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  • Published on Nov 4, 2018
  • iconic

    heres the link to enter the competition babes: www.adrianflux.co.uk/learner-drivers/landing/win-ipad-mini/?LDinf

    yes! are we surprised i'm uploading another drive with me? i wouldn't be LOL! its chilly tho cuz now it's up to you guys to tell me what videos you wanna see in the future cuz my purpose here is to make y'all happy so lemme know xx
    intro song: rinse and repeat remix
    I use a canon g7x and edit on final cut pro
    love y’all
    if you’ve read this far comment ‘sugar tax is taking over the world'
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  • kate elisabeth
    kate elisabeth  Year ago +260

    for everyone asking my intro song is the rinse and repeat remix 😛 play it at seshes, family dinners and even at ur local church!!! let’s get this song to pop off

    • Snatched
      Snatched Year ago +2

      I can just image you seshing in the back of the church near the biscuit area 🤣💞

    • rétro
      rétro Year ago +1

      I’d actually play it at my mosque

    • Noora Longklet
      Noora Longklet Year ago +2

      i can’t find this song, pls help

    • Izzy Tabbron
      Izzy Tabbron Year ago +1

      can u tell us your spotify i need ur playlists

    • xAllTimeInCrowdx
      xAllTimeInCrowdx Year ago +1

      Literally the best song going

  • Korben Jones
    Korben Jones Month ago

    Funny and cute😂♥️

  • Sophie Elizabeth
    Sophie Elizabeth 6 months ago


  • itissoph _
    itissoph _ 7 months ago

    beji benji benji? name of the song please

  • Giselle Looi
    Giselle Looi 7 months ago

    Ur not a real londoner if you dont get a carwash and stay in it while boomerang-ing on ig and singing ur playlist’s songs out loud and coming out from it having those carwash people look at you becuz they lowkey heard you

  • lupita 90
    lupita 90 8 months ago

    5:36 - 5:43 songs?

  • Music With Shannon
    Music With Shannon 9 months ago

    Can you do a 24 hours in my car plz it would be so funny to see

  • N Campbell
    N Campbell 10 months ago

    ‘That coke went through me like frocking water’😂

  • Anna Rigsby
    Anna Rigsby 10 months ago

    As she talks about the AD someone over takes her that had me creased OMG hahhaha

  • Gili Cohen
    Gili Cohen 10 months ago


  • twilight8best
    twilight8best 11 months ago +1

    Wannabe Emma chamberlain much?

  • Mils 316
    Mils 316 11 months ago

    Sugar tax is taking over the world

  • Ebony Colwell
    Ebony Colwell 11 months ago

    Your always a mood babes😂😂👌❤️ aiii

  • Finnella O'Leary
    Finnella O'Leary 11 months ago

    "i can go to spain with that!" europeans are literally so lucky damn

  • isabelle george
    isabelle george 11 months ago

    ahaha someone overtook her at 2:47

  • Hannah Genevieve
    Hannah Genevieve 11 months ago


  • M
    M 11 months ago

    love the way she shouts UM CAN I GET A LARGE COCA COLA but then i somehow understand 100% of this madness

  • Ruby Red X
    Ruby Red X Year ago

    what’s the song called where it goes ‘in too cool for a girlfriend’

  • Hollie Smith
    Hollie Smith Year ago

    u should do a house tour! xo

  • Ella Louisa
    Ella Louisa Year ago

    kate is so relatable and iconic

  • Molly Mason
    Molly Mason Year ago

    burger king uses palm oil

  • Neha Anwar
    Neha Anwar Year ago

    sugar tax is taking over the world

  • Sadie April
    Sadie April Year ago +1

    What song is at 5:36??❤️

  • Serena Kolotia
    Serena Kolotia Year ago

    this just made my day

  • Nesha Swan
    Nesha Swan Year ago

    Do a mukbang with your boo 🥰

  • Ellie Walsh
    Ellie Walsh Year ago

    sugar tax is taking over the world!!!,.

  • Molly Wellington
    Molly Wellington Year ago

    It won’t let u enter if ur born in January cba

  • Otto
    Otto Year ago

    stop with the ads please u do it so badly and its really cringe

  • FIA
    FIA Year ago

    Sugar tax is TaKiNg OvEr the wOrLd

  • shelby
    shelby Year ago

    anyone know the song at 5:37 ??

  • Non cookie cutter
    Non cookie cutter Year ago +6

    Every upload i watch is the biggest 'privileged teen white girl' video ever and every time I ask myself "why am i surprised by this?'...

  • Slimebyfrancesca_

    Sugar tax is way too high 😤

  • Nura Ahmed
    Nura Ahmed Year ago +1

    SUGAR TAX IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!!! Iya huns😂😂😂❤️💛❤️❤️

  • orange soda
    orange soda Year ago

    omg do I see a white rElAtEaBlE n qUiRkY teen girl? never!

  • loretta crayford
    loretta crayford Year ago

    Hurry up and make more videossssss

  • Simone Luthra
    Simone Luthra Year ago

    You are literally the British Emma Chamberlain

  • amyyy gowing
    amyyy gowing Year ago

    Rip me w headphones

  • Grace.0 0
    Grace.0 0 Year ago

    e lish WHY

  • its.martha. lol.
    its.martha. lol. Year ago


  • ebxnyr
    ebxnyr Year ago

    Jamie Oliver ruins everything with this sugar tax smh

  • Maya Hahahha
    Maya Hahahha Year ago +4

    Not to be rude or anything but this is just my opinion about this video. For me this is just not anything I would like to sit and watch enjoyabley I love u and and ur humor but I feel that your videos are getting a little less enjoyable to watch.
    Once again luv u and all but this is just my opinion 😊💕

  • Issy Xoxo
    Issy Xoxo Year ago

    Sugar tax is taking over the world

  • Jessie Farnsworth

    oml jack james and mahalia are my frickin' favessss

  • J j
    J j Year ago

    I love you. Its unreal ❤

  • Tamsin Murrell
    Tamsin Murrell Year ago

    i love u

  • Ezza Paige
    Ezza Paige Year ago

    emma chamberlain who

  • Morgan Hannah
    Morgan Hannah Year ago

    When are you going to Australia?

  • katrina N
    katrina N Year ago

    Yeetus commit self delitus jkj lol

  • Courtney Bekah
    Courtney Bekah Year ago

    wow i need to take tips from you when filming drive with me's!!! sucks not being funny :)

  • makayla!!
    makayla!! Year ago

    is the competition only available to your British/UK viewers or is it open to Americans too? :)

  • kitty xiberras
    kitty xiberras Year ago

    Please please please make public Spotify playlists because your music taste is lit🔥 I want to hear more❤️

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H Year ago

    Dude I love Lucy she’s adorable and funny!

  • Orlaith Flint
    Orlaith Flint Year ago

    where are the sunglasses from

  • Jodie Rogerman
    Jodie Rogerman Year ago

    Literally the female version of Carmie its quite cute

  • Gabi Migani
    Gabi Migani Year ago

    idk why I read “drinking w kate part 1202818183” and I thought it was normal

  • Alison Paula
    Alison Paula Year ago

    Kate: chewing chewing gum reduces your double chin me: buys 5728358393 packs of chewing gum

  • Cait
    Cait Year ago +1

    Driving with Kate is my all time favourite

  • Just for Watching

    Dang did you mum have a Porsche

  • Lewis Monaglew
    Lewis Monaglew Year ago

    Umm just me or is she a British Emma chamberlain

  • Calla Cox
    Calla Cox Year ago

    so today we had to do a newspaper report on anything and I legit did sugar tax is taking over the world lollll