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  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • Today Colleen Ballinger and I made a Lion King inspired cake!
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    1 ¾ cups flour
    2 ¼ tsp. baking powder
    ¾ tsp. salt
    ¾ tsp. cinnamon
    ½ tsp. nutmeg
    1 ½ cups sugar
    1 cup vegetable oil
    3 large eggs
    2 cups honey mangoes (diced)
    1 ½ tsp. mango extract
    This is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me.
    This #Mango #Lion #King Cake was super fun to make with Colleen Ballinger/Miranda Sings! Are you excited for the new Lion King Movie? What is your favorite Disney Movie?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  11 days ago +4509

    How amazing is Colleen? Is anyone else excited for the new Lion King movie??? 🦁👑

  • Yarely O
    Yarely O Hour ago

    I made a show about The Lion King

  • Lilli Drialo
    Lilli Drialo Hour ago

    Is anyone else wondering why Colleen is on broadway when she has a baby

  • Kallista Matheney

    So cute! 😜!

  • Ben
    Ben Hour ago

    Lol How did the cake get bigger? At 13:55

  • Audi Fish
    Audi Fish Hour ago

    I love you ro

  • Lil Gothic Girl
    Lil Gothic Girl 2 hours ago

    I was watching this then it froze and I’m like oof Ralph broke the internet again

    ELIZABETH BODANSKY 3 hours ago +1

    I love being allergic to mango and watching 2 people I love raving about how good mango is ... I'll be ok😂😅
    Oh by the way I AM deathly allergic

  • Saddim Sadim
    Saddim Sadim 4 hours ago +1

    To you are so cute and small

  • LindaIvettee
    LindaIvettee 4 hours ago

    Lil biscuit 😂

  • Bethany Eagar
    Bethany Eagar 6 hours ago

    You should collab with the icing artist
    Like if you agree

  • Lily Hesse
    Lily Hesse 8 hours ago

    Hi I love your channel!❤️ but I was wondering if you and Colleen could bake with Bailey

  • Luxmys life
    Luxmys life 8 hours ago +1

    I watched lion king on july 19 it was great cute adorable sad all the emotions loved the movie CONGRATS colleen for ur brodway apperance rosanna ur so talented luv u guys and i might use this cause ive never tried mango cakes and i luv magos luv u again

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith 10 hours ago

    Colleen-you’ve been egged before
    Colleen-by who
    Ro-omg my ex boyfriend

  • Elenthia Sadler
    Elenthia Sadler 10 hours ago

    You are the best baker

  • Anureet Kaur
    Anureet Kaur 12 hours ago +1


  • Ella Escamilla
    Ella Escamilla 14 hours ago

    ok I got tickets before I knew colleen was in it... I am even more excited now lol

  • Nina and Eva
    Nina and Eva 14 hours ago

    I love both of your outfits❤👌😄

  • Noah Nakamura
    Noah Nakamura 15 hours ago

    Its my 12th birthday today

  • Bobbi Draws
    Bobbi Draws 15 hours ago

    I love it but the ears made it creepy

  • Bobbi Draws
    Bobbi Draws 15 hours ago

    Is the cake mango 🥭♥️

  • briexstars
    briexstars 15 hours ago

    I watched the movie lion king but the real version and I cried when simbas dad died

  • Sienna Mackie
    Sienna Mackie 19 hours ago

    When do said we’ve got a turn table I thought she said *weve got a turd table💀🤣

  • Adrianna Hertlein
    Adrianna Hertlein 20 hours ago

    Lil biscuit 😂

  • Adrianna Hertlein
    Adrianna Hertlein 20 hours ago

    I love Ro 100% so this is not a hate comment, but do you guys also feel like she acts like a 20 year old and a 50 year old at the same time?😂❤️

  • panda_ edits '-'
    panda_ edits '-' 21 hour ago

    Does anybody leave a channel for awhile and then they grow up and you can't find the old videos????????!????

  • Someone Annoying
    Someone Annoying 21 hour ago

    Sad thing is I can't get season four of escape the night my parents won't let get me get premium

  • Sunsetdreamer Sky
    Sunsetdreamer Sky 21 hour ago

    Man I missed nerdy Nummies

  • austin gerry
    austin gerry 21 hour ago

    I Lajit thought that her engaged ring fell in there

  • my pp iches 23
    my pp iches 23 22 hours ago

    The circle of life.

  • Shane Smolka
    Shane Smolka 23 hours ago

    I have the nerdy nummies book!❤️✌🏻

  • möcü
    möcü Day ago

    ro and colleen: *M Ö Î $ T*

  • ohsnapitsjj
    ohsnapitsjj Day ago

    Colleen’s shirt matches the cake 😊

  • Slime Sisters
    Slime Sisters Day ago

    Ro I love your vids and I love Colleen to ❤️❤️👍

  • Alyssa Bompartito

    Coleen is Miranda sing

  • Sasha Volokh
    Sasha Volokh Day ago

    My kids wish you would pronounce "spatula" in funny ways like you used to, e.g. "mouspatula", "moustachular", and "spyetula" (in a New Jersey-style accent).

  • Pedro Bautista
    Pedro Bautista Day ago

    Ro why don’t you make an escape the night cake🍰

  • Shylo Dunn
    Shylo Dunn Day ago

    who is your x boy friend?

  • The Unicorn
    The Unicorn Day ago

    Colleen looks so diffrent

  • Cece Dillon
    Cece Dillon Day ago

    Colleen’s body snapped back y’all

  • Kellie Shive
    Kellie Shive Day ago

    U should try a sponge bob cake

  • Hailey Lessard
    Hailey Lessard Day ago

    My two fav you tubers in one video 😯😂

  • Ava 1929
    Ava 1929 Day ago

    Omg that’s so cuteeee

  • Rubio Kiddos
    Rubio Kiddos Day ago +1

    Omg 😲 my two favorite people youtubers iaaa

  • Lillian Mcferran
    Lillian Mcferran Day ago +1

    RO I know you’ve made a couple videos with Miranda Sings but you should make a Haters back off cake 🎂!

  • Ellabella 3eb
    Ellabella 3eb Day ago

    I was walking my dog and she saw a squirrel and pulled me down I had to go to the ER and I got glue on my chin

  • Baanvya
    Baanvya Day ago +1

    Ro , my friend for her birthday got your new cookbook and it's awesome I am obsessed

  • Sir Timbletot63
    Sir Timbletot63 Day ago


    I LIKE BUTTER Day ago

    i've not watched her for 2 yrs

  • Alayah Turrner
    Alayah Turrner Day ago

    Love Rosanna and Colleen so MUCH 😍🤩😻💖😘

  • Alayah Turrner
    Alayah Turrner Day ago

    Ro forgot to put the iceing on the turn table

  • EnigmaOfTheEchidna

    Colleen is most definitely amazing!! I missed seeing her, still gorgeous as ever! And Rosanna still looking great, both of your hair-dos are incredible!

  • Alayah Turrner
    Alayah Turrner Day ago

    Coleen: You have been egged
    Ro: yeah, by my ex boyfriend
    Me: shook

  • Laine Rebeira
    Laine Rebeira Day ago +1

    I love you so much Ro u inspire me so much I’ve watch you for a year now and I enjoy it so much I do remember when you went on the nexflix show “nailed it” my favourite Netflix show and when you were in that episode it was my favourite and I loved the heels, anyway I love you soooo much u inspire me and I love Colleen to!❤️ I hope you see this!!❤️

  • Tanno8490 Memes are lit

    Ro would be the most classic grandma ever and everyone would be so jealous

  • Anthony Toney
    Anthony Toney Day ago

    Do strek next

  • whereisnoel
    whereisnoel Day ago

    Oh my god just adopt right now.

  • arlene agnes
    arlene agnes Day ago

    you should've made a channel called nerdy nummies separate on your main channel ro

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    Marvel Wolf CJ Day ago

    I love how Ro has a beautiful and useful garden

  • Veera Bandekar
    Veera Bandekar Day ago

    Colleen and Rosanna look so frickin pretty

  • Billie Graceffa
    Billie Graceffa Day ago

    I can't wait for her video with Tana and Bretman! (How do I know? Cause they are in Escape The Night and she's making videos with every cast memember)

  • Gachawolfie Gamer
    Gachawolfie Gamer Day ago +2

    Colleen:*is mine ain’t good enough*
    Lol 😂

  • Samantha Serato
    Samantha Serato Day ago

    I never whach lion king in my holl life

  • Charleigh Anderson

    Colleen is so amazing

  • Sugumar Somu
    Sugumar Somu Day ago

    Why not you do a sun flower cake

  • Maddy Lovesanimals
    Maddy Lovesanimals Day ago +3

    Colleen: I’ll squirt and you spin
    Me: wanky😏

  • Novel Beats
    Novel Beats Day ago +1

    Ro I’m a baker and have a small business and I’ve nothing special I’m no celebrity but ID LOVE TO BAKE W. U IN YOUR KITCHEN!!! Your videos helped me boost my skills and I practice with your recipes ALL. THE. TIME. ilysm!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Greta LeHane
    Greta LeHane Day ago

    What stand mixer do u have

  • Maddy Lovesanimals
    Maddy Lovesanimals Day ago +1

    The new lion king is AMAZING, all the songs are the same and the story line is nearly the same too, with a few minor differences

  • brooke cherie
    brooke cherie Day ago

    Who else got a lion king ad before the video

  • DONUTSTEALJIN Imwatchingyou

    If your cake is perfection, then its from ro.

  • sarah o poop
    sarah o poop 2 days ago

    Blue berry muffin: ha I'm the advert i have the better name
    Row: AW husky look they'd playing
    In this video I'm not sure if they have muffin so

  • Yvonne Mcadams
    Yvonne Mcadams 2 days ago +1

    I just watched The Lion King🦁 Friday the 19th in 2019🐒🐂🐅🦁🦁🦁🦏🐘

  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan 2 days ago +1

    I love it when yall collab! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Ro is little but she's a tuff cookie 🍪

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    Chunky Dino 2 days ago

    Ro should do a stranger things cake💗

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    Raina Gjerlaug 2 days ago

    soo confused is husky your x?

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    Patricia Cuevas 2 days ago

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  • Princesp_14
    Princesp_14 2 days ago

    "So I squirt and you spin?" 😂😂

  • Min Yoongi93
    Min Yoongi93 2 days ago

    Im going to see it tomorrow for free because I did the Lion King musical and my cast is so sweet that a cast member bought a whole theatre for the cast

  • slimydick23
    slimydick23 2 days ago

    Colleen is so sexy someone please tell me where i can find her nudes

  • Jorry Buali
    Jorry Buali 2 days ago +1

    Rather than throwing cake on each other and ruining your makeup make them into cake pops

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    Trinity Stoik 2 days ago +1

    Your NEW Hair colour is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Shanzeh223 Khan
    Shanzeh223 Khan 2 days ago

    When i was little my favorite movie was the lion king and i still do no kidding i watch 247 when i was two

  • Nancy Orozco
    Nancy Orozco 2 days ago +1

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    Galaxy Girl 2 days ago +1

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    Blazenut 27 2 days ago

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    Me: MIKE

  • syl x
    syl x 2 days ago

    'issa bottem or issa hole' compared to ro -issa cupcake, issa cootie wtf is she on hahah

  • syl x
    syl x 2 days ago

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    Candese Hellesoe 2 days ago

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    I Love Chocolate 2 days ago

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    Polcia Baler 2 days ago

    I will call you when I will need my weeding cake😉🥰

    THROW SHADE 2 days ago

    Did you know? The disney movie 'Coco' is actually a true story from a family in Mexico. They are very poor and they did not know there was a movie about them. That means that DISNEY DID NOT PAY THEM FOR IT, NOT EVEN A DOLLAR.