RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Parallax Mapping (BindPicturesToMap Plugin)

  • Published on Oct 27, 2015
  • This is a tutorial of one way to do Parallax Mapping (Basically, mapping with a program that isn't the game maker)using the TDDP BindPicturesToMap Plugin.
    I goof a couple times, but I think I get my point across.
    YOU CAN ALSO use YEP_RegionRestrictions to block off areas!

    More MV videos coming soon! Feel free to comment requests!

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    Game music belongs to the rpg maker folks.
    Background music used is from JewelBeat.com.

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  • Soronexle Matrix 41
    Soronexle Matrix 41 Year ago +4

    This is a good tutorial. I'm using this 6 years later and it has really allowed me to spice up my maps. Especially with Ibis Paint. So, thanks.

  • Driftwood Gaming
    Driftwood Gaming 6 years ago +48

    This is amazing, well done Echo!!

  • silversteampunk
    silversteampunk 4 years ago

    You have so many helpful tutorials! Thank you so much for making these!

  • Lost Souls PC Gaming
    Lost Souls PC Gaming 6 years ago +1

    You are doing really amazing tutorial videos. That one will help me a lot on my project. :)

    SMOG TOWN 3 years ago

    I love your tutorials. Very helpful and you make it fun!

  • PyroOfZen
    PyroOfZen 6 years ago +1

    Beautiful. Quickest and best parallax mapping tutorial I've ever seen. And it didn't just teach me how to use a plugin.

  • Cuh Stuh
    Cuh Stuh 5 years ago +1

    Nice work, you explained everything thoroughly. This helped me out a lot thanks.!

  • Lovely Smiles
    Lovely Smiles 2 years ago

    Thank you for this tutorial. Ugh, I was having so much trouble with this but you really helped me out. By any chance where do you set your directional arrows? Also I love you voice it's oddly calming to listen to.

  • 74potions
    74potions 6 years ago +1

    BOOM! You've earned a sub, thanks for the easy tutorial, you're so easy to listen to! That and i'm now hyped to build >,<

  • Dakota Barrett
    Dakota Barrett 6 years ago

    Probably the best tutorial voice over I've heard in the last few years. Really pleasant to listen to and not too fast that it's super hard to follow. However you may want to include links to the plugins you mention. Granted people will eventually find them on their own but it's better if you include a link.

  • Activemotionpictures
    Activemotionpictures 2 years ago

    Excellent! Thank you for showing this! So very inspiring!

  • crews control1
    crews control1 5 years ago

    Hi Echo!

  • AlexJamesGTV
    AlexJamesGTV 5 years ago

    you've got great personality with your videos as well as being very informative please keep up the amazing work!!

  • MartinCou

    Wow, I'm still using this tutorial but now for my Unity game. Thanks echo! You're awesome!

    LINK IVAN 5 years ago +2

    I'm programming a rpg game in AS3 and this was usefull to understand how to use a map with a background instead of tiles.

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham 3 years ago +1

    Hi, first off thanks a lot for your videos they’ve been really useful but I’m having a problem with parallaxing that I can’t seem to solve. When I bind pictures to map they seem to bind to every other map and won’t let me change it. I’ve followed through this video and that all works well but then when I event a transfer the arrival map has the same parallax despite being given different pngs. Any chance you’ve encountered this? As I’ve not found it online

  • SaberLionGames
    SaberLionGames 6 years ago +79

    Echo, you could easily do your own character voices. xD So animated! Great work hun!

  • Nicolas Galy
    Nicolas Galy 6 years ago +3

    Great tutorial, thank you very much !

  • Paul Digman
    Paul Digman 2 years ago

    Hey Echo thanks for the video. I'm new to the rpg maker mv world. I was just wondering if you had a step by step typed out or on pdf format so I could print it out while I'm working in photoshop. Thank you.

  • Shadowfiend1300
    Shadowfiend1300 6 years ago

    I might have to do something like this in the future, thanks for the awesome tutorial! :D