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  • el bastardo
    el bastardo 3 months ago +1

    really wish that when you used the 98 skins every character and enemy was replaced as well.

  • Venraef
    Venraef 5 months ago

    good info about noir fiction.

  • The Back Up Man
    The Back Up Man Year ago


  • Jack Napier
    Jack Napier Year ago

    I’m not sure what Claire’s noir outfit would be. I mean i guess i don’t mind it? But the trench coat Ada wears would have been nice. Other than that idk

  • Jason Rasmussen
    Jason Rasmussen Year ago +1

    .45 acp is much cheaper when you reload and cast is pretty much everything.

  • jrod120573
    jrod120573 Year ago

    Need your Anthem review please.
    I’m sure there is more than enough for one of your epic vids!!!!

  • IronPiedmont1996
    IronPiedmont1996 Year ago +2

    "The death toll in Mexico in Afghanistan and Iraq."
    In Razor's video on why we need the border wall, I made a comment saying:
    "I swear, Mexico has become a Latino version of Afghanistan."
    Nice to see things have gone full circle. LOL ^^

  • 117Haseo
    117Haseo Year ago

    You don't need Geforce it runs in the background even if you aren't physically interacting with the app because its running driver update checks which you can do manually once a month and also runs the framework for shadowplay if not properly disabled.

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra Year ago

    Also I started to read the shadow pulps because of your advice and I love the shadow but I think narratively it's a little boring honestly. I like it, I love the shadow as a character and a concept I just think it needs to be cut down and really boiled down to it's essence because I really struggle to sit down and actually read it. It's not bad it just doesn't really compel me to keep going with them.
    The story is weak but the shadow is awesome, it'd make an awesome tv show or game.

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra Year ago

    I played Claire first because I'm woke as fuck haha. Nah I totally did it for dat azz!

  • S Ø R E N
    S Ø R E N Year ago +3

    >Reads Michael Savage
    >Listens to Sargon
    >"But the non-white invaders don't vote so it's fine"
    >Calls others neocons
    wew lad

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Year ago +5

    Ann Coulter's cranky because the stable boy ran out of apples.

  • Steven Loving
    Steven Loving Year ago +8

    Terran's personality completely changes when he's the one playing the game.

    • Elric of Melniboné
      Elric of Melniboné 10 months ago

      Its proably because he's not incharge of reading the chats.XD

  • Phataku
    Phataku Year ago

    @23:30 Razor is right. I thought it was a Colt SAA at first. SSA and Blackhawk nearly identical silhouette. The give away is the front ironsight. SAA has a shark-fin type front sight . Blackhawk has that inclined blade design. Also, the top front of the frame has a more gradual slope towards the barrel on the SAA. The Ruger has that more abrupt curve down.

  • Stone S
    Stone S Year ago +1

    Your definition of metal is different than mine. I didn't know Guns N Roses was metal.

  • Screwface Romeo
    Screwface Romeo Year ago

    Lugers aren't mass produced for the same reason that 1911s are more expensive than Glocks and Glockalikes. They are fundamentally a 19th Century design, and they require a degree of hand-fitting and machining complexity that isn't really possible on modern CNC machines. The Glock is cheap to make and clone because it's designed for modern manufacturing methods. The 1911 has only survived due to reputation and how forward thinking the design was at the time. But it's still more fiddly to make than a modern handgun. New production Lugers would cost more than people are willing to pay for them. There's not enough potential customers and they don't have enough money. And old Lugers are fucking all over the place so you might as well get a real one.

  • Beery
    Beery Year ago

    Boy, this "press X to knife" simulator shore is immersive.

    • Beery
      Beery Year ago

      @RoeFox How bout you take you false umption and shove it up your ass, jizz stain? I've got buttcheek zits that are older than you.

    • RoeFox
      RoeFox Year ago

      You are not familiar with the early Resident Evil games, are you?

    • Beery
      Beery Year ago

      I can TOTALLY understand the knife being necessary in the EARLY parts of RE4, it makes sense, they want you to be on edge, and they want you to start playing smartly, scouring for ammo, making those headshots.
      Do they EVER start giving you enough ammo in REmake 2 tho?

  • Subcontinental Bugman

    There is a Ukrainian company that is making reproductions of the Mauser C96, as well as a few other historic guns. They'll never be imported here though.

  • Beery
    Beery Year ago

    I'm almost positive that's not the real classic Claire, btw. Pretty sure her red cutoff shorts were more thong-ish, without being a thong. Like if she weren't wearing the black underneath, there'd be more booty cheek hanging out. Believe me, I spent many hours staring at that ass with sharp angles, imagining it was smooth.

  • Beery
    Beery Year ago

    Why is it cutscene Leon drops a zombie in 1 headshot (and one seemingly missed shot) while in-game Leon needs 6 fucking headshots?

  • CrysResan
    CrysResan Year ago

    My dad has a Ruger Blackhawk in .41 magnum, as does my cousin. I shot one round from my cousin's and because I was so scared of the recoil I held it too tight and the web of my thumb ached the rest of the day.

  • Shaggy Rogers’ political ramblings

    Roger Moore is the fucking tits as bond and you can quote me....

  • michaelkeha
    michaelkeha Year ago

    4:11 Intro starts.

  • TrueCarthaginian
    TrueCarthaginian Year ago +2

    Capcom really did an amazing job with this remake, but I wish they had made 2nd more like B was in the original so that it doesn't conflict with the first run. It feels like 2nd run was rushed. Still an amazing game and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  • Zoomer Waffen
    Zoomer Waffen Year ago +2

    Leave it to modern gaming to make every broad in gaming look unfuckable.
    Claire is another victim it seems.

    • Satan's Advocate
      Satan's Advocate 3 months ago

      Constantin Jill looked pretty fuckable in the first remake. My god do I want to find a broad with tits like hers and stick my piston rod in between them.

    • Constantin
      Constantin Year ago +1

      It says something when the pixelated old version looks more appealing than the modern one. I don't know what it is about modern entertainment that hates female beauty, but it's spreading like cancer.

  • EmperorOfLols
    EmperorOfLols Year ago

    God fucki-

  • Evermind
    Evermind Year ago

    s u s p i c i o u s l y w a r m a s s

  • David Higgins
    David Higgins Year ago

    Wonder how much Harley Davidson paid for that product palcement.

  • J.S. MacDirty
    J.S. MacDirty Year ago +3

    I think the best Roger Moore Bond film is The Spy Who Loved Me. However the pre-credit sequence's in Moonraker and Octopussy are just great.
    Best Bond novel is Live and Let Die.

  • J.S. MacDirty
    J.S. MacDirty Year ago +2

    My offer for a duel still stands, you can even use your "Karabiner" C96

  • Vlad The Kebab Remover

    I sent a superchat at around 5:32 but i'm not sure it was read out, I missed parts of the stream and couldn't find whether it was read out when I came back, great stream anyway fellas

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith Year ago

    Hey Mr Fist, I've heard that the comic Midnight Mystery by Alterna is Shadow like and at a buck fiddy an issue why not give it a go.
    Yes this is a plug and Pete is an awesome guy.

  • Alex Kogan
    Alex Kogan Year ago +8

    Claire Redfield is wife material.

  • aleidius
    aleidius Year ago +8

    The Hessians were the Germans who George Washington killed in their sleep on Christmas at the Battle of Trenton.

  • Ddewin Æther
    Ddewin Æther Year ago +1

    The next time you stream, I’m going to have to ask you to elaborate the 16th and 17th amendment for the audience. I find it very important.

  • Patchouli Kush
    Patchouli Kush Year ago +1

    Those screws are in the same spot on my Cattleman, which is almost a perfect clone of the SAA aside from the hammer

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva Year ago +1

    Starts at 4:08.

  • Constantin
    Constantin Year ago +4

    31:42 speaking of Alice Cooper, what album do you recommend for a beginner who hasn't listened to a whole lot of his music?

    • Constantin
      Constantin Year ago +1

      @The Rageaholic Thanks man!

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic Year ago +5

      Definitely 'Killer', followed by 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'School's Out'.

  • Chris Revere
    Chris Revere Year ago +19

    Stream begins at 4:09

  • Jon Alder
    Jon Alder Year ago

    38:24 You blew his mind Terran!

  • Muck006
    Muck006 Year ago +3

    The illogical part about transgenderism is that it is a dysphoria ... and illness ... and there needs to be a discussion about "how to treat this", because changing the sex of those people is kinda like "giving alcohol to an alcoholic" or "keeping anorexics on a diet" ... i.e. we are "giving in to the DELUSION".

    • Josef Castillo
      Josef Castillo Month ago

      Maybe if you did some research, you would see it’s not a 1:1 comparison. It’s not a delusion just cause you know the bare minimum about it. I can link sources that go in deeper and they are by medical professionals. Unless you’re just gonna assume that all those doctors are bought out by leftists... It’s best to research, whether you’re for or against certain topics, I do that for gun control since im for more regulations, but still wanna own them, mostly cause I’m into the designs

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha Year ago +1

      That is the Left's agenda, their plan is Post Genderism, look that up, they are anti-heterosexuality and the family unit, their way to undermine it is to undermine biology, not joking, power has gone to their heads, they're corrupted and they found an ideology to do that, marxist theory, they are using trans people to protect their agenda from criticism

  • atheb169
    atheb169 Year ago

    dat save room music

  • Ardent Orchid
    Ardent Orchid Year ago +3

    15:30 don't mind me, I just need those band names for later

  • Ball of grime
    Ball of grime Year ago +4

    This isn't a remake, it's a reimagining that butchers the story. Capcom clearly made this game to appeal to the dumb masses Who only care about shiny graphics and simple gameplay and not RE fans.

    • CommissionerHoltZ
      CommissionerHoltZ Year ago +2

      Oh here we fucking go!, theres one every fucking video........

    • keller blair
      keller blair Year ago +1

      But your being a fan boy moron on the opposite side

    • Ball of grime
      Ball of grime Year ago

      @TrueCarthaginian No you're not a real RE fan. I know why they had tank controls in the beginning and I'm not complaining about that. I'm complaining about all the things they left out. How does capcom to an "outstanding job" by doing the bare minimum?
      People didn't like the original RE2 cause of the gameplay, they liked it cause of the story and this game has less of it.
      Try thinking for yourself before fanboying like a moron so you can fit in.

    • Ball of grime
      Ball of grime Year ago

      @SmashStomp Inc No one sad it had great dialogue, but it was deeper cause it did more for the story. This game lost so much from the original and replaced it with nothing. You are defending this laziness cause you're just one of the idiots capcom made this cheap game for.

    • Ball of grime
      Ball of grime Year ago

      @Alex Holker Those things make the game easier, less of a challenge and therefore boring. Tank controls added a little more challenge, cause they restricted those movements.

  • Ardent Orchid
    Ardent Orchid Year ago

    Why did they downscale her original outfit? Making it look worse than it actually was in 1998 is just cringy and pathetic. What the fuck?

    • SmashStomp Inc
      SmashStomp Inc Year ago

      ... Who fucking rides a motorcycle with shorts on at night?

    • TrueCarthaginian
      TrueCarthaginian Year ago +2

      They changed both of the characters default outfits. They have their original outfits from the original game as unlockable costumes, and they even released free DLC of silly polygon ps1 era costumes. The only thing cringey and pathetic is your bitching.

  • crusadersaracen
    crusadersaracen Year ago


  • keller blair
    keller blair Year ago

    Should do a review of the Metro series since the latest game just came out

  • Debonaire Nerd
    Debonaire Nerd Year ago +3

    I was at work when this went live :( On a Monday.....

  • EdwardERS
    EdwardERS Year ago +9

    The stream video quality is about 5-6 years out of date.

  • Nuke Censorship
    Nuke Censorship Year ago +17

    As to why Luger's aren't mass produced. They ain't no 1911. Much more skill required to put one together and there's little market for them.
    In 1969 Mauser Werke purchased Swiss 06/29 tooling and restarted production but ceased in 1986. They continued to assemble them into the 90's.
    There is a reproduction of the 45acp (and 10mm) Luger being made in limited numbers by LugerMan. Prices start at about $8,000. This is their 3rd year of production.

    • Nuke Censorship
      Nuke Censorship Year ago

      @Haggard 1
      Swiss gun designer Adolf Furrer
      Not Führer Adolf Hitler.

    • Haggard 1
      Haggard 1 Year ago

      @Nuke Censorship rumor has it it was a ppk that put a hole in his palate so ya never know

    • Nuke Censorship
      Nuke Censorship Year ago

      @Haggard 1
      Adolf Furrer never got that message.

    • Haggard 1
      Haggard 1 Year ago +1

      Too bad lugermans list is a mile long. I've always wanted a p08 just for nostalgic purposes. Theres a reason the toggle lock action didnt stick around for very long

  • Dave T Geek
    Dave T Geek Year ago +50

    Thanks for pointing out that legalizing drugs doesn't magically end the criminal side of it.
    Same goes for legalizing prostitution. Sex trafficking is HIGHER in countries with lax or legal prostitution laws.
    Black markets and criminals don't just throw up their hands and say, "Oh well. They got us. Better get a real job now." I'm so tired of people arguing that decriminalization of everything will make everything better. Sigh.

    • DillyDyson007
      DillyDyson007 8 months ago

      Jason Rasmussen ahh the old snorty nosey non smokey smokey 😂👏🏻

    • Jason Rasmussen
      Jason Rasmussen Year ago +1

      Mr Lazer
      There is a difference between weed and crack.
      If let's say a 14 year old is selling crack or the snorty nosey non smokey smokey version of cocaine (powder) we shouldn't lock her up at all because of her age?
      Interesting story....I was adopted at birth. I remember meeting several of my biological relatives about 8 years or so ago.
      Anyways in a conversation about this subject I told one of my biological half-sisters that both my parents (the ones that raised me) had been drug addicts and that I thought the penalty for being convicted in a fair trial for dealing drugs should be death.....and she informed me that I am horrible and mean because her brother had her out on the streets dealing drugs when she was 14.
      After a google search on him I found out he was arrested for dealing coke and was found with a large amount on him. He actually got probation though. Lol. So he must have made a deal or something and ratted some people out.
      Anyways some drug dealers use kids because they are less likely to be stopped by cops, if they are caught they get less time, oh and it opens their customer base to younger customers.
      Some of them use their little sister or their daughter knowing the popo will go easier on them since they are minors.

    • TrueCarthaginian
      TrueCarthaginian Year ago +2

      It doesn't, but the majority of people would rather go through a legal avenue than an illegal one.

    • Libertatem Advocatus
      Libertatem Advocatus Year ago +13

      While it is true that legalizing these things just don't make the illegal aspects go away, it's certainly a very good place to start.
      Yes, legalizing alcohol didn't get rid of the Mafia. It didn't even get rid of the Mafia in the alcohol industry. Many Mafia members owned bars and the distribution of alcohol was a virtual Mafia monopoly in states like Louisiana. Gambling as well, the Chicago Outfit and various other Midwestern Mafia families controlled most of the casinos in Las Vegas well into the 1980s.
      That being said, which is worse? Some goon breaking the face of a rowdy customer in a gambling den or security kicking him out in a casino? Speakeasies selling everything from drinkable booze to methanol which blinds and kills the drinkers or mob controlled liquor distributors?
      Yeah, Legalization is not perfect, but it's far better than the status quo.

    • Mr Lazer
      Mr Lazer Year ago +2

      I agree. I like high school kids locked up for weed too. Get them started in the courts early as possible.

  • INTJ-Gaming
    INTJ-Gaming Year ago +15

    Very epic stream razorfist! Trump 2020!

    • keller blair
      keller blair Year ago

      Judge Roy Moore would like to speak with you about being a pedophile and amazingly republicans who commit those types of offenses usually get away with it

    • Chaos Triumphant
      Chaos Triumphant Year ago +3

      @keller blair and he's still miles better than any pedocrat

    • keller blair
      keller blair Year ago +1

      Why he doesn't know how to act like a president he acts like a brat

    • cut the check
      cut the check Year ago +5