Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson For $50,000,000?!

  • Published on Jan 18, 2022
  • Influenced by Dexerto - Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul might be actually happening. Despite being 30 years younger than Tyson, rumours have surfaced that Jake might have landed himself a $50 million dollar boxing match against the legend. Is this a good move for Jake or could he find himself in a tough situation against such a legend?
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Comments • 283

  • dad
    dad 4 months ago +412

    I know he's old, but if you even compare his recent training videos to Jakes you'd see that he still has that power and speed, as for stamina idk but Jake better watch for those hooks😂

    • Bruh
      Bruh 4 months ago

      I thought you went for the milk

    • Jake Small
      Jake Small 4 months ago

      He said ain’t doing it cuz to much arguing over money happened and it’s not fun now and doesn’t wana lose a friend over it

    • Josue Salmeron
      Josue Salmeron 4 months ago

      I feel like mike would jus want 2 put on ah show

    • Blaze Martinez
      Blaze Martinez 4 months ago

      @Ic3y Fr0ggy what disease does mike have?

  • DesXTea🍵
    DesXTea🍵 4 months ago +428

    They need to let Mike fight with 1 hand while blind folded to make it fair

    • Brzy
      Brzy 3 months ago

      u legit everywhere huh from anime to jake paul vs mike tyson

    • NOT ZEEZ
      NOT ZEEZ 3 months ago


    • Squid Punt
      Squid Punt 4 months ago

      @Shrek's cousin I mean, he bit a dudes ear off so you know he still has a pretty good chance

    • Mitch Marner
      Mitch Marner 4 months ago +1

      Still won’t be fair, Jake can’t handle him no matter what the rules are

    • XxxShaqirixxX
      XxxShaqirixxX 4 months ago

      U forgot he has to hop as well

  • Daksh Solanki
    Daksh Solanki 4 months ago +104

    Mike is gonna get Jake into his final form and that final form is a vegetable

  • brunhilda jaquavion
    brunhilda jaquavion 4 months ago +30

    See since Tyson is very humble now and has changed from the freak Tyson that he used to be, Jake is taking advantage of that and using it as an ‘easy win’ which I don’t believe he will. If he does you can very well assume it’s rigged or shallow because there’s just no way in the universe that Jake does anything to this legend

    • xGriiMErZ
      xGriiMErZ 4 months ago +2

      Soon as the champ sets foot in the ring, he turns in to an animal, Jake should be worried

  • Fzoid
    Fzoid 4 months ago +72

    If Mike would fight seriously the fight would be over in no time.. and don't believe he will though.

    • Furious EddieYT
      Furious EddieYT 4 months ago

      @Roccoz Mike always puts his kid s in First place

    • Roccoz
      Roccoz 4 months ago

      @Furious EddieYT don't forget the money part

    • Furious EddieYT
      Furious EddieYT 4 months ago +3

      Cause of his kids

    • Furious EddieYT
      Furious EddieYT 4 months ago +2

      Prob not cause Mike Said his kids love him ND tht being a reason why He prob wont

  • Chaes
    Chaes 4 months ago +36

    Who in the right mind would fight Mike tyson 😂

    • Nirmaan
      Nirmaan 4 months ago

      @The Gaming Joker good one

    • Soupfork
      Soupfork 4 months ago

      @The Gaming Joker nice 👌

    • Kaius
      Kaius 4 months ago

      A person who wants money

    • TO13
      TO13 4 months ago

      an uprising pro boxing star who needs to challenge him at one point. so definitely not jake paul

    • Saltiest Saltine
      Saltiest Saltine 4 months ago

      @Saiba we know who he is

  • XxsammyxX
    XxsammyxX 4 months ago

    These shorts are amazing keep it up!❤️

  • TheCr1tikalVerse
    TheCr1tikalVerse 4 months ago +2

    I once said I would never respect jake Paul. If he actually fights him and wins this one fight I will respect him forever.

    • Wizz_Air
      Wizz_Air 4 months ago +3

      Imagine if he later reveals to have paid Tyson to let him win

  • Josh
    Josh 4 months ago +2

    Alt title: Jake pauls funeral might be as earlier than expected

  • Dan Hopcraft
    Dan Hopcraft 4 months ago

    If Jake Paul beats Mike Tyson I'll quit drinking 😂

  • Zack Jinskie Hapa
    Zack Jinskie Hapa 4 months ago

    50mil?!?! This would be his hardest fight yet

  • Jjjj
    Jjjj 4 months ago

    I'm gonna say Jake will win ( I'm not a fan ) but he seems to be good at convincing his opponents to take a dive

  • EternalDragon
    EternalDragon 4 months ago +22

    jake paul ( i forgot the difference)has a chance because the age difference may affect mike performance but mike tyson is still mike tyson

    • Fizz
      Fizz 4 months ago

      no he isn’t he old af

    • DesXTea🍵
      DesXTea🍵 4 months ago +9

      You think that a Disney kid that released it's everyday bro who only managed to fight none boxers for his wins would win against someone who lived in Ali's era someone who broke allot of boxing records since he was 16 the dude that bit someone's ear off cause he was pissed

    • Your_Jordan_Daddy
      Your_Jordan_Daddy 4 months ago +4

      It's Jake who is going to fight mike

    • Your_Jordan_Daddy
      Your_Jordan_Daddy 4 months ago +4

      Who said Logan???

  • emperor platypus
    emperor platypus 2 months ago

    OK I know Jake is I guess good at fighting but this is a legend we are talking about this man will wipe the floor with jake

  • Victor Niu
    Victor Niu 3 months ago

    Bro how is Jake Paul going to beat him when in an interview ali was scared of him. I mean yea that was when he was in his prime it's still pretty obvious

  • Nathan Cooper
    Nathan Cooper 4 months ago +8

    I’m just happy Mike Tyson is going to make a 50 million dollar pay day. Let them fight . Set up or not. Win or loose . Go mike ! Pay day .

  • bowsercrusher19
    bowsercrusher19 4 months ago +1

    Jake is in real trouble, Mike Tyson is the real deal.

  • Inferno YT
    Inferno YT 4 months ago

    Bruh now he’s fighting old people 😂
    Atleast logan has some sense to not fight Tyson bc he’s old

  • Game Scope
    Game Scope 4 months ago

    Jake has no chance 😂

  • Kevin John
    Kevin John 4 months ago +1

    Mike's gonna be rich like his old days

  • Haze Metz
    Haze Metz 4 months ago

    Mike just needs to get on some mad shit and go out in the 1st round trying to kill him.
    Anything that lasts past the 3rd I'm saddened to say I feel would be in Jake's favour.
    Mike himself has said how tired he feels after 3 rounds of sparing nowadays

  • CoolAthlete
    CoolAthlete 4 months ago

    Jake paul must of lost his mind thinking he could beat mike tyson

  • poyut
    poyut 4 months ago +2

    Jake stands no fucking chance. I won't be attending his funeral

  • Cybernetic Person
    Cybernetic Person 4 months ago

    Man thinks he's professional fighting retired boxers, Mike Tyson will prove him wrong.

  • Colin W
    Colin W 4 months ago

    Tyson would destroy Paul, if it turns into another Mayweather fight, Tyson would lose everyone's respect.

  • Papa Palps
    Papa Palps 4 months ago +22

    To reduce mike's legacy to him biting holyfields ear is dumb

    • Alex Gus
      Alex Gus 4 months ago

      I bet mike is gonna win first round

  • Clarks Kent’s
    Clarks Kent’s 4 months ago

    Mike already confirmed he’s not taking the fight for any amount of money… maybe if he was back in his prime and ready but never now. Go check out Full send podcast with Dana white and mike Tyson they talked about a lot of juicy stuff

  • Variks
    Variks 4 months ago +1

    Finally, someones gonna get rid of jake paul for us. Jake's skull is gonna turn to dust.

  • Kim Bernard Lucito
    Kim Bernard Lucito 4 months ago

    Well Jake paul has just made a mistake challenging Mike Tyson

  • Alan88
    Alan88 4 months ago

    Bro jake Paul would be knocked out in a second 😂

  • munkenshus
    munkenshus 4 months ago

    Ear biting legend? He was the youngest heavyweight boxer.

  • ChannelNotFound.mp4
    ChannelNotFound.mp4 4 months ago

    Jake's gonna win. Not because he's stronger. Mike Tyson would knock him out in the first round. I'm saying it's rigged.

  • Demi
    Demi 4 months ago +1

    Well Mike needs that money

  • sk8tr1125
    sk8tr1125 4 months ago

    Yeah Mike is going to win no matter what to be honest cause he has been a boxer for mainly his whole life

  • Helmer
    Helmer 4 months ago

    Mike Tyson is the GREATEST boxer, even at 55, Mike Tyson would probably still beat Jake, even though he’s getting older, but I still wouldn’t underestimate Jake, people say how his fights are rigged, they aren’t, he has a chance, but I’d say 9/10 times Mike would probably win.

  • _Hanz_
    _Hanz_ 4 months ago

    Ah yeh unless you blind fold Mike Jake Paul may have a chance at landing one weak ass punch and the rest of the match with Mike dominating

  • Potion Seller
    Potion Seller 4 months ago

    I thought mike Tyson didn’t want to fight anymore though

  • Gravy B
    Gravy B 4 months ago

    If Mike Tyson doesn't knock him out within a minute this shit is 100% rigged

  • OneCommandMan
    OneCommandMan 3 months ago

    If he only have speed he might have chance but if Mike Tyson caught him just say this÷
    Oh that brothers gone

  • Kryptos
    Kryptos 4 months ago +1

    The only advantage jake has is age

  • Chris McAllister
    Chris McAllister 4 months ago

    If they don't put the no knockdown clause in for Paul then this would be a bloodbath. No chance in a real fight that Jake lives past the first round. All his fights have been staged

    NUGS WITH A Z 4 months ago +4

    Mike would need therapy for killing an opponent in the ring

  • 7wzz
    7wzz 4 months ago

    Ngl if Jake wins somehow everyone’s just gonna say “it’s because he’s old!” Or “rigged!” Like every fight y’all complain about smth

  • Հայերենի Ազգայնական - ODAE / GBS

    Mike would have to only use his legs for it to be fair 🤣

  • polytreon
    polytreon 3 months ago

    Bro mike can't even feel pain after u punch him

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small 4 months ago

    It’s not happening Mike said he doesn’t feel like training right now in a recent pod cast with Nelk and Dana white

  • Glutenous
    Glutenous 4 months ago

    jakes gonna be sore for a while after that

  • Nick 07
    Nick 07 4 months ago +1

    After jake gets knocked out he will be saying that it was because he was sick or something I know it

  • Mitch Marner
    Mitch Marner 4 months ago

    Jake won’t last 1 full round before his face splatters onto the mat

  • Costa Rican government
    Costa Rican government 4 months ago +1

    Mike Tyson gon win he gonna smack jack SO HARD that man will change skin tones from white to purple 💀

  • BATsCloud
    BATsCloud 4 months ago

    Mike is going to intentionally lose it's all about the money

  • Craig Magnuson
    Craig Magnuson 4 months ago

    It’s not happening Mike Tyson even said no one told him about a exhibition

  • (-_-)Faakhir?
    (-_-)Faakhir? 4 months ago +10

    Jake paul ear be like: Dont do this man !!!

  • that one star-feesh
    that one star-feesh 4 months ago

    Jake must feel proud trying to fight Mike Tyson when he's 30 years younger but I don't think he could fight Mike Tyson when he was 15 years old

  • elmo black edition
    elmo black edition 3 months ago

    Mike will one shot him he's a legend and Jake's a guy picks people who are malnourished

  • nick_12_0
    nick_12_0 4 months ago +1

    He is going to destroy Jake Paul Mike Tyson is a beast

  • Alex Brake
    Alex Brake 4 months ago

    This is funny all mike Tyson has to do is punch him once and jakes knocked tf out

  • creation
    creation 4 months ago

    He will only fight people out of there prime or people who don’t even box

  • NiceKing 6000
    NiceKing 6000 4 months ago +1

    The transitions do be faster than your father leaving for milk

  • Daisu no bakudan
    Daisu no bakudan 4 months ago +1

    I'd pirate to seen this

  • That Guy who Surfs
    That Guy who Surfs 4 months ago

    If so, RIP 🪦 Jake

    I’M HANZO 4 months ago

    No Jake’s going home in a body bag

  • dakahiro
    dakahiro 4 months ago

    i want to see pictures of Jake Paul missing an ear after this fight

  • Michel Lacroix
    Michel Lacroix 4 months ago

    First off it's an exhibition fight so itl be boring, basically just sparring. If it was a league match Tyson would decimate his face

  • mazgo007
    mazgo007 4 months ago

    If jake knocks out mike its rigged like i know its a 30 year age gap but he is still strong like its not gonna happen

  • Shiw 1221
    Shiw 1221 4 months ago

    Bro mike tyson would destroy the shit out of Jake Paul

  • WilliamEmzy
    WilliamEmzy 4 months ago

    Is Jake paul going to send him a watch before the fight too?

  • GamerBoy13 Stupid
    GamerBoy13 Stupid 4 months ago

    You have got to be freaking kidding me!

  • Lakatos MUI Richard
    Lakatos MUI Richard 4 months ago

    Should we say to Jake goodbye?

  • Validlikesalad
    Validlikesalad 4 months ago

    If Mike was jakes age again it wouldn’t even last a round he’s an old man now this is stupid

    AHŞAP 4 months ago

    Bro he have chance but im %85 sure mike will k.o him

  • die of cringe 42
    die of cringe 42 4 months ago +1

    Jake Paul is built like a noodle there is no way he going to win

  • caden gordon
    caden gordon 4 months ago

    I voting Mike Tyson, my guy.

  • Connor
    Connor 4 months ago

    He will get dropped 😬💀

  • Krillin
    Krillin 4 months ago

    Everyone is super one sided like “mike Tyson is aged” or “Jake can’t compare to the legend” but I truly think they will even put and it will be a good fight

    • jellycat 36
      jellycat 36 4 months ago

      @Krillin He may be old but he was literally one of the best boxers of all time and jake Paul hasn't even boxed a real boxer. I'm 100% sure it will be a blowout and mike won't even try

    • Krillin
      Krillin 4 months ago

      @jellycat 36 yes, it is but he is old, not saying he will lose but I do believe it will be close

    • jellycat 36
      jellycat 36 4 months ago

      It's Mike Tyson homie.

  • Glorious Survivor
    Glorious Survivor 4 months ago +1

    Jake has just lost 50mil like lmao

  • Evan Owens
    Evan Owens 3 months ago

    Let’s hope mike doesn’t break a rib I mean get scared

  • Omar lol
    Omar lol 4 months ago

    mike will absolutely demolish jake paul

  • ANN0B1S
    ANN0B1S 4 months ago

    We all know that iron mike will lose. Like with every fight with Jake, it's rigged. Everything is over money. Same will happen with Mike.

  • Resko
    Resko 4 months ago

    if jake paul win u guys will change your words and call mike tyson old. it happens in every jake paul fights lol

  • P3TR
    P3TR 4 months ago

    He won’t fight him because his entire family loves jake paul

  • Skin Onmynuts
    Skin Onmynuts 4 months ago

    I wanna see this!!!

  • Silviaaaaaaaa
    Silviaaaaaaaa 4 months ago

    Jake is done. Mike can punch up to *1600 joules*

  • Cody Lowry
    Cody Lowry 4 months ago

    Nothing will happen and both will get $ from doing nothing

  • Overtime
    Overtime 4 months ago

    Idk man we don’t want mike going to jail for murder

  • Jon Bro
    Jon Bro 4 months ago

    Mike is gonna send jake into oblivion

  • Mypen15itchy
    Mypen15itchy 4 months ago

    Bro that’s fake, the news article made that up , mike Tyson didn’t even know, he tweeted on the article saying he didn’t have any idea what they are talking about, do your research buddy

  • Younes Saleh
    Younes Saleh 4 months ago +1

    Bruh this shit isn’t fair bro Mike Tyson is 30 years older than his ass

  • Dhruv71
    Dhruv71 4 months ago

    Mike Tyson is a GOAT but also is 55 years old

  • Ale Bondi
    Ale Bondi 4 months ago

    Jake Paul thinks he’s gonna win but he’s not

  • UCUT'S /Estevan Acosta
    UCUT'S /Estevan Acosta 4 months ago

    I thought it was Logan Paul fighting mike Tyson 🤔🤔🤔

  • Meloraq
    Meloraq 4 months ago +1

    Rip Jake

  • joran cardon
    joran cardon 4 months ago

    Jake is getting good but mike is way to dangerous for him mike would kill him

  • Agatsuma Zenitsu
    Agatsuma Zenitsu 4 months ago

    Well what coffin we gonna get Jake Paul when the figth is over?

  • Taylordood
    Taylordood 4 months ago

    Jake Paul: 💀💀💀

  • sean bagelstein
    sean bagelstein 4 months ago

    I thought it was Logan Paul ? Now it’s just Jake? I’m confused and not quite sure why I care

  • Blake Kelley
    Blake Kelley 4 months ago

    Not a chance he is going to beat Mike tyson

  • idk_tori0
    idk_tori0 4 months ago

    Jake doesn't stand a chance

  • CoolAthlete
    CoolAthlete 4 months ago

    Mike tyson for the win

  • Siddharth Ghantasala
    Siddharth Ghantasala 4 months ago

    I don't know why he takes this fight. It's like a lose lose for him. He wins, millions of people get mad that he beat a retired old man. He loses, it's obvious Tysons the greatest heavyweight boxer! This legacy thing is absolute bullshit. You wanna make a legacy by beating Tyson? Beat him when he was 19-20 years old. Then you fucking speak