Fuller House: Season 4 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • The Tanner-Fuller clan returns December 14 for a brand-new season of love, laughs, and (of course) HUGS! Come on in, the door is always open.
    A Netflix Original Series.
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    Fuller House: Season 4 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 3 618

  • Sherri Hennessey
    Sherri Hennessey 3 days ago

    Make dj and matt get back together. Dont like dj and steve or matt and gia

  • André Niquet
    André Niquet 4 days ago

    Nice people of Netflix :) Please confirm that there will be a season 5 of "Fuller House" ... I love this show which can be both somewhat sappy (with all the cuteness and hugging) and sarcastic/mean / blunt ... For example, I found it sometimes so unnecessary to act so mean to Kimmy in the past, and I had to cry when Danny confirmed that in fact KIMMY WAS IN FACT ALWAYS A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY

  • Fatima Ezzahra Taki
    Fatima Ezzahra Taki 4 days ago

    Already 4 seasons ??? wooww , time is scarryy ,

  • Stan Mann
    Stan Mann 7 days ago

    I don't want this show featured on my home page. I am sure your algorithms know I haven't watched any of this crap.

  • Stan Mann
    Stan Mann 7 days ago

    Nobody wants you to waste money on crap like this show.

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 7 days ago

    Nobody watches this PEDo show NetfliXXX

  • Vice TOLUCT
    Vice TOLUCT 11 days ago +1

    This show is the reason why people hate Netflix!

  • Janelle Thomas
    Janelle Thomas 11 days ago +1

    Omg I need season 5

  • Sono B
    Sono B 12 days ago

    You got it dude

  • Abel Lewis 27
    Abel Lewis 27 13 days ago

    I love Fuller House! It's the best show on Netflix!

  • Unbound MGTOW
    Unbound MGTOW 13 days ago

    Is the show still anti trump, anti capitalist, anti freedom rhetoric?

  • ayesha
    ayesha 14 days ago

    Is it just me or are episodes 8 and 9 labelled incorrectly

  • Bayron Rivera
    Bayron Rivera 15 days ago

    Very cringy season. Was really hard to get through. I liked the first three. This one seems forced

  • SummerRayAngel Yandare Chan

    When is season 5 I coming up

  • Cotton candy Pizza
    Cotton candy Pizza 16 days ago

    i love fuller house so much!!!

  • CyberTiger 45
    CyberTiger 45 17 days ago

    R.I.P. Matt
    I was rooting for him since the beginning, THIS IS WRONG?!!!!?!!!!?!!!?!! 😭😭😭

  • Teresa Miner
    Teresa Miner 18 days ago

    Show is disgusting. Jodi sweet in wears a dress that only covers her nipples. Not a good role model for young girls at all. Michelle has the right idea, staying off this nasty show.

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 18 days ago

    Wow this is super white

  • Jaklyn Saylors
    Jaklyn Saylors 18 days ago +1

    I'm sad cuz I dont want fuller house to end. I want a fifth season

  • Anabelle Woods
    Anabelle Woods 19 days ago

    I would kind of like if it was like full house were you could really tell that Joey was a parent to Steph, DJ and Michelle even though he wasn't related to them, but in Fuller house Kimmy is kind of like just someone who lives in their house and i know its different because she has her own daughter but i would have liked to see more of a relationship between Kimmy- Jackson/Max/Tommy DJ- Ramona. But the season is still amazing and lets hope for a season 5!!

  • X marks Again
    X marks Again 19 days ago

    Candace Cameron is a complete hypocrite piece of shit! I have no clue why this show continues to be on Netflix. Stephanie, is hot but that's only cause of her double D implants and her crystal meth past!!! the show uses blatant stereotype accents for that white dude fernando which is NOT okay. @Netflix you are complete pieces of shit for allowing stuff like this to go on for 4 seasons.

  • April Walsh
    April Walsh 19 days ago


  • Ruthlessnoodle
    Ruthlessnoodle 20 days ago

    I wanna bang all those chicks!!!!!

  • Jeff Busby
    Jeff Busby 20 days ago

    i gave this show a chance on season 1, liked it. but continually have to put up with the forced annoyance of stupidity of it.... by now.... i'm just fucking annoyed by how dumb the characters are... it's not cute anymore it's fucking irritating.... yes i had to drop the f bomb twice. it's been building.
    i grew up with the original. it had real life issues and a real life feel....
    of course kimmy and steve get a dumb dumb pass... but not steph and dj....
    am i the only one who is annoyed by how this has all shaped out over time?

    • Kevin Martinez
      Kevin Martinez 7 days ago

      Jeff Busby I absolutely agree! This certainly has such a difficult feel to it then the original. Everything feels so forced, and not genuine. Especially how the live audience goes crazy every time someone like Joey makes an entrance and it’s obvious the actors have to wait until the audience stops cheering to continue their lines, which I hope I’m not the only one who gets kinda irritated by that, I understand the pilot episode but by season 4, uhhh no. Fuller House feels way too cartoonish for my liking, I absolutely love the cast but I wish they would bring back the feel of Full House, bring back the style of episodes that would make us cry like when Papouli (Jessie’s grandfather) died and they didn’t force a ridiculous cheesy joke for the sake of comic relief like I feel like Fuller House would do every chance they get. I hope they can make some changes to the feel for it to feel more like real Full House for season 5 if season 5 does come.

  • Valerie Brooks
    Valerie Brooks 20 days ago

    This is season 3...

  • enpjnk
    enpjnk 21 day ago

    yay so it’s the holidays and it’s time to gain 15 lbs again binge watching my favorite tv shows on netflix

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B 21 day ago

    good lord just cancel the stinking pile of garbage this show has turned into. Joey, Danny and Jesse are all but non-existent at this point. DJ, Steph and Kimmy have become predictable caricatures and I could care less about the rest of the cast. Rocky and Ramona are the most dislikable tv characters I can ever remember and they couldn't pack anymore effeminate males into the show if they tried. The nauseating PC social messaging has become so bad I almost threw up. The train wreck is unrecognizable at this point and they need to just call it quits. I'd rather sit through reruns of Who's The Boss than watch five more minutes of this crapola.

  • The kitty Lord Kitty kitty

    Where is Michelle oh she just is too stubborn

  • Flowerly
    Flowerly 21 day ago

    Season 5 please!!!

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 21 day ago

      Please not. good lord just cancel the stinking pile of garbage this show has turned into. Joey, Danny and Jesse are all but non-existent at this point. DJ, Steph and Kimmy have become predictable caricatures and I could care less about the rest of the cast. Rocky and Ramona are the most dislikable tv characters I can ever remember and they couldn't pack anymore effeminate males into the show if they tried. The nauseating PC social messaging has become so bad I almost threw up. The train wreck is unrecognizable at this point and they need to just call it quits. I'd rather sit through reruns of Who's The Boss than watch five more minutes of this crapola.

  • Ember Diys
    Ember Diys 22 days ago

    Kimmy was such a good surrogate

  • Ling Xiaoyu Sierrra
    Ling Xiaoyu Sierrra 22 days ago

    Still no Michelle???

  • Ahwoofe
    Ahwoofe 24 days ago


  • Lili T
    Lili T 25 days ago

    Are they going to make a season 5??? I hope so

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B 26 days ago

    the one good thing about this show in the first three seasons was they mostly avoided politics and social messaging. Unfortunately the current season is so chock full of nauseating PC social messaging its makes you want to vomit.

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 26 days ago

    DJ is ridiculously hot.....
    There....I said it! 🙌🏾

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 26 days ago

      +Jeremy Williams lol this coming from a dindu

    • Jeremy Williams
      Jeremy Williams 26 days ago

      +Thomas B You're not very smart are you sir?! Lol. Carry on with your day! ✌🏽
      May peace be unto all! ☮️

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 26 days ago

      too bad she only like white guys Tyrone

  • Jessie 101 - Gameplays, drawings, and more!

    I can’t watch this show but it looks good

  • RLJG zr069
    RLJG zr069 26 days ago

    Also, you guys ever going to be able to afford the Murder Twins, aka the Olson's?

  • RLJG zr069
    RLJG zr069 26 days ago

    Jesus with the hair plugs, Steve! And why is Steve wearing more make up then DJ, Stephanie, and the Gibblers combined? Matter of fact, why the hell is Steve still on the show? He's heeeeeella lame!

  • fanny D
    fanny D 27 days ago


  • Michaela B.
    Michaela B. 27 days ago

    Keep the seasons coming! The world needs this show. I feel like it’s one of the last remaining feel-good shows we have right now. 💕

  • Michaela B.
    Michaela B. 27 days ago

    This show awesome 💕💕💕

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 26 days ago

      this show sucks now. the nauseating PC social messaging is enough to make you vomit. Have the brought a trans character on yet? trust me its coming

  • Malika Saha
    Malika Saha 27 days ago

    Honestly I watched season 4 and it makes no sense🤣 they break out in a musical number. And they are not even moving in the car😂😂😂

  • vndimas
    vndimas 27 days ago

    Btw who is the father of kimmies baby?

  • Kelly
    Kelly 28 days ago

    Ruin everything lately with all the gay.

  • Ron Jon
    Ron Jon 28 days ago +1

    Show blows

  • Cjr
    Cjr 28 days ago

    Holy crap, its already to season 4? Time is flying by.

  • JCmtw Biz
    JCmtw Biz 28 days ago

    They have the saying “the door is always open” then does that mean they would never have an episode where they get robbed? And if they do would they decide to lock it from then on? And then how would the criminals react when they find out they could have came in through the front door in the first place? 😂

  • LizzyCreations XD
    LizzyCreations XD 28 days ago

    can you make it where you make more episodes after season 4 Matt accidently kisses Dj please?!

  • miracle's for u
    miracle's for u 29 days ago

    They should bring Charles on an episode

  • Blazingjumper
    Blazingjumper 29 days ago

    Its so sad that the Olsen Twins dont just return to Fuller House ...

  • Serina Queen
    Serina Queen Month ago

    It’s fours days later I got
    To to kno

  • Serina Queen
    Serina Queen Month ago

    Omg it came out already omg I didn’t know it came out when I’m on break I’m mad noe

  • Krystal Cabral
    Krystal Cabral Month ago

    I always wanted to act on fuller house

  • AlphaDeltaXray
    AlphaDeltaXray Month ago

    Aren't they just a tad too old to be getting pregnant??
    I understand it goes with the flow of the show, but come on!
    Seems to me that they put this show off way too long.

  • Diba Mozdi
    Diba Mozdi Month ago

    Am i the only one who loves Fernando?

  • M WM
    M WM Month ago

    Steve has to go... He is ruining everything...

  • Brenin Productions
    Brenin Productions Month ago

    Idk why they put sad music in the baby scene, I don’t usually cry in movies or shows but the only show I get a little emotional with is fuller house

  • Kaiyah Claus
    Kaiyah Claus Month ago

    They have some one gay in the episodes

  • itismy opinion
    itismy opinion Month ago +1

    am I the only one that ships Ramona and Jackson

  • Stranger 87
    Stranger 87 Month ago +1

    how come every single guy in this show (including the kids) are gay ? The first version wasn't like this

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar Month ago

    Okay. So I haven't watched Full House. Will I be to understand what's going on and enjoy if I just start from the 1st season of Fuller House?

    • Positively Brainwashed
      Positively Brainwashed Month ago

      You'll be missing a ton of references and jokes if you don't watch the original first.

  • Lost Wanderer
    Lost Wanderer Month ago

    Isn't this a "family" show?
    The sexual innuendos is disgusting. Children watch this and every episode has sex in it. Its clear this show is an excuse to condition children to be sexually active and not have any morals. Its gross and needs to be removed from the air.
    You liberal morons are something special that's for sure. Get all pissy about candy canes and a fucking song but you're ok with children being sexualized. Fuck sakes. The cleanse can't happen fast enough.

  • Shawtyy
    Shawtyy Month ago

    Isn’t it incest kimmy got pregnant with her brothers sperm to have a baby for Stephanie ?

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C Month ago

    Why is that kid dating a EMO

  • Madeline Sosa
    Madeline Sosa Month ago

    I already finished season four

  • Madeline Sosa
    Madeline Sosa Month ago

    They did not name the baby

  • Brenin Productions
    Brenin Productions Month ago

    MJ should still be a thing (Matt and du shipped)

  • Brenin Productions
    Brenin Productions Month ago

    If full house had 8 seasons, fuller house should have 8 seasons

  • Sheepy007
    Sheepy007 Month ago

    who in the hell can genuinely like this cheese?

  • Noozle75687
    Noozle75687 Month ago

    Will there be a season 5

  • Carly Green
    Carly Green Month ago +1

    Dj and Steve should get married

  • wileyk209zback
    wileyk209zback Month ago

    I like Jackson's new hairdo here! It makes him look more cool and mature.

  • Jakob White
    Jakob White Month ago

    Hey Netflix! I have a suggestion or two for season 5. It would be cool if DJ's mom and husband turned out to be still alive. I know you probably won't agree with this but it's just a suggestion that I thought would be cool.

  • Joy Anthony
    Joy Anthony Month ago

    Just finished all the episodes of season 4!!! It was great !! Waiting for season 5



  • Devin Dry
    Devin Dry Month ago

    Hey have another girl in the she-wolf-pack

  • Samuel Siebo
    Samuel Siebo Month ago +1

    Who else finished Fuller House in 2 days because it was so good?😭

  • Katya Traves
    Katya Traves Month ago

    It was released on Friday and I finished yesterday morning🤙they need more seasons

  • nzf
    nzf Month ago

    Where michelle

  • elyse chau
    elyse chau Month ago

    I really enjoy this season. It's probably my favourite season, well so far! I find it really interesting!

  • Mairead Lynn
    Mairead Lynn Month ago +1

    I just finished watching season four and let me say... probably best season by far except it might tie with season three part two. This season was fantastic! Please make a part two! The only thing I didn’t like was that Rocki wasn’t in a lot of the episodes, and she is my favorite NEW character (just from fuller house). And I think there should be more Rackson as Well because I SHIP, but I really liked the scenes that were included in season four of Rackson. Great season! Deserves a part two!!

  • ____••
    ____•• Month ago

    Who else is crying over the fact that they already finished season 4 and now has to wait another year for the new season😭😭

  • AvaAwesome23
    AvaAwesome23 Month ago +3


  • Mia Lieghio Doyle
    Mia Lieghio Doyle Month ago

    I’ve already finished the season 😂

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green Month ago +1

    SPOILER ALERT: Stephanie and Jimmy get married and Stephanie baby is a girl

  • Reggie Guns
    Reggie Guns Month ago

    I just typed in season 4 of fortnite but this popped up but i aint complaininf

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Not a bad show, but the plot for most of the seasons always ends up being the same thing. The show just keeps dragging the same plot throughout the seasons instead of finishing one story each season.

  • The Last Hokage
    The Last Hokage Month ago

    The thumbnail can't be more blatantly satanic. I can't think of any reason for them to do that. Guys wake up everything is satanic please turn back to God. Please quit letting these distractions get to you. Quit depending on the world and depend on God. Completely surrender yourself with a broken heart. Please family talk to our father he is true love. He won't leave you not forsake you. He sacrificed his only son for us. He did that just to get our love. Guys Satan has tricked y'all into thinking we come from different Gods and we are different but that is all a lie. We are all from God and we are all love. We are literally a part of the guy who creates the universe. He is the perfect father. Anything you need he can meet without no hesitation guys he is waiting for y'all. Satan will pay for what he has done to the children of God which is us. All OF us. There's no difference guys turn back on the world and turn to God he is waiting.

  • u got no jams
    u got no jams Month ago +1


  • lex Feldman
    lex Feldman Month ago +2

    IS IT JUST ME OR DOSE KIMMY ROCK THAT BUMP?! and yea i know i am commenting after this seson comes out but still

  • Shaina Chris
    Shaina Chris Month ago

    Is max gay?!?!?!?

  • Rosie Tovar
    Rosie Tovar Month ago

    I loved this season!! I finished it last night at 12:00 am!! I loved it !! I need a season 5 Nexflix!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Rosie Tovar
      Rosie Tovar Month ago

      +Jack Green yes I know !!😁😁😁😁😁

    • Jack Green
      Jack Green Month ago +1

      Rosie Tovar I did to Its so good!!

  • Ghost_elite 17
    Ghost_elite 17 Month ago

    I stopped watching it ever sense they took out Matt

  • Jizzy
    Jizzy Month ago

    So in this season, they fuck?

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure Month ago +1

    I binge watched it early morning yesterday and oh my Santa is oh my God my fave episode of the season. Wow. It will make you laugh it will make you cry. Its such a beautiful episode

  • Neva Bogert
    Neva Bogert Month ago

    what happened to fuller house being family friendly ahah

  • batoul fawaz
    batoul fawaz Month ago

    It came out!!!!!

  • Jana Ajlan
    Jana Ajlan Month ago

    it came out yesterday and already finished