• Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • The Guardian's war on trolls has been raging for near on a decade with no end in sight.
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Comments • 1 585

  • Haryan Gláeddyv
    Haryan Gláeddyv Month ago +743

    If you every want to laugh at legit Guardian articles one saturday Sargon, me and Discordia run a livestream where we do exactly that, you are most welcome. ;)

    • colin munro
      colin munro 13 days ago

      @Saoirse I before E except except after GET FUCKED😎

    • Rat Keller
      Rat Keller Month ago +1

      @Saoirse thank you for being the one to educate this person not to put themselves first.

    • dezz nutz
      dezz nutz Month ago +1

      The Guardian is the worst of the worst.

    • Rhodri Williams
      Rhodri Williams Month ago +1

      Well, you got my attention. I would like to see this also

    • Haryan Gláeddyv
      Haryan Gláeddyv Month ago

      @Sparka It better not!!!

  • nicholas scott
    nicholas scott 3 days ago

    I'm surprised they didn't name it "the Centre for Unplatforming Nasty Trolls"....

  • Billy Fishkins
    Billy Fishkins 4 days ago

    Mine is orange, am i going to die?

  • robot noir
    robot noir 4 days ago

    I hope you're not being rude about Rachel, Sargon. Don't make me choose.

  • Slyguy threeonetwonine

    Thank God my shit is green! Hey fuck off I'm Irish!

  • Dr Sanguine Sunrise
    Dr Sanguine Sunrise 6 days ago

    The Guardian is odious beyond belief. But it is also essential, because Labour MP's read the Guardian and then formulate their Manifesto on the strength of a few Guardian articles. As a result we get Boris Johnson as PM and Tory majority in the House of Commons.
    But the independent is just as bad; it had an article recently claiming how the UK public had changed it's mind about Brexit, less than one month after voting in Boris and the 'GET BREXIT DONE' Tory party. The poll done for the Independent by BMG, so the Independent paid BMG to create a poll for it. 1,508 people were asked - 52% said they'd like to remain, so that is about 780 people.
    17.4+ MILLION vote to Leave - The Independent says this is not a true picture of the nations mood toward the EU.
    780 people say they'd like to stay - The Independent says the nation has changed its mind.

  • pretorious700
    pretorious700 8 days ago

    Everyone I know and respect is a troll. The bigger the better.
    No trolls=echo chamber bullshit

  • Nick Dubbin
    Nick Dubbin 11 days ago

    Owen Jones didn't take this advice

  • spookanide
    spookanide 14 days ago

    Almost 2 decades of this word being in circulation and still the MSM don't understand what it actually means. Shut the fuck up please. If someone genuinely says something and you get mad about it, that's not trolling. It's having either a different opinion or it's bullying.

  • Schleicherfreund
    Schleicherfreund 16 days ago

    Have we finally arrived at the point, where the MSM is so fed up, that they admit that online bullying isn't real?

  • Schleicherfreund
    Schleicherfreund 16 days ago

    Imagine thinking that you need to be paid to get a rise out of fucking with moral busibodies.
    Some people would, and even do, pay to do that shit.

  • Esteban Nemo
    Esteban Nemo 16 days ago

    I agree. Don't feed the trolls. Trolling is to debate, like frottage by a creep on a crowded metro car, is to foreplay. I'm all for fair-minded discussions to voice differing opinions, but when does that even happen in real life, much less the anonymity of a chat room?

  • Abdur Rahman
    Abdur Rahman 16 days ago

    rUsSiAn tRuMp sUpPoRtErS AND
    tUrKiSh StAtE StOOgeS
    Do they think Turkish muslims are too islam-ey to be trolls? I call Islamophobia and/or Racism

  • E Z
    E Z 16 days ago

    What the left are labelling people to avoid addressing the issues - never! Humour oh that's hate speech if you cant think of a good reply

  • Scooter Scooter
    Scooter Scooter 17 days ago

    oh dear, what is going on in these peoples minds, the guardian is a troll in its self,

  • humandxp
    humandxp 18 days ago

    Ash Sakar is brown as shit can get

  • Atrax Robustus
    Atrax Robustus 19 days ago

    The guardian is a bigoted rag that enjoys spreading it's hate throughout the West.

  • Aim Smith
    Aim Smith 19 days ago

    7:23 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aim Smith
    Aim Smith 19 days ago

    My shit is the same colour as Ash Sarkar, smells the same as well.

  • Bob Smudger
    Bob Smudger 20 days ago

    Guardian BTL is without a doubt the most rewarding of sources of entertainment 👍

  • teknical100
    teknical100 20 days ago

    3.10 She is talking to The Guardian. . . . .
    Engage with the trolls, no one cares. Block them, no one cares.

  • Zack Yezek
    Zack Yezek 20 days ago

    Why does the picture of seemingly EVERY Guardian, Salon, etc. writer show a person who appears like they'd melt like the wicked witch of the west if exposed to testosterone, especially the 'men'?
    Seriously, there seems to be a "no normal people" hiring policy at these outfits. It's just an endless torrent of whitey sucks, Western Civ. sucks, normal people suck from a toxic substratum of society that's turned whining & malignant xenophilia into an identity. They're not even saying novel crazy BS anymore; the rhetoric has become such boilerplate cant that wags can now predict what these wankers will say or write beforehand.

  • Mor MacFey
    Mor MacFey 20 days ago

    Block and ignore everything....they'll never see the storm coming.

  • zebratangozebra
    zebratangozebra 20 days ago

    Blocking is basically running away and hiding under your bed

  • Thomas Powell
    Thomas Powell 20 days ago

    A troll? Someone who likes to explore different youtube channels and leave comments 🤔but???? Isn’t that what youtube is all about ?

  • Agent Carbunkle
    Agent Carbunkle 20 days ago

    remember when eddie izzard was just a transvestite and nobody gave a shit

  • david edbrooke-coffin

    Every time I have seen her in an interview I am staggered by her complete ignorance and incapacity to listen to other points of view.

  • Suriya Suntiviraporn
    Suriya Suntiviraporn 28 days ago

    Those people are clearly cannot take public opinions, they should just stay private

  • SpaghettiandSauce
    SpaghettiandSauce Month ago

    Anyone who tries posting on the Guardian will quickly discover two things:
    1. They classify "trolling" as "not agreeing with the Guardian". I had a dozen accounts banned for posting the mildest comments imaginable before I gave up and realized they simply won't let you disagree with them. No matter how you do it.
    2. Their comments section is overflowing with the purest posion imaginable - but it's OK because it's leftist posion directed at people the Guardian hates.

  • Suman Kumar
    Suman Kumar Month ago

    If you are liberal, it doesn't matter what your skin color is ...you are automatically becomes tard, ignorant, victim, propaganda artist...
    I once was like them because i didn't have much experience and was very young ...now they give me headache.

  • simonrobson48
    simonrobson48 Month ago

    Starve them of Oxygen..🤔🤔🤔🤔 Didn't they do that to Jews in the 2WW and they Dare call us Nazis...🇬🇧🇺🇸❤️

  • paul sherwood
    paul sherwood Month ago

    I would love to comment but I'm afraid free speech is dead on here.

  • Patrick A. Crawley
    Patrick A. Crawley Month ago

    It should be a CUB BADGE...trolling the Grauniad

  • ico
    ico Month ago

    What are you, some sort of a racist?

  • Alex O
    Alex O Month ago

    Poor England. If you mix in a tiniest mote of poop to a tub of vanilla ice cream, what flavour would you end up with

  • Clark Vent
    Clark Vent Month ago

    Remember when Trolls just lived under bridges!

  • ZombieSlayer 78
    ZombieSlayer 78 Month ago

    I've lost count of the number of times I've been called a Russian bot troll simply because I criticise or don't share their belief.

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson Month ago

    If Antifa turn up again, make sure you clobber at least one of them this time please Sargon.

  • Correctly Outraged
    Correctly Outraged Month ago

    Unless people are ceaselessly screetching they might have some insight. Use discernment with people you find credible and take the hits from the stupid :)

  • Correctly Outraged
    Correctly Outraged Month ago

    I just can't stop laughing. Russia is behind a conspiracy of the left. Its so absurd the gift that keeps giving... hahahahh

  • Julien
    Julien Month ago +1

    >implying smear merchants and outrage click farmers are not themselves parasitic rent seeking trolls

  • llriv
    llriv Month ago

    Wait. Are their Britons who take the Guardian seriously? I thought you all knew it was just mindless drivel.
    I don't know any Americans who will cite it even when desperate. It's essentially like Breitbart or NPR. It's infotainment.

  • George Chorizo
    George Chorizo Month ago

    What color is Ash Sarkar? 😆😂

  • Chief of Staffy
    Chief of Staffy Month ago

    That Diane Abbott one is brilliant. One of the rare times I actually LOL

  • brant nuttall
    brant nuttall Month ago

    I voted leave and more recently Tory and won with both. Then this morning I went to the corner shop and had a long conversation with the asian working behind the till. I don't know how because I obviously must be a racist. Funny how that works.

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks Month ago

    Dull-ich FFS.

  • Amanda Doran
    Amanda Doran Month ago +1

    I used to love Eddy Izzard, one of the funniest comedians ever imo, never even batted an eyelash at his transvestism, but in the run up to the referendum and all his woke hogwash 😱😭🥱🥱🥱 just don’t feel the same about him. Gutted !!

  • Iron Mountain
    Iron Mountain Month ago

    It’s honestly shocking to see how much the left in Britain is like the left in America...ex:
    1. Protesters & Antifa gathering chanting “not my prime minister” post election
    2. Making the excuse of Russian collusion in their election
    3. Using the “your a racist nazi...blah blah blah” argument to deplatform people
    Their tactics are so unoriginal and it’s amazing to see people around the world waking up and taking their culture back!

  • videos online
    videos online Month ago

    most of the trolls are in Israel realjewnews.com incogman.net newnation.com davidduke.com

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb Month ago

    I can man the door for you

  • Max West
    Max West Month ago

    I would bother with social media if i didnt keep getting shadow banned and locked out of my account for following the wrong people/ expressing an opinion/making a joke.

  • kim wiser
    kim wiser Month ago

    I saw a video of a college student who put up two Guardian Articles. One said we need to fight overpopulation and not have children. The other one said that because we’re not having children we need to have mass immigration. I don’t remember the exact wording but that’s the gist of what the Guardian said.

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly Month ago

    I'll keep trolling the Guardian of lies.
    It's a hobby of mine.

  • javelinmaster2
    javelinmaster2 Month ago

    How to deal with Trolls.
    1. Ignore them
    2. Ignore them
    3. Repeat 1 and 2
    4. If you don't follow these steps then you are an idiot

  • Janette McCubbin
    Janette McCubbin Month ago

    If they don't like it, turn it off.

  • Spartan Seventyeight
    Spartan Seventyeight Month ago +1

    Here's the thing with 'Trolling'. 7 times out of 10, they're using it by the original definition: Someone looking to fuck with you for the sake of amusement online. Not attempting to argue a point, nor to change an opinion, rather looking to generate the most offence possible. Like heckling, or chirping. You pick a topic, you go at it in a way that's vulgar, demeaning, crude, spiteful or hateful, and go at it until you get a reaction.
    Now, the issue is: Some are far too quick to label genuine discourse as trolling, and on the other side so many are willing to dismiss the trolled as simply whiny assholes quick to make excuses for losing an argument (even if, at times, there is no argument being had.)
    Its quite funny to me, really. It started with idiots not noticing trolling, then some idiots recognising trolling when there was no trolling, then that died down and thus the rise of everyone claiming 'oh you just claim troll because you can't argue' has been on the rise. Now, Sargon I understand your position on it because as a public figure you've been blocked by many whom simply dismiss you as a troll despite your desire for discourse but that's far from the norm.

  • Reharl
    Reharl Month ago

    >follow anti-troll guide
    >only 30 people left on internet to interact with
    >no content
    >digital tumbleweeds blow by

  • Reharl
    Reharl Month ago

    I am but a humble meme farmer, tending my meme fields.
    With vagene. And bobs.

  • Bong Shapiro
    Bong Shapiro Month ago

    Let them have their bubble. Support alternative social media and video hosting.

  • Liam Francomb
    Liam Francomb Month ago

    The Guardian is the only newspaper I read ( online of course)
    Even the sport articles are full of PC bullshit