how I suspect a creator entity would stand in relation to us (though it isn't the one I hope for) and it is an amazing religious metaphore to have been made that long ago.

  • TheLuckySpades
    TheLuckySpades Month ago +1

    As for Thanos' "love" fir Gamora:
    They never say he was good to her, they make it very clear he never was and that she hates him as deeply as possible, he was manipulative, abusive and brutal to an extreme.
    However, as "confirmed by space magic", those actions in his mind were an expression of love, he twists the definition of love, mercy and saving to fit his own purpose, love for him is abuse which he claims strengthens, mercy is death which he claims ends suffering and saving mean genocide which he claims will stop lack.
    The movie is from his perspective so we get his twisted reasoning, his oxymoron of an dialogue and the hypocrisy of his actions.

    • Sammathnar
      Sammathnar 16 days ago

      +TheLuckySpades But then the movie, as Jenny points out, is saying that abusive parents love their children and that love is a genuine love that is as valid as any other kind of selfless love. Not just believes they love them (which I agree they do), but objectively loves them, since the space magic confirms it. That is a weird stance to take, unless you believe there is no difference between loving someone in a selfless manner and the kind of "love" stalker, pedophiles or abusive parents have for their victims. I don't think that is the same emotion at all, regardless of what the person actually think to themselves. If they are, then love is not really a concept at all, and could be any emotion labeled as such in a persons mind.

    • TheLuckySpades
      TheLuckySpades 16 days ago

      +Sammathnar Sammathnar by twisting the definition I should probably clarify, I wrote that comment before I had completely cleared what I meant myself.
      The "space magic" requires a sacrifice of the highest order of something with a huge emotional attachment, of "love".
      By twisting the definition I mean that how he forms that bond and how he acts on that emotion is antithetical to what we commonly see as love.
      You can sacrifice nearly anything to get that, a toddler could sacrifice his favorite plush, a widow her last picture of her beloved, a pet, a friend, a toy, a trinket,...
      There is simply no one single "true" version of love, it is subjective and personal and terrifying.
      Finding people eho love in a similar and healthy way is a difficult task.
      Thanos doesn't love in a healthy way, he loves abusivly and that is not good for anyone.
      But just because his love isn't good doesn't mean it does not exist.
      To be honest, no one who's love is good would sacrifice someone else for that and thus it's far less likely that the good would get the stone over the wicked.

    • Sammathnar
      Sammathnar 16 days ago

      But the space magic, which presumably knows what real love is, accepts this as love. So you are saying if you change the definition of love, you can sacrifice nearly anything get that stone....which makes the whole conceit fall apart.

  • chrzrd
    chrzrd Month ago +1

    You’re a madman, Jenny Nicholson

  • David Bates
    David Bates Month ago

    Good on Jenny for making this and I completely agree. I also don't understand how people are getting so emotionally attached to the 'deaths' in this when, even ignoring other movies, the fact that it's part one of however many they milk it out into guarantees that they won't hold.
    Am I just emotionally crippled? Because what makes death emotionally sad for me is the finality of a life. If you believe the person is coming back then it's not really death. Is it?
    The plot was also full of contrivances and laugh out loud plot twists. "Hi, I'm Thanos, and my plan is to collect every infinity stone. I'm far stronger than my goons, and I have a stone that allows me to teleport at will. At least two stones are on earth and one is in this decrepit old mining outpost in the middle of space. I will go to the single stone and send my goons who are completely okay with me wiping half their sorry asses out of existence to earth because... if I don't then I'll never kidnap my daughter who I need to get another stone despite not knowing it, and who I don't know is going to follow me but I'll wait for her because I'm sure she will."
    In fact, Thanos's whole motivation was ridiculous. Talk about try to ape off Watchmen, whose story of wiping out millions for some golden age peace is equally flawed. This is a rare case where the comic book story of Thanos murdering half the universe to impress a girl was far more engaging. But hey, it seems to work for the uneducated masses, so who am I to judge.

  • Wonko Sane
    Wonko Sane Month ago

    The problem with Thanos and his goal and the Infinity Stones is this...Thanos can alter both sides of the equation. That is, overpopulation=war, famine, chaos. Ok, killing fifty percent of the population. Well...people will continue to have children, right? At some point, overpopulation comes again at some point, right? On the other hand, why not INCREASE resources? Why not make everyone and everything in the universe sterile for a generation, meaning, one generation of people across the universe is sterile. Population decreases? He has control over everything, so all manner of solutions are possible to the problem of overpopulation.

  • Michael Enihon
    Michael Enihon Month ago

    I've started liking your videos even before the ad is over.

  • Allison Fields
    Allison Fields Month ago

    Going into the movie, I specifically said, "As long as Loki, Peter, and Bucky don't die, I think I can deal."

  • OtherBlueGirl
    OtherBlueGirl Month ago +5

    I cried at the end of Infinity War, but that’s just because I’m a huge nerd for this series and they can manipulate my emotions. Outside the theater, I was like, “Well of course a lot of those deaths aren’t going to stick”, but in the moment, I was just wrapped up in the story. I’m a sappy sap, I totally own it.

  • ripcaptainamerica
    ripcaptainamerica Month ago

    "girl, learn to read the room" im peeing

  • Emma Levitt
    Emma Levitt Month ago

    I genuinely started cackling at her theory for the next avengers movie. Such good satire!

  • Wesley Lin
    Wesley Lin Month ago

    in terms of living resentment of killing half a population, He's taken up a God-complex to control the natural order of things regardless of sentiment or....lmao popularity.
    As long as the species thrives with less suffering, he will do what it takes.
    And perhaps his actions have prevented wars, poverty, and starvation. When taken to these accounts and the civilization living in prosperity, some ppl will forget the horrors that were taken to ensure comfortability and stability.
    Much like in real life

  • Wesley Lin
    Wesley Lin Month ago

    gamora was bred to be a killing warrior, and Thanos has respect for fighters.
    So yea, in a demented way, there's love. He definitely treasured her

  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins Month ago

    Let;'s see if they go the comic book route and have Thor just rounding up reincarnated Asgardians to rebuild Asgard (though, considering that after Odin died, Asgard just went to shit anyway, I don't see the point...)

  • Ninkira
    Ninkira Month ago

    I was surprised you were so critical of audiences getting caught up in the deaths. Even if you're not paying attention to the realities of Bucky and Panther getting killed first telling you they're going to get back, it was so obvious they were going to lose this round and the snap was going to happen. But people enjoyed the drama of the deaths because they were presented in a way that was still empathetic, despite knowing everyone will come back in the next movie. But the characters don't know that. And all the characters are scared and hopeless at this point, and the movie does a good job of making us feel that (though they partially rely on you caring about them from previous movies, I don't find this a fault per se). But I just started watching your videos so I'm not sure if you are finding this to be a fault in the movie's narrative ability or its just hard for you to buy into the Marvel movies in general.

  • Laurel Zwilling
    Laurel Zwilling Month ago

    I would love to see a video that's just like your top 5 Twilight Zone episodes, or the 5 worst episodes, or your favorite of the worst Twilight Zone episodes. I'd just love to hear you talk more about the Twilight Zone, basically.

  • Mina Dannelly
    Mina Dannelly Month ago

    Lol they're not dwarves, they're giants. That's the joke.

  • Quq Balam
    Quq Balam Month ago

    What I hated was Thor getting back his eye. I can tolerate Stormbreaker (since at least that one has plot relevance) despite the whole point of Ragnarok being that he no longer needed his hammer or any other weapon, but the eye really annoyed the hell out of me. Not only did Thor look cool with his eyepatch but there's also a total lack of consequence.

  • Meriki Jiya
    Meriki Jiya Month ago

    “Yes kill more. Kill them all.” Jenny might be a part of the black order.

  • Austinitsua
    Austinitsua Month ago

    Nailed it.

  • George Bergeon
    George Bergeon Month ago

    i like your twilight zone references

  • Otto T
    Otto T Month ago

    He is an insane alien dude.

  • Dreamr Six
    Dreamr Six Month ago

    13:22 * hand rising from middle *
    "I just want his big purple..."

  • Martin Stephenson
    Martin Stephenson Month ago +1

    Oh my! you're not too bright are you?

  • geniegogo
    geniegogo Month ago

    Strange's cape is very popular, lol. The cornfield is where people are turned into scarecrows or jack-in-the-box's ? It's fun to rehash what will happen ... those disintegrated were the favorite heroes ... and definitely the ones left are the ones in danger of actually dying in the next movie, for example Captain America may die but I think he'll just quit and wander off ... oh and Iron Man could die but no wait, he already had his death scene so he's not allowed another one of those so he'll probably quietly retire somewhere to ripen for future cameos ...