Dating a Pathological Liar | Storytime

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • Dating a Pathological Liar | Storytime

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Comments • 639

  • charity scolton
    charity scolton 23 hours ago

    Christina in every video.. DO NOT DO THIS BABIES LOL😂

  • c detzel
    c detzel 3 days ago

    I love your stories!!!!!

  • Marc Baetens
    Marc Baetens 6 days ago

    His motive? He wanted you no matter what.

  • Elizabeth Liz
    Elizabeth Liz 8 days ago

    New sub! Binge watching while getting stuff done around the house!!! Inspiring messages! Thanks for sharing your experiences!!!

  • Home Skillet
    Home Skillet 9 days ago

    Those types do it for attention

  • B B
    B B 9 days ago

    You should get involved with Big Sisters of America and mentor a young girl. Just a thought ✌️

  • TheSiehara
    TheSiehara 14 days ago

    As a Marine myself, I can verify that one major thing that happens at Marine Corps Boot Camp is breaking you completely down, and completely rebuilding you. You aren’t allowed anything from your previous life. Socks, underwear.. nothing. Now boot camp didn’t change me negatively, but depending on hazing and different situations, I believe it’s completely possible.

  • Abby Wise
    Abby Wise 15 days ago

    I forever love story time. I live for your story time videos. 🥰

  • pika bee
    pika bee 16 days ago

    I think we might have dated the same guy or it was his twin brother 😂😂😂🤢🤢 you really have to recover from toxic exes like this!

  • XdiamondbabyX
    XdiamondbabyX 19 days ago


  • jill ian
    jill ian 21 day ago

    girl I just saw a commercial for the new bravo spy show that's coming out and I swear I saw you on it

  • David Hamilton
    David Hamilton 22 days ago

    You keep asking why, but look at the way you acted when you thought he was inheriting the money. Typical female. This was the first and last video of yours that I watch

  • Ryleigh Elizabeth
    Ryleigh Elizabeth 23 days ago

    The marines don't make you mentally unstable. They break down your psyche and it turns you into your truest self. If you're truly a nice person, you will remain a nice person. If you're naturally a lying psycopath who pretends to be nice, you just won't try to hide it anymore

  • hairystyles42
    hairystyles42 24 days ago

    Is Christina on suboxone? Or opioids? Her pupils are kind of abnormally constricted, and i don't think it's because of the light.

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson 26 days ago

    How does she not have more subscribers lol? Love her!!

  • The Blyss Catalyst
    The Blyss Catalyst 27 days ago

    “Dont talk ta me whichya lyin behind”...”my breasteses all out”...”food? FOOD? Free food?!!!” 😆 omg who else adores the bejeezus outta her like me??! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Gemma22 Yum Yum
    Gemma22 Yum Yum 29 days ago

    sexy ya need to write a book on your life. great stories, on the real! love, peace, and Happiness. Take care Cristina. youz the shiz...happy Holidays cutie...

  • Raven Steward
    Raven Steward 29 days ago

    The school semesters are the same here in Indiana and girl, we just finished first semester and I'm just struggling to graduate my senior year

  • Aaron Nycum
    Aaron Nycum Month ago

    She seems like a really nice and loving person!

  • jay pen
    jay pen Month ago +2

    For whatever reason ive attracted alot of pathological liars in my life and ive noticed they like too see the reaction of whoever they are lying too. Its actually quite sad I feel as though some with the "lying trait" have been let down in some way .

  • jay pen
    jay pen Month ago

    Omg you explaining the "real" phones is makin me feel old lmao im 24

  • Aliyah 300
    Aliyah 300 Month ago

    Im sitting here watching your video and i look at the car in front of me and its a cleaning business and the owners name is jessica randall🤣

  • Jackie Gaines
    Jackie Gaines Month ago

    oh lawwwwwwwd didn’t we all have one of these?? i was 21, he was 31 and literally EVERYONE tried to tell me he was bad news bears. i figured it out eventually after some serious drama. i still wonder who hurt him.

  • Paul Hoskins
    Paul Hoskins Month ago

    You seem like such a genuine person, sending you love!

  • Irfan Rana
    Irfan Rana Month ago


  • Irfan Rana
    Irfan Rana Month ago


  • Olivia Barrier
    Olivia Barrier Month ago

    damn i remember watching when you had like 17k subs, u go girl

  • Melrose 223
    Melrose 223 Month ago

    I love when she says “whenever I was a teenager” or “whenever I was 21” it’s so cute lol 🤍


    You don't look or enough to remember te wall phones

  • Stephanie Kelley
    Stephanie Kelley Month ago

    I'm new to your channel chic and omg, I'm hooked. I love your stories
    I'm so proud of you and everything that you have accomplished. Keep up the good work and may you always be blessed
    Lol you sound like my little self when I was that age..
    Sheesh don't we honestly wish 👉👉 *we knew then what we know now* that one term has more truth to it than any other in this world!! OHHH merch saying 😉
    Peace n Love

  • Queen of the south queen

    I love how positive your energy is. Such a beauty. I love how you said be nice to ppl on grocery store. I work for one and people are so rude.

  • Ashley Hall
    Ashley Hall Month ago

    Yes my husband knows all my ex relationships

  • Denni Riane
    Denni Riane Month ago +1

    Well alrighty we’re going to be millionaires 😏 😂 amazing

  • MetalMk68
    MetalMk68 Month ago

    You choose these guys, ladies!

  • Aiden Deegan
    Aiden Deegan Month ago

    I failed last year of 9th and didn’t go back

  • Joana Ramos
    Joana Ramos Month ago

    He seems to have narcisistic personality disorder!

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago +1

    My Future Girlfriend...Just Kidding...💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🎂🍰🍧🧁🍦🍨🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  • Cher Kore
    Cher Kore Month ago

    I still have my chain belt. I loved it back in the day.

  • CarrieVannie
    CarrieVannie Month ago

    They do it to emotionally manipulate you....I was married to a guy just like that.

  • Rebekah N
    Rebekah N Month ago

    You do realize that calling your exes "Johns" kind of makes you sound like a sex worker. No offense. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Hannah Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth Month ago

    Had a guy tell me his dog died, I was banned from going to his dad's house because we had a big age difference, dad invited me because he wanted to see how he treated was right there asleep on the floor

  • Kirsten O
    Kirsten O Month ago

    You’ve got the best story times 💕

  • Donna Davies
    Donna Davies Month ago

    Your so down to earth girl xxx love you 😍

  • Donna Davies
    Donna Davies Month ago

    I love your story’s xxxx

  • hanna fox
    hanna fox Month ago

    i once dated a guy that turned . out to do things with children and only liked me cause i looked like a young teenager

  • AndreaNicole
    AndreaNicole Month ago

    I'm really upset about alot of stuff that's going on in my life, your videos always make me feel better and your energy is so amazing, you been through so much & you're so strong, so I know I can get through anything because you got through alot ❤ so thank you so much.

  • JustBriiTv
    JustBriiTv Month ago

    Umm what kind of hairstyle are you wearing 🧐I’m soooo confused is it dread locs ,curls and straightened?

  • JustBriiTv
    JustBriiTv Month ago

    14secs into the video and I’m already Falling out🤣🤣😭

  • Whole Foodie Beauty

    OMG I love your story times lol

  • Linda
    Linda Month ago

    Name on it? Wow! that was dumb. lol.. {joking hon} Love our stories. But right, no one should do them. lol..

  • Hi. How. Are. Ya
    Hi. How. Are. Ya Month ago

    Best Storytime TheXvidr 💯🙌🏻

  • Dreaming Butterfly
    Dreaming Butterfly Month ago

    you know those PHones STIll EXIST!!! 0o0

  • into the mystic
    into the mystic Month ago

    Are you sure he was really in the military lol

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas Month ago

    Um sorta yes they break you down and build you back up exactly the way they word it too but they build u to be stronger, able to withstand high stress, mentally and physically demanding situations but on the other hand some ppl cannot handle things mentally and break. I was in the navy and had to take care of several ppl on their way out because they ended up mentally unsound our code for mental release from the navy was 2311 so whenever you hear somebody refer to somebody being discharged a2311 it means they were mentally unstable. I once lost the girl I was supposed to be watching omg had like 10 ppl helping me find her before I got my ass handed to me cuz she wandered away when I turned my head to talk to a buddy of mine for literally 2 seconds! Thankfully we found her before anyone who out ranked us did but I truly thought I was going to be in deep shit and she had completely taken off. 😂🤦‍♀️💆‍♀️💀

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas Month ago

    I moved 32 times by the time I was 18, went to 3 kindergartens, 2 did 1st grades and 2 did 2d grades all in different towns by that time I was acting like a little shit because I was so severely stressed out by having to uproot and move to completely diff areas and hundreds of miles away from friends I had literally just made. Thankfully my dad saw this and decided from the second 2nd grade until 6th to keep us in the same school and town. He drove hours to work or stayed out of town a lot during this time to try to relieve the stress on us kids so we could thrive a little better. I will say tho that his being away so often also had quite a negative effect on esp myself as a kid because then I pretty much raised my bro who was just shy of 3 years younger than myself then took on most of the care and household chores well before my teens as well as most of the care of my youngest bro starting at the age of 11 years old and he had autism, later progressed so well that his DX changed to aspergers and as adults he now lives with me again. It was a very busy and demanding childhood, I really did not get into trouble until I was 18 and had been on my own already since right after my 17th bday within a cpl of months anyhow. I never really had much of a childhood as I took on most of the responsibilities of the house and kids, especially while my dad was working out of town so much. I don't regret any of that though I sometimes wish I had gotten to do more fun things and or simply childish nonsense, not anything bad just kid stuff, but I don't regret anything because my little brothers turned out to be good people and I feel like it helped me to be able to learn the tools needed when I had my own children and has made a huge diff in the way I've raised my girls vs maybe I wouldn't have done so well without all the prior experience 🤷‍♀️ idk just think maybe it also kept me out of trouble lol. Shoot by the time I was 16 years old I worked full time at a powder coating plant and was doing homeschool. At 18 I worked 3 jobs, 2 were full time the other very part time and still doing my school work during my graveyard shift job when I had downtime. I worked in the packaging plant in the lab at that point and had all my duties timed so perfectly it gave me a lot of down time to also work on my school work. Though I would end up setting school aside pretty much for awhile then finishing it and graduating at 23 years old just a few months before my dad passed away suddenly. Glad he was still here too see me get my actual diploma.. anyhow I'm rambling. Love your channel girl!

  • Alisa Conely
    Alisa Conely Month ago

    I love your channel! You inspired me to make a channel also :) Keep up the positivity girl

  • stephanie turpen
    stephanie turpen Month ago

    You describing landline phones was so funny.

  • Paola Paniagua
    Paola Paniagua Month ago

    I had a boi who was already a little toxic when he went into the navy and came out a monster. 🧐 what are they doing in there?!?

  • Chasity Young
    Chasity Young Month ago

    Me and my man just celebrated 20 yrs in Aug. We know all the dirt too😀 in fact we were talking about our exes earlier. About how its so odd we stayed with them for so long and how they were so not our type. I guess cause we were our type!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra Month ago

    He had an inclination you might break up with him so if you thought he had a lot of money you wouldn’t break it off.... maybe?????